Just Like the Tea Party… 3 #Occupy Portland Protesters Arrested With Homemade Grenades

Yup. They’re just like the tea party…

(Oregon Live)

Three Obama-endorsed Occupy Portland protesters were arrested today with homemade grenades in the car.
Via Verum Serum and Oregon Live:

Inside the car, the deputy also found a number of firecrackers and two commercially made mortars inside glass canning jars, designed to be fired into the area during professional pyrotechnic displays. One was found in the floorboard of the vehicle, and the other was allegedly in Luff’s jacket.

The deputy also found two gas masks, protective eye goggles and a safety helmet. All three men told the deputy that they had spent the night at the Occupy Portland demonstration, and they brought the mortars and safety equipment to the demonstration in preparation of the expected confrontation between police and protesters Sunday morning.

The three had been at the demonstration during the confrontation Sunday morning and had left about an hour before the vehicle was stopped. During that confrontation, a police officer was injured by a firework, but the three men denied being involved in the incident.

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  • Liz

    If they want a civil war, I say let’s give it to them.

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  • gus


  • sclemens

    Please move “Obama-endorsed” into every headline. We need to fill his empty suit with the lice-infested, stinking scum these losers represent.

  • Granny

    These “peaceful protesters” WERE arrested for terrorism, right?

  • Old One

    Obozo’s embrace of thelawless occupy thugs proves he is lawless and wants to destroy the rule of law and our liberties.

  • A police man was injured by a firework. These thugs are caught in possession of fireworks. They protest their innocence. They only MEANT to shoot fireworks at the police. They didn’t actually DO it. Give me a break. I hope they can get some good evidence against these violent freaks.

  • Granny

    #7 – there is a big difference between mere fireworks and homemade grenades/commercially made mortars. BIG difference.

  • Incommendatus

    It’s win win win for them. If they hurt the cops – They win. If they hurt the other protesters they lie and say the cops did it – They win. If they get caught the protesters lie and say, “they are not part of our movement” – They win.

    I guess the REAL 99% of Americans will have to take matters into their own hands to make them lose. A start would be protests against the protesters – Show the world that they are NOT representative of the 99%

  • Since when are mortars free speech? Something to think about…

  • Gman

    LOL. Fireworks and weed. This war is gonna be even easier than I thought.

  • JPeden

    A start would be protests against the protesters – Show the world that they are NOT representative of the 99%.

    Imo, that would play into their hands at this time – for them to then try to show an identity between them and us. Also, they’d be hard to avoid, and they want to actually fight. They don’t have any other ideas.

    The Police and Mayors, etc., are our proxies – of the defense of freedom, liberty, rights, and law and order under the Constitution. We should let the Police +/- the National Guard do what they are good at rather than muddying the water and giving them even more to do, like protecting us instead of neutralizing the rabble.

    But one centralized legal gathering might be in order if the situation is not cleared up within another few weeks, and is not going against these space Occupying lesions by then.

    And the reasons behind the People’s right to keep and bear arms aren’t going to disappear, especially in the face of the Occupiers’ overt threat to us all.

    The Occupiers are the ones who should be worried.

  • Let’s hope the DA has the stones to prosecute these morons to the full extent of the law.
    Let them Occupy Jail Cells.

  • gus

    Fireworks of various sizes and designs are ILLEGAL for a REASON.
    OPUS!! I love you girl, but you do NOT get it.
    These FRUITCAKES had the FIREWORKS for a reason too.

    We are dealing with LOSERS, FREAKS, MISCREANTS, COMMIES, IDIOTS, MISFITS and any STRAIN of NUT-JOB imaginable. WE ARE DEALING WITH GOOOOOONIONS….BIG TIME. The organized entities that have PROMOTED and FUNDED these FREAKS, are the VERY GOOOOONION PALS of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. SEIU and Stern, then Lerner, and the AFL-CIO and DICKLESS TRUMKA……..are the most COMMON VISITORS to OBAMA’S White House.

    That is no coincidence.


  • gus

    LIBTARDS and COMMIES, do not obey laws. Yet our CITIES…..ALLOW THEM to break all kinds of laws, ordinances and health codes. WHY?

    2 REASONS. 1) Every urban Mayor in this country is a LIBTARD. 2) FEAR, Same LIBTARDS are afraid of what might happen, if the OUT OF CONTROL FREAKS are CONFRONTED.

    The same LIBTARD MAYORS are not afraid of confronting CONSERVATIVES, because CONSERVATIVES do not RIOT and DISOBEY authority.

  • SOB

    You can catch the mugshots of these three grenade geniuses here:

    And while no mention of the 3 on this site, overall looks like more then 50 were arrested
    (seems like a fluff piece too – the MSM really is unbelievable…)

    A section:
    As police moved in, there was some close-quarters shoving, and several police swung their batons as they arrested some of the activists and forced others out of the parks.

    Afterward, an injured activist spent about a half-hour on a makeshift stretcher on the sidewalk, complaining of a spinal injury, before being moved to an ambulance.

    The shot on that page of the guy crying as the cops drag him away is pretty funny though…

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  • Militant Conservative

    Told ya, tactical error to be in one spot.

    Gurilla warfare is the ticket I.e. Knock out game and

    Flash mobs. This is easy pickins.

    Ain’t gonna be a war with these losers.

    Fireworks! Meh! .308 make your head a canoe.

    Powder is dry

  • jane

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  • daryl


    That’s nothing. There’s trolls here working for the obama campaign making more than that.

  • MAJ Mike

    These clowns don’t know what they’re messing with. I’m 61 years old and if threatened with bodily harm, my friend and associate Mr. Glock has 15 arguements which to respond. Could be a target-rich environment developing in the coming months.

  • The photo is a great depiction of the Leftist mob’s rotten strategy … incite the police and flop for the cameras. Bill Laimbeer has nothing on these a$$ clowns.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • People steeped in rightousness…on both sides

  • valerie

    ID them, one and all. Then cross-reference the locations. That should be interesting, especially if some of the pictures come from the days and hours of rehearsal. The government and the MSM aren’t going to do this, because they will be afraid to interfere with the meme of a movement “sweeping the nation” which might really be a traveling road show.

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  • ordman

    This is obviously a mistake. We all know that the Tea Party is the violent fringe group bent on the over throws of the government not the OWS people. I just look at all the clashes with law enforcement that the Tea Party as has had since Obama took office. I willing to bet that once A.G. where I put my gun Holder gets hold of this investigation that he’ll be able to tie this too four old guys in Georgia. OBTW Nancy Pelosi is to busy to shed a tear right now because she’s helping to draft more legislation to insure that as part of the 1% she’ll be able look out after OWS’ers with all money she’s making on Wall Street. Thanks Visa we all knew that you cared.

  • DiamondEyes

    Not every person that committs a crime that saya there are with us are with us. If you ACTUALLY wanted to learn about the movement, you would widen your media sources and learn about it. Anytime anyone that committs violence in the name of Occupy Portland, OP does a pretty darn good job at stating we are a peaceful movement. On Saturday night, a few people threw firecrackers at police officers. What did we do? To show we are a peaceful movement, we pushed him to the front and into the arms of the cops. Why? B/C we do not condone violence.
    So before you go believing all of us are ‘losers’ or ‘lazy bums’, educate yourselves and stop believing what is force fed into your mouths.
    In solidarity.

  • LISTEN: The protesters are a clear and present danger to the National Security of The
    United States. Period.


    Thank you for completely destroying our parks. $250,000 in damage, great what was your point again? Losers.

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  • Ilene

    I would like to know what these people’s parents think of them? Did they ever teach them that life is not fair? Did they ever read the the school loan as a pledge to pay back? Going to a protest is NOT a party? Is their word a bond? Like no! Nothing in life is free! And the reason they haven’t found jobs is that their actions in these protests are the worst sign of their lack of character.