Worst. Administration. Ever.
The Justice Department today released a statement insisting Attorney General Eric Holder was not playing the race card when he played the race card in an article published yesterday in The New York Times. Clearly this incompetent Obama official thinks we’re all stupid. Eric Holder needs to go.

They won’t own up to their incompetence and think we’re stupid.

Allen West has it right: “It’s not about your color, it’s about your competence.”



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  1. It’s unbelievable how many of my family and friends don’t believe me when I tell them about this crap. The MSM does a great job of keeping things out of the limelight.

    This administration is full of corrupt, radical liars that should be going to prison with Blago.

  2. #1:

    I have the same problem with my husband.

    I tell him things daily about what is going on in the Obama Regime and tells me I am full of it.

    I have learned to keep my mouth shut.

    Then when he gets a tax bill that has gone up for his small business I tell him you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    Holder better realize Americans are tired of the race card.

    Especially white Americans like me.

    Holder needs to go.

  3. Reply to #1 & #2 I know where you are coming from I know some people exactly the same way

    this is disgustin

  4. “It is the opinion of the DOJ that Eric Holder did not say what he said, and and if he did, he didn’t really mean it, and you shouldn’t judge a man by what he says anyhow, but rather let us tell you what to think.” –DOJ Spokesman Billy the Bomber Ayers

  5. Holder and Obama were hired because they were black, they are being fired because they are corrupt, incompetent, dishonest, lazy, cretins.

  6. Perhaps Mr. Holder is cowardly as he avoids an honest conversation about race in this country.

  7. Let’s talk about “racial” politics:
    MrObama is a White man who had a Black father,
    People born in Mexico are of the White race,
    Lying and corruption are not the sole perogitives of White people,
    White people do not prevent Black people from obtaining proper I.D.,
    In a fair society, the color of one’s skin does not excuse incomptence on the job,

  8. Withdrawing the race card means Eric Holder is too cowardly to have an open and frank discussion about racism.

  9. Does that mean we are cowards for taking Holder at his word?

  10. Please please Mr Holder stay …we need you…..as a surrogate for your puppet master!!! Best campaign strategy I can think of….Eric “the RED” Holder defending Obummers policies

  11. The thing that bothers me about this (but not the only thing, of course) is that we always have to go dragging out one of our black conservatives to be the mouthpiece on racial issues when the target on the other side is black. What gives?
    We don’t need Allen West to clarify this point. Anybody could make it. But we always go get an Allen West or a Herman Cain to level criticisms against people like Obama and Holder so that we can’t be called racist.
    Where is that rule on the other side? When do black activists like Sharpton or Jackson (or Holder or Obama) have to go get a white person to call us racist? They don’t. They call us racist every day.
    How can we win the fight when they’re free to throw bombs and we go scrounging for proxies?

    If I’m wrong, then where has Allen West’s opinion been in the news on anything else since his spat with Blabbermouth Schultz?

  12. It is important that the Department of “Justice” denies that Holder played the race card. In doing so, it maintains its reputation for credibility.

    A normal deck of cards consists of four suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) of 13 cards (Ace thru king) each plus two jokers = 54 cards. Holder’s deck is split 50 – 50 race cards and jokers.

  13. Pathetic – when will this creep just resign and get ready for the cell he richly deserves. Hundreds of dead are not a racial issue; it is a matter that requires color blind justice. Apparently, the AG is incapable of making the connection.

  14. “Clearly this incompetent Obama official thinks we’re all stupid”
    the entire admin thinks we are stupid and apparently there are 43% of US voters that ARE still stupid

  15. We’re not stupid….just apparently too cowardly to recognize the subtle nuances and shades of gray (or would that be faded black?) that are being discussed when we fearfully (quivering in terror even!) misinterpret the crystal-clear meaning of “is” coming from this current RACIST-to-the-hilt administration.

    Perhaps some day Eric Holder might join the rest of humanity and embrace them, too, as “his” people.

    Nah, who am I kidding? Eric the Black will forever be in “slavery” to his melanin quotient, incapable of breaking free from the chains that are holding him captive to his masters on the Liberal Democratic Plantation. A rather pitiable site, both insulting and grieving to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and all that he fought to achieve.

  16. You have to give Obama credit, who would have thought that one administration could amass so many incompetent corrupt people at one time and in one place. This is one for the book of records.

  17. This is the danger of having someone that can use the color-of their skin…………….to protect themselves from all criticism……………….just sayin

  18. Why does Holder hate Mexicans? “Holder lied. Mexicans died!!”

  19. “Who ya gonna believe… me or your lying ears?!?” – Holder

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