Denver HS Teacher Brings Students to Join #OWS Mob As They Storm Conservative Conference (Video) –Updated

A Denver high school teacher brought students to an Occupy Denver event for a field trip today where they joined Occupy Denver activists as they storm the BlogCon conference. The teacher said she was showing them how democracy worked.

The teacher was too ashamed to give her name or the name of the private girls school she teaches at.

Correction: A local nurse told me there was a TB outbreak recently among the homeless community in Denver. I cannot confirm this. However, there have been outbreaks of TB and pneumonia at other #OWS camps… along with sexual assault and death.

MORE… People Press Collective has more video from the Occupy Denver mob crashing BlogCon.

UPDATE: It looks like the students were from St. Mary’s Academy.

UPDATE: The teacher’s name is Celia Bard. The school tuition is over $14,000 a year.
Thanks Dave and everyone!

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  • Gus

    She looks retarded. Are you sure that she is a teacher?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    You’re out of line!!! How dare you question the motives and good intentions of a union whore looking to corrupt other people’s children and put them in danger!!! The nerve!!

  • peterbaby

    wow wow !! they cant even teach kids to look both ways before you cross the street,

    its over its over there are no schools . not like what we had

  • Missy8s

    She shouldn’t be any closer to a child than Jerry Sandusky, she’s an abuser.

    If I were one of those parents I would sue for child endangerment!

  • peterbaby

    if i was a parent id sue myself for sending my kid to that school

  • paul52

    Shameful behavior from an educational “professional”. Bet she has already contacted her goonion rep. Should be charged with child endangerment… state license revoked, permanently.

  • Dave-O

    Apparently she might be teaching at St. Mary’s Academy – a private, ostensibly Catholic, all-girls high school located in Cherry Hills Village – an exclusive, up-scale community south of town.


    go to page 9 to see a description of the course –

  • peterbaby

    denver ? rocky mountain high?

  • Dave-O

    I’m sorry – go to page 14.

  • patman

    Probably from Boulder…

  • peterbaby

    to much mary jane in the air up there

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  • OWSCarl Nitwit Extraordinaire

    I went to a Catholic school, and you needed parent permission for any class event leaving school property. Where was the principal?

  • Nosmo

    Quick parents, get your kids out of this neocomms classroom asap.

  • peterbaby

    wow spot on! # 13 & 14 !

    if you agree type ditto

  • chuck in st paul

    Democracy…??? I think you meant ‘Mobocracy’ you stupid cow. I’d have a lawyer down at the School Board so fast if she taught one of my kids. In this case it appears to be a private school. Same deal – lawyer on the doorstep immediately.

  • Dave-O

    Here’s a blurb from the St. Mary’s Academy course catalog:

    21st Century: Challenges and Choices
    Prerequisite: For seniors only.
    This course will focus on solutions for major global issues facing humanity in the 21st century. Following a
    team-taught overview of key issues, which will be approximately one-third of the class, students will spend the
    remainder of the course exploring the diversity of approaches currently evolving that address elements of the key
    issues. The development of scenarios will be an important component of the course as students design possible
    future societal directions and the shifting of cultural priorities. There will be both solo and group work, coached by
    teachers, to help students search for solutions. All of the semester’s work will culminate in a personal presentation
    of a specific facet of a global problem along with the solutions you have explored. These are possible issue topics
    you can expect:
    • Energy Issues: Fossil Fuels, Peak Oil, and Petro-Collapse
    • Population Growth Trends and Global Security/Resource Issues
    • Climate Crisis and its Consequences
    • Economic Inequality and its Consequences
    • Water Quality and Quantity
    • Weapons Proliferation
    • Religious and Ethnic Conflict
    • Terrestrial and Aquatic Resource Depletion
    • Rise of Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism

    I’m sure the parents will be thrilled that their children are exposed to all the different ideas and philosophies expressed by the nice, earnest young men and women down at the OccupyDenver protests – not to mention all the filth, lice, disease and TB.

  • Marcus

    The teacher should be terminated and charged for exposing these children to filth. If any of them become ill & dies from being exposed, she needs to be charged with attempted murder.

  • this type of behavior should get the teacher fired. using the classroom to promote her own political point of view. the idea to go to OWS probably came from the union.

  • Joe College

    My cynical bent leads me to wonder whether Abramoff will be used to help pick off GOP congresspeople in the 2012 election…

    What, do you think Abromoff is going on the talk shows to perform a public service? Wiki says “He served three years, six months of a six-year sentence”. And here he is ready to start naming names on the talk shows. If that doesn’t smell like Chicago I don’t know what does.

  • peterbaby

    damn dave -o you type good dude !

  • peterbaby

    joe college i agree with you follow the money. but if the tattle tailing is true the law is the law let the stooly talk dont you think?

  • peterbaby

    they bought the ticket …..

  • She’ll be unemployed in the near future so she can spend as much time at the Occupation Camp as she likes. She teaches at an all girl school eh? I wonder how many of those girls have parents in the 1%?

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  • peterbaby

    people dont use 99% or 1% ! its a trap! it is division


  • Dave-O

    A quick internet search indicates that perhaps the school doesn’t have the most stringent hiring guidelines or perhaps whatever hiring criteria they DO have might need a bit of tweaking:

  • vagabond trader…

    History of Plague: from the Dark Ages to OWS

  • Valerie

    Oh, a reprise of Miss Jean Brody. Wonderful.

    Still, if I were a high school civics teacher, and I had only the newspapers and TV for information, I’d be inclined to take my class down there, and ask the demonstrators questions, like “Who are you?” “Why are you here?”

    Because I know better, of course, I’d take them to a TEA Party rally. And I’d still be asking the same questions.

  • Conservative Ken

    Comrade Beotch Teacher needs to be fired. The OWS gatherings are volatile Not only is she taking students into a violent, drug using environment, she is using them as propaganda tools. Human Shields to promote their agenda.

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  • Molon Labe


    Clean up on Aisle 33. Bigots spilling over. Hate mongers running wild.
    Another secular type demonstrates his understanding of religion.

    Let’s hear it for diversity and tolerance!

  • Katie

    Her version of ‘democracy’ is sorely skewed. And ironic when what this mob is promoting isn’t democracy, it’s socialism. Completely different philosophy, and one where they wouldn’t have the freedom of this type of behavior to begin with.

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  • lowandslow

    Storming a conference and interfering with other people’s work is the Democratic process. Asking her what her name is, what school she teaches at and if she thinks bringing kids into a potentially dangerous situation is o.k. is out of line.
    Did you all get that?

  • Dave-O

    Waaaaay past time for the school to re-evaluate the virtues and effectiveness of this particular course (and teacher too, for that matter) – particularly when the students will get enough of this as it is when they go to college – maybe SMA ought to re-focus on reading, writing, science and math.

  • XYZ

    @Molon Labe, actually dear I am a Born Again Christian. Did YOUR Pope kiss the Koran? Yes or no.

  • owl

    Hey Jim……………..There is only one thing to do. Take the entire group on over to St Mary’s Academy and give them another taste of what democracy looks like. Do a little gentle chanting and flood the classrooms with people.

    Then wait and see how MSM reports this. Explain to the MSM that it is for the children.

  • Dave

    Tuition at St Mary’s Academy is $14,150/yr.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    If I had a child who was a student in her class, I would start by making calls to my lawyer, the local school board and the State Board of Education. After that, I would become immersed in seeing to it that activities like this are never again considered as part of the “educational process.”

    The public has become virtually disengaged and ineffective in the education of its children.
    We reap what we sow.

    Results for our children if we do nothing? The very kind of people this woman took her class to visit with.

  • Dave

    She bears a striking resemblance to the woman in the second photo down from the top of this page.

  • Child endangerment, pure and simple.

  • ahem

    How an educated American could imagine that the OWS mob is democracy in action is beyond me. She’s a soon-to-be ex-teacher, I suspect.

  • NorthernX

    Are parents not obliged to sign a consent-form for school field-trips in the US?
    We have to do that here in Canada, and I certainly wouldn’t allow my child anywhere near an OWS hobo-camp.

  • penny

    I’d be pretty fumed if my kid was dragged on this stupid and dangerous excursion. The woman is totally disingenuous. It’s HER lefty politics being imposed on the kids. Kids that age don’t have any politics. Witnessing “democracy in action” is quietly done in the voting booth, bet this agenda driven fool would never think of taking her class to the polling places. She needs to be outed.

    Wake up, parents. Anyone sign a consent for this?

    Stupid. Stupid. Woman.

  • owl

    Seriously, each person at BlogCon should make personal contact with St Mary’s administration. Explain the danger to their children and ask what the difference would be if your group visited and interrupted their classes.

    These people always get off free with their outrageous behavior.

    Contact St Mary’s. Ask for a public apology to BlogCon.

  • Son of Walden

    Don’t expect a straight answer. The level of cognitive dissonance on this board is staggering.

  • # 43 Dave beat me to the tentative teacher I.D. Her position description fits the course and the action – HS English Teacher, Social Studies Dept. Chair, Advisor.

  • mike191

    No sense of decorum and propriety exhibited by this “teacher.”For her pupils to possibly placed in harms way by her lack of understanding the French revolution historical mob rule as it pertains to the current protesters and saying this is what democracy looks like, is STUPID.Moreover, the idea that this teacher should have tenure and/or achieve it is insanity.

  • guido911

    Indigo, I googled that picture and found one other pic of this teacher. It’s possible.

  • Mad Hatter

    Let me get this straight, she’s teaching children that Democracy is about disrupting, being disorderly, and interrupting people that aren’t bothering you?

    Just another reason the NEA needs to be shut down.

  • vangrungy

    technically that idiot teacher is correct.. OWS morons are practicing democracy..

    that’s the problem.. because so many people have been brainwashed into believing democracy is what we are supposed to live in, more and more are actually practicing the mob rule of democracy..

    it’s simple in it’s plainness…

    Democracy (Democrat) = good

    Republicanism (Republicans) = bad

    We really are watching the beginning of the end.. I believe..

    for the mob rule people, this is their only chance to rule forever.. they are only just beginning..

    good luck all.. keep your eye out for muslims.. they are eager to finally have some targets.. they are here to do the dirty work that Democrats are too cowardly to do..
    Seriously.. watch out for muslims..

  • owl

    Better yet, send this video and a couple of the others on over to the school and local tv. Make sure you include the video of that guy being arrested.

    That might make a parent come to attention.

  • vangrungy

    the problem with democracy, to the occufarts dismay, is that the bigger mob rules…

  • Dave-O

    #43 & #50 — Bingo! If this is actually her – she needs to be linked to this madness for ever – you know, just so future potential employers might have an actual idea of just how loony she is. She is a shoo-in though for most college teaching positions. Seriously, she should take her act there and leave the high-schoolers alone.

  • #49…did your president kiss the koran?

  • Mad Hatter

    Did you guys catch the end of the video as she was walking outside, and her response to some tough questions,

    “You’re out of line”.

    Displaying the arrogance that makes up the Teachers Union.

  • Dave-O

    #41 Dave – based on that tuition level, the parents of every one of those students is in the so-called 1%. And that’s not a bad thing! They just need to do a better job of picking a school or monitoring what is going on in this one.

  • Dave-O

    The teacher in this video looks like she’s a graduate of Winston University – and perhaps that’s where her students are headed:

  • lizzy84

    Son of Walden commented:

    Actually, this story has been hashed out repeatedly over the past several years and there are a wide variety of opinions expressed about it. Just because an Arab handed Pope John Paul ll a book doesn’t mean the Arab was a Muslim or that the book was a Koran. In fact, the Arab pictured with John Paul was a Chaldean Christian Patriarch by the name of Raphael Bidawid - —
    and you might also want to try looking up a picture of the Sharif translation of the Bible into Arabic as people instinctively assume it is a Koran because it is green and has Arabic script on the cover.

  • Chicago Ray

    Here’s the contact numbers and I request all call and leave civilized but yet stern and assertive messages on their voice mail as I tweeted out minutes ago and have already done myself 303.762.8300

  • cat_1012000

    Yep, St Mary’s it is & here is the pic of the teacher

  • patman

    At least I got the Boulder part right, about her, sorta…

  • Nate Whilk

    It’s amazing what Googling will turn up.

    2009 – PE teacher at St. Mary’s Academy arrested for sex with a minor at previous job.

    A physical education teacher at Saint Mary’s Academy in Englewood was arrested this week at school, accused of having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old female student in California.

    Abigail Anne Holloway, 33, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon by Cherry Hills Village police officers acting on a California arrest warrant.[…]

    St. Mary’s Academy president Deirdre Cryor said that Holloway was hired in August following a “rigorous hiring process,” including reference and background checks.

    "Rigorous hiring process". Riiiiiiiiiight.

  • patman

    And Hell Yeah, these kids are the .001%’ers. This school is surrounded by $1-15+million dollar homes. This is Cherry Hills. Besides Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek this is the most exclusive area in Colorado.

    This lady is sued, glued and FIRED!!!!!!!!

    Look for St Mary’s to go down in lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chicago Ray

    By the way here’s another better pic of this woman which seems to match up pretty good in my world here . It sure looks like her to me as well. See what you think.

  • retired military

    Principals email address

    [email protected]

    I wrote her a nice letter and gave her the youtube link so she can see her teachers on the web.

  • listingstarboard

    Drab spelled backward is Bard.

  • MVH

    Sounds like one of those SOVII Catholic High Schools.
    II “2”

  • Chicago Ray

    Hey folks some more Celia Bard news…. here’s her little homework page for her students apparently located by a buddy at the Blaze

  • ant

    Number #37 said my thoughts exactly. A mob loudly disrupting a meeting of a group of people is “democracy in action”, but asking an irresponsible teacher a few questions is “out of line”. The kind of arrogance and ignorance that is reason #2, 644 of why I hate liberals.

  • Avser Bastian



    GREEK CRISES(we are all Greece…find out who wants to burn not only what is Greece, but is burning our countries for over 66 years now !!!).


    EXILING WHITES WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE AND IMPORTING NON WHITES IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS ENTIRELY FREE(why to worry about broken fence on Mexican border when millions are entering via airports with jobs prearranged even prior to their arrival to US or Europe not to mention above news !!).

  • Seriously
  • Time

    This teacher should be FIRED !!!!! Any parent that signed a permission slip allowing these kids to go on a field trip to Occupy need to re-evaluate their parental obligations.. They are placing their children in direct harm..Is this a freakin joke ? Any school that would take kids on a field trip to something, some place where there are people being shot, over dose, epidemics breaking out etc, needs to have their heads examined …..Yuppers they will sure learn a lot from this field trip… Maybe even learn about death. How life can be taken in a second …

  • Patty

    Wisconsin: 4th-grade teacher allowed students to take part in political protest

    On a tour of the Wisconsin State Capitol building, a teacher led his 4th graders into the circle of a political protest that was happening in the Capitol Rotunda and encouraged them to sing along with the protesters. And if it weren’t for the local Fox News station in Milwaukee, the school would have never been held accountable.

    This is really the same, kids could get hurt and if parents are willing to allow this then, so be it. The parent should know better and liberal is as liberal does. Parents don’t investigate a thing. Field trip to them is educational, fun and it this case deadly, but these days there are no moral compass because occupiers have no respect, no honor and what government to take care of them.

    The teacher feels this is important teaching moment and apparently she feels this is how democracy runs.

    Parents have no idea where and what is going on here.

  • Molon Labe

    XYZ My Pope certainly didn’t kiss the Koran. What makes you think I’m Catholic. But yoiur president sure did.

    You’re a born again Christian like I’m president of the politboro. Certainly not the comment any Christian would make unless he was an Obama Christian.

    But it it the tolerance and respect we all have come to expect from a certain type of buffet Christian aka red diaper baby.

  • Molon Labe


    Bawstard out of Walden

    Do your keepers realize you’re loose again? That’s going to mean ewxtra electro shock for you, that’s a wicked thing you have done you little scamp. Now back into your straight jacker and off to the ward for the violent.

  • Time

    Patty, I agree parents have NO clue what is going on.. They send their kids off to school, some pay handsome monies for private educations and still care NOT who their kids are being educated by, are with 10 hrs a day and who are molding their children.. They believe that these educators are educated so they must have their childrens welfare at heart.. Most parents Do NOT question these caregivers/educators roles in their kids lives until something terrible happens and then all hell breaks loose and then they blame every one but them selves…. Tell me, did not any of these kids come home and mention to their parents that they would be going on a field trip to Occupy ? Even if no permission slips were sent home, i am sure these kids mentioned something before going to a parent… Not one parent made a stink, not one.. If they did we would not be watching this video , you can bet on that…Because they would never had gone…

  • Patty

    Parents must give permission for child to go on these field trips. Teachers must have the permission of the school’s head. And this is a private school. This sounds bad what she is doing and would not allow my child, that said, teacher could get suspension at worse but doubtful anything will happen at all to her.

  • Patty



    There is always a permission slip, whether public, private or parochial, it is a law. No teacher can take any child off the school premisses without parents knowledge.

    Furthermore, parents work and they will sign for various reasons, class credit and part of the class. Depends upon how a teacher words it. So, yes, parents are too busy in their own life and the kids come second. And this was the case in the Penn State disaster.

  • Patty


    Top Salaries Revealed

    Pennsylvania’s Right To Know Law, signed by Governor Rendell back in February 2008 has forced four Universities in the Commonwealth to divulge information about the 25 highest paid employees. The Universities that fall under this Act include Temple, Pitt, Lincoln and Penn State. According to Section 1503 of the law (I took out the irrelevant parts):

    The report required under section 1502 shall include the following:
    (2) The salaries of all officers and directors of the State-related institution.
    (3) The highest 25 salaries paid to employees of the institution that are not included under paragraph (2).

    Reports on salaries must be made available by May 30 of each year and be publicly available on each Universities’ website.

    Below you’ll find the top 6 employees that earn the most directly from University funds:

    Joe Paterno: $1,037,322
    Robert Harbaugh (Neurosurgery Department Chairman): $789,492
    Harold Paz (CEO of Hershey Medical Center): $755,996
    Alan Brechbill (Executive Director of the Medical Center): $668,448
    Ed DeChellis: $642,366
    Graham Spanier: $590,004

    I know some people had a problem with releasing the salaries of highly paid individuals for fear of them being stolen by other institutions or creating some negative feelings among other employees. Personally, I’m glad the information was finally released. If I were a tax paying resident of PA, I would want to know where my tax dollars are going. In my home State Commonwealth, it is easy to find salary information for Public Universities. One University Newspaper even has a database of several schools, including some from the Big 10.



  • crackermike

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, you’re all wrong here. The parents of these girls should be PROUD that this teacher endangered the lives of their kids to advance the liberal/progressive/ communist agenda. After all, it’s all for the “common good” dontcha know. And any brat that catches drug resistant TB, well, that life is just a sacrifice to the “cause” comrades.

  • Shannon

    So…. if it is a field trip….. did they have parental permission to take the kids to this? usually schools avoid dangerous situations especially when there is violence and disease.

    I also went to a religious school …. I don’t remember being taught bad manners. This is not democratic process. Go to the state house for democratic process. get the hell out of private property and meetings.

    I would send a bill to the OWS group for the cost of the conference, damages, police or security it took.

  • Time

    I agree. My children went to private school. I alway’s signed a permission slip even in high school. My youngest graduated last year and in the senior year I had to sign a permission slip for any trips outside the school, no matter how small they were. I am beside myself thinking why would any parent allow such a dangerous field trip.. This is neglegent as a parent to allow their child in harms way…

  • Time

    OMG yes that was the case in Penn State…I am sickened by that entire story.. Those children suffered due to everyone keeping quiet, not to damage their schools reputation and their own.. Their 1st and most important was their incomes and nothing else…

  • Patty

    Any child under the age of 18 years old must have permission slip from parents to take a child off campus. Some states may differ.

    But there maybe some parents who didn’t sign slips. We don’t know. No matter, parents are to blame. There was a field trip we had to sign up on in a Biology class. I signed but was very sorry I did. She took them to a creek to look for various creatures and plants. Well, soaking wet and then my son got sick. Scare to death, very stupid of me and to this day I could kick myself and the school for permitting this.

  • Patty

    Interaction and involvement in your children’s life. But some parents should have kids. They are a child worse enemy. And many of the children who have rejection problems or introverts is noticed by a Teacher and this is why the boys at Penn State were sexually abuse.

    “Don’t tell anyone what I did or ….” that is what scares the introvert and lack of confidence child. Parents ignore their needs and when do they say “I Love You”?

    So, there goes a teacher like this one, she is so involved, so wonderful and out there, SO SHE THINKS but God forbid something happens to one of these kids. And the problem really stems from parents non interactions in their child life.

    Criminal to be so oblivious to their own flesh and blood.

  • Time

    Sometimes we cannot blame ourseleves. We try and do the best we can with what we are told.. I know a few times i did NOT want to send my child on a specific feild trip but they wanted to go and the wording of the permission slip at times blind sides us. So, at times i must say we do not know until after the fact.. But, this case is clear with Occupy and the parent would know that Occupy has been in the news and could be potentially deadly…

  • Patty


    Some parents should never have kids. But they do and they will be a product of their parents doing.

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  • Patty


    Absolutely. Agree on all counts.

  • Patty


    Absolutely. Agree on all counts. thank you

  • Patty

    So, salaries are large and then Penn State.

    Unions are wanting to pay more and so does Obama to teachers.

    Here is a clear case where for all the money, children have to suffer for the rest of their life.

    Pay is nothing to a great teacher and here where I live they are rewarded. They are celebrated for their great work. Asking only to teach and give the future generations the best they can.

  • Patty

    Obama: Penn State abuse cause for ‘soul-searching’

    Obama said that the scandal shows that “you can’t just rely on bureaucracy and systems in these kinds of situations. People have to step forward, they have to be tapping into just their core decency.” When kids are mistreated – or anyone, for that matter – “all of us have to step up, we don’t leave it to somebody else to take responsibility.”

    Obama spoke at halftime of a college basketball game – the Carrier Classic – between No. 1 North Carolina and Michigan State, held on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

    The president, a huge basketball fan, also discussed the NBA lockout.

    “It’s killing me!” he said. But he said he had no plans to intercede.

    “My attitude is that, in a contest between billionaires and millionaires, they should be able to figure out how to divvy up their profits in a way that serves their fans who are allowing them to be making all this money,” Obama said. He made a similar comment about the NFL lockout a few months ago.

    The president was also asked about a new policy approved by the NCAA allowing conferences to add up to $2,000 annually to athletic scholarships to help cover the full cost of attendance. While saying he wasn’t familiar with the specific proposal, Obama said he supported the general idea that student athletes stay amateur but also have all of their expenses covered.

    “They’re bringing in billions of dollars into all the institutions that they support,” he said. “I hope that we’re able to preserve that sense of amateur athletics that makes college sports so terrific.”

    Obama said that even though he plays golf, basketball remains his favorites sport.

    “I play golf for two reasons. One, it’s my only excuse to get outside, and two, I’m getting too old to play basketball,” the 50-year-old chief executive said. “But when it comes to true love, basketball will always be first in my heart.”

    Soul searching ha? That is why he wants to pay them more. Hypocrisy in action. Teachers in all schools must be reviewed on their duties every 6 mos. evaluation. Private Colleges or Public doesn’t matter. And children need to have input.

  • Ok guys since there doesn’t seem to be anyone jumping in from Denver here goes:

    St. Mary’s Academy (SMA) is a fantastic high school for girls. Condi Rice is a graduate btw.

    My girls are graduates and they received a excellent education in a caring and academically challenging environment. IMO it is worth every penny of the tuition.

    The teacher in the video was Celia and she is an excellent teacher as most of the teachers are.
    The students fall into four categories which might overlap: the very very smart; the children of, to use the phrase, the 1%, the near 1%; and about 20% or so are from much less well off families from the Metro area.

    When I say the very very smart I mean it….some of the graduates of this school are off the charts smart…in meeting my daughters’ friends I have sometimes been shocked by their intellect, knowledge and work effort.

    I am not surprised this particular class went to observe this stuff and I would have had no problem with my daughters taking this outing and you don’t get much more conservative than me.

    As most Catholic schools are it is traditionally liberal, yet I’d say the political split of the families is about what you would expect in Colorado. However, the school isn’t political.

    I am deeply in love with the place and if anyone else says anything negative about the wonderful high school principle, I will (figuratively) punch you in the nose. ( That is mostly a joke.)

  • Time

    Exactly, They turn a blind eye until something awful happens and then all hell breaks loose and they blame everyone else except themselves..Parents need to start waking up and paying attention, stop this take over of our kids in school.. These teachers, professors, educators are not alway’s correct and they are NOT the parents.. We need to place the parents role back in the hands of the parents and out of the schools..This is why we have soo many issues in the schools now days.. The gov’t took over the roles of being parents and away from the parents.. They are now the caretakers and they set the laws and rules as to how your kids will be taught, what they will eat, what they will wear, think etc… It has gotten so far out of control that parents rights have been infringed upon that many parents have thrown in the towel with the little rights they do have left and now turn a blind eye, leaving everything up to the educators and then we have a mess like Penn State where no one was looking out for the kids only themselves…

  • gus

    Dark and Bloody. They are LIBTARDS. I am Catholic. I follow the Catechism, not my POLITICAL SENSIBILITIES. My brother was Dr Condoleeza Rice’s bodyguard for 2 years. I guaran-damn-tee you that Dr Rice is ashamed of this HALF-WIT teacher.
    Catholic education is not predicated on being stupid.

  • Patty

    I will not get into what has happen in my sons private and catholic school. It would make your head spin. And the best thing that does happen is many go on to college.

    Advance classes and both sons were honor students. But every teacher is very different and they aren’t what the portray themselves to be. Whether you feel this teacher is great or bad.

    Remember one thing, these occupiers are from diverse background. Some are drug addicts, carry guns, perverts, criminals, disease carriers, etc. shall I go on. This is no place to take young women too. PERIOD.

  • gus

    Time. Great points. These so called EDUCATORS are the result of LIBTARD Universities that spew Commie nonsense.

  • gus

    PATTY, to middle class LIBTARD teachers. The STINKIFY BOWEL MOVEMENT, is romantic. It’s like embracing MUMIA. It’s all so cool and cutting edge.
    They are not living in the real world. They don’t recognize filth as filth. They want to SAVE the WORLD.

  • Patty



  • Ken2

    Perp teacher?

    Celia Bard

    HS English Teacher, Social Studies Dept. Chair, Advisor

    Part of the SMA Community since 2000

    Bachelors degree from Metropolitan State University
    Masters degree from University of Colorado at Denver

    “I like working at SMA because of the students, faculty, staff and adherence to the values on which the school is founded.”

  • charlotte

    If I were a parent,I’d sue the school for taking my kid on an unauthorized outing where my kids were exposed to drug resistant TB which is notoriously very difficult to treat.

  • Pitbullll

    “Would you take them to a Tea Party event?”……

    We all know the answer to that one. This is INDOCTRINATION and CHILD ENDANGERMENT, plain and simple. And it’s going on across the country. Committed liberal drones like Celia Bard will stop at nothing to brainwash CHILDREN with her progressive puke world view. She should be in jail.

  • madeleine7

    What a stupid ( and ugly!!) bitch!! Typical left-winger feminist….

  • caroler

    @Dave-O thanks for posting the course description! Too bad it’s liberal double talk…no wonder a kid would sign up for it…sounds like an easy A to me!!

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  • Marcus

    Powerful video here

    occupy vs TEA party/ dark vs light/ evil vs good, which side are you on?

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  • Multitude

    I would actually defend this teacher and hope to explain to those here that she’s probably just following administration and teacher directives. To be fair, we need to understand that the rally is not about the 99%, but rather the bottom 50%… of the top 1%.

    St. Mary’s students predominantly come from the bottom half of the top 1%, as do many (most) who I know are at OWS. From the press coverage, it appears that they are the primary organizers of this effort, with the usual clingers-on from other classes showing up. Progressivism has had its greatest resonance in this “bottom half of the extreme elites” – these are the children of parents who are only worth up to about $700 million, and therefore don’t have the economic security the top half has.

    They also work with the top half closely and know it is time to get into the ark. The flood is coming, caused by the 1% (both halves) ponzi schemes occurring across sovereign debt. $115 trillion in the U.S. and many more hundreds of trillions globally cannot be paid. It WILL collapse and some of their advisers suggest we will see a potential dark age again with feudal lords of industry and impoverished serfs.

    The bottom half, having helped the top half engineer the coming collapse, want in the ark. They want the guarantees and handouts the government has been giving the top half through their “stimulus” trillions, government spending that’s been rigged to benefit the elites, bailouts, etc. Just a little more and they think they too can hit the top half.

    For the real 99%, you’re screwed. Nothing’s going to help you. Keep voting progressive so you can help the elite bottom-halfers, but you should realize you’ll be lucky to have a house and a master to feed you table scraps. Of course, you stupid Americans voted for this redistribution scheme through both parties all these years; the 1% laugh at you for getting what you deserve.

  • crackermike

    Dark and bloody: lets get this straight, you approve of teachers taking your child to any event or location without your consent, or even knowledge? That would seem to be the action of a faithful fool.

  • No Man

    Libtard teachers poison young minds. They teach them what to think not how to think.

    There just aren’t enough effing bullets!

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  • OWSCarl Nitwit Extraordinaire

    I am not surprised this particular class went to observe this stuff and I would have had no problem with my daughters taking this outing and you don’t get much more conservative than me.

    Did any off-campus activity require a signed permission slip by you or your spouse? You failed to address the one point that most of the commenters here objected to, i.e., parental consent prior to the off-campus activity. Surely you wouldn’t figuratively punch someone in the nose for raising this issue regarding a person of authority involving a minor in an activity that poses some risk.

  • Dave-O

    With all due respect to dark & bloody – who has a sizable financial investment in SMA, a familiarity with the principal and teachers, some of the students, etc. – and thus a major reason to defend it- it seems rather clear to a more or less disinterested observer that this particular class consists of mainly mush and propaganda and should be eliminated from the curriculum. Moreover, it is hard to conclude that this particular teacher showed anything but bad judgment in taking a class of students down to the OccupyDenver protest when they tried to storm the doors of the blogger convention downtown – that is most certainly NOT “democracy in action” as the teacher recites – and if it is, then we, as a country, are in serious trouble. The teacher should take her class down to the state capital in January when the legislature convenes and observe the legislature debate and pass bills – sometimes in spirited fashion but always in a respectful and civil manner – now THAT is democracy in action. What she was showing her students downtown yesterday was “mob action” and what anarchy looks like – a complete “shout-down” of other people’s 1st Amendment rights. The fact that there is so much disease and violence, sexual & physical assault, lice, rodents, potential gun violence, and other health and safety issues down there only adds to the “poor judgment” used in this case. Let’s face it – the fact that this teacher got her degree from Metro State – mainly a commuter school in downtown Denver – is not indicative that she is the sharpest tool in the shed – as a general rule, as I am reading over the list of teacher degrees in the SMA faculty list – I am particularly struck by the quality (or more precisely, the lack thereof) in the undergraduate institutions attended by these people – it seems as if SMA is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to faculty hiring – when on the one hand, their website promotes the “Harvards, Princetons and Stanfords” where their graduates are going to college yet their students are being taught by graduates of places like Metro State – I just don’t quite get it and, as a parent and thus a “consumer” of an educational product like SMA offers and paying the tuition that they choose to charge their students, I would expect more of a “pedigree” in their faculty resumes. Maybe that’s just me (and that’s OK) but I’m certainly not alone in expecting much more in the way of thoughtful judgment than what we see from her in this video and her actions in taking her class to what could have easily turned into a violent clash between rioting protesters, hotel security, and police. That’s just plain stupid.

  • JPeden


    Nice explanation of true Communist Party intent. “Together they thrive!” Destroy, enslave, make “equal”….NoKo, here we come!

    #95 Dark and Bloody’s Holy School has been invaded by Gramscian Parasites. It’s up to Dark and Bloody to do something about it. Right, D&B? I don’t support at all my HS, which has the same profile, mostly because of the same thing. Oh how I could tell some really bad stories…..

    And the noble effete pos “Teacher” is probably not even unionized.

  • JPeden


    Right, Model UN students. Gag me!

  • wanumba

    Gah! THe schools that cost like that cater to upper middle class. The super duper rich send their kids to Switzerland boarding schools at $55,000 a year.

    We’ve had private schools look us in the eye and state without ANY sense of the hilarity of it, “All our kids are above average.”

    They are bastions of Liberal Left, all “green” and “caring” and “social justice.” Cannot convey how plastic, forced, condescending and fake it all is – this from from someone who has spent years in Third World countries. Never seen anything like it.

    The AP courses are not what they advertize and most of these graduates have families working college/job connections that enable so many to get positions and college slots other HighSchool students with the same achievement don’t have access to.

    This so-called teacher is a bad joke, but too typical of schools, public and private. It is NOT a school’s or teacher’s role or business to bus students to partisan political events. THAT is the domain of PARENTS. The schools are supposed to be teaching MATH SCIENCE HISTORY LANGUAGE.

  • beedubya

    From the St. Mary’s Course Catalog (The class 21st Century: Challenge and Choices really does exist!!). These are the issues to be covered..

    • Energy Issues: Fossil Fuels, Peak Oil, and Petro-Collapse
    • Population Growth Trends and Global Security/Resource Issues
    • Climate Crisis and its Consequences
    • Economic Inequality and its Consequences
    • Water Quality and Quantity
    • Weapons Proliferation
    • Religious and Ethnic Conflict
    • Terrestrial and Aquatic Resource Depletion
    • Rise of Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism

    It’s like the Karl Marx School for Over-Indulged Little Girls

  • Multitude

    #119… I think you’re confusing the top and bottom half of the 1%. The definitions I tend to buy for bottom-halfers is that they have a combined gross annual income in excess of $300K and have a net worth of at least $5 mil (retirement, real estate, investments, etc.). (see )

    Most Fortune 1000 vice presidents and higher tend to meet this definition if both spouses are working in senior management. I work with colleagues in Denver who fit this description and believe at least one sends their children to St. Marys.

    Regarding Swiss boarding schools, that’s the realm of the top half (of which the bottom are exceptionally envious!). Watch Jamie Johnson’s film “One Percent” for a better understanding of what the top half’s world is like (Jamie’s of the Johnson & Johnson family and provides an excellent insight into what their world is like; they too are very driven to keep the definition of elite clearly delineated; if you work for a living even as a senior manager, you’re the “hired help” little different than the pool boy).

    #OWS is a battle between the 1%’s children and a few sycophants who wish they were of that status.

  • JPeden

    “Lean into your discomfort!”

    At my old elitist HS — actually grades 7-12 — the “Privilege Walk” morons got into judging my best male friend’s 13 y.o. daughter. To their surprise she ended up either last of tied for last, because her father’s parents and Uncle came over from Russia as dirt poor Jewish immigrants, while that is nowhere near the case now. First her grandfather and uncle started a scrap yard and the rest is the history of the American Dream.

    By some really weird coincidences I attended the Propaganda Meeting at the school the night before the “Privilege Walk” was inflicted upon the students and ran into the Principle who was my contemporary. He was about to retire, but he said, “Leave when they start talking about ‘leaning into your discomfort’,” and sure enough…..

    Last I saw, when the subject was raised at Protein Wisdom, one of the school’s “teachers” was advocating that no one should have any close friends in school, because of the horrible exclusion of others or something, but really to prep them for working toward the Communist Utopia as “equal” self-less tools.

    Dark and Bloody, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

  • wanumba

    98 November 11, 2011 at 10:36 pm
    Patty commented:
    I will not get into what has happen in my sons private and catholic school. It would make your head spin. And the best thing that does happen is many go on to college.

    Advance classes and both sons were honor students. But every teacher is very different and they aren’t what the portray themselves to be. Whether you feel this teacher is great or bad.

    Remember one thing, these occupiers are from diverse background. Some are drug addicts, carry guns, perverts, criminals, disease carriers, etc. shall I go on. This is no place to take young women too. PERIOD.

    Yep yep yep. Confirming the same direct experience – in MANY schools. Schools like to call that “primary source.”

    “These teachers are not what they portray themelves to be.”
    Absolutely can confirm this. It’s awful: It ranges from self-deluded senses of greatness and unfounded self-assessment of competency to outright lying.

    Your last point is spot on also. The videos of the er.. males deciding that “no one should tell the police about the rapes. Seems rather, er self-serving since who’s doing the rapes…ahem.

  • Dave-O

    #123 – your last point is also spot on. For anyone in the OWS movement to preach to their fellow protesters that “no one should tell the police about the rapes” seems to apply to both female and male rape victims. In this case, they are no better than the pedophile-enablers at PennState and should be held just as accountable – perhaps criminally – if they fail to inform police about any rape involving a minor, for example. It just absolutely sickens me.

  • wanumba

    #121 November 12, 2011 at 10:31 am
    Multitude commented:
    #119… I think you’re confusing the top and bottom half of the 1%. The definitions I tend to buy for bottom-halfers is that they have a combined gross annual income in excess of $300K and have a net worth of at least $5 mil (retirement, real estate, investments, etc.). (see

    Heh. We also need to factor in the State Department government employees and international employees. If there is an outrageously expensive American School at post, then the USG employees send their kids there, the bill for each student is paid out of the State Department budget (taxpayer). So we have State Department families sending their kids to $23,000 – $35,000 day schools with public school curriculum and teachers, free- stuck to the taxpayer.

    The parents develop a snotty attitude, all hang together in a bubble with the school as the center, and think their kids are getting a top education, but the joke’s on them, their kids are getting no more than any old US public school.

    These schools are ALL hard core Liberal Left, heavy on decoration, amenities and social events for parents. WE’ve been in them, the language classes are a joke, the math’s a joke, history is Howard Zinn… on and on. Our kid was in one year and the Leftie teacher downgraded him for… defending the electoral college. The Left is actively teaching students that the electoral college is a useless anachronism (when it was deliberately designed to be an impediment to raw mob democracy voting).

    Now, if a particular hardship post doesn’t have a US high school, the parents are then authorized to send their kids to boarding schools elsewhere, full pay. Switzerland American Schools do very well … tuitions going $35,000 and up for HIGH SCHOOL.

    AMerican STate Department and USG parents will deliberately pick hardship, Third World posts expressly to be able to send their kids to these boarding schools.

    So, the international government service is rubbing elbows with the uber rich, putting their kids in elite, sheltered bubble of priviledge that they cannot normally afford… without the taxpayers.

    The kids who grew up this way are insufferable brats who’ve been taught by their parents’ actions, talk and school choices to work every angle to have the lifestyle of the uber rich.

  • wanumba

    RE: #124 November 12, 2011 at 10:48 am
    Dave-O commented:

    Yes. What’s creepy is how much they have been brainwashed into hating police. It’s not rational, but Pavlovian. POlice aren’t some robots from Mars, they’re people, though don’t get ANY sense that the OWS recognize that in any measure. WHO taught them that?

  • Eddie Willers

    Here’s Celia & her Husband enjoying 1 of their favorite past times

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  • Jacks

    That is not democracy, that is exercising violence and criminal behavior toward citizens.

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  • Dave-O

    From the St. Mary’s Course Catalog

    The class 21st Century: Challenge and Choices
    These are the issues to be covered:

    • Energy Issues: Fossil Fuels, Peak Oil, and Petro-Collapse
    • Population Growth Trends and Global Security/Resource Issues
    • Climate Crisis and its Consequences
    • Economic Inequality and its Consequences
    • Water Quality and Quantity
    • Weapons Proliferation
    • Religious and Ethnic Conflict
    • Terrestrial and Aquatic Resource Depletion
    • Rise of Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism

    Maybe in lieu of some of these issues, the school could substitute some other topics dealing with “Challenges and Choices” in the 21st Century:

    – Runaway Entitlement Programs, Exploding Debt and The Future for America
    – The Decline of American Manufacturing and What That Means for Middle America
    – The Litigation Explosion and its Impact on Jobs in America
    – The Decline of Tolerance and Political Diversity in American Education
    – The Rise of Anarchy in the United States
    – The Dichotomy Between the Rising Costs and Declining Performance in Public/Private Education
    – The Role of Government Subsidies, Political Favoritism, and Cronyism in Picking Winners and Losers in the American Economy with a special emphasis on energy
    – The Rise of Militant Islam and the Stifling of Religious Freedom Around the World
    – The Increasing Subornation and Suppression of the Scientific Process to Achieve Political Goals

    Fellow posters — Any others come to mind???

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    UPDATE: It looks like the students were from St. Mary’s Academy.

    UPDATE: The teacher’s name is Celia Bard. The school tuition is over $14,000 a year.

    Spread it far and wide.

    Hopefully, at least some of the parents of the students involved will object to this indoctrination BS.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Parents of Emerson Elementary in Compton, California, are up in arms over the school’s decision to invite former porn star Sasha Grey to read to a group of first and third-grade students, at an National Education Association-sponsored event called Read Across America.

    TMZ obtained photos of the event, but when they contacted school administrators, they were less than forthcoming about the decision to invite the winner of the 2010 AVN award for best anal sex scene. The award is sponsored and presented by the adult video industry trade magazine Adult Video News.

    The school district flatly denied inviting the former porn star, telling TMZ, “we have several celebrities who read to our students each year. The actress you have indicated [Sasha] was not present.”

    Read more:

    This is our education system and they are covering it up. So, there goes the way of our children and this other teacher is a liberal who has bad intentions also in my opinion.


  • Patty

    #133 November 12, 2011 at 11:37 am
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    From 1998 to 2011 tuition has jumped from $3,000 a year to $14,000 a year. Shocked and what parents get for their money isn’t good. Yes, education seems great and many go on to College but the teachers and what goes on in these school, some, is not investigated and I could but won’t go into it. But lots of cover ups.

  • Patty

    According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the median tuition for their member private day schools in 2005-2006 in the United States was close to $14,000 for grades 1 to 3, $15,000 for grades 6 to 8 and $16,600 for grades 9 to 12. The median tuition for their member boarding schools was close to $29,000 for grades 1 to 3, $32,000 for grades 6 to 12. Note that of the 28,384 private schools in the United States; about 1,058 are affiliated with NAIS. The Digest of Education Statistics 2005 from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports that for the 1999-2000 school year, the average private school tuition was about $4,700. are not subject to as many state and federal regulations as public schools. Since private schools are funded independently, they are not subject to the limitations of state education budgets and have more freedom in designing curriculum and instruction.

  • If you look further down on the Saint Mary’s Academy website, you’ll see that their “Campus Minister” is actually a woman named Paula Lee…Is this normal in today’s day and age or is this some progressive breakoff from mainstream Christianity?

  • aprilnovember811

    She is a prime example why the Dept. of Education needs to be shut down. Carter started this to indoctrinate children into marxism.

  • IndyMason

    #17’s list of possible issue topics fixed.

    These are possible issue topics
    you can expect:
    • Energy Issues: Fossil Fuels, Peak Oil, and Petro-Collapse (How Big Oil is the Devil)
    • Population Growth Trends and Global Security/Resource Issues (Illegal Immigration should be tolerated)
    • Climate Crisis and its Consequences (Global Warming 101)
    • Economic Inequality and its Consequences (Redistribution of the Wealth 101)
    • Water Quality and Quantity (Why the EPA is GOD)
    • Weapons Proliferation (Gun Control)
    • Religious and Ethnic Conflict (Terrorism doesn’t exist, we are just intolerant of Muslim’s)
    • Terrestrial and Aquatic Resource Depletion (Why we should support green energy in spite of it’s many failures)
    • Rise of Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism (Socialism 101, The New Cuba)

  • dpt

    If some OWS types love playing identity politics, then lets point out that St. Marys Academy is overwhelmingly white bread. Could there be discrimination involved?

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  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: Gus, et al.
    RE: ‘Retarded’?

    She looks retarded. Are you sure that she is a teacher? — Gus

    She may not be as ‘retarded’ as she looks in the photo. BUT, i’ll wager dollars against donuts that she’ll NOT be ‘retained’ as a teacher there for much longer….if the board of directors is not ‘retarded’ themselves.

    Talk about poor lessons in ‘democracy’. She was trying to teach the kids the benefits of mob rule. Now they’ll see how democracy, as in a vote by the board of directors, works.


    [The Truth will out….]

  • crypticguise

    This teacher is an example of what Americans are subjecting their children to. The students should be studying history and our constitution, not the ridiculous class she said they were in. And this is a private school with parent paying $ 14,000 a year? Laughable.

  • DANEgerus

    I get it… after every Islamic terror attack the MainStreamMedia demands the victims answer for what they’ve done to Muslims to earn such an attack. Occupy has violently attacked the civil servants of the BigGovernment they advocate for… so…

    Sure the Tea Party hasn’t stormed St. Mary’s Academy demanding the head of Celia Bard but maybe we should to earn the respect of the MainStreamMedia.

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  • vangrungy

    Faith Community Justice Respect

    the school’s under heading… I wonder when that was added..

    This school is marxist through and through..

  • Patty

    In other words this in an INDOCTRINATION OF OUR KIDS.

  • Patty

    Who said women can’t run this country? in this case many women do run the private and parochial schools. And they are doing a bang up job. sarcasm.

  • Patty

    who is deeply offended by this, certainly not Obama.

  • Patty

    Just another site


    The Planned Collapse Of America
    November 12, 2011

    by Cry and Howl

    The notion of some that the Jews are dismantling the United States and it’s system of government has been put forth by people of corrupt minds masking the mischief of their own pernicious plans. Charlotte Iserbyt explains in great detail with documentation how the educational system in the United States has been replaced by a training system. Training for the state vs teaching and education for the individual. She breaks down the history of the secret club of The Skull And Bones of Yale University and how much political power and influence they have had for over a century.

  • One almost feels sorry for the poor lady. Everyone she knows agrees with her and in the sheltered confines of her classroom and faculty lounge this all makes perfect sense, but when they got out into the field it all somehow went off track. Unexpectedly.

    And how are her young women to get decent careers unless they know this sort of thing?

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Dave-O @ #131
    Hear! Hear!

    BTW, intelligence DOES NOT EQUAL goodness!

    Given the choice, reppeating now, given the choice between a good kid and a smart kid. I’ll take the good kid. There are many intelligent and well-educated people who aren’t good and decent people.

  • badbilly
  • chipsterNGA

    This is just great, A total moonbat who graduated from Metro State Kindergarden is teaching the young women at SMA. I think the young women know BS when they see it, so this might be a net positive.

  • Brian Macker

    Come on you didn’t expect this from a Catholic school? The Pope is practically a Marxist.

  • moreco2

    This tea cher needs to be sued because it/he/she exposed the kids to serious disease like TB. I predicted a cholera outbreak. Guess I was right. A terrible disease.

  • limmo

    There is actually more than one St Mary’s in the Denver area. If this is St Mary’s Academy, it is a really good school, one of the best in the Denver Metro area. It’s co-ed through 8th, then all girls for high school. Don’t really get why the teacher brought her students to see OWS… Pretty sure she wouldn’t have brought them to a Tea Party… Don’t like her take that a mob disrupting the peaceful assembly of others should be considered Democracy in action…. Don’t understand why she was reticent to ID herself or the school…. Like the very good list above that adds more balance to the contemporary issues topic blend, but many of my neighbors have fled Denver Public Schools over the years, and St Mary’s was and still is a favorite respite from DPS which, though improving now, was badly damaged during and after years of forced busing. If we could have afforded it, we might have tried it for our children.

    Metro is really good school too. To a large degree, it caters to people who are working their way through school, who can’t afford many other options, who live or work locally, or who may not have worked as hard as they should in high school. It’s not a dorm experience, extra-curricular, or party school. It’s pretty much just class. Most students are living on their own while working or living at home. It’s a working class school but that doesn’t mean the people who take advantage of it are stupid. The most successful person in my family is a Metro State graduate and I have several relatives who went to ivy league schools. He got his degree studying part time while working two jobs and while he and his wife were starting to raise two small children.

  • Yona Kiros

    As part of a national cadre of socialists, the Occupy mob doesn’t believe in the right of free-speech except for themselves.

  • george

    St. Mary’s Academy is not a real “Catholic” school and it has not been a real Catholic school for at least the last 20 years, and it has been a private school for rich girls during that time.

    It is run by parents and has no affiliation with the Catholic Church (unlike Mullen, Regis, or Arrupe.

    St. Mary’s Academy is Catholic in the same way that “Catholics for Choice” is Catholic – in name only.

  • John D

    I actually applaud the teacher for exposing the students to the Occupy crowd. Kids are not as dumb as people think. I’m sure that many of them found the Occupiers incredibly lame.

    When I was in High School back in the 1960s one of my teachers used a speech given by George Lincoln Rockwell, the American Nazi Party leader in class. We spend the time listening to him and examining the claims he was making.

    To the best of my knowledge none of us turning into Nazis. But I did learn how to listen to speeches and examine what is being said. A handy skill these days.

    The audio being what it is with these cameras I couldn’t hear her response when asked if she would take her class to a Tea Party rally. But I think she said she would.

    I think one of the best things everyone can do is to listen to exactly what the Occupiers are saying. Their goals only make sense if you believe in Fairy Godmothers.

  • Wagonwheel

    Exactly, John D.

    I will never cease to be amazed at how certain people are afraid to expose our students to democracy in action, which is exactly what OWS is all about.

    Moreover, these same people attempt to mock the protesters, and, choose anecdotal incidents in an attempt to delegitimize the protest movement.

    What is it that these critics fear? They can hardly call themselves conservatives or libertarians, because their behavior belies the labels which they wish to attach to themselves, a form of self-deceit.

  • Tired of liberals

    I loved her comment when asked if she would take her students to a Tea Party Rally……”I would consider it”………….libspeak for “when hell freezes over”

    The liberal indoctrination and re-education of our children continues. “You’re out of line…….” More libspeak for “you see through my stupidity and have me cornered so I am not going to talk to you any more”

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  • Disgusted

    If you look at the link on #73 you will notice 3 “friends” of the last name “liking” OWS links. Any chance she has the opposite view as them and doesn’t push her views on students. Not likely.

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  • Mary Ann Cunningham

    It seems to me that your blog could use a Comment Code. The National Catholic Reporter’s code, for example, contains a number of suggestions that would benefit your recent excoriations of the teacher who took her students to learn firsthand about citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. NCR’s code requires that commenters be respectful, that they use appropriate language, avoiding vulgarities and slurs, and that they keep to the point.

    I would add two other suggestions: refuse to print anonymous comments and post a limit to the number of comments from the same person. Some appear quite cowardly as if the work of venomous bullies. I feel sure that the folks who wrote them would never approach the teacher in person and vent such hostility over and over.

    Once–I don’t remember if it was on Facebook or where– I saw the stoning to death of a young woman accused of adultery. It took place in a stadium and the onlookers (all men) watched as if it were entertainment. Some took pictures with their cell phones.

    What I read on your site yesterday reminded me of this.

    Sister Mary Ann Cunningham
    (I taught Latin at St. Mary’s over 50 years ago.)

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