A hippie girl was berated by fellow Oakland Occupiers at a rally this past weeked for advocating non-violence with police — Her buddies had a different idea. They wanted to crack some heads.
(At 45 second mark)

Hat Tip Mara




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  1. Recruit that one.

  2. All we are saying…is give peace a chance.
    AHAhahAHahAHhahahaHHAAHAHhaahahHahahHA…(wipes tear)

    Did anyone catch the tough guy camera dude lamenting how he has been shot at by the cops and got all nervous when the girl touched him….?

  3. Spread the love… Hilarious.

    I thought it was Spread the wealth.

  4. Hippies are from San Francisco; Oakland/Berkeley is populated by activists. Eg. Country Joe and the Fish (“Give me an “F,” give me a “U,” etc. was a Berkeley Band). The Grateful Dead was a kinder, gentler, flower-power San Francisco band. The East Bay always ahd a harder edge. Gosh, Just for fun, go to Youtube and type in “Isla Vista” for the last time folks were PO’d at the Bank of America. And they didn’t even have debit cards back then. How I love the 60s! Will they ever end?

  5. Can’t we all just get along? /sarc

  6. Yet another stupid congomeration of fools, slackers, and hacks. None of them worthy to bag my groceries.

    Nice to see the leftard race-baiting and falsely bragging about being in the scene. Bet he still lives with his parents in their country club home.

  7. Records show many Occupy Wall St. protesters live in luxury


  8. Poor sweet foolish girl. She’s gonna get ground up and used by the grind-up-and-users, just like her older sisters did over 40 years ago. Having given her innocence and kindness to the worst possible sociopaths, she’ll end up middle-aged and bitter, and blaming bad weather, dead batteries and her hangnails on men.

    Jesus Christ on a Segway, doesn’t anybody ever learn anything?

  9. Yeah, these OWS slackers are just aching to get violent, and with Dem support egging them on, they surely will before it’s all over. I just hope the violence is held off a little longer, so even more Dem leadership can jump on board and continue to proclaim public support for this group.. that way, they’ll have even further to fall when the violence does go down. Pass the popcorn and delight in the desperation of Dem PROGRESSIVES as they see their own demise on the horizon, and they flail around in their death throes.

  10. She’s cute!

  11. She’s dumb.

    Hanging around with the smelly losers. Not smart.

  12. hippie girl = moderate Islam

  13. When violence happens , will YOU be ready??!!

    A cop will not be around, wise up folks.

    We are on our own.

    Powder is dry

  14. If these tools spent as much time holding career/job fairs as they did marching up and down the square…
    Oh, forget it. What’s the use?

  15. Amen…M.C.!!

    I live in the country in the Bay Area if you can believe that? Cops are a minimum of 1/2 hour away at best…

    I am watching the local news now while in my home office of these idiots in Oakland, it is simply disgusting…

    The Unions (ALL OF THEM) are supporting this, so teachers,trades,service and the once allmighty longshoreman are out there with the Neo Nazi’s,anarchists and all of the local politicians…

    I am embarrased and very ready as our M.C. friend has just advised…

    So sorry for the cooooks that have hijacked a state that once was great..

  16. MC, powder is dry and plentiful.

  17. The videos these OWS protesters post show their blinding brilliance of self incrimination.

  18. Oakland: Just one of America’s premier black sh-tholes.

  19. Did you also see how few the protesters were in numbers. Pretty bleak.

    Damn near a one to one ratio.

    Remember, the common tactic of the Cops during a riot is to pull back and have

    defined lines and let the rioters burn themselves out.

    I have a different tactic should the cops become an arm of the Obama regime.

    That is for another day. Once you know thier tactics its easy to defeat an opponent.

    The OWS crowd has no tactics, just mob mentality.

    Obama is just fine with all the hate and discontent. He wants it, he craves it.

    This is how dictators are created.

    powder is dry

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