On Friday far left teacher-activist brought Celia Bard brought members of her “21st Century: Challenges and Choices” class down to the Occupy Denver squatters camp in downtown Denver. From there the teacher and her 17 year-old girls marched three blocks over to the Crowne Plaza Hotel to disrupt the BlogCon 2011 conservative conference. Ms. Bard said they were learning about “free speech” by joining protesters in violently disrupting the conference.

One protester was arrested by police and at least one incident of physical abuse was caught on tape.

Jeff Goldstein also filmed the 17 year-old girls cussing at conservative bloggers and telling the bloggers that this is what they learn at school.

The school costs $14,000 a year.

Today the Academy President Deirdre Cryor defended the radical teacher and the dangerous field trip on Friday. Sadly, President Cryor was less than honest about the events.
Channel 7 reported:

Bard and another teacher from St. Mary’s Academy in Denver took 10 students on a field trip Friday, explained Academy President Deirdre Cryor.

“We have a class called 21st Century Challenges and Choices,” said Cryor. “They’re studying the current world. They went on a field trip to see Occupy Denver.”

The students walked to Civic Center Park and interviewed police officers, then walked to a nearby hotel to observe Occupy Denver members, said Cryor.

That hotel was hosting a conference called BlogCon 11. There some Occupy Denver members got into a confrontation with some members of the blogging conference.

It was during that confrontation that cameras got turned on the students and their teacher.

In a video posted on YouTube, a woman is seen yelling and one of the students yells, “Yeah.”

At that point, someone off camera starts yelling at the girls and arguing with them about bloggers and what they do.

“The students are in class today talking what happened on Friday,” Cryor said Monday.

In one of the YouTube videos, Bard is asked if she is concerned about the students’ physical safety.

“We’re aware that we need to be safe,” said Bard. “We want them to see the democratic process in action.”

“They were never in harm’s way,” said Cryor. “They did nothing wrong. They were on a field trip, observing not demonstrating. They were learning, inquiring and taking notes.”

Just to be clear – There have been 7 deaths, over 3,000 arrests, several overdoses, sexual abuse, rapes, physical attacks and drug use. And, this is considered a safe place for school girls at St. Mary’s Academy? Outrageous.



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  1. ++

    keep telling you they’re way ahead of us..

    but hey, what do i know.. *sigh*


  2. ++


    Priceless – BiBi Netanyahu and Barry Soetoro in their early twenties

    [al but this one has been deleted from the net, so
    you better hurry at view it before it too goes poof]


  3. Veterinarians are reporting an outbreak of canine flu in the New York metro area. Even though the girls were in CO. that ain’t all these girls may have been exposed to.

  4. Highly ironic that the naive schoolchildren and their leftist teacher were actually participating in a socialist mob’s attempt to stifle the free speech rights of an organization dedicated to promoting free speech, the discussion of opposing viewpoints, and the championing of the individual in an otherwise collectivist society. No mention of the children’s vulgarities either by President Cryor?

    This is what Democracy looks like!! ?? !!!

  5. This surprises even me. I knew the liberals had dominated our public schools. To see that they dominate private schools as well, in teaching and also in administration turns my stomach. I worry for the younger generation.

  6. ++

    btw, if Notre Dame’s honoring a Euthanasia & Infanticide supporter
    wasn’t a clue, then what do you think the cancelling day of prayer,
    the covering of the Jesus symbol at Georgetown U, not to mention
    this, or hows about “whatever we once were, we are no longer a
    Christian nation” was?? gah!!

    might as well back to sleep people.. Obama et al
    have made for US a New Covenant.. /truth sarc/


  7. Two things.

    1. Mrs. Bard and her students have never been spotted at one of the half dozen Tea Party protests in front of the Capitol in Denver, because if they had, the left would have been all over it

    2. She speaks of the “democratic process in action”. It’s only democracy when it’s the left doing it, but not when our side does it.

  8. Free speech huh…?

    Walk onto their campus with signs protesting what she did and see how fast they call the police.

  9. Opus

    I agree

    Call me naive, I actually thought Catholic Schools were insulated against Leftist/Communist ideology.

  10. #9 – Catholics at the highest levels have been willing dupes to the social workers who infiltrated them decades ago. The Catholic Church needs to straighten up and fly right.

  11. Surprised by her school’s response? You guys really need to make some well-off lefty friends. To them, it’s a rite of passage. I wouldn’t be surprised if their parents catered a reception and cake for their return home.

    It’s important to get your liberal indoctrination completed early, before rational thinking causes problems. Also, that way Mum can proudly brag on what a caring, crusader little Chelsea is to her friends in the Doctor’s Wive’s Benevolent Society.

  12. And we wonder what happened to our country? St Mary’s. If this is the type of judgement practiced by a $14,000 a year private school, what chance do the other kids have in this world?

    How you like the way they lied about it to cover their azz? They are training our future politicians and MSM.

  13. See a pattern here yet everyone?

    I noticed a long time ago, that radical feminists had infested many of our catholic schools….and these school girls are no different…being brainwashed to hate everything that came from a masculine way of thinking…including Capitalism.

    Until we admit, as a nation, that we have become radically feminized, then nothing is going to change.

    This is NOT saying that women are bad, and being feminine is bad.

    This is saying that radical feminism, or progressive feminism, is destroying our very fabric, as a nation.

    Joe Biden, and Obama are Feminists. Read up on the Violence Against Women Act…and who joined together to push this horrible piece of legislation through.

    We don’t have to hate all White Conservative Males, as a nation, in order for females to have a country to live and thrive in safely. There is a more intelligent way.

    So why do so many Democrat Men, like Dick Durbin, and Harry Reid, and on and on… go along with these ridiculous Feminist ideas? …that’s easy….because first they are Stupid….and second…they must have mental issues.

    None of these sick and twisted Feminists would have even been able to be where they are today, without much of the Patriarchy that they hate so much.

    If you disagree with them, you are automatically accused of being a woman hater, or being for violence against women.

    The Church of Eternal Victimhood is running our country, and our laws.

    Radical Feminism.

  14. As a parent recovering from Catholic schools, grammar and secondary, I can confirm that many are rotten.

    This whole Penn State cover-up is remeniscient of what went on in St Louis at a Catholic high school. A cover up of abuse to protect the school’s name. TV reporters were sent away; they were on private property.

    Look, teachers all come from the same place. Sure, there are a few from Ave Maria and Fransciscan Univ., but so many Catholic grade school teachers are social justice sociopaths. The Church is rotting and these people are the bitter fruit, spreading the rot.

  15. The left has been running the show in Catholic schools since the late 1960s. Think the Barrigan brothers. I taught in public senior highs for forty years in California and the looniest lefty administrators I came across were an ex-nun and an apostate priest.

  16. ++

    oh please, i watched a segment of cold case earlier today about a man they knew killed a young boy in a horrific fashion, whom they finally nailed with the help of modern technology, else he’d still be free killing young boys, only to find out half-way through that he had previously killed 2 other young boys.. :-(


    too many offenders have been released only to kill
    again, but hey, they make good fodder for tv.. /s/

    q: HOW (fitb) STUPID (or perhaps i ashould say sick) ARE WE??

    a: VERY!!

    and we expect God to help US..

    hah, that’s satans favorite line..


  17. ++

    clarification re: #16 November 14, 2011 at 9:09 pm bg

    re: [he had previously killed 2 other young boys]



  18. This is why I don’t give money to the Catholic church. They lack honesty, integrity and responsibility. There are far more honest and accountable orgs that deserve our financial support!

  19. Does St Mary’s Academy have a tax exemption? If so, they’re not supposed to participate in political activity. The question is, does this same teacher have her class support tea party and repub activities. If not, then why do they deserve a tax exemption? Taxpayers can complain to the IRS, congressman, senators and demand an explanation why this tax exempt org is doing political activity. Since the Arch of Denver lists this school on their website—-they seem to be endorsing or overseeing it. Thus, should the Arch of Denver have its tax exempt status since it seems to be participating in and/or endorsing political activity by one of it’s advertised Catholic High schools? The Catholic church has a nationwide “IRS blanket tax exemption.” Therefore, all of it’s US locations are under one blanket IRS tax exemption. Tax exempt entities need to refrain from political activity or risk loss of their tax exempt status.

  20. There’s a movie, “The Prime of Miss Jean Brody” that has this plot, and the outcome. A lot of schools seem to think they need a weird professor or two for local color, and to hold up the image of the school as a place of free academic inquiry. Naturally, weird professors tend to be nuts.

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