Jordanian Sheik Nader Tamimi, Mufti of the Palestinian Liberation Army, warned the West recently:
“We will restore the Caliphate and you will pay the jizya or else we will bring the sword to your necks.”

MEMRI reported:

From the transcript:

Nader Tamimi: In the Levant, we are involved in a fierce battle, and we will bring about a change in Syria and in the Levant in its entirety. The infidels divided the Levant into four states, and we will reunite them into a single state. The Safavid enterprise that led to Iran occupying Iraq, along with the Americans and the Zionists, will end in the garbage bin of history. The Caliphate in the path of the Prophet will return.


We await the caliph who will address the leaders of the US and Europe and say: From the Emir of the Believers from Jerusalem…

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Nader Tamimi: to the rulers of the West, this is the religion of Allah. Either you pay the jizya poll tax, or else you will bring the sword to your necks…

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Crowd member: Say: “Allah Akbar.”

Crowd: Allah Akbar.



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  1. Bring it dirt bags

  2. Hey, lefty, morons of the press: THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!
    In a part of the world where they date goats.

  3. Yeah well we got Santa Claus and he scares the crap out of people. Besides we’re broke clowns.

  4. Another moderate muslim who will not be showcased on American Muslim for obvious reasons.

  5. So Glenn Beck is crazy for calling Newt a progressive and wanting third party Ron Paul but he is a genius for calling the recreation of the Caliphate as the goal of the Arab spring all along.

  6. I hope they achieve their goal. Then the albanians can over run the place.

  7. LMFAO. Bring it.

  8. Where are the usual stupid trolls promoting Islam as a religion of “peace”? By “peace”, I guess they mean global genocide.

  9. ++

    talk about mixed messages..

    Hugo Chavez: Obama’s a ‘clown’ president

    [“Mr. Obama decided to attack us,” Chávez said. “Now you want to win
    votes by attacking Venezuela. Don’t be irresponsible. You are a clown,
    a clown. Leave us in peace … Go after your votes by fulfilling that which
    you promised your people.”

    “Focus on governing your country, which you’ve turned
    into a disaster,” Chávez said, according to The Guardian.

    Chávez’s comments were prompted by Obama’s response to an
    El Universal question about what the U.S. government thinks of
    Venezuela’s ties to Iran and Cuba. Obama told the paper, “It
    seems to me that the ties between Venezuela’s government
    and Iran and Cuba have not served the interests of Venezuela
    and its people.”

    “We are concerned about the government’s actions, which have
    restricted the universal rights of the Venezuelan people, threatened
    basic democratic values and failed to contribute to the security in the
    region,” Obama said, according to The Guardian.

    Referencing Iran, Obama wrote, “Sooner or later, Venezuela’s people
    will have to decide what possible advantage there is in having relations
    with a country that violates fundamental human rights and is isolated
    from most of the world.”]


  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah…talk is cheap.

    Come to America. Have a close encounter of the 2nd Amendment kind.

  11. Book of Obadiah! Hallelujah! MARANATHA!

  12. #5 – Newt is a FAKER to the Cause.

  13. Its all our fault


  14. Revelation 20:4

  15. They want jizz? LOL! I guess we could fill one of our Boeing tankers FULL and spray
    their country with the seed of a million ifidels! HA Sign me up for a quart!

  16. I like how Robert Spencer, and other anti-islam activists, get constantly maligned by muslims and leftists as being ignorant islamophobes for saying that muslims want to restore the caliphate, that muslims hate Jews and the West, that muslims hate non-muslim “infidels” in general, that islam is aggressive, violent, oppressive and intolerant and that it systematically subjugates non-muslim “infidels” as “dhimmi” who are supposed to pay the “jizya” (an islamic tax on non-muslims prescribed in islamic scripture) to their muslim overlords, etc; yet we see muslim leaders themselves saying EXACTLY that EVERY day…

    We anti-islam activists have the truth on our side. Keep spreading it. Destroy islam! For human rights! For human progress! For freedom!

  17. ++

    Tjexcite #5 December 20, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    Ron Paul agrees with the Islamists that attacked US on 9/11,
    not to mention Rev Wright et al, everything is America’s fault..

    Rose #12 December 20, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    what cause might that be??


  18. “we will bring the sword to your neck.” a man of peace according to the newark star-ledger.

  19. #9 @bg
    Trouble in socialista bromance world. Call Sean Penn to mediate.

  20. What was so misterious about what was going on in the Middle East with the fall of Egypt? I knew what was going on because Bin Laden talked about it years ago that soon the Muslim people would throw off the Western influence and take the Islamic nation back and reinstate Islam as the religion of all Muslim countries. He said Muslims would throw all infedels out of all Muslim countries so that they would be in control entirely of their affairs on their own. And if you want to do business with them afterwards you would have to conform to Islamic law in order to do business with them. Otherwise you got nothing. We don’t need to do what the other coward’s in the rest of the world are doing because we don’t need anything the Arabs have, not a drop of oil either. What else do they have?

    So what that means is you pay the tax for being a piece of crap to Islam or you don’t get to have some oil. But unfortunately for the rest of the world who don’t have their own oil, we don’t need the Arabs for nothing, but they need us because our oil is so thick that it makes the best grease in the world. Of course they have found equal sources since, so they don’t need us anymore either. We can live very well without Arabs. We got along for generations without them and we can do it much easier now with our technology than we could in the 60’s and 70’s. Of course we didn’t need them then. It was the damn environmentalists who forced us to sign the contracts and U.N. treaties that had us buy oil from them. We had our own oil, just as we do now. As a matter of fact we have more oil right here in America now than we did then.

    We don’t need to pay no stinking jizya, you bunch of stinking Arabs!! Kiss my White Christian American butt!!

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