Newt Gingrich Mocks the Thought of Debating Obama: “If He Wants to Use a TelePrompter That’s Fine… We Have to Be Fair” (Video)

Newt Gingrich mocked President Obama yesterday in Naples, Florida. The former Speaker of the House said he would like to challenge Obama to seven Lincoln-Douglas style debates.
“If he wants to use a TelePrompter, that’s fine… We have to be fair.”

The Shark Tank was there, via FOX Nation:

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  • a former dem

    OMG. I used to not be able to stand this man, but he very well may be the best person to beat that fool in the WH. How times change.

    LOL. That is one great line by the Newt.

  • Granny

    I love Newt Gingrich! He has a dynamite sense of humor, is an expert at “killing them with kindness” and has never been afraid to tell it like it is. Go Newt!

  • SpideyTerry

    I’m sure Obama will respond to this soon enough. Hopefully, though, his teleprompter will break down in the middle of it.

  • arnonerik

    A deftly administered blow by Gingrich on Obama. Most contenders out class Obama but Gingrich is king in debates.

  • PrettyInPink

    We’re told endlessly that BHO is brilliant, the smartest ever to be in the WH. What he has done while in the WH certainly belies these claims. But we don’t even know this guy’s SAT, LSAT scores that might suggest “brilliance.” We don’t know regular class grades and class rank. Or anything that this guy has written by himself.

    All of this secrecy suggests the obvious. He ain’t brilliant, but rather is a through-and-through affirmative action baby, just like his money-grubbing Mooch-chelle.

    As far as the left is concerned we are not to be allowed to trust but verify, but are to take their word that this guy is super qualified and that’s to be the end of the matter.

    Newt might eat him up. Mitt would nothing of the sort, being the same as Dole and McCain.

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Gingrich is a smart guy and a good guy. However, we have to be careful. We all know he is smart but if we raise expectations too high prior to the debates and Obama actually comes out of them without looking like the absolute idiot that he is, the media will declare the old “draw.”

    Remember, McCain was leading Obama just prior to the debates in 2008. When Obama dodged and weaved in the first debte thus preventing himself from looking like the imbecile he is, he took the lead from McCain and never looked back.

    It is going to be Gingrich or Romney and much to the media’s chagrin, they cannot play the old the Republican is dumb card. Given that and the fact that Obama will have to defend his horrible record, the GOP is looking pretty good.

    The only thing that could prevent a GOP victory in 2012, is the GOP supporters themselves. Get behind our nominee regardless of who it is and defeat the socialist.

  • Matt

    Obama is not going to respond to this. Both he and Newt know that there is no chance that a Presidential debate will ever feature Newt.

  • Gride

    anyone remember Chris Farley doing a Newt impersonation at the House Republican Conference? I always loved this

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  • donh

    There hasn’t even been a primary vote, and same old Newt is looking right past the voters putting himseff on stage with Obama….Time to sing a new song Chiqui TEA…>>>

  • Sandy

    If Newt’s the right guy we nead to coalesce behind him. The only thing keeping Obama standing is the fact that there is no cohesive message coming from our side. It would also help if Rush didn’t attack Newt daily. There is no perfect candidate but Newt comes damn close.

  • Sandy

    Our Leftist Media will say — Ok so Newt won the debates but he’s not likable. Get your ear plugs ready — before long Newt will be the second coming of Jack The Ripper.

  • coolidgerules

    The Supremes are going to rule on CommieCare in the middle of 2012. SCOAMF is pretty darn sure that it is going to be shot down (fingers crossed). Watch the chaos he will create using this tactic to shirk some of the debates.

    If Newt wins the primary, he will destoy SCOAMF in the debates. SCOAMF can’t look the fool on a national stage. He is in way over his head and this administration knows it

  • goforit
  • Ecosse

    RE: #9, that was epic!

  • Eubulides

    Q: Why won’t Gingrich be elected President in 2012?

    A: He won’t be nominated.

  • Rose

    If you are gonna have Lincoln-Douglas debates, ya need at least ONE “LINCOLN”.

    A FREDERICK DOUGLASS would be fine.

    But give us ONE Conservative Statesman, in all fairness!

    I have NO patience for those who give us a RINO MARXIST DIM ENABLER and try to pass him off as a so-called “Conservative” – MUCH LESS pretend he is a Constitutionalist!

    I am pretty much resigned to a Write-In.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Anyone who completely discounts Newt for POTUS because he sat on a Sofa with Pelosi is being an idiot. Anyone who calls Newts plan for dealing with illegal immigration blanket “amnesty” is dishonest and not paying attention.

    There are no perfect candidates. There never have been and never will be and if, like Obama, they try to tell you they are perfect, like Obama, they are lying.

    Newt is the best athlete here. We don’t need another “Washington Outsider” who will learn on the job. We need someone who knows how Washington works and how to make it work.

    Newt is the guy.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    When all is said and done, you want to know why Newt will win the nomination?

    Because he is the one guy who is 100% sure to make Obama look like an idiot and the Republican base desperately wants a nominee that can make Obama look like an idiot.

  • someone should tell newt he’s not the nominee yet. newt lied in 1994 and he’s lying now. and debateing is no indicator of someone’s executive or administative ability. all the debates are for is to let the media pick the nominee.

  • StrangernFiction

    You are going to have to follow Barky around Newt. Because he will NEVER honestly debate you.

  • wernamess


    Well said. You are so right!!!!!!

  • StrangernFiction

    Because he is the one guy who is 100% sure to make Obama look like an idiot

    I don’t always agree with what you have to say Bill. In fact I disagree with you quite often. But you are spot on with this statement. And it won’t matter that Barky will refuse to debate. Newt can simply mock the Harvard Law guy all the way to the White House (and it will be such fun to watch).

  • Nosmo

    Bill, no one has to make Obummer ‘look’ like an idiot. He is an idiot.

  • Robb

    Newt is a conservative. Has he made mistakes? You bet. As have we all. I am a former resident of Carrollton, Ga and served as a minor gofer on the election committee that got him elected to the house first time. I know the man. He is a patriot. This country needs him.

    Rob Moody
    US Army-Retired

  • noislamocommie

    This washed-up has -been will indeed make Obama look like the sophmoric marxist that he is…then, he will turn his attentions to the American citizen-taxpayer.He will convince people that creating a “resident” purgatory-like status for 30 mil lawbreakers is a pragmatic solution to the open borders crisis that he helped develop and refine.

  • Granny

    #26 November 26, 2011 at 5:07 pm
    Robb commented:

    Newt is a conservative. Has he made mistakes? You bet. As have we all. I am a former resident of Carrollton, Ga and served as a minor gofer on the election committee that got him elected to the house first time. I know the man. He is a patriot. This country needs him.

    Rob Moody
    US Army-Retired

    I agree with you Rob Moody. Been watching Newt for a long time.

    noislamacommie, if you want to see a “washed up has been” take a good look at Mitt Romney – a one term governor who has never held office at the federal level and couldn’t manage to get himself re-elected in Mass. With, I might add, a track record of failure to win the GOP nomination against Obama once already.

  • shrek

    17 November 26, 2011 at 4:25 pm
    Rose commented:

    “I am pretty much resigned to a Write-In.”

    Then do the rest of us a favor and don’t bother voting.

  • shrek

    #26 Robb

    Agree 100%.

  • no man

    Newt needs to mock Obie’s total failures. He can start with declîñg family inçomes in the face of soaring food and fuel prices.

  • Diamond Girl

    Hey Newt…many as old as I am and were and are political junkie have long memories…you can debate good, you can also BS good… you also are no real conservative either. You don’t have my vote unless I have no choice.

  • Gride

    Rose, why waste the effort and just vote for Obama like you want to do.

  • Alana


  • wernamess

    #26 Robb & #28 Granny,

    Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • donh

    Nominating Newt PROVES the Republican party is not interested in saving this county. The only selling point Newt offers is fear of re-electing Obama. Newt is not going to cut the entitlement state or make ANY significant policy changes. He had all the power before and we saw what a pathetic coward Newt really is…. didn’t even have the courage to cut a God damn puppet show. The package Republicans offer now is HOPLESSNESS . Its Obama or the Rapture. Its Pick your poison. Death by hanging or death by drowning….. Nominate a candidate who will return our property, rights, and freedoms,…. someone who isn’t a proven ideological failure.

  • wernamess

    #17 Rose – I am pretty much resigned to a Write-In.

    In other words, you are voting for 4 more years.

  • wernamess

    #36 donh,

    Careful who you damn son. Not appreciated.

  • i guess a lot of people don’t remember the last that newt was leader of the republican party. he was a major factor in getting bill clinton re-elected. he would go on CNN or some other liberal media outlet and bat his gums for an hour and then american tass would sound bite him to death. they would take some 20 or 30 second clip of what he said and make him look like an ogre. and old smart newt would go back day after day to be gored. his giant ego wouldn’t let him stop so he became a villian to a lot of american people instead of the real villian, bill clinton. that and the fact that he along with the other republicans essentially tore up the “contract with america” once they were in office. if anybody can remember term limits was in that contract. if they had fufilled their promise to enact term limits maybe the career politicans wouldn’t have been able to get the country into the mess it is today.

  • rcl

    The Gingrich-Obama Debates is tantalizing bait. I don’t trust the Ol’ Beltway gray hair any further than I could throw him. If he straight up addressed the trust problem by teaming with Cain or Perry or Palin AND made THEIR agenda his in a jointly released Contract with America then we could talk.

    On his own, it’s all talk.

  • Patty

    Lincoln-Douglas style debates.

    It would be the best debates in years. Newt Gingrich would wipe up the floor with Obama. Something tells me though, Obama won’t debate Newt but possibly once or two, if that. And for a Lincoln Douglas style debate, I would be very surprised if Obama takes him up on that but if he were to use a teleprompter and Gingrich doesn’t, that would be a plus for Gingrich. It would only make Gingrich all the better.

  • wernamess

    The trolls are out tonight

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  • Ace

    Rose, Rose
    Cut off your nose
    To spite your face.

    A write-in for a third candidate gives you honorary Obot status.

    This may be hard to stomach for you, but the ONLY goal right now is to save our country from the total destruction planned for it by “Obama”.
    If Newt Gingrich is his opponent, and you don’t vote for him, you’re an enemy of this country.

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  • mcc

    That other guy who’s running wants you to know he’ll be tough, too:

  • JustJP

    He will destroy sotero

  • Karinee

    Remember folks we are not electing GOD. We are electing a mere mortal with human
    faults like all of us. Let elect the best. Might help if the top candidates would tell us their
    choice for VP. Also lets use all the best leaders in our party such as Cain in top positions,

  • RocketMan

    I love how people ignore facts in favor of the fairy tales they are fed.

    Newt is one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington. His extensive links with lobbyists in the capitol is second only to Haley Barbour. He has been fined for ethics violation, he has been called a liar by his own colleagues, and he is morally flawed. He is smart though, although he tends to underestimate his opponents.

    Obama, on the other hand, has been accused with just about everything under the sun without a single shred of evidence even after three years of round the clock investigation, and to top it off, is even accused of being dependent on a teleprompter.

    For those who are interested, see how Obama smashed a hall full of Republican legislators last year in Maryland. One and a half hours, with no teleprompters, no prepared question like the GOP presidential debates, and the best part of it was, not one of the GOP legislators dared make the birther or socialist accusations against him, knowing Obama will tear them a new one.

    So, stick to your fantasies, and wait until next year and see how one of the brightest American presidents ever destroy Newt (if nominated) on air. You see, in a presidential debate, you can lie and fudge facts. lol. Without lies, innuendos and fudged up facts, Newt or anyone else will struggle.

  • squeaky

    “..brightest American presidents ever destroy Newt (if nominated) on air.” maybe compared to a turnip. the re-elect obama committee must be in the house i guess.

  • Robb

    RocketMan. Is the Kool-Aid tasty?

  • Benson II

    Gingrich is the guy we need at this time in our history. He’s fearless, articulate and intelligent.
    No one else in this race is going to be able to take it to Obama and the liberal press like Gingrich. No one…and if you want to know where he stands on policies visit his website where he lays it all out and provides each of us the opportunity to join in his efforts. Of course the most important duty of president is that of Commander in Chief. This is where we can be assured Gingrich will protect America by supporting energy independence from Arab oil and siding with our friends not our enemies. As a Christian Gingrich has most certainly ask forgiveness for past sins from the only entity that really counts…God. So to the liberal press I say let the person without sin cast the first stone.

  • bg


    well, it’s over..

    Colin Powell just told US that
    the TEA Party will never win..

    they’re apparently happy with Newt ‘i have a heart’
    Gingrich, and so is the UNION that endorsed him..

    once again, the MSM, Politico & bloggers select our candidate..

    Congratulations GP et al..


  • bg


    RocketMan #50 November 27, 2011 at 7:42 am

    just a wee sample:

    guilty as sin, free as a bird..

    oh wait, wrong IslaMarxist..

    Fitzgerald told the media that the larceny charges would be added to Blagojevich’s already fattened legal case, but said that Obama would probably be left off the hook. “I don’t want to hurt the precious,” Fitzgerald remarked, “even if he is guilty. Plus, there’s evidence that supports [Obama] may have been unaware that the goods were stolen,” Fitzgerald added. “Although, this would insinuate that he is incredibly dense and unfit to lead, so I’ll just assume that he’s guilty, but too handsome to press charges against.”

    yeah, that’s the WONE..


  • bg


    RocketMan #50 November 27, 2011 at 7:42 am



    please & thankyouverymuch..


  • Robb

    Powerful stuff bg #56, especially the video from Canada. Thanks for bring these to our attention.

  • bg


    Robb #57 November 27, 2011 at 10:58 am

    you’re welcome..


  • bg
  • bg


    oops, re: #59 November 27, 2011 at 11:37 am bg

    flashback to 9/19/10


  • Stuart

    First question, Lawrence O Donnel:
    “Oh Dear Leader, Mr. President, Your Awesomeness, can you tell me in less than one minute why you are so much better a candidate than that contemptible, REPUBLICAN, scumbag groveling there on your right, … far right I might add.”
    “And you, Gingrich, you racist you, you’ll have you time to answer for you crimes later, so just shut up.


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  • Tennwriter

    If someone is principled, and cannot stomach Gingrich, they are an Obot. If someone decides to play the long game, and vote for a real conservative, a write-in, they are an Obot.


    And I’m willing to vote for Gingrich, but I am not willing to acquiesce to the villification of conservatives. This reminds me of the way McCainiacs acted…it was All Intimidation, All The Time, and All In for the Liberal. It was Thuggish. We see how well that worked out. Bah humbug.

    If Gingrich wants the conservatives who are not sure about him, he can work to get their vote. Choosing Santorum or Bachmann as VP would help a lot of people. Coming out four square for conservative ideas, and admitting that he’s going to need help to stay conservative would help.

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  • James

    Make no mistake about it, this is gangster, and I mean that in a good way. Newt is a battle MC. He’s basically Ice Cube calling Obama EZ E, a sucker MC with no flow.

  • E. D.

    Newt Gingrich is a racist of the highest power