Whoa!… Trump Slams “Inconsiderate” Obama Over NYC Gridlock (Video)

Barack Obama is going to New York City tomorrow night to hold another fundraiser. This also happens to be the same day that thousands gather at Rockefeller Center for the annual Christmas tree lighting – which means massive gridlock.

Donald Trump is not pleased with the fundraiser-in-chief:

Donald Trump:

“Thousands and thousands and thousands come to New York to see the lighting of the tree. They bring their kids. Everybody’s festive. Everybody’s having a great time. They love it. It’s a big, big occasion. Now we have a problem. We have a president who doesn’t give a damn about inconveniencing people… You will never see a mess like this tomorrow night. President Obama is holding a fundraiser. Another of his fundraisers, hundreds of them. Every day he’s holding fundraisers. He doesn’t govern. All’s he does is raise money so he can try to get reelected. So he can put the country further in the hole. So he’s having a fundraiser right near Rockefeller Center where thousands of people are coming to see the tree light up. Isn’t that a shame. The streets are going to be closed… Let me tell you, this president is a much different person than people know. He’s a very inconsiderate guy. Stop with the fundraisers and start running the country because you are doing one hell of a lousy job.

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  • John Fembup

    “We have a president who doesn’t give a damn about inconveniencing people . . . He doesn’t govern. All’s he does is raise money so he can try to get reelected. So he can put the country further in the hole . . . Let me tell you, this president is a much different person than people know. He’s a very inconsiderate guy. ”

    It’s good to be the king.

  • RedBeard

    Why is Trump afraid to verbalize what we all suspect, that Obama is deliberately screwing things up? Has he never read the words of the namesakes of the Cloward/Piven Strategy?

    Those Quisling lowlifes are not shy about admitting the details of the leftist plan to destroy America. The strategy is hardly a secret, and watching Obama in action is like studying the Cloward/Piven instruction manual.

    Get with the program, Donald. You don’t have to couch your wording like a candidate has to do. Just say it out loud.


    Spot on, Trump! Spot on! For a man who was once president of the Harvard Law Review, who produced absolutely nothing from it, this should have been our first clue. This was not only an abject failure, but a total lack of effort. This same lack of effort has described his entire presidency. He doesn’t govern. Instead he rules through czars and others, because he can’t be bothered to do a damn thing except sign executive orders or vetoes. He can’t even make phone calls to his cabinet or staff. He is damn lazy. We are paying him to play golf. Interesting isn’t it? Those evil rich CEOs who are overpaid and play golf all day are a perfect description of himself. He is a clueless caricature of himself!

  • Granny

    AMEN Donald, AMEN! SO glad I had no plans to go to New York City to see that tree lighting tonight.

  • donh

    How did I know this clip would be on Gateway within moments of seeing it air on Fox.

  • wanumba

    Well how about The Donald joining forces to get Obama voted OUT instead of posing about trying to split the vote which will guarantee Obama stays in?

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Permit me to jump on that bandwagon. Campaigner n Cheat.

  • Calliegirl

    Domestic Abuser in Chief

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Not at all atypical for a self-absorbed, Narcissist-in-Chief. Not unlike ol’ Slick Willy.

    I regularly vanpooled into DC at the time that the Clintonista “twofer” occupied(!) the White House. One morning traffice was more hosed up than usual and we soon saw a Secret Service motorcade of black Chevy Suburbans in front of and behind this chubby guy with pasty white thighs jogging along one of the main streets around the White House.

    Within less than 48 hours, after being royally skewered be even (gasp!) the Washington Post, “private” funds were being hastily solicited for a Presidential jogging track to be build on White House grounds.

    Yup, typical Lib-in-charge philosophy — Peasants be damned, it’s great to be in charge!

  • Granny

    As I think of it, isn’t the Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center shown on TV every year? Gridlock instead of festivity should make for really stupendously good press for the Campaigner in Chief.

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  • Benson II

    The Donald may not have been right on as far as what we think Obama should be doing but it’s good to hear any criticism openly broadcast and of course he was absolutely correct in saying Obama could care less about ordinary people so no surprise he’d want to ruin the tree lighting in New York. Some people think it’s horrible that Obama doesn’t do more because they aren’t aware of what he’s already done. I hope he spends the rest of his presidency on the golf course, basketball court or on vacation. The millions he and Michelle squander on themselves is miniscule compared to what his policies have cost Americans and the United States so the further he is from the oval office the better off we are. I suggest a permanent vacation in 2012 with foreign residency a plus.

  • StrangernFiction

    Yes, very evil people tend to be inconsiderate. LMAO!

  • StrangernFiction

    Of course Trump is saying a whole lot more than the Repubicans. So that is something.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Too bad Trump scampered away when Obama released his birth certificate.


    Obama cares only about Obama. He’s historic, you know! (1st openly Marxist President of the United States)

  • Dunce

    Obama only celebrates muslim holy days, he observes Christian ones.

  • patman

    NYC deserves what they voted for. Let the gridlock ensue. I hope it’s the worst ever!

    Maybe the cries of their disappointed children will knock some sense into them. Then again, maybe it won’t…

  • Sally

    Spot on, #6

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  • #6 bing………………

  • nano

    donh commented:

    How did I know this clip would be on Gateway within moments of seeing it air on Fox.

    Because you are a lefty type who sits in their mama’s basement and thinks they have intelligence even though they don’t.

  • bg


    no CROSSES




  • Valerie

    #9 November 30, 2011 at 7:26 am
    Chris in N.Va. commented:

    You just crystallized two key differences between the Clinton administration and this one: 1) The Democrats at that time, along with the President, had the good sense to want to avoid inconveniencing ordinary people, and 2) they raised private funds to avoid the problem.

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  • Valerie

    I’m going to go further with my thoughts at #25. Those people from the Clinton administration –the ones who took care not to pi$$ off ordinary people — they had ideas about what makes a good government. They believed that government should be efficient, transparent, and reasonable, both in action and in cost. Those people had respect for their position, and for voters. They believed in the concept of getting the “consent of the governed.”

    They’re still around, and they have to be offended by the lawlessness and ineptitude of this administration. They have to be coming to grips with the realization that this administration is beyond dangerously stupid, all the way to dangerously corrupt.

    Those people are our potential allies.

  • Patty

    Well, he says it like it is and he definitely has know confidence in Obama. 😆 It seems recently Christie and Trump are saying what Congress won’t.

  • bg


    re: #24 November 30, 2011 at 10:29 am bg

    oops, forgot one..

    no COMBAT


  • ahem

    My knees buckled for a moment.

  • Ipso Facto

    With all his money, why can’t Trump get a decent haircut somewhere?

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  • Gary B.

    What playing golf and basketball, flying off on a 747 weekly all over the world, eating at fancy restaurants for free, does not constitute working hard??

  • Stuart

    Christmas tree lighting, Ha! Christmas is only about Jesus, not the true Messiah, Our Dear Leader. His needs, his desires come first.

  • Walt R.

    Why does anyone tolerate this f-n?!! Every day he’s giving the average American the finger in some way. What a disgusting, loathsome pile of crap. I won’t even bother to call him human because he doesn’t deserve it.

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  • Celtic

    What is Donald Trump’s relevance again? Is he speaking in his capacity as twice bankrupt real estate developer, or a reality TV “star”.

    ….or as a birther?


    …just a SELFISH MARXIST RADICAL COMMUNITY ORGANIZER playing the role of President of the United States of America .”(period)

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  • Nick Yioves

    God bless Donald Trump for calling this weasle on the carpet, and being the only one publicly doing so. I sat out in the cold for 30 minutes, 60 feet from my Apt. unable to cross the street, so this inept moron of an executive (He’s not my president) can fund raise.

  • Jim Breslin

    Thank you Donald Trump for calling President Obama out on issues. Please keep doing it.

  • MSO

    The Presidential entourage should be required to obtain a local permit for all appearances. I’ve never understood why such massively disruptive activities have been allowed at the President’s whim.

  • mark

    There seems to be a shortage of people with a spine,finally someone takes a stand against this joker.

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  • Jill

    So we drove in from Scranton to see the tree lighting. The President had been in Scranton earlier and the streets were closed there. We didn’t know he was going to NYC. We drove in as a surprise to son and my Mom. It was impossible to even get near Rockefeller Center. When I asked an officer why the streets were all closed, he said because the President was there. I was so disappointed. We left Scranton with all the traffic because of him and then he was in NYC. We couldn’t get near the tree lighting ceremony. So, we drove home after trying to navigate some of the sidewalks with a wheelchair. It’s a shame that he created something to conflict with the tree lighting tradition and make it so much harder for those of us who wanted to be a part of the lighting ceremony. I could understand if he had to come to NYC for “Presidential” duties. Fundraising isn’t presidential, just necessary to keep the job.. Does anyone have an idea what it cost to have all of those officers on duty. I know Scranton took a big hit. Can’t imagine what it cost NYC.

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  • trump for Pres

    Donald, this country needs a guy like you to run it. Afterall, you were the one who made obama conjure up a counterfeit birth certificate. He has no idea what so ever what he is doing in office, how to run this country, in fact, the only the thing he is really good at is letting the world know, without a doubt he is the worst president of all time. A complete failure and an embarassment to the US. Oh well, soon he will be running with sticks in his native Kenya and chasing pregnant water buffalo’s like he was born to do.

  • Ray Petit

    Traffic was just fine in NYC during the tree lighting. NYC can handle several simultaneous big events. By the way, doesn’t Donald owe us the findings on where President Obama was born, from his skilled investigators?

  • chuckles

    Too Bad, 2012 Obama again, Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Racist Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!