Herman Cain Stumped by Medicare Question – Tosses It Over to Newt at Lincoln-Lincoln Debate (Video)

I know I’m not supposed to post this.
I know (from my email and comments) that if you say anything remotely negative about Herman Cain you’re labeled a traitor to the tea party, a Romney-bot, Rick Perry’s b*tt boy, a racist idiot, etc.

But, anyway…
During the Lincoln-Lincoln debate this past weekend, Herman Cain tossed a Medicare question over to Newt Gingrich – He had no clue what it was they were asking.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen that deer in the headlights look on his face.

Don’t worry, though. We can teach him.

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  • Bob Z

    At this point if Newt is still in it for the Illinois primary I’m voting for him. I can’t wait to see him debate Obama.

  • Bob Z

    Good post to Jim. Cain just isn’t ready. He is just screwing up to much.

  • Sam Stone

    Any criticism of Cain is fine as long as it is legitimate.

    As a President, he does not need to know all the minute details since they have a staff and cabinet to cover most of it.

    Obama didn;t have a clue and still has no clue as we can see.

    Cain is a good man who could do the job. If we can survive 4 years of an American hating Islamist supporting man, Cain could hardly do worse.

  • linda

    One of the most civil and classy debates and educating the public on topics they might not otherwise have known and a conservative has to take something negative out of it!! Both were classy and they were BOTH brilliant. You are looking at the GOP team to BEAT Obama in 2012!

  • bg


    not true, and you know it..

    i watched it live & several times since awaiting your Cain attack..

    has someone got a gun to your head GP??


  • rcp

    We’ve had over 30 years of politician who know the “right” answer – look where it’s gotten us. Just because someone knows the “right” answer doesn’t qualify or disqualify them. Haven’t made my mind up – listening and evaluating now. There is a saying – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” So do I want to vote for someone because they seem to have all the answers and political experience? Been there .. done that… how it working for us?

  • Bookmark removed

    Good Bye Jim. You have lost it. To test that conclusion, please show your guest your last anti Perry post.

  • NeoKong

    Oh come on Jim.
    Those were catch phrases.
    It’s like saying “entitlement reform” or “national security”.

    The question has to put in a context and even if they caught him off guard so what…?

    If he becomes CIC is he supposed to know how to fly an F-22 or skipper a ballistic sub….?
    Do you think the CEO of McDonald’s knows how to butcher a cow ?

  • raybojabo

    What the hell kind of stupidass question is that?

  • kringeesmom

    I thought it was Newts turn, since Cain answered the previous question first.

  • Potkas7

    Herman Cain is a Good Man. He is both sincere and patriotic and you can take for granted that he is motivated to seek the Presidency by the best of motives. However, Newt Gingrich has spent a lifetime studying public issues, thinking deeply and mastering the details. Saturday night we got to see the difference between sincere, well-intentioned man and a black belt, Jedi Master of politics. If I had to choose a winner I’d choose Gingrich. But what a team they would make!

  • bg


    an edited .32 second “hit piece” is just as bad, actually worse, as you are supposedly a Patriot & TEA Party member, than PLOITICO’s not only baseless, but ironically opposite of what Cain was all about smear that you keep expanding on.. why is that GP< just want to know why?? is it money?? or perhaps power?? because unless you've become addicted to your pain meds, i can't see what else it could be.. *sigh*


  • JB

    The conservative base does not need its own cult of personality. How has that worked out for the US for the last several years?

    Like Herm personally, but he’s not ready for prime time.

  • FreaksOfANation

    Nice Jim… Someone is doing there job… yes Tea Party may be sad but he has to educate himself on some issues… the thing is HE IS TEACHABLE, not like our current “Community Organzing anti-capitalist, anti-american, anti-Israel, President of the arab World”….


  • bg


    Herman Cain Stumped by Medicare Question

    yeah right GP, the man doesn’t have a clue, and you do??


    the man thinks before he speaks = fumbles vs quick
    slick nothings = smarter than your average politician

    dummies ‘r’ US


  • Michael D

    I guess if Romney was asked he would have said both, and you would have thought that answer wonderful Jim…right ? Leadership is not necessarily knowing the minute details of every issue on demand. You might want to start thinking a little Jim, instead of your reflexive negative reaction to Herman Cain.

  • BarbaraS

    What is a defined benefit plan? I must be dumb but I’ve been on medicare for 11 years and don’t what the h*ll he’s talking about.

    Hey, I looked it up and they’re talking about obama’s plan for lower premiums for lower risk patients on medicare. One foot in the door to limited government health care. Not much different than the fascist policy of medicare as it is but with less money to pay the health speciaiists. This paves the way to say this plan isn’t working, the government will now step in and limit your choices and your benefits with the death panels obama says are not there. They say you can keep the plan as it is but how long would that last if medicre is tanking? I don’t trust this president or his administration at all except to screw the American people if he can.

    I don’t understand why the moderator thought Cain would know about this cr*p. Obama certainly has not publicised it much. I hate these debate with biased moderators with their gotcha questions. Even when Fox hosts them, the moderators are liberal.

  • daryl

    Jim said:

    “Don’t worry, though. We can teach him.”

    Yeah, Jim. He’s just what we need, alright. Another “earn while you learn” prez with even less no how than the current resident, and in four short years if he hasn’t learned it we’ll give him four more years. Hell of a perfect way to run the country on over the cliff.

  • john03

    Please post Newt’s reply. As someone who’s worked in healthcare finance for the last thirty years I’m curious as to his answer. I have an idea what the moderator was talking about but I’ll bet you $100 he didn’t. He got that question from some obscure proposal on Medicare reform. If you took a poll of your readers I would be surprised if you could find even five people out of a thousand that could accurately answer that question.

  • jainphx

    Come on Jim your bias is coming through loud and clear. I understand you would prefer some one else, but you’re piling on here. Can’t anyone come out and say I’m for so and so, without the gratuitous slams on a good man.