Herman Cain’s Iranian Strategy Is Still Naive and Dangerous (Video)

Back in June popular conservative Herman Cain was on The O’Reilly Factor and told Bill that the best way to deal with the Iranian threat was to drill for oil. Bill O’Reilly was not impressed.
From the transcript:

O’REILLY: All right. A new report says Iran may have a nuclear weapon this year. How do you stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?

CAIN: The way you stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is for us to get serious about a real energy independence strategy.

O’REILLY: That’s going to take longer than this year. How do you stop them from getting a nuke this year?

CAIN: Have a serious strategy, Bill. And if you have a serious strategy, it’s going to cause the speculators to speculate down instead of speculating up.

O’REILLY: That’s not going to stop Iran…


CAIN: Bill, Bill…

O’REILLY: Even though gas price goes down, it’s not going to stop Iran from developing a nuke.

CAIN: Not in the short-term, Bill. Look, here is my punchline. If we help drive the price of oil down, that hurts Iran. And if the price of oil gets down near $70 a barrel, we win. They won’t have the money to develop a nuclear program.

O’REILLY: No, they will develop it anyway.

While drilling for oil is sound economic policy it will not deter the Iranian regime at all in their quest for nuclear weapons. The US does not even import oil from Iran. The brutal regime will always find customers for their oil. And, to think that energy independence will influence the hardliners from spreading their brand of radical Islam in the region is naive and dangerous.

Last night Herman Cain did it again.
The leading Republican candidate for president told O’Reilly that he will deal with the Iranian threat by drilling domestically for oil.

Herman Cain also suggested we double the number of ships in the region capable of shooting down Iranian missiles. This is a better approach. However, in 2010 when Barack Obama deployed ships to the the Gulf with this capability it did not seem to sway the Iranians from pursuing nuclear weapons.

Herman Cain needs to have better solutions than this if he wants to win the Republican nomination and defeat failed president Barack Obama in 2012.

Note: Once again I realize this position may be unpopular with many of you. Thanks for being respectful with your comments.

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  • http://gatewaypundit pamlinson

    Cain also said that he would listen to wise counsel, something our current ass kicker has never done.

  • Liz

    Yes but this guy is light years ahead of tipsy big government Perry. Priorities, people.

  • Adam_ME

    “Herman Cain needs to have better solutions than this if he wants to win the Republican nomination and defeat failed president Barack Obama in 2012.”

    Does he? I noticed Dr. K(Charles Krauthammer for the layperson) was going after Cain particularly hard on the Iranian issue yesterday on Special Report. What can anyone really do about Iran? I’ve heard many folks say economic sanctions. Haven’t we already done that to no avail? Others say we should support regime change. First of all, Obama kinda missed the window on that opportunity 2 years ago and secondly how far are we willing to go? Do we arm insurgents? Fund them? What if the Iranian government retaliates against us for meddling? Energy independence as Cain advocates? Yeah, that likely won’t do much either to dissuade them from seeking a nuke. Military action? Does this nation have the stomach for that? Give Israel our blessing to bomb the hell out of them? Sure, but what happens when the situation escalates? Do we send in our military to defend Israel? How far are we willing to go to protect them?

    Like I said, there’s no easy answer. Obama’s seems to be…..well, I don’t think he does have one aside from giving a speech and apparently charming the pants off the mullahs to the point where they shut down their nuclear program. For some reason though, Cain seems to have a very high threshold he needs to meet for many folks when asked about foreign policy. As if he’s supposed to have some sort of magic bullet to deal with extremely difficult scenarios like Iran.

  • Mark1957

    Well, drilling for oil would be more than the current administration is doing. Perhaps that would force the Saudi’s into taking some action against Iran.

  • shrek

    #2 said

    “Priorities, people.”

    Yeah priorities.You got that right. But does he know a priority from a harrassment suit?

    Cain campaign launches internal investigation – JSOnline


  • Roux

    Cain is right in his long term policy towards the area. Lowering the GLOBAL price of oil will hurt the Iranians. Of course Obama did nothing during the public uprising in Iran and barely mentioned them publicly. Iran and Venezuela are both on the edge of collapse and all they need is a little push.

  • Sam Stone

    Look at the facts when it comes to presidential candidates and foreign policy.

    Look at what Obama said prior to his election. Look at ANY candidate says prior to them taking their seat in the Oval office. It ALL changes once they are privy to the intel they do not have prior to being CiC. When they sit for their first few briefings of information none of us have, and they never before saw, their positions are then informed as they never were before.

    Never look for all qualities in one individual, you will be sorely disappointed.


    #3. “What can anyone really do about Iran?”

    Simple. Send a memo: “Dear Iran, If you ever cause us any problems, we will give your people a one-week notice before we convert your sand to glass. Thank you, Have a Nice Day.”


  • suec

    Cain needs to say vague things like “All options should be on the table.” He needs to take a quick class on how to respond politically to these type of questions

    There is something refreshing about people who are NOT politicians running for office, but the drawback is that they have not been trained to give the acceptable vague/nuanced answers to hard questions that Americans expect.


    #7 “It ALL changes once they are privy to the intel they do not have prior to being CiC.”

    Exactly. Plus, he/she might need a few consults with the experts to which he/she doesn’t yet have access, huh.

    Cain must be a Reagan: He must surround himself with strong players and then listen to them.

  • http://gatewaypundit pamlinson

    Herman Cain hasn’t gotten to where he has as an executive by leaning on his own understanding. He is smart enough to know how to place the right people around him who would give him the best advice. No one man or woman is genius enough to be an expert for the military, economic, educational, political, global issues. Barry thinks he is, which is why we’re in the crisis we are.

  • chuck in st paul

    Cain has great domestic/economic ideas and experience as a CEO. However, his international knowledge and experience are sadly lacking. He needs to immediately team up with one or more well known experts in the field and put their faces out in public so folks know he has a reservoir to tap into. It’s what a chief executive or chairman of the board does.

    If he doesn’t do this, then he is a cowboy and not a presidential candidate. One cannot run a very large enterprise successfully alone.


    #9 “He needs to take a quick class on how to respond politically to these type of questions”

    Yes. He’s a businessman, where communications are more objective than in politics and where you can tell idiots to go pound sand (or fire them – what a novel concept).

    So, yes, he will have to grow into the political culture by using the ‘vague’ language you describe. The risk is that if he becomes too much of a Homo Politicus, then he’s indistinguishable from those we want him to replace. Watching very carefully.

  • Objective Analysis

    I wish the same analysis occurred for Obama a/k/a Barry Soetoro. If the American people, the MSM, and the others would have done their job and vetted this Marxist, Socialist, Communist, Fascist instead of thinking this is about putting in the 1st black president, we would not be in the place.

    I still believed Collin Powell was the first legitimate black president. Obama can’t do squat but golf and campaign. Cain just needs to get debriefed with better advisers and starts reading drudge report and getting a military expert to help him with questions of this magnitude.

    The amazing thing is he really is a black presidential candidate because he is getting tougher questions and being put through the fire than any other candidate including apostate muslim, Barack Obama.

  • vityas

    He’s not doing his homework. He’s not serious. He’s smiling too much. I don’t care how great he can listen to advice. We’ve got 57 czars, plus Frances Fox Piven, now giving the POTUS advice. Look at how well the DOE gives advice/our money to failing solar power businesses. He’s not quick on his feet, he’s like Bambi when confronted all wide-eyed and shocked.

    He has a nice singing voice, though.

  • Robby

    I agree with #8. What would you do Jim? There is no quick fix that anyone could give. The best thing to do is let them know, in no uncertain terms what will happen if they make a mistake!

  • BuddyG

    Suggested sound bite for Cain:

    “Preventing Iran from getting nukes could be bad,
    but a nuclear armed Iran would be worse.”

  • Deanna

    The US does not even import oil from Iran. The brutal regime will always find customers for their oil. And, to think that energy independence will influence the hardliners from spreading their brand of radical Islam in the region is naive and dangerous.

    Well at least you didn’t say he shut his mouth off.
    Actually lowering the price of oil would hurt Iran, less income, less money to spend on nuclear development. It has nothing to do with whether we buy from them or not. And whether they obtain a nuclear weapon or not will not affect their spreading their brand of radical Islam in the region, nothing will and Cain didn’t say it would.

    I’m not a fan of Cain, actually I am not a fan of any of the candidates, but these attempts to make someone look bad have to get better because this one and the China one are pathetic.

  • http://www.edmartinforcongress.com Tom63010

    What NEEDED to be done was to support the protesters after a sham of an election but in spite of protesters in Iran begging for support from Obama and they received nothing. Obama, however has supported Arab Spring that has turned out to be a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama supports the Occupy Wall Street protesters. While I agree Herman Cain may not be a good politician but I do think he is a good man. Surround him with people who are sound conservatives as advisors he will be a fine President. One of Ronald Reagan’s best qualities is he was a great cheerleader and honestly that may be the best qualification for President of all! The American people will take care of the rest once government is reigned in and people are motivated.

  • Trialdog

    Jim, Mr. Cain’s strategy to develop domestic energy is sound. Rogue Arab states can only be a significant threat if they have money. They obtain their money from selling oil. The U.S. has more oil reserves than anyone else. We can develop those reserves, undersell the rest of the world’s suppliers, and control the price. If we keep the price low, it strangles Arab economies that are one dimensional and dependent on oil. (70 years ago, these were deserts occupied by nomadic warlords riding camels)
    This strategy applies particularily to Iran. Then, with limited strategic attacks, we could utterly devastate their economy and their society collapses.
    Now, that does not address what to do with a hard asset, such as a nuclear weapon. You want an answer to that? What are your options? You want to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities in the current political environment created by Obama? Really? Would that be effective or advance U.S. interests? Jim, we have not had a positive or realistic foreign policy for 3 long years and we are in a pickle. Your demand that Mr. Cain have a soundbite immediate solution is unrealistic. His long term solution is sound. For the short term, he’ll have to have great advisors and I trust him to do that. Don’t forget, most if not all Obama’s feckless policies have to be reversed and corrected. It is not going to be easy and won’t be fixed with a quip like: “Oh, we’ll just use a precision missle to take any nukes out.”
    Mr. Cain is a man. An intelligent man with managerial experience. I trust him.