A Denver high school teacher brought students to an Occupy Denver event for a field trip today where they joined Occupy Denver activists as they storm the BlogCon conference. The teacher said she was showing them how democracy worked.

The teacher was too ashamed to give her name or the name of the private girls school she teaches at.

Correction: A local nurse told me there was a TB outbreak recently among the homeless community in Denver. I cannot confirm this. However, there have been outbreaks of TB and pneumonia at other #OWS camps… along with sexual assault and death.

MORE… People Press Collective has more video from the Occupy Denver mob crashing BlogCon.

UPDATE: It looks like the students were from St. Mary’s Academy.

UPDATE: The teacher’s name is Celia Bard. The school tuition is over $14,000 a year.
Thanks Dave and everyone!




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  1. She looks retarded. Are you sure that she is a teacher?

  2. You’re out of line!!! How dare you question the motives and good intentions of a union whore looking to corrupt other people’s children and put them in danger!!! The nerve!!

  3. wow wow !! they cant even teach kids to look both ways before you cross the street,

    its over its over there are no schools . not like what we had

  4. She shouldn’t be any closer to a child than Jerry Sandusky, she’s an abuser.

    If I were one of those parents I would sue for child endangerment!

  5. if i was a parent id sue myself for sending my kid to that school

  6. Shameful behavior from an educational “professional”. Bet she has already contacted her goonion rep. Should be charged with child endangerment… state license revoked, permanently.

  7. Apparently she might be teaching at St. Mary’s Academy – a private, ostensibly Catholic, all-girls high school located in Cherry Hills Village – an exclusive, up-scale community south of town.

    See: http://www.smanet.org/files/site_uploads/CourseCatalog.pdf

    go to page 9 to see a description of the course -

  8. denver ? rocky mountain high?

  9. I’m sorry – go to page 14.

  10. Probably from Boulder…

  11. to much mary jane in the air up there

  12. I went to a Catholic school, and you needed parent permission for any class event leaving school property. Where was the principal?

  13. Quick parents, get your kids out of this neocomms classroom asap.

  14. wow spot on! # 13 & 14 !

    if you agree type ditto

  15. Democracy…??? I think you meant ‘Mobocracy’ you stupid cow. I’d have a lawyer down at the School Board so fast if she taught one of my kids. In this case it appears to be a private school. Same deal – lawyer on the doorstep immediately.

  16. Here’s a blurb from the St. Mary’s Academy course catalog:

    21st Century: Challenges and Choices
    Prerequisite: For seniors only.
    This course will focus on solutions for major global issues facing humanity in the 21st century. Following a
    team-taught overview of key issues, which will be approximately one-third of the class, students will spend the
    remainder of the course exploring the diversity of approaches currently evolving that address elements of the key
    issues. The development of scenarios will be an important component of the course as students design possible
    future societal directions and the shifting of cultural priorities. There will be both solo and group work, coached by
    teachers, to help students search for solutions. All of the semester’s work will culminate in a personal presentation
    of a specific facet of a global problem along with the solutions you have explored. These are possible issue topics
    you can expect:
    • Energy Issues: Fossil Fuels, Peak Oil, and Petro-Collapse
    • Population Growth Trends and Global Security/Resource Issues
    • Climate Crisis and its Consequences
    • Economic Inequality and its Consequences
    • Water Quality and Quantity
    • Weapons Proliferation
    • Religious and Ethnic Conflict
    • Terrestrial and Aquatic Resource Depletion
    • Rise of Fundamentalism and Authoritarianism

    I’m sure the parents will be thrilled that their children are exposed to all the different ideas and philosophies expressed by the nice, earnest young men and women down at the OccupyDenver protests – not to mention all the filth, lice, disease and TB.

  17. The teacher should be terminated and charged for exposing these children to filth. If any of them become ill & dies from being exposed, she needs to be charged with attempted murder.

  18. this type of behavior should get the teacher fired. using the classroom to promote her own political point of view. the idea to go to OWS probably came from the union.

  19. My cynical bent leads me to wonder whether Abramoff will be used to help pick off GOP congresspeople in the 2012 election…


    What, do you think Abromoff is going on the talk shows to perform a public service? Wiki says “He served three years, six months of a six-year sentence”. And here he is ready to start naming names on the talk shows. If that doesn’t smell like Chicago I don’t know what does.

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