Chris Christie Shames #Occupy Goons Who Interrupt Him in Iowa (Video)

This was great…
A few of Obama’s radical #Occupy goons decided it was a good idea to interrupt Governor Chris Christie at a function for Mitt Romney in Iowa.
Bad decision. Really bad decision.
Christie wasn’t buying their “mic check” crap.

The Examiner reported:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie heckled a group of protesters at a rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Iowa on Wednesday, calling them immature and disillusioned for supporting President Obama.

Christie had been speaking for about one minute to a crowd of roughly 200 at the Kum & Go headquarters in West Des Moines when a protester, who was standing a few feet from Christie, shouted, “mic check!”

More than a dozen people shouted back: “mic check!”

“Chris Christie and Mitt Romney… serve the corporate one percent,” the protester continued, as others echoed his chant.

…Once the room quieted and the protesters were locked outside, Christie resumed speaking and offered his thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“Here’s the way I feel about it: They represent an anger in our country that Barack Obama has caused,” he said, drawing cheers from the crowd. “He’s a typical cynical Chicago… politician who runs for office and promises everything and then comes to office and disappoints, and so their anger is rooted not in me or Mitt Romney, their anger is rooted in the fact that they believed in this hope and change garbage.”

Christie called them disillusioned and said he “feels bad” for them.

“Now they are angry but they’re not mature enough to know they should be angry with themselves,” he said.

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  • Patty

    “Now they are angry but they’re not mature enough to know they should be angry with themselves,” he said.

    Hope Christie doesn’t mind if I use that quote, on my sons. They AREN’T occupiers but at times the just don’t admit when they are wrong.

  • Ipso Facto

    Christie is perfect in this video. My question is why are the balance of the Republicans not as clear in their messaging. There should NEVER be an occasion when any Republican speaks to ANY news outlet and they do not say something like this about Obama.

    What can we do to get the Republicans to take some messaging lessons? They should preface every remark they make to the press with remarks about how Obama has divides this nation and created divisions where none existed before.

  • Dave-O

    #2 Excellent point. This glaring (and on-going) omission simply baffles me.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    2 Shot at V.Tech, one a cop.

    Manufactured crisis?

  • bg


    via NYT ht Rush Limbaugh

    New York Times Scolds ChiComs for Acting Like Democrats!

    [So here you have two companies, one state owned, one private. The state-owned company is stealing all the patents and basically cheating against the private company. The New York Times says the Chinese government is stifling China’s economy. You just change the names. Obama is stifling America’s economy. The Times does not make that connection. But any reasonable — we have to throw out New York Times readers in that qualification — any reasonable reader couldn’t help but note the irony. I’m reading it, how did this get past the editors at the New York Times? ‘Cause people like me are going to see this and they’re going to say this is exactly what’s happening in the United States. The New York Times doesn’t see it that way at all. They’re upset, they are mad that the ChiCom government is mistreating this private company.


    This is a professor of finance at Yale. This guy is not gonna have his job long talking like this. I’m almost at a loss to express my incredulity here. A professor of finance at Yale “says the Chinese government is smothering the private sector. ‘When the government is involved in business, it’s hard for private companies to compete.'” Mr. Chin, what..? Whisky Tango Foxtrot is going on here, right before your very academic eyes? The usurping of private enterprise has become so evident that the Chinese have given it a nickname: guojin mintui. That roughly translates as ‘while the state advances, the privates retreat.'” (scoffing) I… I… (laughing) I don’t know how to react to this. We have a similar nickname here. It’s called Obamanomics. Obamanomics: While the state advances, the privates retreat.” “Some prominent Chinese economists are warning that the potentially corrosive effects of an approach that favors government companies at the expense of the private sector could eventually stifle innovation, saying it could stunt China’s long-term growth and quash the rising aspirations of the nation’s 1.3 billion people.]

    much more @ link..


  • mg4us

    Christie knocks it out of the park!! Agree with #2. . .Republicans, especially conservative republicans, need to be as clear as Christie about Obama and these Occupy losers. . .

  • bg
  • home improvement


  • squeaky

    the pentagon offering free military hardware to every police department in the U.S……hmmmmm?

  • CrazySh1tThoseDemsSay

    @ 9

    apparently giving away free drones to Iranians too!!! just come scoop it up

  • squeaky

    back to the meaning of is from the clinton junta i guess……

  • C-Christian Soldier

    Christie gives as good as he gets and does not back off- I like that-

    I do not like many of his stands and-
    his support of the RINO Mitt- shows his true colors…

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  • Crimedog

    Romney’s positions are as conservative and in a few cases more conservative than Newt. That being said, I like Newt (immigration and Entitlement reform come to mind). Here is the thing about endorsements. They don’t lead me to a candidate. But once I decide that someone is looking good, I do want to have a person or two who knows him stand up and formaly put their reputation on the line. Gingrich isn’t getting any of those. At least not so far. I noticed that Cain seemed to balk when the moment of truth arrived. Coburn went out of his way to slam Gingrich on a sunday morning show. None of us really know these guys. I am sticking with Romney for now as my favorite.

  • squeaky
  • hermie

    Unfortunately you can’t shame people unless they feel ashamed. These losers have no sense of shame.

  • donh

    Fat Boy owes every Marriot employee a big fat apology….OWS people don’t do manual labor jobs.

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