Herman Cain’s Iranian Strategy Is Still Naive and Dangerous (Video)

Back in June popular conservative Herman Cain was on The O’Reilly Factor and told Bill that the best way to deal with the Iranian threat was to drill for oil. Bill O’Reilly was not impressed.
From the transcript:

O’REILLY: All right. A new report says Iran may have a nuclear weapon this year. How do you stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?

CAIN: The way you stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is for us to get serious about a real energy independence strategy.

O’REILLY: That’s going to take longer than this year. How do you stop them from getting a nuke this year?

CAIN: Have a serious strategy, Bill. And if you have a serious strategy, it’s going to cause the speculators to speculate down instead of speculating up.

O’REILLY: That’s not going to stop Iran…


CAIN: Bill, Bill…

O’REILLY: Even though gas price goes down, it’s not going to stop Iran from developing a nuke.

CAIN: Not in the short-term, Bill. Look, here is my punchline. If we help drive the price of oil down, that hurts Iran. And if the price of oil gets down near $70 a barrel, we win. They won’t have the money to develop a nuclear program.

O’REILLY: No, they will develop it anyway.

While drilling for oil is sound economic policy it will not deter the Iranian regime at all in their quest for nuclear weapons. The US does not even import oil from Iran. The brutal regime will always find customers for their oil. And, to think that energy independence will influence the hardliners from spreading their brand of radical Islam in the region is naive and dangerous.

Last night Herman Cain did it again.
The leading Republican candidate for president told O’Reilly that he will deal with the Iranian threat by drilling domestically for oil.

Herman Cain also suggested we double the number of ships in the region capable of shooting down Iranian missiles. This is a better approach. However, in 2010 when Barack Obama deployed ships to the the Gulf with this capability it did not seem to sway the Iranians from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Herman Cain needs to have better solutions than this if he wants to win the Republican nomination and defeat failed president Barack Obama in 2012.

Note: Once again I realize this position may be unpopular with many of you. Thanks for being respectful with your comments.

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  • Cain also said that he would listen to wise counsel, something our current ass kicker has never done.

  • Liz

    Yes but this guy is light years ahead of tipsy big government Perry. Priorities, people.

  • Adam_ME

    “Herman Cain needs to have better solutions than this if he wants to win the Republican nomination and defeat failed president Barack Obama in 2012.”

    Does he? I noticed Dr. K(Charles Krauthammer for the layperson) was going after Cain particularly hard on the Iranian issue yesterday on Special Report. What can anyone really do about Iran? I’ve heard many folks say economic sanctions. Haven’t we already done that to no avail? Others say we should support regime change. First of all, Obama kinda missed the window on that opportunity 2 years ago and secondly how far are we willing to go? Do we arm insurgents? Fund them? What if the Iranian government retaliates against us for meddling? Energy independence as Cain advocates? Yeah, that likely won’t do much either to dissuade them from seeking a nuke. Military action? Does this nation have the stomach for that? Give Israel our blessing to bomb the hell out of them? Sure, but what happens when the situation escalates? Do we send in our military to defend Israel? How far are we willing to go to protect them?

    Like I said, there’s no easy answer. Obama’s seems to be…..well, I don’t think he does have one aside from giving a speech and apparently charming the pants off the mullahs to the point where they shut down their nuclear program. For some reason though, Cain seems to have a very high threshold he needs to meet for many folks when asked about foreign policy. As if he’s supposed to have some sort of magic bullet to deal with extremely difficult scenarios like Iran.

  • Mark1957

    Well, drilling for oil would be more than the current administration is doing. Perhaps that would force the Saudi’s into taking some action against Iran.

  • shrek

    #2 said

    “Priorities, people.”

    Yeah priorities.You got that right. But does he know a priority from a harrassment suit?

    Cain campaign launches internal investigation – JSOnline


  • Roux

    Cain is right in his long term policy towards the area. Lowering the GLOBAL price of oil will hurt the Iranians. Of course Obama did nothing during the public uprising in Iran and barely mentioned them publicly. Iran and Venezuela are both on the edge of collapse and all they need is a little push.

  • Sam Stone

    Look at the facts when it comes to presidential candidates and foreign policy.

    Look at what Obama said prior to his election. Look at ANY candidate says prior to them taking their seat in the Oval office. It ALL changes once they are privy to the intel they do not have prior to being CiC. When they sit for their first few briefings of information none of us have, and they never before saw, their positions are then informed as they never were before.

    Never look for all qualities in one individual, you will be sorely disappointed.


    #3. “What can anyone really do about Iran?”

    Simple. Send a memo: “Dear Iran, If you ever cause us any problems, we will give your people a one-week notice before we convert your sand to glass. Thank you, Have a Nice Day.”


  • suec

    Cain needs to say vague things like “All options should be on the table.” He needs to take a quick class on how to respond politically to these type of questions

    There is something refreshing about people who are NOT politicians running for office, but the drawback is that they have not been trained to give the acceptable vague/nuanced answers to hard questions that Americans expect.


    #7 “It ALL changes once they are privy to the intel they do not have prior to being CiC.”

    Exactly. Plus, he/she might need a few consults with the experts to which he/she doesn’t yet have access, huh.

    Cain must be a Reagan: He must surround himself with strong players and then listen to them.

  • Herman Cain hasn’t gotten to where he has as an executive by leaning on his own understanding. He is smart enough to know how to place the right people around him who would give him the best advice. No one man or woman is genius enough to be an expert for the military, economic, educational, political, global issues. Barry thinks he is, which is why we’re in the crisis we are.

  • chuck in st paul

    Cain has great domestic/economic ideas and experience as a CEO. However, his international knowledge and experience are sadly lacking. He needs to immediately team up with one or more well known experts in the field and put their faces out in public so folks know he has a reservoir to tap into. It’s what a chief executive or chairman of the board does.

    If he doesn’t do this, then he is a cowboy and not a presidential candidate. One cannot run a very large enterprise successfully alone.


    #9 “He needs to take a quick class on how to respond politically to these type of questions”

    Yes. He’s a businessman, where communications are more objective than in politics and where you can tell idiots to go pound sand (or fire them – what a novel concept).

    So, yes, he will have to grow into the political culture by using the ‘vague’ language you describe. The risk is that if he becomes too much of a Homo Politicus, then he’s indistinguishable from those we want him to replace. Watching very carefully.

  • Objective Analysis

    I wish the same analysis occurred for Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro. If the American people, the MSM, and the others would have done their job and vetted this Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Fascist instead of thinking this is about putting in the 1st black president, we would not be in the place.

    I still believed Collin Powell was the first legitimate black president. Obama can’t do squat but golf and campaign. Cain just needs to get debriefed with better advisers and starts reading drudge report and getting a military expert to help him with questions of this magnitude.

    The amazing thing is he really is a black presidential candidate because he is getting tougher questions and being put through the fire than any other candidate including apostate muslim, Barack Obama.

  • vityas

    He’s not doing his homework. He’s not serious. He’s smiling too much. I don’t care how great he can listen to advice. We’ve got 57 czars, plus Frances Fox Piven, now giving the POTUS advice. Look at how well the DOE gives advice/our money to failing solar power businesses. He’s not quick on his feet, he’s like Bambi when confronted all wide-eyed and shocked.

    He has a nice singing voice, though.

  • Robby

    I agree with #8. What would you do Jim? There is no quick fix that anyone could give. The best thing to do is let them know, in no uncertain terms what will happen if they make a mistake!

  • BuddyG

    Suggested sound bite for Cain:

    “Preventing Iran from getting nukes could be bad,
    but a nuclear armed Iran would be worse.”

  • Deanna

    The US does not even import oil from Iran. The brutal regime will always find customers for their oil. And, to think that energy independence will influence the hardliners from spreading their brand of radical Islam in the region is naive and dangerous.

    Well at least you didn’t say he shut his mouth off.
    Actually lowering the price of oil would hurt Iran, less income, less money to spend on nuclear development. It has nothing to do with whether we buy from them or not. And whether they obtain a nuclear weapon or not will not affect their spreading their brand of radical Islam in the region, nothing will and Cain didn’t say it would.

    I’m not a fan of Cain, actually I am not a fan of any of the candidates, but these attempts to make someone look bad have to get better because this one and the China one are pathetic.

  • What NEEDED to be done was to support the protesters after a sham of an election but in spite of protesters in Iran begging for support from Obama and they received nothing. Obama, however has supported Arab Spring that has turned out to be a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama supports the Occupy Wall Street protesters. While I agree Herman Cain may not be a good politician but I do think he is a good man. Surround him with people who are sound conservatives as advisors he will be a fine President. One of Ronald Reagan’s best qualities is he was a great cheerleader and honestly that may be the best qualification for President of all! The American people will take care of the rest once government is reigned in and people are motivated.

  • Trialdog

    Jim, Mr. Cain’s strategy to develop domestic energy is sound. Rogue Arab states can only be a significant threat if they have money. They obtain their money from selling oil. The U.S. has more oil reserves than anyone else. We can develop those reserves, undersell the rest of the world’s suppliers, and control the price. If we keep the price low, it strangles Arab economies that are one dimensional and dependent on oil. (70 years ago, these were deserts occupied by nomadic warlords riding camels)
    This strategy applies particularily to Iran. Then, with limited strategic attacks, we could utterly devastate their economy and their society collapses.
    Now, that does not address what to do with a hard asset, such as a nuclear weapon. You want an answer to that? What are your options? You want to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities in the current political environment created by Obama? Really? Would that be effective or advance U.S. interests? Jim, we have not had a positive or realistic foreign policy for 3 long years and we are in a pickle. Your demand that Mr. Cain have a soundbite immediate solution is unrealistic. His long term solution is sound. For the short term, he’ll have to have great advisors and I trust him to do that. Don’t forget, most if not all Obama’s feckless policies have to be reversed and corrected. It is not going to be easy and won’t be fixed with a quip like: “Oh, we’ll just use a precision missle to take any nukes out.”
    Mr. Cain is a man. An intelligent man with managerial experience. I trust him.

  • Ginger

    Note: Oh, gag!

    Hey Jim-bo I scrolled way down on your post and my goodness tell me where I missed the post that your sweetie the Texan was drunk/? Maybe doped up on perscription pills like every one bashed Rush with his back problems.

    You didn’t even post the video to let us decide…cover up for your boy maybe?

    ——————————————————————————— Note: Once again I realize this position may be unpopular with many of you. Thanks for being respectful with your comments.


    At least be fair about your F..n reporting. You know this is what drags your Texas Bilderberg trolls. The story about Perry has been all over the place and still is today and nothing from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I agree with you Jim. I was a little surprise to hear him say that last night.

  • mcc

    Hmmm…I thought John Bolton was the guy he’d chosen to get him up to speed. Maybe it was just that: to get a better understanding of the issues in the region. But it’s an advisory choice that would be hard to beat.

  • BuddyG

    – Sabotage their nuke program with things like computer viruses.

    – Assassinate or kidnap key individuals such as their scientists
    (and others up to and including ‘MadMood I’m-a-Dinner-Jacket’)

    – Seek regime change by encouraging and supporting their pro-democracy groups.

    – And if necessary… choke off their economy with a naval blockade,
    and/or a no fly zone…

    – And if necessary… bomb their nuke facilities with bunker busters.

  • Scott M

    The US does not even import oil from Iran.

    Irrelevant. Iran can severely upset the oil coming from the Gulf and create quite a bit of havoc near the Straits. A large chunk of the world’s oil moving through that corridor and if it’s one thing the markets hate, it’s havoc.

    I’m curious as to what people here think we can do to prevent a developing country like Iran from achieving nuclear weapons…especially when they are getting help from current nuclear powers (officially, unofficially, or rogue). I don’t see that it’s possible to stop that from happening short of full invasion and occupation. You can only bomb facilities and infect computer mainframes so often.

    Basically, you can only delay it. It’s going to happen sooner or later if they are dead set on it.

  • Cain is not responding well to this sort of questioning. No matter how thorny the situation, and how difficult a solution might be, he needs to present himself as being more knowledgeable about it. The deer-in-the-headlights perception of his attempt to answer questions about Iran is very damaging to his campaign.

    Cain’s advisors have failed him on this aspect of the campaign.

  • JebBush

    As much as we need a real conservative in this race, Cain is NOT a serious candidate. He NEVER expected to get this far. he was in this race to sell books and gin up his speaking fees. Perry is better than this guy. I personally am ready to support the only adult in this race who has any ideas I can support and that I am sorry to say is Newt. Newt is the only real choice we have. Cain is not ready for prime time and neither is Perry. I will not go the route George Will is going and say I would rather let Obama have four more years than put Romney in the WH. So who does that leave and don’t say Ron Paul. Let’s get behind Newt and I have never been a big Newt fan but I’m ready to be one now.

  • Deanna

    I just realized this…
    Back in June

    So there is no other news today?

  • BarbaraS

    He came out of nowhere. We only know his job history. We do not know what his core beliefs are. We only know what he has told us. Didn’t we do that last time? The flub on the Palestinian “right to return” is a good example thst this man is not qualified. What if this question came up after he was elected. He would have to backtrack and we would again be the lughing stock of the world. He’s probably a good man but I question his not knowing basic facts that he should, having lived through them.If he had had any interest at all in the presidency in the past, he would have boned up on all the facts he could.It seems like he boned up on nothing.

  • MWTexas

    Well, what ever happened to bombing our enemies back into the Stone Age?

    True, it wouldn’t take very much bombing to get most of these radical mussie societies back that far. Maybe we should try to bomb them back to the Cambrian Period?

  • thegoldman

    Cain has a big point here…

    Put simply if oil prices are lower that country runs out of money. What are there going to sell or trade ?

    SAND ? ?

  • Dave in Dallas

    Obama’s ship deployments don’t work because Iran is not AFRAID of Obama. He helps Islamists overthrow non Islamists, and he does NOT help the Green revolution. He is ON THEIR SIDE. Cain is on Israel’s side. Totally different situation for Iran. You also are leaving out some of Cain’s comments about protecting our coast, etc. his approach manifestly makes sense to me and I wonder if you, Jim, have even heard all of what Cain has to say on this.

  • JimmyT

    @Goldman—You got it—Sometimes Mr. Hoft, the simple answer is the right answer. People ask the dumbest questions. What are you going to do about Iran is a dumb question to ask a presidential candidate who has no access to intelligence reports. How the hell can Cain, or anybody outside the loop, answer a foreign policy question without details of the facts?

  • mcc

    Right now, I’m with Jeb re Gingrich. In fact, I just voted for him at Ace’s place: scrolled down to find the poll right beside the photo of Eric Holder with his finger in his nose.

    At this point, Cain is just ahead of Perry for the top spot (33% and 32%) with Newt in third place (18%). The rest are a considerable distance behind them.

  • Sigh……

    Enough. I expected more of this blog than this.


    Cain is right. You may think its naive, but lets be honest, W forfeited any ability to block Iran’s acts of war by ignoring 8 yrs of provocation. The only way to defeat Iran (without wholesale invasion) is by destroying OPEC. If Cain came out and said it was his mission to destroy OPEC I guarantee everyone would not called that dangerous.

  • Militant Conservative


    Any current candidate would be an improvement

    From Obama. Cain would be a godsend.

    Powder is dry

    P.S. What Ginger said!

  • BS61

    I’m a Cain supporter for sure, since he is the anti-establishment. That said, I am not pleased that he has not been studying up on foreign policy. Why doesn’t he call John Bolton or something?! I find it very frustrating.

  • Ruebacca

    Who the hell has a “insightful and safe” plan for Iran?

  • Deanna

    Maybe Cain should have made the politician’s standard go-to answer…

    One thing is clear: we must stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Economic sanctions must be tightened and increased and all options must remain on the table to stop a brutally repressive regime from acquiring a nuclear capability.

  • I’m sick of this hypothetical question. If I was asked it I would respond that as President when the protesters were in the street begging for my support I would have encouraged them. We know that this actually happened and Obama said nothing.

    Now we have an Arab Spring, which anyone with a brain would have told you that it was either started and fueled by Radical Islamist (The Muslim Brotherhood) or it would create a void easily filled by Radical Islamist. What was Obama’s reaction? Not only was a cheerleader he led the charge to kill Khadafi. While Khadafi was not a good person you know what you had and Islam had little to do with his dictatorship. In other words he was manageable. When Sharia Law and Radical Islamists completely take over what will we do then.

    In a short time the Middle East has been completely destabilized by Obama. Islam is on the march and out Muslim in Chief seems to be the cheerleader!

  • bg


    Mr. “the Iraq war is lost” O’Reilly is a disgraceful rube, as are you GP for
    allowing yourself to be used to dismiss Cain as a nincompoop via cheap
    sound bites headlines & machine gun gothca questions..

    and you called Wallace a what??


  • Mikey

    ABO – What exactly did Obama have as foreign policy experience? NONE. Who cares that he is not up on all the latest foreign policy wonky. He would be 1000% better than the current POTUS. He would be great where he is REALLY NEEDED; on economics. Just remember ABO and for me personally, NO Romney either.

  • bg


    Herman Cain on Iran

    GOP candidate Herman Cain says he
    would attack Iran to defend Israel ..

    Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In
    Herman Cain has New Ideas to Tame Iran!

    btw GP..

    how many posts did you more or less claim that if the Dems would only
    let US drill, we could become energy independent, ergo, give the finger
    to our ME oil suppliers??

    much more here & here..


  • Michael

    The correct reply would be to push the question back to the idiot asking it and ask him why we are even in a position to be asking such a question. I find Cain’s response intriguing because it recognizes the role of economics in foreign policy. Contrast that to the other candidates and the current occupant of the White House.

  • Deanna

    I’m sorry but I can’t get over this one. I’m not a fan of Cain, I don’t like any of the candidates but this is ridiculous. Posting an interview from June, on O’Reilly? And then saying it’s “dangerous?” I keep forgetting that blog owners really are sometimes no different than celebrities. Or they are trolling for hits, ala AllahPundit, who admits it. And then there’s Ace who at least was honest enough to admit he is “anti-Cain.” Sigh…

  • Sam Stone

    For all those talking about Iran and oil/prices. Remember, Iran IMPORTS GASOLINE!!!
    That they have to pay for.

  • Spider

    I love the idea of ‘energy independence’. If that is not a core plank of the Republican platform, I’m not sure what would be.

    As Michael says above, this is an ‘intriguing’ part of the solution to the Iranian problem

    But Cain does need to come up with a real sharp concise ‘sound bite’ to handle this question.

  • bg


    re: #44 November 2, 2011 at 9:46 am bg

    albeit only a sampling, in light of evidence presented denoting Cain as
    being far from naive, i plead with you to stop your politically bias assault
    on Herman Cain.. ans start exposing Perry’s involvement with: Islamic
    Charter Schools, pay to play Crony Capitalism, ACORN, and a few other
    things that seem to be “not only unmentionable”, but attacked when
    mentioned.. thank you..

    Browse Movies Upload Create Account Sign In
    Herman Cain has New Ideas to Tame Iran! =

    Herman Cain has New Ideas to Tame Iran!


  • cal rifkin

    I saw the interview, and GD O’Reilly stepped on every answer Cain could give – Bill is just a self promoting, selg-aggrandizing, fluffed-up, a-hole deluxe.

  • shrek

    with the possible exceptionof the female voter @ #21

    Herman Cain already unpopular with female voters – The Washington Post

    Even before allegations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain surfaced, the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO polled poorly with female voters. The numbers suggest that compared with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, Cain is in big trouble with this demographic.
    In four early primary states, according to recent CNN polls,Romney significantly outperformed Cain with female Republicans in every contest save South Carolina. In Iowa, where the two contenders are statistically tied, Romney took 28 percent of female voters and Cain got 17.

  • bg


    re: Herman Cain’s Iranian Strategy Is Still Naive and Dangerous

    Gateway Pundit’s Herman Cain Strategy Is Still Naive and Dangerous

    there, i respectfully fixed it for you..


  • exceller

    your efforts at knocking Cain are weak. very weak. there is simply nothing dangerous about what he said. its clear you favor someone else for the nomination, but this kind of argument doesn’t win you any converts.
    Bill O’Reilly? I gave up on him years ago when it became clear that his only agenda is himself. a complete blowhard.

  • Jenny

    Frankly, I can’t get on the bash Cain wagon for this one. I like his answer and his willingness to be open minded. Who really thinks that Iran doesn’t already have nuclear weapons, raise your hand.

    Nobody is going to ‘stop’ Iran from doing anything. It was too late 3 years ago when our current president decided to kiss up to every despot in the middle east and then pick them off one by one creating an even more hostile and volatile situation. No one has the ‘right answer’. Nice try though.

  • Bob Z

    I’m still thinking about Newt debating Obama. He would clean his clock. Cain has just made to many mistakes

  • Finncrisp

    Even with all the Barry restrictions and delays for leases and permits in place, we are on track to become the number one oil producer in the world by 2017, according to a recent Houston Chronicle report last month. Price of oil should come down when we have more control. Imagine how much more we could produce without the green wacko in the white house?

    A gasoline embargo on Iran is the only sanction not used to date. Probably becaue it would get their attention. Iran currently does not refine gasoline; too busy building nukes.

    Cain will get better on his responses; give him a little time.

  • ouldbollix

    Cain is done, if he kept his mouth shut he would walk away with the nomination, not now.
    With the future of the USA in peril this is an awful time for the GOP to come to the table with such weak candidates. Bamster is going to eat any one of them alive in a general election.

    Time to draft Paul Ryan hes the only one that has no baggage and would chew up and spit out bamster.

  • Lou

    Reading some of the comments there’s a huge aspect that’s being overlooked. Iran wants to be nuked. Iran wants to be crushed. This is why they are dangerous. Mutual Assured Destruction is what they want!

    Many in the Iranian government believe the Mahdi will not come until there is a horrific catastrophic war.

    Weakening their money through lower oil prices and having ballistic missile defenses isn’t a bad idea. BTW our troops are doing too much. Iran ain’t no picnic. I don’t get this constant nitpicking of Cain here, Ace of Spades site etc. Cain has made some gaffes but none warrant this kind of criticism. The look at the rest of the field. They’re not good.

    Cain is catching fire for a reason. Perry, Romney have loads of cash and Perry is tanking and Romney is losing ground. The rest are fading as well. Unless a “dark horse” jumps in Cain seems to be the best we got and he’s a million times better than that anti-American we have in office now.

  • bg


    shrek #51 November 2, 2011 at 9:57 am

    may be, but he’s 8) with the NFRW.. 🙂


  • StrangernFiction

    Hey Jim-bo I scrolled way down on your post and my goodness tell me where I missed the post that your sweetie the Texan was drunk/? Maybe doped up on perscription pills like every one bashed Rush with his back problems.

    You didn’t even post the video to let us decide…cover up for your boy maybe?


  • StrangernFiction

    Newt is the only real choice we have.

    I never thought I’d be here after the social engineering comment, but here I am. I agree, there is no other option.

  • shrek

    Well if this is true you can blame it on his inexperience. Could be just some lower echelon personel who resent this sort of treatment from their boss.

    As Cain Promotes Management Skills, Ex-Aides Tell of Chaos – NYTimes.com

    Mr. Cain has hardly shown up in New Hampshire and Iowa, they said, spending the bulk of his time on a book tour through the South. He occasionally mishandled potential big donors or ignored real voters. His campaign churned through the small staff; last week, his campaign announced the appointment of the veteran campaigner Steve Grubbs, his third Iowa leader in four months.

    Even bumper stickers have been hard to come by.

    And then there was that e-mail to the staff about traveling in a car with Mr. Cain: “Do not speak to him unless you are spoken to,” the memo said.


  • progressoverpeace

    Cain is not a serious candidate. I think he got in on a lark, assuming that nothing would ever come of it. Now, is chance is here, but he is woefully lacking. BTW, this was always obvious as Cain has never said much outside of very general platitudes and the minute he started getting specific he really screwed the pooch. His 999 tax plan is insane. It’s un-Constitutional, stupid, and a seriously dangerous expansion of government even into areas the America-hating dems hadn’t considered possible – though they have gotten the courage to now come out with an even more insane financial transaction tax. In any event, regardless of what else I might have thought of him, the 999 plan was a total dal-breaker for me.

    Cain is a really nice guy and seems to aspire to be a solid conservative, but he’s very light on details and doesn’t hit on the correct answer off the top of his head most of the time (though he comes back with a clarification or two after not long). The GOP had better get their sh#t together soon or this nation is going to be met with a thrid party run. That is the fire that the idiots in the GOP are playing with right now and it is a serious blaze.

    Cain is my vote to go have a beer with but he is at the bottom of my primary selection list (though he does come in above Mike Huntsman).

  • bg


    ouldbollix #57 November 2, 2011 at 10:04 am

    well thank goodness opinions facts do not make..

    btw, if Cain is “done”..

    then what does that say about the rest of the
    candidates he’s ahead of in numerous polls??

    ie: November 2, 2011

    Poll: Cain pulls ahead of Romney

    [disclaimer: i don’t believe in polls,
    but others certainly do, just sayin’]


  • Jim, I hope you’re wearing both a Kevlar vest and Nomex underwear. 😉

    I’m not on any candidate’s bandwagon yet, but I do like Herman Cain in a lot of ways. Pointing out a rather obvious flaw in his campaign, in hopes that he will plug the holes as he goes forward, is hardly something we should avoid.

    Our candidate, whoever he will be, must be strong, knowledgeable, and confident, if we are to rid the nation of the Obama pestilence. That man could be Herman Cain, but not unless he takes a new tack and can avoid appearances like this one.

  • Pingback: Herman Cain’s Iranian Strategy Is Still Naive and Dangerous (Video) | Liberal Whoppers()

  • progressoverpeace

    StrangernFiction commented:

    Newt is the only real choice we have.

    I never thought I’d be here after the social engineering comment, but here I am. I agree, there is no other option.

    Yep. Newt is my choice, now. At least, his global warming yen has been neutralized by circumstances and a GOP Congress, so I can leave that consideration aside.

  • bg


    RedBeard #65 November 2, 2011 at 10:18 am

    there are certainly more honest ways to point out
    flaws, not to mention their gravity or lack thereof..

    then there’s GP’s way.. 🙁


  • unknown jane

    I have to ask (because hey, I see it) what is it about Herman Cain that seems to have so many conservative bloggers in a twist? And conversely, what is it about Rick Perry that causes conservative bloggers to turn into giggling little schoolgirls on their first crush?

    In regards to the former I can’t understand all the animosity. In regards to the latter, I can’t understand the affection.

    Personally, I find Newt to be the smartest, but at least Cain is the most likeable (sorry, but it does count in an election: Cain/Gingrich ticket???) — Perry doesn’t seem to be either (in fact, he appears to be the antithesis of both qualities).

    Respectfully asked, of course.

  • bg


    progressoverpeace #67 November 2, 2011 at 10:20 am

    yeah, leave it aside to come back & bite US in the you know what..

    btw, how’s that Republican ObamaCare repeal deal moving along??




    #39. Pls see #8 for your answer.

    You’re welcome,

  • bg


    progressoverpeace #67 November 2, 2011 at 10:20 am

    btw, Newt is a very intelligent man, that however,
    does not translate into an intelligent “doer” so to
    speak.. which is another reason i like Cain, he’s a
    walker not talker..


  • Mama Grizzly

    Cain is another”blank slate” candidate. Like Obama. It worked well once, didn’t it?

    What–another president with no ideas, ready to rule by committee? And he’s draining money away from better contenders. Sick. Cain is a tool.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if our buddy Soros is somehow working behind the scenes.

    Cain is in way over his head. Like a Little Leager playing against the Pros. The fact that he’s running shows lack of judgement. The fact that he doesn’t care that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about is worse.

  • Look, his answer – as far as he was allowed to complete it – was actually quite good, and one that had Obama (or Bush) had put in place years ago would have done the job.

    These interviewers are all just looking for the guy who will say, “As President, I will turn Iran into a sheet of glass.”

    No one can or will say that, because he’d be accused of being a warmonger.

    O’Reilly was being an ass. Does HE have the perfect political answer to that question? Hell no.

    Cain’s answer was the best one I’ve heard yet. The ONLY one with any originality or out of the box thinking, like most of his policies.

    Until a person is President and is given the facts and all the dirty secrets, all a candidate can do is speculate and try not to get into trouble.

  • bg


    Mama Grizzly #73 November 2, 2011 at 10:31 am

    ooh, MG a racist, who’da thunk.. /s/


  • Diamond Girl

    I saw the interview last night…as usual BOR did his usual interrupting ‘I know All’ routine…couldn’t take watching more of his show after that…BOR disgusts me.

    …and Drill Baby Drill!

  • Ginger

    And you would take the truth from a rag as the Washington Post. You know what tells me how people feel about Mr. Cain is his support of thousands rolling in his campaign.

    Do you really want a president Romney or president Perry? Do you really want more of the same? I don’t! Those two are corrupted to the core. Maybe people could be looking more to the canidates lower on the run for president. Genrich, Bachman, Santoram (sp.)

    Dam …people open your eyes! Who is on Fox all the time now bashing Cain and praising Romney! That a$$ hole traitor Carl Rove and of course all of the so called experts like Charles K. Do you really want more of the same.

    Does any one know that Billy boy O’Reilly is a sexual harasser? Ask him how much he had to pay to his victim to make her go away. Maybe we should encourage her to break her confidentiality in the settlement like every one is wanting the lady to do against Mr. Cain. Send him an e-mail and ask him! I dare you!

    I am so discusted with this I could spit nails. Jim….I am so loseing respect for you! 🙁

    I do not have time to edit so excuse my spelling …got to go to the groomer!

    Mr. Cain….Hire Mr. Bolton

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    I don’t think Jim understands the importance of being energy independence.

    Should there be an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites, the first thing the Regime will do is to throw up an oil embargo. The same threat exists should the US take some action.

    No, I think Cain’s approach is not only mature but entirely necessary.

  • Gary

    I have to say, I watched the video on Perry after much build-up on Fox News, and I didn’t think he looked drunk, drugged, or even sleep-deprived.
    I think he just got a little to comfortable in his element and revealed more of his personality than he intended to. It’s easy to do when the audience is laughing and cheering you on.
    But I do think what was revealed is the other side of Perry, a really nasty side. I haven’t liked him from the first minute he announced (a political move designed to steal Bachmann’s thunder after the Iowa straw poll) and then engineered a snub from Bachmann where he “took the high road”.

    As for Cain, by reading the comments here, I see a lot more people are starting to see what I saw in Cain early on. He has a problem with criticism, with telling the truth, and with reacting when caught in a lie or a mis-speak.
    On the personal level, I like him and I think he is conservative enough (though somebody posted that he voted for Clinton in1992).
    I just wish he would own up to his mistakes and show that he can do more than obstinately deny being caught either lying or not knowing what he’s talking about.

  • bg


    Star Thrower #74 November 2, 2011 at 10:32 am

    most all of these (and many others) are well worth listening to..

    vs.. i’m smarter and whiter than you interruptus gotcha (or so i
    think) blank machine gun questions, and besides, it’s my show..


  • progressoverpeace

    bg commented:

    yeah, leave it aside to come back & bite US in the you know what..

    It’s a non-issue, now, and even moreso with a GOP COngress and Republican in the White House. Newt wouldn’t be doing jack about global warming from the White House. THat’s pretty clear. The offense of Newt sharing the couch with Nazi Pelousi still stands (and it is still a major offense) but his global warming advocacy is essentially dead. Besides, Newt was trying to be too cute by half with that whole thing, trying to use global warming ideas to push for nuclear and the like, which is a serious distinction. In any event, there’s no chance of any global warming legislation getting through the next Congress, so it’s a moot point in my book.

    btw, how’s that Republican ObamaCare repeal deal moving along??

    This is my number one concern, but aside from Bachmann and Santorum, everyone else is pretending that it’s a non-issue, now. There’s nothign that can be done about that, but that is why I’ve been warning about a third party run if the GOP doesn’t get things right, here. This GOP think they got away scot-free with that obnoxious and near criminal collusion with the dems on the lame-duck session. THey might have, but if they keep that attitude up (as they have not moved to stop spending, not to repeal ObamaCare – one vote isn’t sh#t – not even tried to hold the worst criminal to ever sit in the White House to account for ANYTHING at all, when Barky has committed, literally, tens of impeachable acts) there will be a third party and it will make a difference.

    But that has nothing to do with the fact that Newt is the only half-decent candidate with a chance (though I’d prefer Bachmann or Santorum). That’s just a comment on the field.

  • Gary

    All that said,
    the answer on Iran is simple.

    We have to keep US combat boots off Iranian soil.
    We have to keep our current naval vessel deployments in the Persian Gulf.
    We have to foment insurrection like the uprising that occurred after the last election there, and this time give clear and strong signals that we will back the overthrow movement.
    We have to impress upon the new regime that regime overthrow is always on the table.
    Lastly, we have to be ready to nuke Tehran as soon as we have satellite confirmation that a nuke has been successfully test detonated in Iran.

    Problem is, nobody can get elected by saying that.

  • bg


    dang you for not running Sarah..

    look at all the fun you’re missing out on..

    /”Palin Cain” sarc/


  • myohmy

    We bombed Libya without the consent of the american people and Congress. Are we back policing the world again? Don’t you think Obama is the dangerous one?

  • Gary

    Progress over peace

    I’ve been in Bachmann’s corner since this fight started. I just don’t get why she isn’t getting traction among conservatives. She’s the only one with a solid convervative voting record to back her rhetoric.
    I’m almost tempted to play the gender card, but I won’t. I guess there’s something else about her that make people want to give the job to Cain or Perry (who both voted for Clinton in 92).

  • progressoverpeace

    Gary commented:

    Progress over peace

    I’ve been in Bachmann’s corner since this fight started. I just don’t get why she isn’t getting traction among conservatives.

    Yep. Me, too. I’ve followed Bachmann from years back when she was fighting with only a handful of other GOP reps and a couple of Senators to save our nation from the rest of the idiots. She did some great work (that others were scared to even try to do) which some fools then tried to make fun of in the debate – that idiotic “why don’t you win your fights?” retort when Bachmann was one of the only courageous people in Congress, and has always been. I never got that, myself, and layed into anyone who tried to forward that BS. I think the GOP is just scared of Bachmann like they’re scared of Palin (though Bachmann was the original Tea Partier – long before there was any Tea Party).

    I’m preaching to the choir, here, I know.

  • Gary

    policing the world is just a tired expression.
    America does indeed have a right and an obligation to protect and defend the lives, property, and assets of U.S. persons, corporations, and other interests.
    By not “policing” the world, we would sit at home with a 9/10 mentality and wait for the attack that IS coming.
    Remember the police don’t spend most of their time cracking heads. They spend it patrolling.
    This is a big world with a lot of bad people, countries and organizations, and it does require somebody to patrol it.
    The U.S. is the single most qualified and capable entity for the job.
    We try to get others to join in where possible, but in many cases it’s like hiring the fox to watch the henhouse for us. We generally have to do it ourselves.
    Sorry you don’t see it that way.

  • Patty

    Was very happy to Herman Cain express his views on Iran. Can’t stress this enough.

    Cain will follow the direction that is the best for America and will help our friends wherever he can.

    He has said time and again that he will listen to commanders. I like what he is doing and it is doubtful he is going to start World War III. And he is in no way naive.

    I anyone is Naive it is Obama. He fell into good luck, he have been informed every step of the way as to what Iran is doing. He blew it with Iran a year and a half ago.

    Cain, won’t be as Apologetic to our enemies and will not ignore Congress in his decisions.

    I see the media wishes us to be happy with whom ever they pick.

    Americans see in Cain, the exact opposite of Obama. I believe that many are waiting for the next shoe to drop on Cain. But the headline here makes me wonder, why the right is waiting, too.

    The presidency is a big deal, in ’08 it became a Joke. Many voters wish now they could take their vote back. With Cain all the cards are on the table, whether candidate is Cain, I certainly hope that Republicans choose the right person and don’t regret their choice.

    Past ELECTIONS prove that voters are the NAIVE AND DANGEROUS. And the media needs to stop promoting the wrong people this time around.

  • redpillpatriot

    Oreilly is an out of touch JOKE!! Who the hell listens to that clown anyway. The GOP and the demoncrats are doing their best to elect another business as usual RINO. They want Romney, but they’ll take another establishment GOPer like Perry if they have to. All you Yankees (anyone north of Texas) take heed…Rick Perry is NOT a conservative!!!!!!

    What is the point of arguing about candidates anyway, the GOP will pick who they pick. And it will be a RINO. That will either ensure another Obama victory or just as bad another status quo RINO. Either way the republic is lost!

  • kansas

    Herman Cain’s Iranian Strategy Is Still Naive and Dangerous. So is Obama’s. So what?

  • bg


    VTOTUS #8 November 2, 2011 at 8:02 am 😉


    btw.. i sincerely think the constant cannibalization of Herman Cain by
    so called ‘conservatives’, is not only going to backfire, but lead many
    undecideds to the Obama camp.. but heh, what do i know.. 🙁


  • Gary


    That is exactly right. It isn’t the point that she was conservative or that she did the right thing on the votes. The point is that it was unpopular even among Republicans, but she voted just as she said she would.
    Bush talked really tough on China before he was elected, but from 2001 to 2008, I can’t remember hearing one word about China. Now look at us.
    I have no question about Bachmann’s follow-through.
    I can’t say that for Cain because he’s never had any kind of voting record to scrutinize.

  • unknown jane

    #85 Honestly, I’d be willing to give her a second look — but Perry really outmanuevered her in that debate and made her look rather nutty.

    Which is a shameful irony because 1) the Gardasil topic was valid insofar as it could bring up troubling questions concerning Perry’s ideas about individual freedom of choice and crony capitalism (and he has other instances of these things beyond this one incident — plus his response about a mere 5K wasn’t enough to buy him was…interesting); 2) sorry, but I saw that speech of his, and the debates, and the interviews — honestly, he makes me do the wt_? every time I see him on tv (rightly or wrongly, but there it is).
    I did not see jovial, at ease, or any of those things…it came of a little…off imho.

  • Perfected democrat

    Walk softly and carry a big stick; Cain has already expressed 100% solidarity with Israel, to bluster more aggressively now would be to risk being viewed as another Obama style blowhard. The most important thing is to remove the traitor Democrats from the executive branch, and to do a better job educating our unfortunate world of intellectually lazy liberals and independents, especially by putting more pressure on the MSM to assume their implied fiduciary duty as objective and honest champions of the truth. As it stands now, the MSM have abdicated responsibility, either because they are running scared of real confrontation with the muslim world, or they are in tacit alliance by their deliberately dedicated left-wing bias. If Israel takes the military responsibility unilaterally, the world will revile them; if they don’t, the end of the story could be similar to the WWII era, after which many reviled the Jews for not defending themselves. There is a very relevant perspective (in defense of the victims) which could be discussed in that regard, but is too much for this little comment. But it is sufficient to explain why Netanyahu is now bending to extortion and blackmail by entertaining the diminution of Israel with the creation of yet another rogue muslim statelet.

  • Gary

    Just remember that a lot of commanders are also Democrats, and generals get their rank through political game-playing. We can’t give blanket acceptance to what the commanders say. The president has to take that under advisement along with other views, and he should have at least some analytical skills of his (or her) own so as not to be lead down the garden path.

  • bg


    kansas #90 November 2, 2011 at 10:57 am

    how is that??

    thanks in advance..

    oh wait..

    you don’t know because you didn’t bother
    to listen to Herman Cain on Iran..

    how do i know??


    you wouldn’t have posted what you did if you had..


  • Patty

    I have to say, Iran is getting Bold and it is a shame. Because Cain will take care of this, whether you want it or not, we need some strength in the White House and we are not turning tail and running away from Iran’s dangerous and naive threats. It is about time we have someone who will take care of the problems OBAMA is too chicken too.

  • Gary

    I love how we’re either for Cain or we’re “so-called conservatives”.
    Did Cain vote for Clinton? Sounds like he’s the “so-called conservative”.

    Seriously, your crush on Herman Cain is sinking to the Coulter-Christie depths.
    Have some dignity.

    And I DID listen to what Cain said last night and I was rolling my eyes by the time he said “independent energy”. The only way to stop Iran from going nuclear is outlined in #82 above, by me.

  • Gary

    Don’t forget North Korea.
    The number of nuclear nations is about to increase exponentially.
    It used to be a country club, but now that the third world has the technology, they’ll sell it to anybody with a few million dollars (that probably originated as U.S. relief money).

  • Patty

    Gary, Gary, Gary

    Cain 100, Obama 0.

    Commanders are Democrat! YOU THINK I AM NAIVE TOO. Please, we need those in other nations who want us dead to know a new Sheriff is in town. And Cain will kick them to the curb.

    I am sick of living in fear and Iraelis need to know we have their back, not the 1967 back, either.
    Cain will have their backs.

  • Spider

    So the vetting of Cain is complete?

    We can move right on to the General election?

    That’s good, it frees up a lot of my time between now and next November.

  • It’s pretty clear to me that Jim Hoft would prefer another candidate.

    He’s been attacking Cain vigorously lately.

    In the interest of full disclosure, perhaps it’s time for Mr. Hoft to identify who he is supporting.

  • Gary

    There is no question I would vote for Cain over Obama. It isn’t the issue.
    But the new sheriff doesn’t have to be Cain.

    Now I can’t tell from your punctuation, but you aren’t questioning that a lot of the military top brass are Democrats are you? They certainly are. Especially at the top. Petraeus voted for Obama. And then there are more obvious examples like Wesley Clark.

    You might associate the military with conservatism, but you would be failing to see that over the past five decades, Democrats have inserted themselves deeply into all aspects of government (to ensure they hold power when they are out of favor with the electing public). The grasssroots remains pretty conservatives, but Dems have made their way to the top.
    I would only think you were naive if you didn’t know that.


  • Think about it, Jim, Economically taking the US out of the world oil market (3rd largest in the world as consumer) by being self sufficient in energy would plummet world oil prices hurting Irans production.

    Standing toe to toe with them on military might, would only keep them somewhat at bay, but having a number of US military bases with in Iraq (which Obama just failed to work that out) would be the best approach.

  • greenfairie

    I’ll give the right answer that nobody wants to hear:

    Unless a miracle happens and the sane people toss out the mullahcracy, war with Iran is inevitable. It was inevitable since 1979. The only question is whether it will be a conventional war or a nuclear war.

    Sorry, folks, that’s the truth no politician dare utter.

  • Freddy

    Ok Mr Hoft,

    What exactly is your plan for Iran?

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this important question.

  • bg


    an example of what i mean re: comprehension,
    ergo, doubt many anti-Cain are “conservative”..

    Gary #98 November 2, 2011 at 11:06 am

    where have i stated “either or”??

    that’s liberal rhetoric..

    that said, mini- flashback:

    Herman Cain on Energy Independence

    Herman Cain’s Education Background

    [Herman Cain is a businessman, politician, and radio host who is a candidate for the Republican nomination. He is the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and was the chairman of the board of directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansaas City. He currently serves as a minister at the Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, Georgia. EDUinReview will now take a look at his education background.

    Cain was born on December 13, 1945, in Memphis Tennessee. His parents are Lenora and Luther Cain, Jr. In 1967, Cain graduated from Morehouse College, where he studied mathematics. Four years later, he earned a Master of Science degree from Purdue University, where he studied computer science. Cain earned his master’s degree while he was working as a full-time ballistics employee for the U.S. Department of the Navy. Cain has received eight honorary degrees from Creighton, Johnson & Wales, Morehouse College, University of Nebraska, New York City Technical College, Purdue, Suffolk University, and Tougaloo College.

    After Cain finished his master’s work at Purdue, he quit his job with the Navy and went to work for the Coca-Cola Company as a business analyst. He then joined Pillsbury in 1977 and became the Vice President of the company in the early 1980s. In 1988, Cain and several investors bought Godfather’s Pizza from Pillsbury and Cain became the CEO of the company.

    Cain first ran for a Republican presidential nomination in 2000, but he quickly withdrew from the race. In 2004, he ran for a position in the U.S. Senate in Georgia but came in second place, after Johnny Isakson. Then in 2010, Cain seemed to have found a new source of political inspiration. He spoke at more than 40 Tea Party rallies, visited all of the early presidential states, and even became a YouTube sensation. He announced a presidential exploratory committee in January 2011.]

    and imho: “Presidential” & “Conservative”


  • Pete_Bondurant

    What is Cain supposed to say? Really? Give specifics? His response should be the following “All options are on the table. I will do what I have to do after consulting with my cabinet. I can assure you that we will be much more forceful than the current administration. I am not going to telegraph to that brutal regime my intentions until I absolutely have to.”

    Very simple. And if the blowhards in the media do not like it, too bad.

  • Thank you for this post. The thing is of all the candidates Herman Cain is the only one that has not been vetted.
    Perry has been for 11 years as Gov., rino Romney has even been vetted with his last run for President, same with Bachmann and all the rest. Each one we have all had plenty of information and vetting on all of them…………except Herman Cain.

    What is sad and makes no sense to me is how angry the Cain supporters get when anyone wants to vet Cain. It reminds me of how Obama voters and supporters have been with him.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Iran is not an Arab state. Energy independence won’t stop their plans.

    Herman Cain is not experienced enough to be a good president, and I don’t think we know much about him. Beware the Trojan horse.

    Santorum, Bachmann, Romney, Gingrich would be okay.

    No on Cain, Johnson, Huntsman, Paul.

    I don’t have the same problem with Romney others do. At least not so far. If I had my way I’d put Keyes/West on. Or Santorum/Bachmann. Of course that won’t happen, but fun to think about.

  • bg


    Gary #103 November 2, 2011 at 11:22 am

    problem is, there doesn’t seem to be any discussions re: any other
    candidates, as GP either opens posts that bash Cain or Romney and
    praise Perry (not to mention the invasion of so called pro-Perry :aka:
    Taqqiyah Tag Team Trolls Alinskying anyone who dares post anything
    factually negative about him), which is not very conducive to rational
    debate.. jmho


  • Spider

    Oh, Wild Thing you have stepped on a land mine…..

    …. in 1… 2…. 3….

  • Don

    Look at how Obama’s foreign policy changed after he took office. The reality of the situation hits every POTUS. Granted Cain has much catch up to do on this issue.

  • bg


    Wild Thing #109 November 2, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Perry has been vetted??

    you mean like McCain & all the other good old career Rinos”??

    btw, Texas is a huge state, and at least half do not appreciate their Governor..

    oh, and did i mention he lies?? /s/

    [there are many more lies, but alas, i am tired of posting
    them, but there’s still plenty of time to post them again..]

    more here & here..

    oh, maybe you can answer me this, Why Do Texans Hate Perry??


  • Mama Grizzly

    Every candidate should be vetted thoroughly. And peoPle must take a close look at their actual platforms. Then and only then can we think seriously about who can actually beat Obama’s billion dollar campaign.

  • Patty

    Poll – Rasmussen South Carolina (post scandal Cain 33% Romney 23%)
    November 02, 2011

    Election 2012: South Carolina Republican Primary

    South Carolina: Cain 33% Romney 23% Gingrich 15%

  • Patty


    Obama Aims at Election Laws

    CHICAGO—The Obama re-election campaign has quietly opened a counteroffensive against Republican-backed changes to election laws that Democrats say will suppress votes for their candidates and limit their get-out-the-vote drives.

    The effort, led by former White House counsel Robert Bauer, prompted the suspension of an Ohio law limiting early voting. Campaign officials produced educational materials to counter a Wisconsin law that requires voters to produce photo I.D.s—but disallows those used by Wisconsin colleges.

    By this spring, the Obama re-election campaign will mount what Mr. Bauer called an unprecedented “voter protection” effort, fielding thousands of volunteers in battleground states to help navigate …

    Worries me!

  • Patty

    And the Voters are Naive and Dangerous.

  • shrek

    mama grizzly

    couldn’t have been said any plainer. Agree 100%!

  • Patty

    Polls: love em’ or hate em’. Way too early to peg Cain has Naive and Dangerous on Foreign Policy. And his wealth of knowledge on the Economy and Jobs will serve him very well.


    Still, there are indications that the poll could just be a blip. There is little change in the crosstabs by party from last month, when Romney led Obama by four points. Independents broke for Romney by five points in each survey, yet, overall, there was a nine-point swing. It simply appears that this month’s sample is significantly more Democratic.

    Shepard asked Quinnipiac to release their demographics in both surveys to check sampling. So far, they haven’t responded. However, if the results by party in both polls are identical and yet Obama gained in popularity, then Shepard is probably correct that the new sample included more Democrats at the expense of either Republicans, independents, or both.

    Among Republican primary voters, Herman Cain has a significant lead over Mitt Romney, 30/23, and beats Romney 47/39 in a two-man race for the nomination. However, almost all of this polling took place before the Politico story about two settlements over harassment claims at the National Restaurant Association. So far that story doesn’t seem to be gaining traction among GOP primary voters and might even be attracting support for Cain as he fights the national media. This Q-poll will serve as a pretty good baseline for future polling to determine whether Cain ends up damaged or helped by the imbroglio this week.

  • Patty

    Polling bounce for Obama?


    The best of the best hopefully will the candidate that will beat Obama. Debates are everything and what the Naive and Dangerous Voters Believe.

  • Ginger

    Rush linked the man who took over the job for Mr. Cain as giving campaign money to Romney and of course he said the man gave to Mr. Cain too! I was driving and did not get to write down his name. But Rush said hmmmm hmmmm hmmm You figure it out! 🙂

    Also one of the females lawyer Joe Bennetts (Sp.) has no file on his client. He could not even remember Mr. Cain’s name. The file is gone and he can not recall any of the settlements. There is NOTHING..said no faxes…no phone calls called or recieved! WHOLE FILE GONE! Which lady????

  • WillofLa

    This report was from back in June of this year. Doesn’t anyone think that maybe Cain has changed his mind and learned somemore by now? I don’t know what his attitude about Iran getting the bomb is now, but I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he knows we need to stop Iran by bombing their nuclear facilities to dust including bunker busting bombs. If Bill had half a brain he would have asked Cain more detail about how he felt about Iran having the bomb.

  • bg


    Patty #118 November 2, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    we are soooooooooooooooo dumbed
    down screwed it literally hurts.. *sigh*

    thanks a lot “so called” CONSERVATIVE BLOGOSPHERE. 🙁


  • myohmy

    #87 Corporations have already left this country because of high corporate tax. They are setting up shops abroad. Why spend all our hard earned money to defend them?

  • bg


    Ginger #123 November 2, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    here you go..

    oh, never mind.. 😀


  • kato

    As I wrote several months ago and again several times since: Herman Cain is not presidential material.

    It scares me that there are so many purported conservatives who believe he is.

  • bg


    kato #128 November 2, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    again, why not??


  • bg #115

    re maybe you can answer me this, Why Do Texans Hate Perry??

    And you use a Soros funded Think Progress hit piece? Tsk tsk…

    Texas has gotten an influx of leftists from California and other blue states who do not like conservative. Simple. Among Texan conservatives Perry is popular.

  • kato #128

    Could have something to do with his ‘Islam is peace’ dhimmitude.

    ‘Herman Cain had his much-ballyhooed meeting with Muslims Wednesday, and he emerged, he said in a campaign statement “humble and contrite for any statements I have made that might have caused offense to Muslim Americans and their friends.”

    Cain’s meeting came at the ADAMS Center, a Northern Virginia mosque complex that recently hosted deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough.

    At ADAMS, Cain met with Imam Mohamed Magid, the executive director of the center, as well as several other top officials. In the statement, Cain said he found common ground with the Muslims he met with Wednesday from his own past.

    “As I expected, we discovered we have much more in common in our values and virtues,” Cain said. “In my own life as a black youth growing up in the segregated South, I understand their frustration with stereotypes. Those in attendance, like most Muslim Americans, are peaceful Muslims and patriotic Americans whose good will is often drowned out by the reprehensible actions of jihadists.”’

    Herman Cain Apologizes To Muslims

    Like there’s a difference between Muslims and jihadists, and like there are similarities between the experience of black Americans and Muslims in America..

  • AuntieMadder

    #124 November 2, 2011 at 2:15 pm
    WillofLa commented: “This report was from back in June of this year.”

    Assuming you are correct about this being a dated story/report, I want to know why Republicans only use these dirty fighting tactics against each other and never against Demonrats. Anyone know?

  • Ginger

    AuntieMadder #132…..asked!

    Assuming you are correct about this being a dated story/report, I want to know why Republicans only use these dirty fighting tactics against each other and never against Demonrats. Anyone know?


    I am thinking because the dirty Republicans that do the dirty tactics against other Republicans is in reality really Demo-rats pretending to be Republicans!

  • daryl


    S. Wolfe commented

    “And you use a Soros funded Think Progress hit piece? Tsk tsk…”

    I’ve found that some here aren’t particular at all about a source if it suits their purpose.
    But if you call attention to the fact be ready for flock of harpies to attack your mentioning it.
    They see nothing wrong at all with the it.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #131 November 2, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    oh dear Lord S Wolf..

    that has been so debunked ages ago..

    PLEASE catch up..


  • bg


    S. Wolf #130 November 2, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    Soros funded hit piece, where??


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  • bg


    re: #136 November 2, 2011 at 4:42 pm bg

    didn’t think so..

    but waiting anyways..


  • Molon Labe

    I’ve noted the extremel;y sensible solutions by the other GOP candidates (atleast the RINOs) who have said “duh.” Hoffer is in the tank for the RINOs.

    Exactly what Romney or Perry do besides increase the number of queers in the military?

  • Gary

    bg 107

    The problem is, like your hero Cain, you’re trying to have it both ways

    You constantly make comments that what other people say about Cain is liberal-like and not very conservative.
    Then I call you out for calling other conservatives on this site “so-called conservatives” both outright and by implication
    You respond by saying that you never used “either or” and then finish up by saying that is “liberal rhetoric”

    SO to sum up your view more concisely: “I never called you a liberal. What a liberal thing to say.”

    Wow. Have it both ways much?
    By the way did Cain vote for Clinton? Man I’m sick of those so-called conservatives and the ones who support them.
    Almost makes me miss Craig.

  • Gary

    bg 91

    Further on the point of “so-called conservatives” and the undecideds,
    1. this is our primary. This is the time when we pick our conservative candidate, not the time when we try to drag people who might vote for Obama kicking and screaming over to our side. You’re worried about losing voters who might vote for Obama. But your brow-beating Craig-style cheerleading of Cain is causing people to push back. You’re trying to cram your choice down our throats. It doesn’t work. And claiming to be the arbiter of who is and isn’t conservative is arrogant. I think Bachmann is more conservative than Cain (who voted for Clinton). I don’t see you singing her praises, and she has the voting record to back up the rhetoric, plus no sexual harassment scandals due to break big by springtime.

    2. When the primaries are over and we have a nominee, we’ll all line up behind them. That’s a guarantee. Nobody wants to see Obama re-elected. Stop calling other conservatives “so-called conservatives”. A lot of us voted for Reagan. Judging by your writing style, you were probably in diapers at the time.

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