Obama Trashes Israeli Leader Netanyahu to Sarkozy: “You’re Fed Up With Him… But I Have to DEAL WITH HIM Every Day”

French and American Leaders Tell Press Promise Not to Report the Story–
It took three days for it to come out!

Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy trashed Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu this past weekend at the G20 meetings.
YNet News reported:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly told US President Barack Obama that he could not “stand” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that he thinks the Israeli premier “is a liar.”

According to a Monday report in the French website “Arret sur Images,” after facing reporters for a G20 press conference on Thursday, the two presidents retired to a private room, to further discuss the matters of the day.

The conversation apparently began with President Obama criticizing Sarkozy for not having warned him that France would be voting in favor of the Palestinian membership bid in UNESCO despite Washington’s strong objection to the move.

The conversation then drifted to Netanyahu, at which time Sarkozy declared: “I cannot stand him. He is a liar.” According to the report, Obama replied: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

The remark was naturally meant to be said in confidence, but the two leaders’ microphones were accidently left on, making the would-be private comment embarrassingly public.

The communication faux pas went unnoticed for several minutes, during which the conversation between the two heads of state – which quickly reverted to other matters – was all but open to members the press, who were still in possession of headsets provided by the Elysée for the sake of simultaneous translation during the G20 press conference.

“By the time the (media) services at the Elysée realize it, it was on for at least three minutes,” one journalist told the website. Still, he said that reporters “did not have a chance to take advantage of this fluke.”

The surprising lack of coverage may be explained by a report alleging that reporters present at the event were requested to sign an agreement to keep mum on the subject of the embarrassing comments.

And the press gladly went along with the cover-up.

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  • Redwine

    Here’s the real difference between Netanyahu and the Fraud in the WH:

    Comrade Barry and Sarko are themselves two despicable liars. Both will go down in infamy.

  • myohmy

    Thank God. We are back at the real story of today. That Obama is a failed president and Europe is bankrupt. Look at China trashing European for being slot and indolent.

  • Emilie Green

    “You’re Fed Up With Him… But I Have to DEAL WITH HIM Every Day”

    Took the very words out of my mouth, except the object of my referenced “him” is the mulatto in the White House.

    And it strikes me that the principled members of Congress could also be uttering those same words.

    BTW, I don’t believe for a NY second that BHO deals with Bibi every day!

  • http://www.edmartinforcongress.com Tom63010

    And how would Herman Cain be a worse President?

  • USMC Thomas

    Even with the elevator shoes, Sarkozy couldn’t carry Netanyahu’s jockstrap.

  • http://primeswormhole.blogspot.com/ Locutisprime

    Sarkozy ought to hear what he thinks about him……

  • http://justathought8.blogspot.com D Roamer

    If Sarkosy really did say what Obama quotes him, I am surprised and dissapointed regarding Sarkosy, I had thought that he would know a bit more about diplomacy and good statesmanship ; but with Obama ,well, the wait for Jan 21 2013 seems long indeed.

  • P. Aaron

    Obama’s a liar and we have to put up with him everyday!

  • midusdew

    Sarkozy set him up. The classless opinko shows his traderous true colors.

  • FurryGuy

    Just how long will it take to repair the damage to our international relations when Barry gets voted out of office in 2012? With all of his blundering and foot-in-mouth ramblings so far and the long year ahead we may be as ostracized for a long, long time.

  • Epsilon

    Big deal. Obama was scolding Sarkozy for voting for Palestinian membership in UNESCO. Obama pointed out that regardless of Sarkozy’s opinion of Netanyahu, he still has to “deal with Netanyahu every day” (and therefore cannot adopt such an attitude like Sarkozy’s).

    In other words…Obama has to deal with the fallout.

    Without hearing the actually audio, you can’t assume the tone. Choosing to capital letters and
    an exclamation point is just your way of making it sound far more inflammatory than it may have been.

    Didja miss the part that said “despite Washington’s strong objection to the move (to make Palestine a member of UNESCO)?”

  • Epsilon

    #9 “Traderous”? Is he opening a pawn shop?

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  • SpideyTerry

    Y’know, we expect this from the French – what with them being historically anti-semitic, soft on terror and Nazi collaborators. But for the American president to bitch about the Israeli leader? Disgusting. Granted, I’m not surprised in the manner he did so – behind the man’s back and while thinking no one else was listening. And granted, Obama is historically anti-semitic and soft on terror, but this is ridiculous.

    “BTW, I don’t believe for a NY second that BHO deals with Bibi every day!”

    Yeah. If he did, he’d bitch more often cause everyone knows Bibi doesn’t take any of his crap. Yet another reason why Israel rocks.

    “And how would Herman Cain be a worse President?”

    How would ANYONE be a worse President?

  • Callipygian1

    In Sanskrit, Epsilon translated means “Another Useful Idiot”

    If all Obama does is speak like an dolt, what makes you think in this instance he suddenly channels Henry Kissinger?

  • gus

    Why would we favor France over Israel.
    Riddle me that LIBTARDS.

  • MrGoodWench

    Atleast Hussein doesn’t want to cut off Bibi’s nutz off !

  • Joe College

    Obama certainly gets into a lot of off the record trash talk about Israel and Jews that somehow ‘accidentally’ gets picked up on a mike. Like his recent jew/janitor so-called mistake.

  • midusdew

    #one two or 12.

    You nailed it. Opinko has been pissing and crapping all over our allies and this country since day 1 of his term.

    The punk is a perpetual liar, homo, and coke snorting puppet. Wake up idiot~!

  • Iconoclast

    That’s just too bad, barry boy. The American people bear the distasteful burden of hearing your narcissistic delusions on a daily basis. To say nothing of suffering from the continuing economic ravages of your socialist nonsense exacerbated by the flying cow’s exorbitant lifestyle

    Netanyahu will tell fewer lies in a lifetime than Comrade Zero manages in a day while exhibiting more principle and intestinal fortitude in a few seconds than Zippy will ever muster in aggregate. I’d never insult the people of Israel by offering them 0bozo in exchange for Bibi, but I’d throw in some boot if they would take 0bowma in exchange for a trained flea.