Pamela and Jim Crash #OccupyDenver Hobo Camp (Video)

After our panel discussion today at BlogCon11, Pamela Geller and I decided to wind down a little bit and check out the fun at Occupy Denver.

The hobos started up their bonfire early tonight.

The occupiers were laying out their blankets for the night ahead.

Pamela loves her some shopping.

She tried on a few items at the clothes giveaway tent.

We had a nice conversation with the camp leader.

The caped dog.

We danced a little to the leftie band.

Pamela was little tired from the long day of traveling, speaking, shopping and dancing…

So we laid down for a little nap.

It was a great time out at the Denver hobo camp.

Pamela has more pictures from the “dream date” at the tramp camp.

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  • bg





  • Pure awesome.

  • NorthernX

    Cootie Alert! Cootie Alert!
    I can’t believe you actually touched those…garments!!!

  • I really must take issue with your characterizing these folks as Hobos.
    As anyone who has known one knows, a Hobo was and is an itinerant worker, one who traveled to find work.
    A tramp was and is an itinerant non-worker. One who traveled mainly to avoid work
    A bum was and is one who neither traveled nor worked.
    Thus, these yahoos are are bums who neither travel nor work.
    Quit pickin’ on the ‘bos 🙂

  • bg


    oooh, this latest Republican candidates
    debate is on my local tv station.. woot!!

    starting in about a minute..

    good luck to all..


  • JoeAstroturf

    Love it. Your a lucky guy Jim.

  • bg
  • donh

    Jim you really know how to treat a lady. My father has a line he likes to drop when his restaurant picks turn out to be a bomb….” stick with me and I will take you to the nicest places “

  • paul52

    Follow the arrows to the delousing station. Might as well burn dem clothes. LOL

  • bg


    ooh, love Michele’s new do.. 🙂

    she sure is a beautiful woman..


  • NoelArmourson

    I just heard that the police are moving the Occupiers out now.

  • Adi

    Hey, where’s the kiss? 😯

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  • KC



  • Redwine

    Love Pamela and Jim. Wonderful stuff. Occupy idiots had no idea.

  • pcm

    Jeez, what lousy music–but you both dance well. I hope you guys had your smallpox and tetanus vaccinations before you went there .

  • Funny how everything the lefties touch turns to a slum.

    Jim, you and Pamela look great! The years don’t touch you.

  • bg


    lots of Texarcanuts must have been bused in,

    only applause so far has been for Perry & Paul..


  • Conservative Ken

    That looked like fun Jim. Reminds me of watching “World Wide Magazine” on Public access cable.

  • MrGoodWench

    Up twinkles for Jim and Pamela

  • Conservative to the Core

    A match made in Heaven!

  • Jimmy

    Cuddling on the cold concrete? Ouch … and Brrrr.

  • Jayne on the Left Coast

    #4 Midnight I was thinking the same. Than again I am from an older generation.

  • Jayne on the Left Coast

    Oh,almost forgot awesome pics. Now jump into a tub of DDT and Lysol.

  • bobdog

    Wastin’ away in Obamaville…

  • Mama Grizzly

    100% LOL and mad props. You really made our day. I was wondering why there was such a great vibe in the city today–reaching all the way to DTC!! Cuz’ you guys were here! : ). We can always tell when Obama the Puke is here too–ot’s like a pall settles over Denver.

    Wish we had known about your conference, but are just getting over bad colds which are going around.

    Take care and welcome from 2 Colorado natives (as opposed to the other 90%).

    Pamela–we love you and are really grateful for all you do.

    Jim–thanks for a fun blog. But I still think Perry and Cain are tools. : )


    Mama G

  • donh

    Here is some Rocking Goose by Johnny & the Hurricanes to play in a second widow as your dance video plays…>>>

  • WMInfidel

    Charles Johnson’s head just exploded.

  • bronxdude

    Pam is pretty hot. But as i am black I don’t want to be accused of chasing white women from my Bronx plantation through my internet connection.

    Jim is ok..but not my style. 🙂

  • Jayne — so are the ‘Bos I know.

  • koblog

    While they may not technically be Hobos, the word “hobo” is darned funnier. My wife and I just laugh when we hear it. “Hobo camp” has a great ring to it.

  • crypticguise

    Pam’s gorgeous and smart; Jim’s just lucky and must be smart. You both look like you had a fun time. The OCCUPIERS are clueless. Time to close them all down.

  • JB

    Hope all your shots are upto date, Jim.

  • not the droid you seek

    You guys look great, but did the dog film that video or something? Tripod needed. 🙂

  • onbe

    Hope you took a hand sanitize after a visit like that!

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  • 14th. Generation American

    Wahoooo… you and Pamela make us very proud!!!! I can’t believe they didn’t recognize either of you! Shows how ill informed they are.

  • ohiochili

    Jim, I gotta say that you and Pam have intestinal fortitude.

    What was it like meeting Walden? Where did he get that cute little cape?

  • LOL- did you get any useful pork n beans recipes down there, heh

  • Liz

    That is hilarious.

  • MikeSilver

    So it was just like an outdoor Bar Mitzvah including crazy Uncle Moshe dancing with the hot girls.

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  • Eriah

    My two favorite bloggers on a hot date crashing an Occupooper camp, blogging does not get better than this. Thanks Jim and Pamela!

  • Jonah Vark


    Hobo camp?

    You mean Obamaville.

  • bg


    think i found an explanation for what’s
    in between a rock and a hard place..

    re: Denmark

    that was then, this is now..

    also what we most assuredly will be
    facing via an Obama administration..


  • Latin2

    LOL…I love the dancing.

    I went to my local one and danced also.

  • Mitch Rapp

    I6t does not take long for CRABS to root and prosper!

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