Stunner. An #Occupy Monterey goon talks about peace then immediately cracks a citizen journalist in the head.
Via P/Oed Patriot:

From the video:

After being told by attacker that the Occupy Monterey group had a city issued permit that wad affixed to the pole it somehow wasn’t there. I questioned him further and was attacked. I was also surrounded by a group of about 8 people at the time. His claim that it had rained is baseless.

Moments later as I was walking away and across the street one of them shoulder bumped me as I was making my way to the Rangers Station, which ended up being closed. The one who bumped me commented on how nice my truck was and that he sees it and me around town.



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  1. National Poll: Gingrich 45% Obama 43%

    The Newt Gingrich surge has moved him to the top of the polls in Iowa, big gains in New Hampshire and now a two-point edge over President Obama in a hypothetical general election match-up.

  2. Maybe the fact these crazy OWS people are Obama’s base explains the above.

  3. Monterey, CA? You can’t do anything there without a permit.

    But its a liberal bastion, so the rules are some how suspended for the cause.

    Ignoring the rule of law will come back to bite even the most progressive of communities.


    I’d like a LIBTARD to bump or threaten me. I really would. I’d occupy his mouth with my fist.

  5. OT The local news here in SO CA. showed the carnage left by these peaceful,just like the Tea Party mob. The entire area is a mass of debris,bottles of urine,feces all over, memorial benches desecrated, not to mention tons and tons of trash,Hazmat suits are required to even go in the area. Now the people of LA want to know who the F’ is paying for this clean-up, re-sodding etc. Glad I live in OC.

  6. Where’s the surprise? Everything about the left is force.

    Liberals aka the left always will try first to soft sell their “ideas” as voluntary ideas, reached via concesus, but the bottom line will be force. When their idea of volunteering doesn’t pan out as they imagined in their LA-LA fantasies, which invariably is the case since their ideas never pass any smell or common sense tests, then sterner measures are required. Laws will be enacted with lots and lots of penalties for non-compliance to ensure the success of their ideas. In this video the punch to the face or to the camera represents everything about the left. Force and only force.

    Liberals call the income tax as a voluntary system. Of course this is nothing but BS. Title 26 of the US Code is replete with penalty provisions, many of them criminal. IRS agents carry guns!

    I want freedom to choose. Ergo, I reject everything about the left.

  7. Can anyone actually imagine if these fools ruled the world?

    Images of Mad Max come to mind.

  8. The “peace” they chant about is the peace of the mass grave, not of being left alone.

  9. I hope everyone has their carry conceal permit and starts to carry…the fun is about to begin

  10. I doubt these idiots would last 4 days in the wilderness. Anyone think they could provide for themselves? Bunch of lazy punks.

  11. Make them clean-up their own filth……………..why taxpayers be out money ……………

  12. No wonder these losers don’t have jobs they couldn’t handle being a productive member of society.

  13. Those arrested should split the cost of the cleanup.

    Others can donate of course…

    pay as you go..

  14. #14
    They should do the clean-up—-not split the cost. Would probably be like the entire
    obama admin….First day’s work they have ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. We are very close to a violent situation happening.

    Protect yourself and family no one else will.

    Powder is dry

  16. Oh the 2nd civil war will be tons of fun. One side fighting with guns the other side whining and trying to fight against turned backs.

  17. Correction – WE are supposed to be “peaceful” – sit down and let the left run amuck…THEY can be a violent as they need to be to accomplish their mission.

  18. That guys jaw would have been broken

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