Allred Presser: “Herman Cain Is Lying to America!… Enough Is Enough!” More… Accuser: “Herman Cain Grabbed My Head & Pushed It Towards His Crotch”

Accuser: “Herman Cain grabbed my head and pushed it towards his crotch.”

Oh my word… What a circus.
Howard Stern sidekick Benjamin Bronk opening Allred presser? What’s going on? The move was not dissimilar to what he did during the Anthony Weiner debacle as that scandal descended into a media sideshow.

Gloria Allred is late.

Allred is on:
She was born and raised in Chicago. Co-host of cooking show. She s a single mom.
She was fired from the foundation. Cain sat next to her at a convention. She asays Cain wanted to deliver a “stimulus package.”

Accuser Sharon Bialek speaks—
Sharon Bialek: After speaking to students at convention, Cain sat down next to me. I asked, ‘When are you running for president.’

Accuser “groping in exchange for a job.”

Business Insider reported:

Allred: “Instead of receiving help from Mr. Cain, he decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package.”

Allred alleges that Cain engaged in “aggressive sexual behavior” toward Bialek when she asked for his advice.

Allred: I for one am disgusted at Herman Cain’s serial harassment of women.

Bialek said that she met Mr. Cain during a conference for the National Restaurant Association when she worked for the NRA’s education foundation in Chicago during 1996. Says Cain invited her and her boyfriend to a private party in his hotel suite.

She was fired from the NRA soon after, apparently for not raising enough money for the foundation. She said that, at the suggestion of her boyfriend, arranged a meeting with Mr. Cain in Washington to talk about her future with the NRA.

Here are some more notes from the press conference:

Bialek said she didn’t file a complaint at the time because she wasn’t employed by the association. But she has two corroborating witnesses that she told at the time.

He wined and dined her and set her up in a hotel suite. Very nice hotel suite. In the car he put his hand up her skirt grabbing for her “genitals” and grabbed her head and pushed it toward “his crotch”.

He groped her and she said she wasn’t there for that, has a boyfriend, etc. and he said, “you want a job don’t you?”

“We need a leader who can set an example which exemplifies the standards of a good person and moral character.”

This is devastating.

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  • 8 My Foot

    Another candidate destroyed by the State Run Media.

  • Finncrisp

    Just another high tech lynching. I remember the Clarence Thomas nonsense during his Supreme Court confirmation. Black conservatives have a bigger target than most.

    999 means jobs, jobs, jobs

  • Black Sabbath

    Good God, is Lady Gaga going to make an appearance with Allred against Cain next? In what trailer park will the Democrats drag a $20 bill through for Cain-accuser #5?

  • donh

    Here is bimbo #4 …>>>

  • Multitude

    If Gloria doesn’t have hard, objective proof, I’m tuning out on this farce. Politico has run over 100 stories on this topic and has yet to provide anything beyond exceptionally weak, non-actionable claims of “I felt uncomfortable.”

    For the folks here who haven’t been in executive management, you are not an effective exec unless you’re pushing underperformers to either step up or step out. You’re certain to encounter a 1% or so that will misinterpret strong managerial direction as “making me feel uncomfortable.” We all know the acquaintance or coworker who has mistaken a manager’s behavior. Hell, how many people in high school or college did we know that thought another person was attracted to them (when we were all scratching our heads and trying to understand how they got to that conclusion). Look at the frequency of stalkers against public figures, and understand what happens when a stalker is publicly spurned and castigated for nonperformance.

    They lash out. They construct relationships that didn’t exist, and then accuse their target of inappropriate behavior when they’re sternly told a message they don’t want to hear.

    This is the last chance before I move on. I’m aware of more substance to the Obama girlfriend “rumor” which the media didn’t follow up than I’ve seen so far with Cain.

  • Patty

    Allred has and always will be an ambulance chaser.

  • wtd

    Sharon Bialek was too timid to share the details with her closest friends at the time the alleged indiscretions took place, yet detailing the event to a media circus isn’t?
    Of course she won’t be taking any questions. A payoff . . .is not out of the question?

  • Patty

    donh #4

    Here is the real bimbo

    As nearly 3 million people in the Northeast shivered with no power after the freak snowstorm nine days ago — thanks, in part, to a decaying electricity-delivery system — yet another “green” energy company backed by President Obama bit the dust.

    Does Washington ever think about its priorities?

    Meet Massachusetts-based Beacon Energy, the East Coast’s answer to Solyndra.

    Beacon was awarded a $43 million federal loan guarantee to build a power-storage station east of Albany that would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. It also scooped up a $24 million stimulus grant in 2009.
    President Obama
    President Obama

    None of that seemed to make much difference: In the first six months of the year, the firm posted a $16.9 million loss; then it declared bankruptcy, and its stock bottomed out at 10 cents a share.

    Beacon isn’t even the worst loss for taxpayers under the Energy Department’s green-loans program — and it’s not likely to be the last federally funded firm to go belly-up.

    Yet Obama’s stimulus plan lavished $100 billion on green-energy projects — nearly 15 times the amount spent replacing and reinforcing power lines, which actually serve customers and keep them out of the dark.

    Now, we’re no fans of fruitless stimulus spending, or of lavishing taxpayer cash on politically connected companie

    Read more:
    read more @ site.

  • Dave

    I must tell the truth now. Mr. Cain sexually harassed me. I remember it well. We were in an AOL chat room 1990. While there Mr. Cain said hello. He must not become president.

  • Patty

    Both Cain Accusers Longtime Agents Of The Federal Government

  • Patty

    There is a live feed not sure if it will be here on the Allred presser

  • john03

    Gloria Allred is nothing more than a media whore. At least the bimbo was attractive. Much better than Clinton’s trailer park trash.

  • Rose

    She has two witnesses with statements that were signed back at the time of the event.

    Still no army of defenders declaring the various procedures in place to prevent false accusations, etc.

    As a man who frequented business leadership conventions, he was certainly exposed to the professional standards rules and procedures common to men and women who protected their reputations and their offices.

  • Freddy

    So, now we get some allegation NOT related in any way to sexual harassment. This woman has just accused Herman Cain of a sexual assult. She has no actual proof.

    I wonder how Gloria plans on protecting her from a libel suit? While it is difficult for a public figure, like Cain, to sue, it is not impossible. Gloria’s best hope is that Cain does become President. If he does not, then her new client could be in court defending an impossible claim.

  • joyo

    I don’t believe this –we cannot let the Left (the Main Stream Media, the Unions, and the Progressive politicians) destroy Cain. They want him out of competition. Remember the California elections when the Unions found the Illegal maid (hired thru an employment agency who was supposed to validate the people they sent on interviews were legal). Gloria was paid by the Nurses union to represent the maid. I bet when the dust settles, we will find the Unions’ fingerprints all over this! And they talk to the White House every single day –according to Tromka!

  • Patty

    Cain invited her and her boyfriend to a private party in his hotel suite.

    She was fired from the NRA soon after, apparently for not raising enough money for the foundation. She said that, at the suggestion of her boyfriend, arranged a meeting with Mr. Cain in Washington to talk about her future with the NRA.

    OMG, I am sorry but I have had more men sexual harassment in a Job I had then this.

    Never filed a suit. Just stood my ground and with respect that my Mom taught me. Said, lay off. End of story and to this day I remember that and I am proud that I was a capable and strong woman.

    This is a WITCH HUNT. MONEY? Hatred in this nation and the evil of people, it is truly alarming.

  • Freddy

    This is moving really fast. Now we have a link to the business insider with an entirely different story than the one spoken by the accuser on TV????

  • Bob Z

    So what union do they belong to?

  • Sandy

    Herman Cain used his position to intimidate women. Its a power trip — Ya wanna job doncha? Pay for play. So no matter how educated this woman was she had to be brought down to size by a letch.

  • mangrovemama2002

    Can we all say “nuts and sluts”?

    Did this gal actually get any settlement money from the NRA or is she just angling to get on The View?

    The money the NRA paid to the 2 claimants was less that 10% the settlement paid by Billy Jeff Clinton to Paula Jones.