Glenn Beck Would Pick Ron Paul Over Newt

Posted By The P/Oed Patriot

While talking with a caller yesterday morning on his radio show, Glenn Beck said that he would probably pick Ron Paul as a third party candidate over Newt Gingrich, if he had to choose between the two.

The Right Scoop argues that voting for Ron Paul is political suicide:

“This is suicide and it doesn’t get any simpler this: voting third party on our side for whomever guarantees Obama a victory. That’s it. And if Newt’s the nominee and Beck wants to go that road, then I tell him what I tell others: enjoy the hell that will be a second Obama term.”


Political Suicide or Sticking to Your Core Principles?

You decide.

H/T The Right Scoop

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  • zaugg

    Suicide by shock jock. GlennB is a joke.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Beck slipped on a banana peel. Now he has lost all appeal.

  • exceller

    I had no idea that Becks core principles included a smaller isolationist America, along with anti semitism and racism. who knew.

  • Firebird

    Newt is the left’s choice. It’s got to be Romney, Bachmann, or a third party becomes acceptable. Forty years of Newt in government got us where we are now. You know the definition of insanity.

  • grassfarmer

    Glen, this time your desire for complete change is not governed by rational thought. We went through that third party thing when you were drinking and taking dope and it gave us Bill Clinton and all the other liberal baggage we still have present today. You are more sober, thank God, and you need to review the historic impact of what supporting that third party did for the country.
    Yes, we need to make some sweeping changes, but lets do it within the Republican Party. The first thing would be is to make the congress more humble to being responsive to the people. We have spoiled them to the point of royalty. Let’s take that away from them and have them become one of us.

  • LRod

    That is strange considering Ron Paul’s statements on Israel and Beck’s steadfast support of Israel. It doesn’t make sense.

  • SheilaK

    Beck needs to get a hold of himself and stop taking himself so seriously. Please. If Newt is the nominee and you really cannot vote for him, then don’t be a tool and hand the pr presidency back to the disaster that is Obama. Just don’t vote.

  • Mark Adams

    Sounds like Beck has lost the focus of what needs to be done next Nov. But Beck has admitted he has ADD, too!


    Does it really matter anymore who sits in the head chair? Let’s face it the banksters and the corporate oligarch are in control.
    How many more cycles of this left/right, dem/pub false paradigm must we go through?

    I don’t see anything changing no matter who is elected. Newt is just a lighter shade of Obama, RP has the best of intentions but if elected will not accomplish diddly squat as the PTB will make him play the game. Back to Newt, he’ll gladly play the game he’s been doing it his whole career.

  • anonoped

    Good for Glenn Beck.

    At least he recognizes that there is zero difference between Obama and Gingrich. Well, the lunar mining thing is a difference but that just makes Gingrich as loony as Loony Tunes.

  • Bill Mitchell

    If your core principals involve standing your ground no matter what, you STILL step out of the way when a Mack Truck is coming.

    People mistake Beck for a Conservative because many of the principles he espoused on his show sounded Conservative. But he is really a Libertarian, hence his support for nutbag Paul. I have witnessed Beck slowly losing his mind over the pat 2 years. It has now come full circle and he is insane.

    Voting for Paul is voting for Obama since Paul has NO chance at victory.

    My guess is Beck will lose about half his GBTV subscription base over this. My mother just cancelled hers and she used to LOVE Glenn Beck.

  • Caved in Drum Head

    It’s amusing to disallow reality. Yes, Glen you can stand on principles, You can overthink what’s going on in politics. Then, as you watch Obama being re-sworn in for his second term, you can stand firm in your snobbery, and feel good about not voting for either vermin candidate, but a third party. then you can pat yourself on the back for standing SO firm in your principles that you helped kill the country. Yay…

    Or, you can face reality. ONE man will be President, either Obama or The Other Guy. We all need to coalesce around The Other Guy. I’ll vote for Newt if he’s the nominee, or SpongeBob SquarePants if HE’S the nominee. I’ll even vote for Huntsman or Mittens while holding my nose so hard it may come off in my hand. But I WILL NOT VOTE FOR OBAMA either directly or third party indirectly. There is NO third party organization strong enough to do anything but split conservative voters.

    C’mon Glen, you know all this.

  • Bill Mitchell

    All of these Conservative Commentators are going to rue the day they went nuclear on Newt since Newt is going to be the nominee and half the Obama ads will do nothing but feature their frothy words.

    Shame on the lot of you.

  • Bill Mitchell

    As Newt famously said in last night’s debate, “This is not a reality show, this is reality…”

    Beck apparently thinks this is a reality show. One thing I like about Newt is that although he has core conservative values, he is a pragmatic realist, not a dogmatic ideologue. he sees the world as it is and seeks to fix it, not as he wishes it was and simply rails against it.

  • P. Aaron

    Did Beck say this for ratings reasons? Sorry Paul supporters but your guy is just too cranky looking & sounding. I’m not even going to debate his policies. The era of the happy warrior is here and Paul loses in it.

  • Mikey

    If Ron Paul goes third party and all the whacko Paulbots, including Beck vote for him; Obama will be reelected. It is that simple. I ALSO question Beck’support considering Paul’s stance on Israel. I used to think Glenn made a difference. Now he is just becoming an odd shock jock.

  • Seth

    I really liked Beck and I thought he did yeoman service in bringing up all sorts of things that the MSM wouldn’t touch, in emphasizing reading real history, and in connecting the dots that no one else had the guts to connect but, Paul is just a whack job and preferring him to Newt is just insanity in my book.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I think what this shows us is that all this time it was FoxNews that kept Beck from going too far out in right right right field. Now we see that without his Fox handlers, Beck is who he really is, a little nutty.

  • obfuscatenot

    Bill Mitchell #11, you are spot on sir. No matter your beliefs you still adjust to ensure survival.
    I just don’t get it. Another 4 years of Obama and we’ll not be able to feed our children.

  • usamopatriot

    This election is going to bring the loonies out into the open. To say there is no difference between BO and Newt is not just asinine it’s insane. The majority of the accusations being leveled against Newt are either distorted or out right lies with Alex Jones being one of the chief distorters out there. Conspiracy nuts used to be in the minority, but now its got to the point where half of the so called “independents” are nothing but goof balls that no longer engage in rational thinking. We cannot fix the problems in this country in a peaceful fashion if we demand absolute purity from our side while the other side gets by with absolute corruption. I wonder if all the anti Newts have gone their whole lives without ever changing their philosophy on anything? If they can truthfully say that then I would guess the depth of their understanding of most issues is only on the surface. These folks will take Ron Paul as their candidate without questioning the 10 percent of his ideas that are not just nuts they’re suicidal. But when it comes to Newt they will demand 100 percent agreement with conservative ideas. I think Newt will gravitate to conservatism if elected while Ron Paul will get even more radical on foreign policy which will lead to complete isolation for the United States. The only way to be completely isolated is to be a police state. It would be impossible to defend our borders from the inside only with out taking away our freedoms to move about and do business. And to think that these folks hate the patriot act…. what will it take at that point? The best defense has always been a good offense. Paul’s idea that we have made the terrorist’s hate us is the biggest indictment of his philosophy. Does that mean we should never discipline our children because they might hate us? I can only hope that Americans wake up and realize what destruction another Obama term would wreak on our country. I do not think we could ever recover.