Meet Bloodied Thug Brandon Watts: The Media and Far Left’s Latest #OWS Hero

The media finds their thug martyr.
On Thursday 20-year-old Brandon Watts of Philadelphia was bloodied during an arrest at the Obama-endorsed #Occupy Wall Street riots.

Yahoo cheered his bloody face today.

Then on Thursday, the Occupy movement got its face–albeit a bloody one.

During a demonstration in Lower Manhattan, 20-year-old Brandon Watts of Philadelphia grabbed a police officer’s hat and was subsequently tackled and arrested, sustaining a gash to his forehead. Watts’ bloody face appeared on the cover of the Daily News and Metro newspapers on Friday. (Interestingly, the New York Post went with the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore for its Friday front page; the New York Times featured an A1 photo of the protests above the fold, but no blood.)

Before grabbing the hat, Watts allegedly threw an AAA battery at officers who had set up a barricade. According to the Daily News, he was charged with assault and grand larceny after receiving medical treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

According to the paper, it was Watts’ fourth arrest since the protests began in September.

But there’s more to the story.
Actually, young thug Brandon Watts stood on a wall at Zuccotti Park and threw AAA batteries at police. (very dangerous and painful) Then he charged the police officers and stole one of their hats. The New York Police caught him as he ran back into the park, but Brandon began to fight back, police said. He was wrestled to the ground and continued to fight back for several minutes. That’s when he busted his head on the concrete, causing a gash to gush blood down his face.

Ironic Surrealism
found this video of young street thug’s arrest.

And, for the record, Brandon has been arrested four times since Sept. 24 for resisting arrest, loitering in disguise, escaping from a prisoner van and stealing orange mesh fencing. He also reportedly was the first protester to pitch a tent illegally at Zuccotti Park.

No wonder the far left love him.

UPDATE: A 20-year-old Occupy Wall Street protester bloodied after a confrontation with New York City police has pleaded not guilty grand larceny and other charges. A lawyer for Brandon Watts said Friday his client was assaulted by police and has four staples in his scalp because of his injuries. Police say Watts may have been injured in a fall during the confrontation. They say he threw batteries at officers, and then stole an officer’s hat. Watts has been arrested five times since the protest began two months ago. He has been living on his own since his early teens and has emotional problems, his lawyer said.

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  • P. Aaron

    Just another punk who missed out on some good spankings early on in life. I’m sure he and his parents are ‘great friends’.

  • Granny

    Charged with “escaping from a prisoner van” and he is walking the streets FREE If he was poor or black or Hispanic he would be buried deep in a cell at Riker’s Island by now!

  • Mannie

    The NYPD is absolutely at fault. They should have hit him more, and harder.

  • Army Dad

    At least they didn’t water-board him. Brother!

  • truth teller

    Call me cruel, but I would not mind seeing many of these OWS types bleeding.

  • Highlander

    And he’s still not in jail? How many times does someone have to be arrested before they get a more permanent sentence?

  • kansas

    Anytime a little c o c k s u c k e r like that can get up more than once, mistakes have been made.

  • SeniorD

    If it bleeds, it leads. If it’s Occucommie blood that is spilled, at least one (1) week of praise from the Marxist Socialist Media will headline newscasts, what’s left of newspapers and the assorted camera hogging professional politician will occur.

  • cal rifkin

    That’ll be the biggest day in his effin miserable life!


    should have borken his freakin neck

  • no man

    Too bad he is still breathing.

  • Valerie

    This isn’t the only story. My sixteen-year-old told me last night that there are pictures being posted of people with wounds allegedly from “rubber bullets,” due to police brutality. It’s as if the conventional wisdom is that the police are the enemy that will beat you up — never mind the origin of the violence. He also thought that it’s a simple first Amendment right to camp in a public park downtown at night, and that nobody can really do anything about it.

    I, of course explained a little of the backstory. Like his older brother, he responds nicely to a quick injection of other facts. So will, I am sure, most kids his age.

    The take-home is that there is a pre-packaged story being shoved down our kids necks by some people who dearly want a certain narrative.

    We can drive a truck through this narrative. All we have to do is pull aside the curtain, and record the moment when our talking heads all jump up and say “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

    The problem with the Democratic Party at the national level is NOT its philosophy. Both Conservative and Liberal philosophies tend to converge on practical solutions. The problem is venality. The story of The Stimulus and the “Jobs law” is not mere philosophical naivete in action: it is corruption.

    Philosophically speaking, The Stimulus may have had the potential to work as advertised by the Democratic Party at the national level. However, the Democrats decided to give the money to their supporters and investor-friends rather than use the money in the manner they represented. The Stimulus turned into a kick-back scheme. It might have worked but for the fact that the Democrats and their friends stole it. This is not something that will sit well with Democratic voters. Not even in California.

    The problem with The Stimulus was not just poorly-thought-out economics, it was thievery. That same pack of thieves is trying to gin up a fake political movement to “demand” passage of another bill of thievery. The President’s socialism is being used as a means to commit fraud.

  • Greg

    Thug Brandon Watts parents must be so proud. Our son the thug! If he behaves in jail maybe Mom and Dad can boast about their son being “Inmate of The Month” at the New York City jail.

  • Army Dad

    Is he crying? What a pansy!

  • d_fitz

    Yeah, this guy is employable. /sarc

  • chuck in st paul

    This is going to backfire on both the Poopstock Brigade and the LSM. The general public has now divided into two groups – those who couldn’t care less about these asshats, and those who would like these vermin eliminated. This is NOT going to get a load of sympathy cards from anyone but fellow moonbats.

    This sort of footage needs to be used in conservative political ads along with quick shots of all the Dhimmeroids loudly supporting it.

  • donh

    Marlon Brando Branden is one of those BDSM submissive homosexual types who enjoys being beaten by men dressed in black leather. He would really get off in a sexual euphoria kind of way being bloodied and dragged to a jail cell to be strip searched and renal examed by a big hairy cell mate . Unfortunatly Doomberg’s kid glove policy keeps revolving the door letting these sickos out of jail for free.

  • Patty

    He is lucky he isn’t dead. Seems the parents are at fault for using the Hippies handbook of the the 60’s to teach their kids.

    Party on! you morons. Party on. See how far you get.

  • Patty
  • CT

    Just another Obama Commie

  • donh

    The arrest video is the 1:40 mark scene from Scorpio Rising…>>> …A perfect video to play and watch in a second window to provide sound track and artistic serendipity. This wannabe James Dean is going to keep assaulting police and resisting arrest until he gets the wooden plunger handle up his A** to fullfill that Abner Louima sexual fetish he is so longing for.

  • theimp98

    he is still walking, they needed to beat him harder.

  • Buffalobob

    “According to the paper, it was Watts’ fourth arrest since the protests began in September”. It is apparent that Bloomberg’s NYC judges have implemented the INS practice of catch and release. Bloomberg and the progs own this. They allowed it to start and now it festers. Deal with it prog Mayors.

  • According to the NY Daily News (AAA battery link):

    Soon after protesters started pitching tents, a gal pal of Watts’ told the New York Times Magazine he lost his virginity at the encampment.

    “Brandon lost his virginity today — not to me,” Core Jones, 20, told the magazine on Oct. 23. “I don’t know who the girl is. But I want to have a party for him.”

    Well, bless his little heart.

  • donh

    Indego #24…the reason the gal pal doesn’t know who the girl is because she is a he….probably some older guy like Jerry Sandusky.

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  • MamaGrizzly

    Not to be uncaring, but face wounds bleed like CRAZY, even if it’s not a very bad gash.

    All theatrics, I say.

  • fliteking

    Thug Brandon Watts: “I want to be a turd polisher when I grow up”

  • Carl Olson

    The commenters on this blog make me physically ill with their cowardice, cruelty and stupidity!

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