Far Left Obama-Media Declares #Occupy Criminals, Creeps & Killers Are Sexy

It’s sexy.

Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan (Daily Mail)

9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days
2 murders
Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking
– Multiple Rapes
– Thousands of arrests
Public masturbation

The Obama-media and museums are trying to repaint the #occupy criminals and killers as “sexy.”
The Politico reported, via Orbusmax:

Occupy Wall Street may still be working to shake the notion it represents a passing outburst of rage, but some establishment institutions have already decided the movement’s artifacts are worthy of historic preservation.

More than a half-dozen major museums and organizations from the Smithsonian Institution to the New-York Historical Society have been avidly collecting materials produced by the Occupy movement.

Staffers have been sent to occupied parks to rummage for buttons, signs, posters and documents. Websites and tweets have been archived for digital eternity. And museums have approached individual protesters directly to obtain posters and other ephemera.

The Museum of the City of New York is planning an exhibition on Occupy for next month.

“Occupy is sexy,” said Ben Alexander, who is head of special collections and archives at Queens College in New York, which has been collecting Occupy materials. “It sounds hip. A lot of people want to be associated with it.”

To keep established institutions from shaping the movement’s short history, protesters have formed their own archive group, stashing away hundreds of cardboard signs, posters, fliers, buttons, periodicals, documents and banners in temporary storage while they seek a permanent home for the materials.

Maybe they’ll put some of the crap piles on display?
It’s sexy.

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  • dba…vagabond trader

    Hope they have a properly inclusive representation of scabies, crabs and lice. A big blow-up rat like the union thugs bring to demos would be appropriate as well:


  • Adi

    “protesters have formed their own archive group, stashing away hundreds of cardboard signs, posters, fliers, buttons, periodicals, documents and banners in temporary storage while they seek a permanent home for the materials.”

    How about the Alexandria library?

    After all, those braindead love their islamist buddies.

  • dtih

    Sounds like a quick, preemptive re-write of history before the truth takes hold in the national conscience.

  • jhump

    Meh, I couldn’t care less what some twink from NY thinks is sexy. They call a crucifix in a glass of urine art. There will always be poseurs trying to co-opt a “movement” in order to achieve wealth and fame. New York and Los Angeles are notorious for this type of herd mentality, yet they criticize the same in others. When they do it, it’s hip. When others do it, it’s gauche.

  • Look up Feces in the dictionary, and I’m sure you will find a picture of Obama and all of his administration……In our house we don’t say we have to take a #2, we say we have to pinch off an Obama……..

  • Laurel Van Driest

    I look forward to the dual exhibition of Tea Party memorabilia and Occupy garbage.

  • All sorts of sick people find perverse, bizarre things ‘sexy’

  • greenfairie

    Many of the people who run museums and stuff now are products of the ’60s/70s counterculture. It brings back the memories…or were those LSD flashbacks? Hard to tell.

  • MN Jim

    So the media and administration keep polishing this turd…

  • vityas

    Morally bankrupt

  • WillofLa

    Yeah, and the Nazi movement had it’s momento’s as well and people seek them out all the time. I am an avid gun show attendee and I can tell you that there is a collector for nearly everything you can think of. I to am a avid collector of at least ten or fifteen things maybe more, I haven’t sat down and counted yet. One thing I collect are ash trays from the fortie’s thru the 70’s. That may sound lame but you’d be surprised at the cost of some collectable trays. And I have a small PEZ*(R) dispensor collection from the 80’s. And a 1/64th scale NASCAR and SuperTruck models from the mid 90’s, which a very large number have been out of production for years.

    All that and much, much more. I collect old LIFE*(R) and POST*(R) magazines from the 60’s that are very collectable for the ads, some are worth a lot of money. They are sold by the page. I don’t sell any of my collectables though, I’m leaving that to my children. By the time they are my age I hope some of this stuff is worth something, or they may want to keep it for historical reference like these museums are doing. People are interested in what took place back in the 50’s and 60’s because there isn’t that much that is put before the public yet. Everybody knows about the 40’s, the war years since we celebrate Pearl Harbor Day every year and the “Greatest Generation” is talked about a lot.

    But this so-called movement needs to have the proper historic accuratecy penned to it so that people will see the truth, that this movement was put on by the Communist Party USA and the Obama people like George Soros who are footing the bill for a lot of it. I hate seeing truth about who is behind this and that it’s not just young people who believe their chance for a better future for themselves has been stolen by the big banks. Well their future is not the only one that has been stolen by all the cronieism the Socialist Democrats are parlaying for themselves that has excluded a future for all of us. But if these kids want a future they are going to have to understand that it’s going to be a lot harder for them to have a profitable future because they are expecting the government to do something about reining in the big banks, when it’s the big banks that are keeping the Socialist Democrats in office so they can keep getting the perks they’ve become accustomed to.

    Claiming that the Occupier’s are now a part of history is a bit premature because the movement is not over yet. It’s usually after something like this has mostly run it’s course before historian’s decide if it’s worth collecting about them.

    Here’s the deal with collecting. You never know what it going to be worth a lot of money in the future. That’s why collecting is so veried and it’s because you never know what is going to be the next “hot” item to have been collected by people. Think about this, America is probably the only nation that keeps things that are old because they might be worth more money in the future, and not holding onto something because you are so poor that it’s the only thing you have to do something with and you don’t have the money to buy a new one. That is the benefit of being an American. Think about it. People in other countries have stuff, but they don’t drag a bunch of stuff that they don’t use and won’t anymore but are keeping it just because of it’s possible future value? People in other countries don’t have the luxury of having more than they need. Some may think American’s are wrong to do what we do, but without someone doing that there wouldn’t be anyone able to tell about the past, and what was wrong with it and what was right about it and have the item so future generations can actually hold the thing. That is important for our future.

  • Nelle

    So now we have museum-quality astroturf. Or do we just have astroturf-quality museums?

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  • John Fembup

    “Occupy is sexy,” said Ben Alexander, who is head of special collections and archives at Queens College in New York, which has been collecting Occupy materials. “It sounds hip. A lot of people want to be associated with it.”

    Ben Alexander’s conclusions rest on the unstated and totally unwarranted assumption that the occupiers are “normal” and are evidencing “normal” behavior toward the concept of occupations.

    The good professor does not reveal (and may not even be aware of) his unstated assumption. That means his conclusion contains an important blank. Let’s fill in the blank: “A lot of [immature, mis-educated, analytically unskilled, and emotionally needy] people want to be associated with it.”

    There. Now it makes sense.

  • YourMaster

    Why isn’t 0bama there eating out of garbage cans
    and cooking up some raw rat burgers with
    the OWS protestor choice of special sauces: Raw sewage and toxic waste?
    ….shouldn’t obama be campaigning hardcore
    amongest the OWS protestors to show he is with the people
    and against the interest of huge corporations?

    ….I don’t think 0bama going to win 2012 >.>
    he’s not showing his support for the dirtbag OWS *l*

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “It sounds hip.”

    No, it sounds stupid.

    Only an idiot thinks it sounds “hip”.

  • WillofLa

    The purpose of collecting things from the past is the reason why some movements are wrong for not only not holding onto something from the past, but destroying whatever you find from the past because you believe that that thing holds some evil that might temp someone into learning something you didn’t know about the life of people who are long gone from the Earth? That sounds rather crazy but think about how many times you’ve heard of people doing that in the past and even right here in the present. People go around and hunt things down from the past that they believe hold evil and go to lengths to destroy those things. And what I am refering to is Islam and their plans on doing something about the Great Pyramids. The Taliban has already destroyed a Budda monument that was about 2,000 years old, they blew it up and destroyed it. Why don’t they realize the historic value of something like that? It’s because they don’t want anyone to see it and become interested about it and possibly look into the story about that thing. See, Islam is a very pragmatic religion. It doesn’t allow any of it’s believer’s to think that anything other than Islam holds any truth about the reason for all of this world. It claims to be truth and all knowledge about everything you need to know, and if it’s not in the Koran then it’s not worth knowing about, and if you look into something else it’s a sin punishable by death.

    That’s why Muslims destroyed the library at Alexandria was because Muslims were there studying other histories, religion’s, and all sorts of things from the past were there. Those people were murdered and the scroles were burned and the library destroyed because it opposed Islam. Now, compare that to the Occupier’s who want the banks destroyed because they represent another ideology that says that capitalism is better than what the Occupier’s believe. The Occupier’s believe that having large amounts of money to throw around is “greed”, and don’t realize a purpose for having large amounts of money other than cronyism. So let’s go out and burn down a bank and kill all the rich people. Sound familiar?

  • bg

    they need to occupy a toilet and a shower…what would you expect from the lame stream media and the socialist demo-turds….bunch of ghetto thugs just like holder and odumbass

  • JPeden

    “Occupy is sexy,”…“It sounds hip. A lot of people want to be associated with it.”

    An amazing insight into the vacuous content of the infantile “Movement’s” “progressively” effete, completely faux mentality, always having to glom onto and pretend they they are the same as their Terrorist and Commie Heroes: “look at us, we’re ‘edgy’! And just wait until you see our ‘spring offensive’ and our ‘asymmetric warfare’ exhibition!”

    And talk about Marx’s “false consciousness”, even “Che” t-shirt sales would never be under under any pressure at all from these progressively self-deluded knock offs.

    But that doesn’t mean we don’t have to continue to be acting against them and preparing for the worst as their disease progresses towards Kim Jong Obie’s Communist Utopia. And, hey comrades, being a real martyr for Hussein’s Allah does sound a bit “romantic”, er, cool, too! Not to mention “edgy”.

  • AliceL.

    The same people think that LICE is sexy.

  • Edrico

    A crucifix in pee-pee is ‘art’, poop on a cop car is ‘art’.. I see a trend..

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  • Jenny

    Who is he? A nobody. I say the Ows people have replaced the Kkk as the new terrorist hate filled wing of obama’s corrupt racist party. Ows is not sexy.

  • cal rifkin

    Up is down, left is right, art is… such is the state of Journalism today, Anti-establishment and Marxist- what is it, 1968?

  • #7 bing…………..

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  • Stu E.

    Can’t wait for that diorama of a defecating protestor.

  • Rhoda R

    I suggest that any exhibit on the OWS movement include the clean-up bill with a list of things that the money would have been spent on if it hadn’t been repurposed to clean up after the little darlings.

  • J. Craig

    How did they manage to get a photo of Craig creating his PH. D thesis?

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