Outrage!… St. Louis Mayor’s Office Lashes Out at Tea Party After Sexual Assault Is Reported at #Occupy St. Louis Squatters Camp

What a pig.
Earlier today it was reported that a woman was sexually assaulted at the #Occupy St. Louis squatters camp earlier this month. The news only broke today after it was reported first by two local bloggers.

Later today in an interview with KMOV TV, the mayor’s Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford commented on the assault by lashing out at the tea party. He also called St. Louis Police Sgt. Gary Wiegert, the officer who broke the story, an extremist.

Jeff Rainford also told reporters that St. Louis did not have problems with the far left #Occupy squatters like other cities.
Well, except for yesterday.

Occupy St. Louis protesters broke into the Municipal Courts Building and hung “occupy everything” banners from the upper floors. (FOX2)

Then later the #Occupy goons shut down rush hour traffic on the Martin Luther King Bridge to Illinois.

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  • TeeDub

    Just curious? Are the people of St. Louis as stupid as the people of New Orleans? They aren’t going to re-elect this idiot, are they?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    St. Louis Mayor’s Office Lashes Out at Tea Party After Sexual Assault Is Reported at #Occupy St. Louis Squatters Camp

    Is Rainford a descendant of one of Pavlov’s dogs?

  • Multitude

    Apparently Penn State’s “Defend the Institution!” ethics spread far outside of football.

    There is absolutely no difference between Paterno and the Penn State President looking the other way at child rape, for the preservation of the grand football institution, and this St. Louis looking the other way at rape in order to protect Obama and the Progressive cause.

    What’s a few rapes and murders when we have history to rewrite?

    Progressives are fiercely proud of Stalin and Mao for having the balls to exterminate tens of millions, for the purpose. It takes real courage to understand the harm of the few opens the pathway to the possibility of the many. Pay careful attention here: rape and murder fall clearly within the progressive redistributionist calculus. Based on utilitarian consequentialism, Progressivism is about the maximization of the general happiness of the many at the expense of the few. Rapes, murders, seizures of property are all unfortunate for those who suffer the consequence, but for the progressive masses, are the necessary actions that create their happiness.

    I have no doubt that the rapes were of no consequence to Jeff and his boss. That some teabagger types who believe in the values of the individual would complicate things and report that which the news media had agreed to ignore is the real harm in their fascist “ethical” system.

  • Charlie

    —“Just curious? Are the people of St. Louis as stupid as the people of New Orleans? They aren’t going to re-elect this idiot, are they?”—

    I lived in the area 20 years ago and it seems to me St Louis and north up along the Mississippi River had a strange demographic that would pretty much be right wing/Republican, except they are completely and totally union/organized labor. Maybe it’s just me and people who live there now would say different. On most issues people seemed like they were right of center: pro life, anti gun control, get tough on crime, pro hunting, pro beer, etc. Christ, the bowling hall of fame is there! But when it came to unions/labor issues… they went hardcore labor and it trumped everything else. So yes TeeDub, they will probably re-elect the mayor.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    One step closer to Soviet-era Pravda:

    via Drudgereport.com
    FCC Chief Wants To Ease TV Station Cross Ownership With Radio And Newspapers


    Soros and the Saudis will own them all, in short time.

  • Ace

    Cheer up!

    Leftists always lash out in the face of their monumental FAILs.

    This #OWS crap is a millstone around their necks and a gift that keeps giving!

  • Ace

    Democrats begin the process of pretending they never endorsed the Occupoopers:


  • Little Orenthal

    Is this for real? Sometimes I feel I’m living in some alternative universe. What is wrong with liberals minds? They have no self awareness, no sense of irony, no sense of contradiction or embarrassment. Its a thing to behold.. really. Try explaining all this to a kid developing his logical mind!

  • gus



    The MSM does not REPORT this stuff, because the MSM is LIBERAL. The big difference, is that, while THE MSM is ENTITLED to their views. They NOW REALIZE that they have to HIDE AND BURY NEWS.
    In other words, they are no longer merely LIBTARD. They are OVERTLY DISHONEST and CORRUPT.

    OBAMA and those WHO OWN OBAMA, …….ARE…..THE STINKFEST. It’s sad how corrupt the LIBTARDS have become. Truly sad.

  • http://www.grouchyconservativepundits.org/index.php RickZ

    Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford makes the claim that since the national media has not mentioned anything negative about Occupy St Louis that that proves there were no problems with Occupy St Louis.

    And the circular argument goes round and round.

  • Karinee

    The current mayor did not slay the dragon. He is inept and the city of St.Louis is headed in
    the same direction as Detroit. Major corporation have left our city. Shows what liberal democratic lack of leadership can do to once thriving area. This is called leading from

  • Militant Conservative

    Yup, another politician volunteers for retirement.

    Keep Obamaville going. It is a gift that will

    Destroy the democrat party (& Obama).

    Evil scores early but rarely wins the race. I inform

    Scores of people of the truth.

    Arrests: over 4,100. Rapes:8 , deaths:7
    Lice, STD’s, TB, excrement, urine, and attacks on
    Cops and citizens. Is this the world you want to
    Give your child? Democrats love it and support it.
    What are YOU going to do about it?

    Powder is dry

  • Granny

    “The police have done so well here there isn’t even a mention of St. Louis on the national news”

    Of COURSE there isn’t you dimwit . . . . St. Louis is a backwater, not one of the biggest cities in the nation. That your city doesn’t make the national news when there are so many other bigger fish to fry certainly doesn’t mean that there are no problems!

  • Sickofobama

    Jim Hoft:

    I know nothing about St. Louis but it sounds like you and all other good citizens of St. Louis should recall your libtard mayor.

    What a pig is right.

    Everybody everywhere needs to get rid of Democrats – locally, statewide, nationwide. I don’t care if they “seem” like a good party. If they are a Democrat – get rid of them!

    Enough of the disrespect good citizens – Tea Party members – are being shown by the scum in the Democrat Party!

  • Sickofobama

    That was supposed to be: “seem” like a good person. We know Democrats are not good persons!


    you wouldn’t expect anything less from a lib-turd in a crap city…time for all incumbents in both parties to be put out to pasture

  • ilikai

    St. Louis is another Dem party run city thats going down the toilet due to its policy of taxing and spending money on hopeless fools. This is just another example of the idiocy that is running the show there and one major reason why it should never merge with the county.

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    #1 November 18, 2011 at 11:31 pm
    TeeDub commented:

    Just curious? Are the people of St. Louis as stupid as the people of New Orleans? They aren’t going to re-elect this idiot, are they?


    When you own the Judges, the unionized Police, the unionized Teachers, the unionized Public Service Employees, the machinery who counts and certifies election results, and you have the News Media shilling for you along the way, AND you have corrupt organizations like ACORN ready and willing to produce the exact number of phony ballots that you need to win the election… YES there is NO doubt that these same people WILL get re-elected every time. How do you think they got there in the first place?

  • cal rifkin

    …stuck on stupid!