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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If Pelosi ever shows up in South Carolina, they ought to run her ass out of town.

  • What a horrible, horrible woman.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yes, unions are the perfect example of productivity

    And the American way. NOT! Slacker bastards

    Have caused the downfall of a great nation.

    Unions are worthless individuals trying to get rich

    Via not looking forward to thier own mortality.

    My brother is such a goon. Never saved his monies.

    Makes 200k per year as a welder but never saved.

    Now he wants 5 years in a union for retirement

    Bennies. Unions are evil and unsustainable.

    Powder is dry

  • FedUp

    Wise-up, San Fran and vote this POS out of office… it’s not like she needs the job – we’d be better off if she did! What a waste!

  • mike191

    The botox queen should look at her husbands business before making such a stupid remark.

  • NeoKong

    Yeah…but just think of how all those unemployment checks are going to stimulate the economy.

  • MrGoodWench

    So why doesn’t the botoxbeeyoch employ union labor in her own vineyards ?

  • myohmy

    Of course, DNC gets their money from the union. They don’t want the gravy train full of union fees stop now, do you?

  • Molon Labe

    What is absolutely scary is that so many support Pelosi and her fascist views.

  • Roger

    How about this, Boeing will unionize the SC plant when all of Polosi’s businesses in California go union. None of her and her husband’s businesses are union. Why is that? Shouldn’t the MSM ask her about that?

  • John Fembup

    “Pelosi says we should shut down the Boeing plant”

    What does she mean, “we”??

  • Ginger

    I would like to slap that old hag SANE if possible!

  • Ginger

    I heard that Barry the kenyan fraud is off on a trip over seas next week any one know where and why?

  • Pelosi obviously has a problem with businesses being free. She would have all of them under her boot if she could, to an even greater extent than today.

    The only people dumber than her are those who keep her in office.

  • Gus

    How is it any fvcking business of this cvnt, whether Boeing is UNION or NOT??

    What the fvck is wrong with the REPUBLICAN PARTY, they don’t fight. They’re fvcking pvssies.

  • Ginger
  • Pretty ungrateful considering the magnificient BOEING 757 (C-32) that she used as her PRIVATE JET for the entire time she was Speaker of the House…to say nothing of the TWO BOEING 747s (VC-25A) that are called “Air Force One” whenever the POTUS is onboard. She should be BARRED from EVER setting foot on a Boeing aircraft for the rest of her worthless life.

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  • Ladue Pundit

    Pelosi does not mention that the Boeing workers voted to decertify the union. Their cost of living is less in SC, and they’ll make more with stock options and profit sharing.

    She also does not mention that her wineries are non-union and workers are paid on an agricultural scale.

    And yes, gus, none of it is her fvcking business but when has that ever stopped her?

  • .50 AE

    Militant conservative= Full of crap, lying D.B……200k as a welder….get real….quit exaggerating the numbers….you are just jealous YOU’RE not in a union loser! Trade unions built this country!! Don’t ever forget that……always remember the coal mines of the virginias ! UNIONS FILL A HUGE NEED IN A CAPATALISTIC ECONOMY!!

  • Mark

    Unions are anachronisms for losers these days they are a dinosaur gangsters.

  • #5 bing……………..always thought Nancy was old commie………………..she just prove me right………..When government tells a private company where it can locate,who it must hire,what it must pay its employees,this is pure commie…………..

  • Jimmy

    If they shutdown Boeing in South Carolina, then let’s shut down the government.

  • Robin

    Does Ms. Pelosi understand that only 15%, or less, of the work force is unionized? Why is she pandering to a distinct minority of workers?
    Hey, .50AE. Unions didn’t build this country. There were no unions until after our borders were established. None of the guys that built the railroads and canals were unionized. Get your facts straight before you sound off like a six year old having a temper tantrum. Screw you. People are tired of jerks like you.

  • Sorry To Live in Illinois

    @.50 AE

    I disagree with your assessment that Unions fill a vital role in a capitalistic society. Unions today, like the democratic party, are not what they were even 20 years ago.

    A union organization is nothing more than a left-wing/socialist fundraising arm. The top ten political contributors in the past five years are all unions and have donated 90% + to leftest candidates.

    Your union organization does not care about you. You are just a means to their end. Here in lovely Illinois, many of the union bosses are robbing the state blind, right in front of everyone, and we can’t do anything about it because their dem cronies have got their back.

    I wonder how much money the San Fran skank gets from unions?

  • Pelosi is to the economy what Kryptonite is to Superman.

    So many applicable and fitting words to use when describing Pelosi:

    1. Stupid (can’t be fixed)

    2. Ignorant (might be fixed in some people, but #1 above prevents that in Pelosi)

    3. Dishonest (she lies even when it would benefit her to tell the truth – pathological)

    4. Hypocritical (see comments in this thread about her own non-union workers)

    5. Power-mad (a condition common in all politicians, but overbearing in Democrats)

    6. Stupid (yes, I know, but it needs to be repeated)

  • Rachelle

    I wonder, are her family’s business interests unionized? Anyone know?

  • a former dem

    Maybe Congress should make her pay millions her hubby has made off the real estate market…

    oh yes, her hubby is a multimillionaire real estate investment banker.

    She’s not a socialist, she is a communist, in pure socialism, everything is spread out evenly, she is a commie, not a socialist.

  • succotash

    Nazi Pelosi in Italian means useful commie idiot.

  • pagar

    I don’t think it is right to try to get her /her husband’s employees to unionize. Every American should have the right to not live in union slavery. Democrats just seem to want every one in union slavery.

  • Molon Labe

    Can I have whatever it is that you’re smoking? Unions built this country? really? I can’t think of any industry unions built but can name many they have destroyed including the maritime industry; textile, steel, auto, clothing, shoe, leather goods.

    Know what? You sound like a faculty member from the sociology department.

  • Donna S

    What a dolt!!! This woman has lived in a socialist bubble for so long, she has no idea she doesn’t ever make sense.

    She lives like a capitalist. I’ve seen her Napa Valley property. Who’s she kidding.

  • MrGoodWench

    Rachelle commented:
    I wonder, are her family’s business interests unionized? Anyone know?
    She also hires illegals

  • jainphx

    Unions built this country? Hey take a look at Detroit, then come back and tell me what the Unions did. Every place thats rotten, every place thats is in shambles, you can find a union at the root.

  • Clutch

    Unions are worse than d!ck cancer.

  • KLD

    That woman makes you feel like you just whacked your head on a wall…hard. Dazed and disoriented. And people take her seriously. It’s time to go home Nancy, live off your millions, your private jet(s) and Rolls limo’s.

  • Someone actually married that Bat$h!t crazy B!tCh. Is he blind or just mentally challenged ?

    When at the grocery store every week when they ask him “paper or plastic”he says paper
    I need 14 she’s a double bagger you know, and the plastic just soaks into her face.!

  • Voice of Reason

    You know, if a country ever put a person like Pelosi on a pedestal, gave her power and let her lead, that country would get screwed. Oh no, wait a minute!!

  • Rhoda R

    I think we’re seeing the beginning of dementia. Either that or Botox poisoning is causing frontal lobe damage. Different causes, same result.

  • yes another choice that the party of choice is againist.

  • Patty

    Nikki can give the wicked witch of the west a run for her many.

    Come on, Obama, speak to the National Labor Board.

  • Earthmover

    I’ve always wondered if the Democrats would mind if all non union people were
    forced to pay dues and that money were funneled to the Republican party?
    Or, a few billion dollars of tax money were allocated by the NRA to oil drilling and
    logging operations and they filed for bankruptcy but not before millions of
    those dollars made their way into Republican campaign coffers?

  • ant

    See, she reveals part of the problem, with not just her, but many of our so-called Representatives. She says, “This is what I think, you asked me what I thought and I’m telling you what I think..” She and others are not supposed to , technically, be ‘thinking’, they are supposed to follow the letter of the law, uphold the Constitution, and work for the People. This Country wasn’t founded on the ‘thoughts’ of modern-day dickheads. Their alleged ‘thoughts’ have no authority over our freedoms and rights. Queen of Idiots.

  • obfuscatenot

    Do you HEAR her, I mean hear her? The NLRB is stealthily attacking American Business, completely under the radar. The enemy is within. These people are attempting to TAKE over our Country.

  • obfuscatenot

    Unions are alot like fire. Fire can be useful, very useful, but it can be dangerous-and must be contained. We have brush fires set by unions daily and fanned by this criminal administration and commicrats…….

  • .50

  • Gremlins. Post #46 just posted itself. I swear. Honest. It couldn’t have been my mistake. No, no.

    Anyway, I was trying to tell .50 AE that he credits the wrong people. Unions didn’t build this country. Americans, whether in unions or not, built this country.

    Whatever credit unions might have deserved in the distant past, unions today are working AGAINST the best interests of American workers, trying to destroy the very engines of industry that provided American workers with such a high standard of living.

  • mg4us

    When will OUR Military leaders step up and do the right thing by defending us from enemies foreign and domestic. .

    Pelosi is a traitor and enemy. . she needs to be removed and tried for treason.

  • waicool

    shineyshoe union bossman is smiling collecting all them hard working rank and file dues money. work slower boys, you’re embarrassing us

  • valerie


    This interview was originally on CNBC, not FOX.

    The rest of the country is –slowly– waking up.

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