Outrage!… After Demanding Refund From City, Richmond Tea Party Gets Letter – “You’re Being Audited”

The City of Richmond charged the local tea party $10,000 to hold three rallies at the Kanawha Plaza … But, the #Occupy squatters were allowed to set up a tent city on the plaza for free.

After complaining about this double standard and demanding a refund the Richmond tea party received a letter last week that they are being audited.

Richmond tea party patriots hold a Tax Day rally in the plaza. (Examnier Photo)

In late October the Richmond Tea Party sent a letter to city officials demanding a refund for the $10,000 the group spent on permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel for three rallies held at same plaza where the Occupy Richmond squatters set up their camp. Now the tea party is being audited.

Right Side News reported:

Two weeks after the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice to Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones for costs incurred for previous rallies; we received a letter from the City of Richmond formally stating that the city is auditing our Tea Party. Coincidence? This audit is an obvious attempt to intimidate and harass us for standing up against the unfair treatment and discrimination against our Tea Party.

As reported on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice for charges incurred in our previous three Tax Day rallies at Kanawha Plaza because Mayor Jones chose to allow Occupy Richmond protesters to convene in the same park for two weeks.

The Mayor not only allowed the Occupiers to break the law, but he visited them in the city-owned park. “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests, he had allowed the group to remain in the park but understands his mayoral responsibility to uphold laws of the city,” reported the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Apparently his mayoral duties included preferential treatment for a group he sympathizes with ideologically at the expense of the taxpayers.

The blog Virginia Right reported that the city provided services such as portable toilets, trash pickup etc. The incomplete invoices obtained from the city totaled $7,000. This was only a portion of the actual costs to taxpayers because the costs of police, helicopter and incarcerations were not included. Also not accounted for was the 24-hour police protection of the Mayor’s home after the Occupiers moved their camp next door to the Mayor’s house. The Richmond Tea Party, conversely, paid for all services for our rallies, including the police, portable toilets, park fees and permits, amounting to approximately $8,500.

Last week the tea party received this letter from the City of Richmond.
They are being audited.

In the audit letter signed by Cynthia Carr, Field Auditor for the City of Richmond, it states that our Tea Party is delinquent in filing of Admissions, Lodging, and Meals Taxes with the city and as such our group has been targeted for a comprehensive audit.
What thuggery.

** I hope you all help me spread word of this obvious abuse of power.

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  • Marie

    Let me take a guess, Cynthia Carr is a registered Democrat and an Obama supporter/donor?

  • Larkin

    Effin’ bureaucrats… Abusing their power to subdue political opponents.

    So, good people of Richmond…how do you feel about this?

  • JoyO

    The Tea Party nationwide needs to follow the Democrat’s rules — SUE them, SUE them, SUE them!

  • L.E. Liesner

    The corruption in government has worked it’s way all the way down to the local level. Richmond is no exception to the rule. The abuse of power by petty bureaucrats seems to be on the increase along with the abuse of power by the President. As long as the Justice Department and the Court System continues to turn a blind eye it will become worse. Politics in this country today has become an evil thing, it’s no wonder that God does not smile upon us anymore.

  • M Smith

    I’m a bit confused by the letter. It is an audit for “admissions” tax as if they staged a concert or sporting event, and meals tax as if they were a restaurant or caterer.

    I thought the Tea Party was a political organization.

    Wonder if the city routinely audits the meetings held by the local Democrats.

  • Mike

    http://www.spokeo.com/search?q=Cynthia%20Carr#Mechanicsville, VA:1151052517&nt=t2
    Interesting information on Ms. Cynthia Carr, who signed the letter.

  • Greg

    Cynthia Carr’s e-mail and phone number is at the bottom of the document. She would respond favorably to receipt of feedback that was not vulgar or threatening

  • donh

    The political class of both parties has decided to hang together rather than give back one inch of power. These hardball tactics show where this country is headed..The political class will go door to door raping and pillaging your personal property if that is what it takes to hold onto the easy life of any easy desk job with all expenses paid retirement at 55.

  • Mark1957

    It might be time to burn Richmond again. I can’t wait to hear what Mark Levin has to say about this outrage.

  • Ace

    Make it your mission to vote this POS out of office.
    Like the Weiner seat.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    At some point Governor McDonnell and the VA Atty Gen. will have to step in and be the adults in the room. Richmond politicos were obvious hypocrites, charging the Tea Party for park use while letting the taxpayers pay for the Occupy Protest. Seems fair to Chavez or to Obamao, but citizens see what’s happening and 2012 can’t get here soon enough. I wish the lame stream media would cover this blatant hypocrisy by elected officials.

  • Liz

    Obvious corruption. Go straight to the governor.

  • Interesting that this complaint was written on a Saturday, I am surprised to see such dedication from a pubic servant. Unless her dedication is to suppressing the Tea Party and our American Freedoms.
    A Fruad & Abuse Complaint was filed against Mrs. Carr. This employee is engaging in activity intended to intimidiate a grass roots organization, suppress voter iniatives and her actions may be rooted in a racial and religious animus.

    follow the case here http://eservices.ci.richmond.va.us/applications/auditorhotline/default.aspx

    case #2011110008
    pw 9f+W%7Xsg

  • PB-in-AL

    @#5 m smith – exactly what I thought, what tax receipts would be due from a political rally?

    They need to audit the mayor’s office for the lodging tax due for the occupiers’ stays in the park, as it was authorized by the mayor.

  • PCM

    The TP needs to go over Carr’s head and appeal directly to Gov. McDonnell. He’s a true conservative and in all likelihood would quash this nonsense.

  • Patty

    The Mayor not only allowed the Occupiers to break the law, but he visited them in the city-owned park. “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests, he had allowed the group to remain in the park but understands his mayoral responsibility to uphold laws of the city,” reported the Richmond Times Dispatch.

    Apparently his mayoral duties included preferential treatment for a group he sympathizes with ideologically at the expense of the taxpayers.

    The blog Virginia Right reported that the city provided services such as portable toilets, trash pickup etc. The incomplete invoices obtained from the city totaled $7,000. This was only a portion of the actual costs to taxpayers because the costs of police, helicopter and incarcerations were not included. Also not accounted for was the 24-hour police protection of the Mayor’s home after the Occupiers moved their camp next door to the Mayor’s house. The Richmond Tea Party, conversely, paid for all services for our rallies, including the police, portable toilets, park fees and permits, amounting to approximately $8,500.

    …On November 14th representatives of our Tea Party attended the City Council meeting to speak to the Mayor and Council during the citizen forum. Mayor Jones, apparently too busy to listen to his constituents, got up and left before we spoke. He had no problem inviting members of the Occupy group to his office for a closed door meeting days later, at the same time refusing to meet with us.

    His administration, however, found the time to send us an audit letter (provided in full below). No need for the city to audit the Occupiers, because, as the Mayor knows, all of their costs were provided by the taxpayers of Richmond.


    read more @ link

    Funny, Occupiers on the left get such special treatment and then Tea Party on the right gets audited. I think Carr needs to be investigated for signing such garbage.

  • Dave-O

    #3 Joy-O is spot on. This letter is nothing more than a government-sponsored effort to suppress or “chill” constitutionally-protected freedom of speech and assembly – and it should be actionable in a court of law.

  • Alana

    #5 and #14 – in the article linked, the Tea Party says they did NOT charge admission or have ANY sort of meals and lodging.

    The article says they filled out a form every month as required, and put 0’s appropriately in all the spaces for admission, meals, and lodging taxes.

    The bureaucrats doing this know full well that there was no admission, meals, or lodging associated with the tea party rallies.

    It angers me no end that the law is now applicable only to some and not to others, as evidenced by the fact that the OWS’ers are encouraged to help themselves to city property and resources, EVEN THOUGH it is against city code, while law-abiding citizens get the shaft.

    Well, and it saddens me, too. It’s like we have no law left.

  • ant

    This is what is meant by ‘Take our Country back’, out of the hands of the cancerous corruption infecting every square foot of bureaucracy and ‘leadership’. This is just as bad as that idiot politician several years ago who wanted to define flagstaffes and protest signs as ‘potential weapons’, in an effort to prevent the TeaParty from engaging in free speech. Throw all the bums out!

  • chuck in st paul

    sounds like a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit to me…. but then what do I know?

  • OxyCon

    Who is the Governor of Virginia and who is their Attorney General, again?
    Seems to me that now would be a good time too take a real close look at the dealings of Mayor Dwight Jones and Cynthia Carr.

  • Callipygian1

    The unemployment rate will skyrocket in late 2012 when these cretin’s are voted out of office; not only will they be left without jobs, but their lickspittle-toadies that hold government jobs will be high-and-dry as well. conservatives that replace them are already working and taxed, so it will mean a net reduction in employed work force. I’m willing to live with it, even though it will also result in many “Occupy Mom’s Basement” protests.

  • ant

    Here’s a good example from just last April;


    TeaParty signs deemed too “controversial” to be displayed in public. But OWS is mainstream enough, I guess. We are in a cold war with partisan leftist ideologues in our own system, those that seek to make Constitutional rights a casualty.

  • RKflorida

    They are coming right out in the open now, aren’t they? Blatant abuse of their power. The AG in Virginia is an elected office and as I understand it, a strong conservative. This should be a fine test for him so we can see if he is for real or not.

  • vityas

    This is what civil war looks like.

  • Finncrisp

    The ghost of Jeff Davis lives…

  • Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

    Hardly surprising double standards and hypocrisy from liberals. What else is new?

  • raybojabo

    OWS gets the royal treatment just like illegal immigrants while Tea Party gets crapped on like law abiding taxpayers. Democrat SOP.

  • Lew

    #13—— November 14 was a Monday.

  • PussyGalore

    There is an actionable tort known as abuse of process. Whether it can be asserted against a sovereign body such as a town which typically has immunity is a subject for legal research. Through statute many states allow their political subdivisions to be sued.

    Here not only is there apparently abuse of process but an obvious enforcement of the law that totally screams unequal treatment before the law.

  • john b

    “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests…..” Still a child

  • Corruption runs deep and wide…………teaparty wanted to prove a point about the double standard…………..this just made the point for them……….

  • Ohio Granny

    Have the TEA party residents sue the Occupy Richmond group for damages.

  • Bloodless Coup

    Take these bastids to court for discrimination and sue the crap out of them.

  • valerie

    I guess we will find out shortly whether this letter sent to the TEA Party is a hoax or abuse of process. Given the weirdness of the opposition, it could be either.

  • Alvar Hanso

    Look at what a bureaucratic mess it is just to form and maintain a political organization – even in the absence of questionable poilitical pressures. Just imagine how much more hassle there would be to form a small business in which you must also satisfy bureacrats at the state and federal levels. Why would anyone want to start a new businesss in the US these days?

  • Stuart

    Suppression of legitimate descent leaves but one other path open: resistance.
    Suppression of resistance leads to something much more ugly.

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  • As a resident of Richmond…well, Henrico county…this is going to drive popcorn sales up! Our local talk radio guys are going to have a freaking field day with this. Doc Thompson subs for Beck. I really want to listen to him today.

    And those taxes that are said to be owed? In what way does a political action group charge those fees on which they would have to pay taxes?

    This is going to cost the city SOOOOOO much money.

  • Oh, what do you want to bet that the fines levied equal what the city owes them?

  • Catherine

    “All Documentation Provided should be signed and dated by a Corporate Officer or Business Owner” …………….. They still don’t get it, UNLIKE OWS WE HAVE NO LEADER.

  • Dave in Houston

    Are we in a second civil war now? Not exactly sure who the sides are, but it seems to be a entrenched government class against anyone who dares to criticize them for whatever reason. I hope this resolves itself by electoral means , but I have a feeling this is not going to end well.

  • David

    Drudgereport.com has picked up story. Might want to direct him to this article, current link he is using is crushed.

  • M Smith

    I wonder how Ms. Carr (the auditor) is enjoying her new-found fame? Something tells me her boss, when he issued her marching instructions, probably forgot to mention that her letter would likely be posted on the internet without redaction.

  • Old One

    The TEA Party should play the left’s card and boycott Richmond based businesses. Starve the beast that is the Ricmond.spolitical class & their bureaucrat harlots where they live at the tax trough..

  • annonymous


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  • #44 bing

  • Jeena

    Ignore it. Who cares? We are not dealing with this system that we once knew anymore. It is all scare tactics anyway. The Tea Party should storm city hall and drag them all out and judge them amongst themselves in the streets. This is so far gone there is no righteousness in this false judicial system, and the tax man (IRS) or any other auditor, is unconstitutional anyway. The Tea Party has no head. It is one big amoeba spreading across the land, which the OWS’ers have tried to copy it as their evil twin. It is not working. Do not let Godly people be judged by ungodly people. The Lord says so. Never put yourselves in this position. You will lose and die, which is their whole agenda.

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  • Celtic

    Is the Richmond Tea Party running a Bed & Breakfast?

  • Celtic

    It says “Richmond Tea Party Inc.”, so apparently they are run as a business.

    If they agreed to pay the city of Richmond $10,000 to hold three rallies, there was
    likely a contract involved. They’ve got no grounds to demand a refund.

  • Celtic

    #13…..November 14th was a Monday, not a Saturday.

    Your calendar is 2 years out of date.

  • Mr. Wee Wee

    Mr. Wee Wee sez yOu gO girl and STAND FIRM behind Barack!

  • Tommy D

    Wow This from a state with a republican governor…

  • WillofLa

    Richmond ought to be sued by the Tea Party organizer’s for discremination and failure to comply with the contract, like breach of contract for refusing to give them their refund. Of course this is all special circumstances though because nothing like this has ever happened before, so what the Richmond people are doing is wrong because it cannot be handled like it was normal circumstances, because it’s not. So the attorneys need to sue the city because they need to get it clear as to what the rules are, what the guide lines will be, and who is going to represent the Occupier’s, which in my mind should be the Communist Party in Vir.. Don’t you think they are there? Sure they are. They like to send us a signal all the time about their being all over the country, and if no one comes forward to represent the Occupier’s then the suet stands against Richmond for giving free rights to a body of people who don’t exist but the taxpayers of Richmond are going to get a bill for the stuff that was done to clean, protect, and all the other, the city is going to have to pay for???

    Sue the hell out of Richmond for violation of the contract agreement, and not charging the Occupier’s but charge the Tea Party which is discremination, and breach of contract. Let’s see how the other cities react to that, and it will set a presidence. They either back off and pay the Tea Party back, or they try to prove they didn’t discreminate against the Tea Party by letting some group who has no organization that is a requirement to get a contract, permits, etc. to group together. Let them eat that cake!!

  • larry burdge

    Doing a bit of checking,,,, It seems as though Ms. Carr is a Black Democrat……….(no punn intended). Time to check out the Mayor. This is a typicalgovernment result whenever there is a question concerning their power or decisions of ovious political favors. It leads all the way to the top in Washington and all the way down to the local level. It’s past time to clean our house of these pests.

  • Gal Murphy

    clear case of discrimination based on the perception of those over 40 who are members of the tea party………..clear cut and warranting legal challenge.

  • John

    If some folks don’t want to uphold the ideals of this country and choose to pervert the offices and powers we will eventually take them back by whatever means necessary.

  • Gary Adkison

    Simply stated, an audit can not go forward because as a political rally, the TEA PARTY PROTESTORS didn’t charge money to attend. All requested fees were paid to the city and any audits must be focused on the various and sundry venders at the rally.

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  • Conrad

    So go ahead and sue. What are you waiting for?

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  • mg4us

    get the Governor and AG of the state to audit the mayor and his staff. . all their expense accounts as well. . .

    And to see what other political organizations are being audited by them or are they just targeting & harassing one group

    And while at it, insist that they file to get paid by Occupy Richmond group or refund all fees of other organizations. . .

    Let the local Richmond taxpayer see they get what they vote for. .

    All part of redistribution.

  • John Spake

    Be careful how you threaten. The letter implies getting the State of VA envolved. The only 3 state elected officials in VA are Gov, Lt Gov & Atty Gen, ALL 3 are Republicans. They might take a dim view of having state agencies getting dragged into this & might end up auditing the Mayor & Cynthia Carr.

  • Dawn

    And just how much has the Richmond TEA Party actually made in charging Admissions, Lodging and Meals? I didn’t know the TEA Party was involved in Admissions, Lodging and Meals???? This is pure stupidity and the Richmond TEA Party should file suit against the City and the Mayor!

  • War is coming.

  • EnochHale

    Double standard anyone?

  • Walenty Lisek

    Explain to me how exactly this is an outrage? Everyone knows that liberalism is both the establishment and the only acceptable form of dissent.

  • Jhan

    Mr. Wee Wee, if you stand so firm with your girl who stands so firm with Obama , then,, I believe you should pay for what is being asked from the Tea Party since you libs have no problem taking from everyone who works to give it to the lazy sloughtful! I think this would only be fair practice do you not, or is your slogan still do as I say and not.as I do?
    You libs will.never change, it will akways be gimme.gimme gimme!!

  • eaglewingz08

    I wonder what the bed and breakfast taxes will be for the occupy wall streeters.

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  • squeaky
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  • Rand

    Sounds like you need a good libertarian lawyer to serve papers on the City.

  • This Cynthia Farr should take a moment to review the motto on the Virginia state flag … SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • why on earth does a tea party group have a business license? kinda makes it easier for the city to interfere, doesn’t it?

    l.a. is a much larger city and we didn’t get a business license to hold our tea party events. almost 3 years later and no need for it.

  • Lance

    #54 In order to be a recognized political entity or non profit group 501c4(the political non profit or PAC) you have to be incorporated. This serves many purposes but not the least protecting the individual members represented by the group from legal action as far as the contract you have a point however there are two other things going on here discrimination and abuse of process.

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  • vamoose

    The Tea Party should file a FOIA request to get any and all documents and notes related to the tea party’s request for a refund and the city’s waiving of permits and fees for the occupiers.

  • Richard

    Those cowards would rather blast a 6 yrs old for selling Lemon Aid than go against the touble Occupy squatters would cause them.

  • NealK

    Tar and feathers. And if tar and feathers don’t do the trick, we move on to something more – ahem – compelling.

  • ron_paul_or_serfdom

    Stalinism is alive and well in this antebellum bastion of States’ rights. Because whatever you hear on the mainstream media and cables only serves to maintain the slush fund to Whore Street. The Fed bagman has destroyed any notion of American accountability and trust. And its Chickenhawk shills: Neo-Cons (Mitt Ponzi, Grinch the Lobbyist) and Neo-Liberals (Barack Mugabe, Trailer-trash) all endorse the Crony Capitalism it finances; warranteed by Keynesian fraud; guaranteed by the looting of the entrepreneural middle-class; mercantile wars spun by Pentagram profiteers. Communists who care nothing about Constitutional government.

    They have a problem. There’s an 800-lb gorilla and elephant in the room talking about liberty and prosperity through Free-Market Capitalism. [Not isolationism.] A glaring omission which makes them psychopaths – a commission which makes them evil. They can run but they can’t hide natural truth.

    Gorilla Party-candidate Ron Paul is a world statesman and America’s only Statesman in a century of Progressive whores and psychopaths. He doesn’t speak in soundbites or talking points, but all of the other candidates, esp the influence-peddling Grinch, borrow his planks as the source for their talking points.
    Problem is when useful idiots talk, they don’t seem to understand the points their speechwriters spin. Think “pro-Life” debaucherer, Bush the Younger – with earpiece – aborting fratboy love-child(ren) and blocking 5,6 state, anti-abortion measures.
    Obviously they only give lip-service to Dr. Paul’s traditional Conservative platform of liberty and Constitutionalism, because they have never been more than demagogues and can never be more than Crony Capitalists.

  • Bryce Hedstrom

    Welcome to the Fascist States of America, with abuse and corruption for all.

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  • getmikey

    I don’t see what the problem is! This merely proves that the OccupyMovement IS A PART OF THE 1% elite! They don’t pay for government services like the rest of us.

    This basically cuts their movement off at the knees (or possibly even higher), making the movement worth nothing.

    If they had any kind of class at all, they’d step up and pay their fair share. Isn’t that what they want of everybody else?

    Oh wait. Do as I SAY, not as I do. What’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander.

    But here’s the thing that is most amusing to me. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FAIR SHARE! If there was, then Christ would not have been crucified. Because the innocent bore the cost for all.

    For those who are saying, sue them, just keep in mind that true justice is not always found in a courtroom.

  • Bret Thompson
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  • Arty

    Dwight Jones. Look at him. Isn’t it obvious what is going on here?

  • Arty Warfy

    Dwight Jones – look at him. Don’t you get it?

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  • james
  • pal

    FOIA FOIA FOIA.. Certified letter.. They have to respond..

  • Gary Huggins

    Sick puppies of OWS are all maggots paid for by the most progressive funds available to any group in history. Not to worry, much larger issues are at play that make these pup-tent freaks seem like kindergarten tots look like genius patriots. BTW IMHO I’ve not evenseen or heard of one patriotic individual in all coverage of all media outlets. Just don’t expect any reception that isn’t absolutely
    deadly if attempted in this area. It’s a whole other world here. Respect is afforded until squatting or squatters assume “occupation”. Most here live and let live. We automatically give new residents the benefit of doubt until proven otherwise. “A word to the wise is sufficient”.
    I couldn’t afford the amenities afforded to the OWS groups. I can afford a brain wise enough
    to understand that all actions have responsibilities. Soon and very soon I am quite sure a violent encounter will trigger less than tolerant citizens to OWS denizens. What they are doing
    is analogous to sand-papering a tiger’s ass. Soon he turns and produces claws and teeth to administer his opinion.

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  • desperado

    take it to court. something about equal protection under the law? oh wait, the libs dont believe in the constitution.
    Am I glad the south did not win the civil war.

  • joe macke

    “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests, he had allowed the group to remain

    Same reason Atty Gen’l Eric Holder had when he refused to uphold the law when he refused to prosecute thugs in Phila who violated the Voters Right Act by intimidating citizens going to vote.

    Justice is not blind anymore.

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  • Hunny8

    #6 – Mike… the website you listed didn’t give any info on Cynthia. Can you please tell us what you found there?

  • Queenie

    You all realize that Cynthia Carr didn’t write any of this. Carr is just a collaborator, a tool for the Marxist thugs that run the Democrat party. This piece of junk was written by the usual mob of Marxist lawyers to use the government to intimidate and persecute. George Soros rides again!

  • Queenie

    Carr and Jones sold their people down the river for the Marxist white thugs!

  • Ralloh

    Nothing surprises me that comes from stinking, rotten, useless, liberals. We need to rid ourselves of this vermin once and for all in 2012.

  • Chris

    I’m a moderate independant, with a few incorporations both profit and non profit. Both get audited all the time without any flags. I fail to see the outrage, return the audit, if your clear fine. Don’t make a contract if you don’t want to pay. One is a registered PAC, and one is a bunch of leaderless young people utililizing their first amendment rights. If they broke laws, those people should be fined or punished. If the laws were broken they should be arrested, if ordinances were overlooked they should be investigated. But politics aside, a lot of you sound like a bunch of whiners. Where are the rational adults in Richmond? This is what turns me off on both the tea party and the ows. You throw people in congress who are slaves to Grover norquist, when the only thing that is going to save our country is compromise like simpson/bowles. Europe is about to collapse if Germany doesn’t kick in and that is going to have major repurcussions and your all bitching about some stupid portapotty expenses. We have bigger problems and extremism isn’t going to fix it. What happened to us all being Americans. Yeah tea party, your the adults, and ows are a bunch of kids. That’s how it’s worked forever. Every body lighten up and look big picture without all the hate and fear mongering. Your losing the middle, which you realistically need. Good luck with that non compromising vengeful attitude. You get what you give.

  • Snake

    Second time posting. The 14th Amendment grants equal protection under law. Thus the flea party vs the TEA PARTY both MUST be granted the same respect and fees (if there are any)

    Get the ACLU to take the case of the TEA PARTY. Then it shall be very funny for a liberal org to be fighting another liberal org with their own money.

    Tell the TEA PARTY to contact the aclu (whom I despise) and get with it

  • F. Lee Bailout

    I just e-mailed this message to the Finance Dept., City of Richmond:

    “I just read on the Drudge Report about how your office has responded to Tea Party criticism of your blatant double standard with regard to assembly privileges granted for free to the “Occupy” protesters.

    Specifically, the Tea Party observed that the Occupy protesters received free services for which the Tea Party group was made to pay over $10,000.

    And now, in response to that observation, you have retaliated by levying a punitive audit on the Tea Party.

    You should be aware that, if it is determined that the disparity in billing practices is found to be in violation of the law, the Tea Party will easily be able to claim retaliation under the whistleblower protection provisions of U.S. law, at which point your juvenile fit of municipal pique will prove very costly indeed.

    Also, not that it likely matters to you, but you are a vile, corrupt, and ethically bankrupt organization, and I will be forwarding details of this incident to all of my associates in the travel, tourism, and event planning industries.

    They number in the hundreds, their networks of contacts are legion, and they all deserve fair warning to avoid the city of Richmond at all costs.

    Have a nice life.”

    It’s not much, but it’s what I can do…

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  • Ron Monks

    Wait minute folks… From the way it appears, someone has incorporated “The Richmond Party” and taken out a business license. What’s that all about? Haven’t we understood there was no such organization of the TEA party movement. Now, it appears, someone in Richmond saw the TEA party movement as a business opportunity. I for one, would like to see the results of this audit. Sorry to rain on the parade and while I agree with the premise of equal handedness, I’m concerned about people profiteering off the TEA party movement.

  • buckeyejim

    Hold on everyone……….wait till Eric Holder finds out about this , then he will get Barry Obozo and his not so lovely wife and fly into Richmond and make the city of Richmond back down. Eric and Barry are democraps and they want fair play for everyone and will fight for the tea partys rights. After all Barry is our president too not just the president of union thugs.

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    Seems the mayor and his field auditor have the same lawless and vindictive attitude that Barack Obama and his thugocrats have.

    They’d best enjoy their arrogance and lawless behavior, because November 2012’s elections will come their way with very bad tidings.

  • Mike G

    This is what happens when you elect black people to public office. They do not believe in democracy. Just look at what goes on in black Africa.

  • bigdudeisme

    The Teaparty has a very good case to take the city to the U.S. Justice Department for a Civil Rights violation now. The only problem is the U.S. Justice Department is compromised and will probably end up jailing the leaders of the Teaparty.

  • J. C. P.

    The Commiewealth of Virginia so what is new? Just like Germany after the German Socialist Workers Party took over. (More commonly known as the Nazi party) Welecome to Amerika Mein Herr or Mein Frauline, Ve Vant to zee your Papers!

  • bigdudeisme

    The Teaparty has a very good case to take the city to the U.S. Justice Department for a Civil Rights violation now. The only problem is the U.S. Justice Department is compromised and will probably end up jailing the leaders of the Teaparty.

  • bigdudeisme

    The Teaparty has a very good case to take the city to the U.S. Justice Department for a Civil Rights violation now. The only problem is the U.S. Justice Department is compromised and will probably end up jailing the leaders of the Teaparty.

  • Rebecca Lewis


  • Racism-really?

    The comments on this article are truly entertaining. Mostly because they play well into the stereotypical republican base…uneducated white people with a hint of racist – not really a hint when looking @Rebecca Lewis, but I digress. You are not the 1%. What part of middle-america believes that just because you vote Republican that you are part of the 1%? You are mostly white, average education, middle aged with an underwater mortgage and little-to-no personal savings outside of a company sponsored 401(k) which has tanked and added more years onto your sentence of full-time employment. That is not – and you are not – the 1%. Abuse of power – possibly. Legal – most likely. Waste of time – absolutely. Maybe there is a better use of our time, such as educating ourselves as to the direction of our country in the hands of either party. Stop voting on party lines or because you think your opinion matters in respect to abortion. While you argued Roe v. Wade in church the world was passing you by and shipping your neighbors job half-way around the world. America has not progressed – and it’s a result of these squabbles that we continue to achieve nothing of any consequence or scale.

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  • Gerri

    You amerikkkan tea party bigots, I can’t believe the hate and nastiness I am reading here!!!! You cretins are the reason we are here in this fiscal mess. The local government knows that the OWS folks are on the right side of history and they know they don’t have the money that the tea party supporters have amassed through their illegal means. The government is only making things fair.

  • nunya

    Good job America, now instead of a bastion of hope for the world, we are just another socialist poo stain on the world. Its cool, all you useful idiots will be consumed in the coming conflicts while those of us who knew what was coming, well, we got ready:)

    See you in 2012:)

  • nunya

    Gerri commented:
    You amerikkkan tea party bigots, I can’t believe the hate and nastiness I am reading here!!!! You cretins are the reason we are here in this fiscal mess. The local government knows that the OWS folks are on the right side of history and they know they don’t have the money that the tea party supporters have amassed through their illegal means. The government is only making things fair.

    Fair? That alone show how ignorant you are on the concepts of freedom. Its called a pro-socialist bottom feeding enabling gubment, sorry that reality spawns hate for your ideology but that is what it is, reality.

    Get a job and stop expecting others to provide anything for you. Most likely though you are still supported by your parents in some or many ways, you can tell just by the way you write.

  • nunya

    Racism-really? commented:
    The comments on this article are truly entertaining. Mostly because they play well into the stereotypical republican base…uneducated white people with a hint of racist – not really a hint when looking @Rebecca Lewis, but I digress. You are not the 1%. What part of middle-america believes that just because you vote Republican that you are part of the 1%? You are mostly white, average education, middle aged with an underwater mortgage and little-to-no personal savings outside of a company sponsored 401(k) which has tanked and added more years onto your sentence of full-time employment. That is not – and you are not – the 1%. Abuse of power – possibly. Legal – most likely. Waste of time – absolutely. Maybe there is a better use of our time, such as educating ourselves as to the direction of our country in the hands of either party. Stop voting on party lines or because you think your opinion matters in respect to abortion. While you argued Roe v. Wade in church the world was passing you by and shipping your neighbors job half-way around the world. America has not progressed – and it’s a result of these squabbles that we continue to achieve nothing of any consequence or scale.
    Change is not necesarilly progression and the type of change the left wants will continue to pull us back into the days of serfdom.

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    Another Chocolate City taking aim at whitey I see. This seems so blatant that even the Lame Stream Media class won’t be able to defend it.

  • Agent Provocateur

    Perhaps the good people of Richmond will WAKE UP and get rid of the corrupt administration that is in place. Start with the Mayor and his minion Ms. Carr.

    Time for the people who work hard every day and pay their taxes to Occupy Richmond!

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  • P_Henry

    As a Texan I will always “Remember the Alamo” As a freedom loving Americans, it seems we must all, “Remember Richmond” and continue to support the struggle for freedom and individual rights. The Richmond Tea Party must triumph in this matter, as it is only right.

  • Joe

    A check of the political contributions database does not show a Cynthia Carr as having made a contribution to the Democrats. It does, however, show that Cynthia Carr is listed as being a human brain donor.

  • Good for the Goose

    I think we can work this out. Have all the party members assemble in the park. Each one takes a baton to the head and pepper spray to the face. I’d pay to see that and I bet other would as well. Problem solved and we all win.

  • Bill from JAX

    I was born in the Richmond area but with things going on like this I would not go back. I do suggest reporting the waste fraud and abuse of power to the city web-site.


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  • jelun

    Are you people truly blind to the fact that the Tea Party is an actual entity. Incorporated, I would imagine, do you not see that?
    The individuals who are involved in the movement are not a formal organization. It is individuals enjoying their rights as provided by the US Constittion for individuals who reside in the US.

  • billcrawford

    Throwing these city officials out of office (including the mayor) is to good they need jail time! and lots of it to teach them a lesson and who they work for. I believe they ought look at the laws on embezzlement for the money the city used for the Occupy Wall Street crowd as that is what it was not just favoritism, as well as misappropriation of government (city) funds and I am sure there are many other areas to go after them on.

    These liberal/progressives are getting totally out of hand and breaking many laws that they are getting away with and if it was you and I we would be prosecuted, without a doubt!

  • Peg

    That’s the problem with “Mayor” Jones, this Obama person who’s squatting in the WH now and so many others: they’re children. Children in their minds, children living in a Sixties past, children living in utter confusion, malice, hatred and sociopathy. Our TP problem is that unfortunately now, other children voted these little ones into power over the past several years, and now they have their knives to our throats. May God be pleased to save the Richmond TP and others from these children run amok!

  • Rob

    Email Cynthia Carr today and let her know what you think about this injustice!

  • high5apparatus

    Brilliant tactical move by city government. They keep the Occupy protesters, the more immediate and dangerous threat to the status quo, in a central location where they can track them. When the other people’s movement complains of preferential treatment of the other people’s movement, the city takes steps to squash them. Tea Party played right into their hands!

    Somewhere a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Admiral Ackbar is yelling, “It’s a trap!”

  • Snitch-in-Time

    Follow the money. Get the Mayor’s campaign finance statements and compare them with #OWS donor and high profile supporters. Any nexus found is a conflict of interest. Check into board and commission appointments for any coorelation as well as planning and zoning action minutes. Libs don’t cover their tracks very well so there is likely sufficient evidence needed to start a media firestorm that could bring down the Mayor and some council members. Advice to the RTP: Go on the offensive!

  • indyracefan

    This is what happens when liberals take control. Lesson learned, Richmond?

  • nommocesnes

    The Tea Party organizers in Richmond need to file a civil rights lawsuit ASAP, demanding equal treatment under the law and their constitutional rights. The Richmond mayor and his lackeys are using very poor tactics if they think that sending a “smoking gun” letter like this is not going to backfire big time. It gives a basis for a lawsuit, and a lawsuit is going to give opportunities for legal discovery and a publicity firestorm. It’s unbelieveable (but not really) that they could be that stupid. Then again, if one doesn’t take the Constitution or the law seriously, why would you think about what it means?

    In fact, Tea Parties all over the country ought to start using the legal system to ensure that their civil rights under the Constitution are protected, and to warn politicians that they won’t just bend over. It will also probably help to publicise the fact of unfair treatment in favor of the OWS lowlifes, and give opportunities to speak to the media about it. Speak rationally, clearly and calmly about the issues and make OWS and its supporters look like the Lefty wacko cronyists they really are.

  • Tom Kinney

    If this mayor is “a product of the civil rights movement,” as he claims, then he should have recognized the basic similarities between the Tea Party and OWS as being those of a protest aimed at highlighting an issue.

    Instead, he’s discriminating against one protest group in favor of the other based on his own bias.

    Rank hiphopcracy of the worst order.

  • NYS Parkie

    What a bunch of devious bureaucratic sh i t heads. Seeing it is a City and probably most of the voters minorities, you’ll never get a semblance of revenge by voting them out. I think someone’s rights are being trampled by this audit though. Is there anything outside the City limits that is essential to the City that Tea Party members could control – FOR A PRICE of 10,000 dollars. Water Intake, Sewer Plant, Highway Crews? Just asking.

  • TruthFor You

    Colleen Owens, of the Richmond Tea Party said the Tea Party very intentionally chose to pay for amenities at their rally, as a political stunt. The city didn’t require the Tea Party to do that, so there is no “refund” to be made, as is implied here. Now, after the Tea Party is claiming they paid their own way, they want the City to give them taxpayers money to try to make their political point. The City is just saying City isn’t going to improperly rip off the taxpayers and foot the bill for partisan political games. Maybe you should find out Holt if the Tea Party bought the goods and services at the rally they are now asking the City to pay for from people who support them and now they are just trying to get the City to throw a little “welfare” their way. And the audit may be perfectly appropriate since, by asking for money from the City, the Tea Party is claiming to be the provider of services that would subject them to certain taxes they haven’t paid.

  • sharingnews

    It doesn’t matter about a contract. In order for any supposed contract to be drawn up under these circumstances, the Tea Party of Richmond would have had to fill out a permit application. Under the Permit Application, it gives Legal Notice of any fees that may be filed by the City, in accordance with law. The Permit was probably accepted conditionally, if the Tea Party agreed to toilets, insurance, police security detail, etc., which would fall under the parameter of allowable fees by law disclosed under the Application for the Permit. What can only be construed as minimal impact would be the amount to which the city (arbitrarily) placed as a debt owed for these services; it could be $1 it could be $8500. These fees, as applicable under the law, if applied unequally when using the same or more resources, is a violation of a person’s (political rally’s) 14th Amendment Right of equal application of the law for all American Citizen’s (there is actually quite a bit of prescendence in SCOTUS rulings for this); because what is being described above also falls under “Political Speech” it is a violation of their 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech and the Right to Peaceably Assemble.

    In other words, a contract with the city has been breached because the contract was signed under the understanding that the law was being evenly applied, i.e., In Order to Receive a Permit to Peaceably Assemble, the Tea Party understood (as was disclosed in the application) that these fees were applied according to the law. If the fees were not applied according to what the application stated, the City has breached the contract. The City not only nullified the Contract (failing to apply the law as disclosed on said Permit Application), but in so doing violated multiple Constitutional Rights of the Tea Party.

  • Jim in Houston

    Greg: Thanks for reminding me that this hack politician’s email address was at the bottom of the letter. I sent her an email asking for an explanation of why they are auditing the Tea Party and why the flea baggers get a free ride. I hope many people flood her office with emails and overwhelm the system. This was purely political harassment!

  • So, lets get this straight, the City thinks it is O.K. to allow free demonstrations by people who want to overthrow capitalism, the constitution, and organized society in general? However, there is no doubt that Tea Party members are evil, after all, they want to do only one thing–CUT GOVT. SPENDING. Makes sense to me.
    Pseudo Signed: Karl Marx

  • sharingnews

    PS: There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that says OWS falls under “Peaceably Assemble” and SCOTUS has case upon case ruling stating that cities and states have a right to pass what they call “ordinances” in order to ensure an Assembly is “Peaceful” including but not limited to Noise Ordinances, Permit Requirements, Number of People Allowed, Day Light Ordinances, Time Restriction Ordinances etc. I’d list it as somebody else already did, but it is not a First Amendment Right, during your “Peaceable” Assembly, to defecate on cars, urinate on people’s front porches, sexually assault children and women, use public spaces without going through the legal process, trespass on private property, do drugs, incite riots, or cause a health hazard; over 75 instances of this across the country makes that a non-peaceful protest.

  • sharingnews

    PPS: Incorporation is so there is no personal liability for legal reasons. I.e., if someone was hurt and injured during a Tea Party Rally they could have sued the City and the Tea Party Organizers. Insurance may not cover everything, especially if there is a low or no medical rider. People sue for the silliest of reasons now, and if I were organizing a Local Political Movement, I wouldn’t want to be held personally liable for anything that may happen under the umbrella of said Movement.

  • RealityCheck

    Wow the tin foil hat brigades are out in full effect, what a bunch of crazies. It is simple the Tea Party does not file or pay their taxes and gets audited. As a tax professional I can tell you this happens tens of thousands of times a day, no conspiracy and you claiming there is one makes you look like a Truther or those that believe the moon landings were staged. Fact.

  • DeVan

    Be very careful. This is what the left is capable of, in case you have forgotten: http://www.wizardsofaz.com/waco/waco2.html

  • sharingnews

    Oh Wow, Mr. Tax Man with his Ad Hominem Attack.

    How about you worry about your taxes, and let “Tin Foil” Constitutional Scholars like myself worry about what I Specialize in, sound good?

    Notice I didn’t call you crazy because of what you understand in your profession. I think the general understanding is that audits are a reality, but this particular one seems to have political motivation. Do you do politically motivated taxes/audits for people and what exactly, professionally defines an audit as politically or non-politically motivated?

  • RealityCheck

    Hmmm, sharingnews hit a nerve did I or is the tinfoil hat you are wearing sit a little too tight on you? I bet you believe that Obama is a sekrit Muslim and was born outside the US also?

  • NHWild

    When did the Chcago Political Machine move into Richmond? Get these people out of office NOW.

  • A. Levy

    Apparently, the mayor only recognizes the Constitutional rights of those he agress with. So long as the American people continue being weak, gullible, and mindless sheep, these types of official abuse will not only continue, but increase.

  • sharingnews

    Exactly Reality, you don’t know (can’t know something not defined in your profession, can you?) and so you depend on your ad hominem attack (you know, it’s when a person can’t argue their point on merit, so they attack their opponent personally- like stating I believe Obama is Muslim when it was never stated by me- by falsifying/nullifying/ridiculing them until the argument is no longer about the point you oh-so-obviously can’t make and instead is about defending oneself).

    Good One, Though! Gosh, I’ll just be all beside myself, all day, with that zinger!


  • RealityCheck

    Sharingnews when someone is so clearly deranged about something as silly as this there is often a thread that follows where they buy into other conspiracy theories. You can of course set the record straight and tell us if you think Obama is an American and a Christian both of which I believe to be true, can you at least agree on that and state that publicly?

  • Joe Holiday

    So the liberals and the main stream media and the labor unions have declared war on the successful and hard working among us to feed and clothe and pamper the ignorant poor inorder to secure their votes. Is that the plan? Good job. That will work. Maybe the left can encourage them to step up the rioting and looting and burning and occupying. Those 99% need some Christmas stuff ya know………..

  • Piquerish

    So, has the Reichstag burned yet? We all set for Kristallnacht? Nazi bastards.

  • sharingnews

    Well, Reality, because you decided to insert an obvious lie (see above definition of ad hominem attack), I really don’t need to answer it, as the definition indicates what you said is false. Second, I think I’ll let others on here determine which one of us, exactly, is deranged.

    What I’ve detailed so far for people on this thread:
    Breach of Contract
    Definition of the 14th Amendment
    Violations of 1st and 14th Amendments
    Clarification on the difference between a regular audit and one suspected of Political Motivations and what your profession does(n’t) define as Politically Motivated Audits
    Your Ad-Hominem Attacks
    Indication that there are too many SCOTUS rulings to count to Protect people under the 14th and 1st Amendment regarding political speech

    What you’ve detailed for people on this thread:
    Audits Happen

    That’s my answer. Good Day!

    Warmest of Regards and the Happiest of Holidays!

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  • kbernatovich

    Of course there needs to be a double standard. The USA always takes care of the low lifes. And in rich,mond’s case, apparaently that includes electing a low life to be mayor.

  • RealityCheck

    I think your non-answer speaks volumes!, it is pretty clear where you stand. A true tin-foiler indeed.

  • sharingnews

    Wow. You really don’t understand what I’m saying. Just because you hear nothing doesn’t mean it wasn’t said.

  • RealityCheck

    It was a fair question when you claim you are not a conspiracy theorist, simple to answer and clear up one way or another. The fact that you won’t or can’t answer such a simple question shows your true colors. Let’s face it there is only one reason why you would not answer it.

  • Peg

    RealityCheck, as a professional legal writer currently working in the tax field, I can’t see you – based upon the execrable writing skills you exhibit here – as being “one of us.” You’re a product of severely defective public schools, and you didn’t rise above them, did you? If you want to be taken seriously, you need to “graduate” from the third grade vis-a-vis your ability to express yourself. Anyone who writes as you do is not heeded in tax practice and should not be here, either.

  • Occupier

    If this is true, it’s total bull****. Anyone who paid and arranged through proper channels to have their rally has every right to bitch about this. And that’s coming from someone who CAN’T STAND the Tea Party and has been enthusiastic about the Occupy movement.

  • ThrowObummerOut

    Call the Richmond Mayor’s Office to complain LOUDLY!

    Mayor Dwight Jones
    Richmond, VA

    Phone: (804)646-7970

    Fax: (804)646-7987

  • Samuels

    Peg everyone has the right to be ignorant, you just abuse the privilege. LOL the internet police called and they want their idiot back! I hope I am not one of us if it includes maroons like you.

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  • sharingnews

    First, please read, because I’m beginning to wonder if you read anything I wrote.

    1. You need to understand what an Ad-Hominem Attack is. Apparently I didn’t explain it as a general enough definition for you: When you claim that any person’s particular beliefs are false/untrue on the basis of something you attribute to them that is categorically false (did the person ever say it? Did the person ever indicate they agreed?) because you disagree with their belief, it is an Ad-Hominem Attack. Your first comment was just that, so instead of attacking you, I asked how your profession defined Politically Motivated Audits; you could not answer and instead attributed something false about my character, false about my beliefs and did this in order to NOT have to answer a question for which you had no response. That is the very definition of an ad-hominem attack. No, seriously.
    2. I answered it. I’m not quite sure how you can see “Obvious lie” and “by the very definition false” as not answering a question. I don’t need to give you pleasure by somehow quantifying the rest of my beliefs on this one, arbitrary, belief that you attribute to yourself and consider yourself better for having that said belief. I actually am relishing this circular reasoning you have where you attribute something false to my character, I ask a real question, you attack my character, I answer without satisfying your whimsical needs, you tell me I didn’t answer, I laugh and explain the whole thing again.
    3. I don’t have to defend myself against false allegations in which anybody in this thread could read where we began having this discussion and notice, “Well, sharingnews doesn’t mention anything at all about Barack Obama in her entire response- where does reality have any evidence that she feels this way?” and realize what you did was insert a falsehood to prevent having to answer a question you had no response to, understand it is an ad-hominem attack you did to try and wiggle your way out of having to account for your lack of responses, and they will pass you off as yet another person that can not back up their own values, beliefs or principles on the very merit of which they stand.

    I know you try really hard to make people like me stay quiet, since I daily (Daily!) convince people to stand up for their Constitutional Rights, but the more you speak, the more people become aware of your tactics and dismiss you in your entirety.

  • Bob_B

    I won’t be spending my Tourist/vacation dollars in Richmond anytime soon. …like the rest of my life.

    Still, none of this is even the slightest shock. President Present gives all his Chicago cronies plush jobs. He makes sure the unions are happy. He says the average American is fat and lazy. And the MSM is so busy shining his knob, they don’t bother with concern over an appearance of impropriety.

    Tea baggers deserve the audit because they’re radical right wingnuts. OWS doesn’t even register on the meter, because they are a real grass-roots movement. And besides, they are correct and the Tea Party is wrong. See how easy this is? Silly wingnuts.

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  • RealityCheck

    Sharingnews you can blab on all you want about Ad-Hominem attacks. It is a simple question to answer and would totally demonstrate if you are conspiracy theorist or not and the fact that you are unable to answer really sums it up perfectly. It was pretty clear that there would be only one of two responses, you could have embraced it and said yes I know Obama is a Muslim and look at all the proof that he was born outside the US or you could have used some excuse to not answer it and show your true beliefs. Anything else is just window dressing, you have every right to your tinfoil hat just don’t expect me to share it.

  • sharingnews


    Your argument happens to be the same as mine, except you’re using your argument to support an Ad-Hominem attack, making your point worthless. I don’t care what you call me, people who truly understand what I’m saying (what you very obviously do not) will be quite amused by this.

    You do know you are just another example that we will use to show how you try to justify your lack of answer by attacking us for something we never said? You understand that that is where you started and where you ended, right? By attacking me based off a lie, then finishing by attacking me based on a lie? Your pathetic attempt to place me in a box because YOU can’t answer a question was a great joke I’ll be sharing with my friends. Enjoy thinking you won! I just remember that I have to stoop to low, personal attacks when another person does it, otherwise my argument is void! Oh wow! All those years and accomplishments in debate and law- all that education!- come to find out is worthless! Just a simple personal attack nullifies anything my opponent said, boy that would have saved me some money and heart ache. Had I only known!

  • Allen H.

    Typical liberals. They get called on their hypocrisy and liberal bias, so they use the screws of the machine to attack the people going after them. This mayor is a joke. Showing bias against the Tea Party and preferential treatment to the sloppy disgusting radical socialist occupy thug mob, and then having the Tea Party group audited when they call him on it. Nice fascist Mayor.

  • Grumpgrand

    Holy cats! How do they look at themselves in the mirror? This city administration needs to be taken down, lock stock and barrel. In the 1800’s they would have been run out of town on a rail, in the 1700’s they would have been tarred and feathered. What is the correct course of action for the 2000’s?

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  • Jeff Coe

    Love it, maybe this is in part to the lack of tax base that many cities and the nation now faces due to the tea party’s mantra of no new taxes ala Grover Norquist. The US is not happy with the tea party and their divisive political beliefs and stances.

  • Googleit

    Contact Information: Mayor’s Office City of Richmond. 900 E. Broad St., Suite 201. Richmond, VA 23219 USA Map It. Phone: (804)646-7970

  • PInouye

    This is an obvious attempt to strong-arm the Tea Party. If they have dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s, then there should be nothing more to intimidate the group. The Mayor and the City Council will have to visit this gross use of power in favoring 1 group over another!

  • LizardLips

    There’s a surprise. The city of Richmond is predominantly black, ensuring the ‘faux’ outrage and moral indignation of the city fathers, especially when the plantation is threatened. Richmond is to Virginia what Detroit is to Michigan; a stain and a drain.

  • RealityCheck

    Calm down sharing, I don’t want you to stroke out, no need to be so agitated about it. I showed your posts around the office and Claire (my assistant) could not stop laughing, she is picturing you in a tinfoil hat hyperventilating because you can’t admit your crazy conspiracy theories. Thanks for cheering up the office!!!

  • Sharon

    Atty General Ken Cuccinelli is a Republican. He’ll jump right on this. He should turn around audit Carr, Dept of Finance and the Mayor’s Office then investigate the whole lot of them for mis-conduct.

  • sharingnews

    Haha! God, that’s great! You really don’t think she laughed because it was her boss and she had no choice? Really? You really don’t think she didn’t go, “Wow, he’s doing this while I have all this work.” Really? Oh, wait! Likeminded people do have a tendency to work together and, considering the hostility that you’ve shown, is fairly obvious the kind of environment you surround yourself with.

    Keep proving yourself darling, the closest I’ll come to stroking out will be from laughter.

  • Tami

    Of course they wont sue or charge the Occupiers, there is no organization, nobody willing to take the heat for the lack of civility or adhearance to the rule of law.

  • rider

    Sounds like a civil rights violation to me. Now that dems are in power, they don’t want equal rights for all. They want revenge.

  • Mac

    In the letter from the city:

    “We respectively ask that you forward the following documentation….”

    Classic. We’re going to use the power of government to harass you for insubstantial reasons, and we don’t need to speak no proper English no-how.

  • RealityCheck

    as for answering the question – crickets…. I hope you are more honest with yourself at least.

  • sharingnews

    I answered your question a thousand times better than you answered mine. The difference still being, of course, that mine actually asked something about what you claim to be a professional at whereas yours was a falsehood that already concluded something about my beliefs with no concrete evidence to support it.

    PS: Do tell Claire that if she felt uncomfortable about being pulled into your office to mock people’s beliefs that have nothing to do with work that she has an Affirmative Action hotline she can call. Also, if you are even close to a good boss, suggest she not go around snickering about what you showed her with other coworkers; she might just whisper to your bosses assistant (who happens to be what you’ve defined as a Conspiracy Theorist with no proof whatsoever) and it might cause a harassment lawsuit because a person feared retaliation or hostility because of their political ideology.

    See? Even with Claire laughing, I still find a way to let her know what her real rights are (that’s right, Claire! It shouldn’t be part of your job description as an assistant to a “tax professional” to be forced to look at personal attacks your boss makes to people of different political ideologies while he’s supposedly working). If she wants to waive them, it would be no surprise to me, she probably knows if her boss acts this way that it probably goes further up the line…

    Also, one last time, it’s been great- what with dealing with your circular reasoning, ad hominem attacks, et al, but it’s gotten a little boring and you provide nothing new.

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  • Ken Shepherd

    Public accounts in Virginia are accessible on request. Any forensic accountants care to scrutinize public accounts of the city of Richmond? Particularly the difference in treatment for political and religious organizations. Let’s take a look at all of the Democrat events held that included the use of public facilities without required permits obtained. This may be a political donation or a crime that is unreported. Two problems may pertain: use of public reaources for political advocacy and failure to report this ‘gift’ by political candidates or parties.

  • Yannie

    Why are you all complaining about Republicans versus Democrats? There in lays the problem. Take notice that the letter is addressed to Richmond Tea Party, Inc. Incorporated, huh? Maybe if the true Tea Partyers didn’t let themselves get tea bagged by those looking to make a buck or fight over who’s in charge, maybe then you’d be treated like the grassroots organization you claim to be or may have started out as.

  • Audit Richmond city and let’s see who the real criminals are and what they have done.



    A kilo of cocaine and a few pre-teen hookers are expected as a “gift” for the use of public facilities “off the record”.
    EVERYONE knows this.
    The Tea Party group didn’t pay the fee, THAT’S ALL.
    The business of government is just that-A BUSINESS.
    The “elected” officials expect something for their efforts.
    It’s called a “kickback”.

  • slickzip

    Sounds like the stupid sh-t head mayor is a racist still living in the 60s, this is what happens when the blacks take power in a city ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • DanShays

    The Richmond Tea Party should NOT comply and dare these abusive bureaucrats to arrest them!

  • TexasRick

    Once again, the Demwits have picked the side of the argument that is in direct conflict with the heart and soul of this country. I’m not sure where you got the impression that the Occupados represent the silent majority just waiting for that spark to set them off but 99% of the people I talk to see them as a bunch of spoiled, deadbeat brats who think the world owes them something and that it is every working person’s job to give it to them. Waaaaah! Gimmmmme! Waaaaaah! People, ask yourself this question: which is your America? the Tea Party supporters who left the grounds cleaner than when they found it, showed respect for the police and paid their own bills….or……street scum who defacate on sidewalks, police cars, whatever’s handy, consider sexual assualt a spectator sport, shoot up illegal drugs in public, take control of private property, call for the end of capitalism, advocate annihilation of the Jews and support a Communist overthrow of the government?

  • Northlander

    Democrats are pure evil. They write laws to destroy Real Americans and ignore the law when evil anti-Amierican dirtbags are crapping all over the place and breaking every law on the books.

  • RealityCheck

    sharingnews tl;dr
    I scanned to make sure, it is 100% clear that you believe Obama is a sekrit Mooslem born in some other country, which one do you think by the way?, I guess that is the only question we have left (not that important really). It really is amusing seeing you squirm as you are unable to answer the question directly, if I was uncharitable I could say it is cowardly but still amusing….

  • RealityCheck

    Sorry, everyone, I’m still peeing myself. I reviewed all my posts and realize now I pee myself everytime I post. In fact, no need to call it “posting” anymore, whenever you see something I “post” just think of it as P.

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  • Robert Taylor

    As much as a detest recall elections I think this Mayor and his regime need to be re-called and thrown out of office for abuse of taxpayer funds, and corruption. Additionally, the Local Tea Party needs to bring suit against Richmond, the mayor and the auditor for discrimination and harassment. Alinsky-ite tactics can work both ways.

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  • Lavender

    That’s why Richmond city remains a ghetto — and will remain the same as long as the same members remain..

  • Sharingnews

    RealityCheck, you are so wrong. It really is a fact that Obama is a Musljm, look at what he is doing to the country! Also you call it a conspiracy theory that after 9/11 the towers fell on their own. I unlike me you knew anything about physics and chemistry you would know that is impossible, a plane hitting did not do that, it is impossible. Call me a tinfoiler all you want but you are one for not knowing the truth. You are nothing but a Dumbocrat.

  • RealityCheck

    SharingNews, as I thought you are a wackjob tinfoil hat wearing wingnut. You really are a waste of space, glad to see you finally admit it though…

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