No justice… No Peace…
The police arrived around 5 AM to mop up the remaining #Occupy Boston goons at the Dewey Square squatters camp.

The Boston Herald is following the action.

FOX News reported:

Police officers swept through Dewey Square early Saturday, tearing down tents at the Occupy Boston encampment and arresting dozens of protesters, bringing a peaceful end to the 10-week demonstration.

Officers began moving into the encampment at about 5 a.m. to “ensure compliance with the trespassing law,” police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll said. The city had set a deadline for midnight Thursday for the protesters to abandon the site but police took no action until early Saturday, making Boston the latest city where officials moved to oust protesters demonstrating against what they call corporate greed and economic injustice.

As the officers moved in, about two dozen demonstrators linked arms and sat down in nonviolent protest and police soon began arresting them, according to the Boston Globe.

The protesters were “very accommodating” to the officers, Driscoll said. Forty-six people were arrested on charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct, police said. No injuries were reported.

The city brought in dump trucks for the trash after the protesters were removed.




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  1. Guess trash day is SaTURDay in Boston. Time to pick up and spruce up for the holidays.

  2. the democratic politicans are finally realizing what a propaganda disaster these people are so they closing the camps. watch how quickly american tass forgets about them.

  3. A disappointing lack of Pepper Spray

  4. #2 they will be back in the spring and summer for the elections. This was a trial run.

  5. Zim, they’re not going to be back. “Obama” ordered all these leftist mayors to dismantle the Occupoopers because of the damage they were doing him in the polls.

    There will be another stupid “Obama” plan in the near future. Like all his plans, it too will fail/

  6. I find the blatant disobedience to a decision from a court of law to be absolutely astounding. The Boston Occubaggers lost their case. They were told from the bench that they were trespassing and that they did not have the right to occupy that space. However, they disregarded the court decision.

    Hooray for the Boston authorities in getting rid of the vermin.

  7. The city brought in dump trucks for the trash after the protesters were removed.

    Should’ve brought in dump trucks for the protesters after the trash was removed.

  8. “they had to bring in dump trucks to clean up the trash.” aren’t these the green people that are going to save the enviromrnt?

  9. Can you imagine how many toxic teams will be required to clean out the WH after Commissar Zero and the Moochelle Wookie are evicted?

  10. ++


    GOP Debate , more like they da’ bait..



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