Revealed: Top Obama Bundler George Kaiser Pushed Obama White House For Loan to Solyndra

On May 26, 2011, the White House posted this video praising Solyndra as a Recovery Act success story. In August, Barack Obama’s gleaming example of green technology – Solyndra – filed for bankruptcy. The solar panel manufacturer squandered $535 million of stimulus money in a little over a year.

Why Solyndra?
Top Obama bundler George Kaiser made multiple visits to the White House in the months before the company was granted a $535 million loan from the government. And top Solyndra officials also made numerous visits — 20 — to the White House, according to logs and reporting by The Daily Caller. Solyndra officials in the logs included chairman and founder Christian Gronet and board members Thomas Baruch and David Prend. The company secured the $535 million loan despite the fact that it was widely known Solyndra was in deep economic trouble and had negative cash flows since its inception.

Kaiser said he did not use political influence or talk to administration officials about a massive government loan to Solyndra. However, the Solyndra investor made multiple visits to the White House in the week before the Department of Energy approved a $535 million guaranteed loan to Solyndra on March 20, 2009


But, Barack Obama had no regrets.

In fact, Barack Obama was so impressed with the failed solar company that the administration wanted to give it another $469 million on top of the $535 million to make it an even billion dollars in taxpayer cash.

Last week the Obama White House rebuffed US House requests for Solyndra documents.
Now we know why. The latest emails show that George Kaiser pushed the administration for the loan to the failed company.

Just so you know… This is criminal.
Barack Obama’s top 2008 bundler George Kaiser pushed the Obama White House for a loan to his Solyndra solar power company.
The Tulsa World reported, via Free Republic:

Newly released emails show that, contrary to White House claims, a major donor to President Barack Obama pushed for a loan to a solar energy company that later went bankrupt.

The donor, George Kaiser, pushed White House and Energy Department officials for a second loan for Solyndra Inc. last year, after the California company had already received a $528 million loan in 2009, the emails show.

The second loan was not approved. Instead, an investment venture controlled by Kaiser made a private loan that resulted in the firm and other investors moving ahead of taxpayers in line for repayment in case of a default by Solyndra.

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  • Patty

    Liars, cheat and some of the shadiest characters and all associated with Biden and Obama.

    What a wonderful time to spend and lose Billions of dollars, while the tax payers struggling tare stay in their homes.

    More commentary on just how crooked this administration is and if they could get UNIONS in on this to protect them they would.

    Pitiful, criminal, and person or person involved need to be fired.

  • JR

    How many of these scums managed to slide $1 million here and $5 million there to their personal accounts? Where did all this money go? How many of these scum walked away with enough taxpayer money to retire in San Diego and never work again?

  • MrGoodWench

    You mean Sheikh Hussein al Amriki lied to the American people ? Again ?
    No waaaay 😛

  • JR

    Who is investigating the Carnahan family’s take on their $107 multi-million dollar taxpayer funded green energy boondoggle – Carnahan Wind Farms? We know the democrat media complex St. Louis Post-Dispatch won’t touch such an investigation? Who will?

  • myohmy

    Greedy Pig Kasier does not want to use his own damn money. He is a parasite.

  • Larkin

    For what it’s worth…crime does indeed pay, when the liberal media refuses to shine the spotlight on it.

    Here’s how it works nowadays…

    A Republican like Scooter Libby goes to jail for committing NO crime,simply because the media raised enoungh of a fuss.

    A golden chile like obama, or any of his minions will skate, because the media keeps mum.

    May they rot…

  • myohmy

    JR remember that all Solyndra got bonuses and million of dollars on wages. It is a scam and they bilked the taxpayers and they took the fifth.

  • Militant Conservative

    Common for the democrat party.

    Did ya see the stock Market??!! House of cards

    Is coming down. How much capital gains taxes

    Does gubmnt get is everyone files a loss?

    Then the entitlement crowd has to do with less

    Or none. Greece here we come!! Woo Hoo!

    Powder is dry.

  • Tom

    If it is criminal, who is filing suit??

  • MrGoodWench

    O/T via Drudge
    if any more proof is needed that we have an anti-American regime
    FU Republicans for confirming the b@$tard Holder , may you all rot in hell while you are still alive

  • Texas_Treeroach

    “Just so you know… This is criminal.”

    It’s called collusion. And, yes, it is most certainly a crime.

    Here’s something for Congress to contemplate: Criminal negligence and dereliction ranks right up there with collusion.

    If you don’t get off you hindquarters and do something about this, you can just share the guilt!!

    Outrage and hot air won’t cut it — actions will!!

  • And all this time everyone is more concerned with Herman Cain and the 5 skanks….We have criminals in the WhiteHouse stealing us blind and most of America is concerned about the skanks, we live in a reality show world…Holy cow this nations in a world of sh!#…..

  • Ken Hahn

    The Kaiser Foundation is another poster child for why we need to reform the tax code concerning non-profits.

  • bg


    nothing new, really nothing new.. *sigh*

    bit more here & here & lots more elsewhere..


  • The Tulsa World reports this, but the New York Times is still too busy doing other things, like covering for Walter Duranty.

  • succotash

    Amen#12 Cutler Amen.

  • Molon Labe

    Socialist cronyism is the keystone of the progressive’s program to redistribute wealth from the creators to the leeches.

  • YourMaster

    don’t worry I sure he sent it all to his radical muslim brothers
    There is no doubt about 0bama he worships Allah….
    ….and probably has a huge islamic monument built secretly in the basement of the whitehouse
    which he can pray out from time to time…. while reading from scriptures of the communist manifesto and performing blood sacrifice rituals to Karl Marx and Allah

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