Allred Presser: “Herman Cain Is Lying to America!… Enough Is Enough!” More… Accuser: “Herman Cain Grabbed My Head & Pushed It Towards His Crotch”

Accuser: “Herman Cain grabbed my head and pushed it towards his crotch.”

Oh my word… What a circus.
Howard Stern sidekick Benjamin Bronk opening Allred presser? What’s going on? The move was not dissimilar to what he did during the Anthony Weiner debacle as that scandal descended into a media sideshow.

Gloria Allred is late.

Allred is on:
She was born and raised in Chicago. Co-host of cooking show. She s a single mom.
She was fired from the foundation. Cain sat next to her at a convention. She asays Cain wanted to deliver a “stimulus package.”

Accuser Sharon Bialek speaks—
Sharon Bialek: After speaking to students at convention, Cain sat down next to me. I asked, ‘When are you running for president.’

Accuser “groping in exchange for a job.”

Business Insider reported:

Allred: “Instead of receiving help from Mr. Cain, he decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus package.”

Allred alleges that Cain engaged in “aggressive sexual behavior” toward Bialek when she asked for his advice.

Allred: I for one am disgusted at Herman Cain’s serial harassment of women.

Bialek said that she met Mr. Cain during a conference for the National Restaurant Association when she worked for the NRA’s education foundation in Chicago during 1996. Says Cain invited her and her boyfriend to a private party in his hotel suite.

She was fired from the NRA soon after, apparently for not raising enough money for the foundation. She said that, at the suggestion of her boyfriend, arranged a meeting with Mr. Cain in Washington to talk about her future with the NRA.

Here are some more notes from the press conference:

Bialek said she didn’t file a complaint at the time because she wasn’t employed by the association. But she has two corroborating witnesses that she told at the time.

He wined and dined her and set her up in a hotel suite. Very nice hotel suite. In the car he put his hand up her skirt grabbing for her “genitals” and grabbed her head and pushed it toward “his crotch”.

He groped her and she said she wasn’t there for that, has a boyfriend, etc. and he said, “you want a job don’t you?”

“We need a leader who can set an example which exemplifies the standards of a good person and moral character.”

This is devastating.

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  • 8 My Foot

    Another candidate destroyed by the State Run Media.

  • Finncrisp

    Just another high tech lynching. I remember the Clarence Thomas nonsense during his Supreme Court confirmation. Black conservatives have a bigger target than most.

    999 means jobs, jobs, jobs

  • Black Sabbath

    Good God, is Lady Gaga going to make an appearance with Allred against Cain next? In what trailer park will the Democrats drag a $20 bill through for Cain-accuser #5?

  • donh

    Here is bimbo #4 …>>>

  • Multitude

    If Gloria doesn’t have hard, objective proof, I’m tuning out on this farce. Politico has run over 100 stories on this topic and has yet to provide anything beyond exceptionally weak, non-actionable claims of “I felt uncomfortable.”

    For the folks here who haven’t been in executive management, you are not an effective exec unless you’re pushing underperformers to either step up or step out. You’re certain to encounter a 1% or so that will misinterpret strong managerial direction as “making me feel uncomfortable.” We all know the acquaintance or coworker who has mistaken a manager’s behavior. Hell, how many people in high school or college did we know that thought another person was attracted to them (when we were all scratching our heads and trying to understand how they got to that conclusion). Look at the frequency of stalkers against public figures, and understand what happens when a stalker is publicly spurned and castigated for nonperformance.

    They lash out. They construct relationships that didn’t exist, and then accuse their target of inappropriate behavior when they’re sternly told a message they don’t want to hear.

    This is the last chance before I move on. I’m aware of more substance to the Obama girlfriend “rumor” which the media didn’t follow up than I’ve seen so far with Cain.

  • Patty

    Allred has and always will be an ambulance chaser.

  • wtd

    Sharon Bialek was too timid to share the details with her closest friends at the time the alleged indiscretions took place, yet detailing the event to a media circus isn’t?
    Of course she won’t be taking any questions. A payoff . . .is not out of the question?

  • Patty

    donh #4

    Here is the real bimbo

    As nearly 3 million people in the Northeast shivered with no power after the freak snowstorm nine days ago — thanks, in part, to a decaying electricity-delivery system — yet another “green” energy company backed by President Obama bit the dust.

    Does Washington ever think about its priorities?

    Meet Massachusetts-based Beacon Energy, the East Coast’s answer to Solyndra.

    Beacon was awarded a $43 million federal loan guarantee to build a power-storage station east of Albany that would reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. It also scooped up a $24 million stimulus grant in 2009.
    President Obama
    President Obama

    None of that seemed to make much difference: In the first six months of the year, the firm posted a $16.9 million loss; then it declared bankruptcy, and its stock bottomed out at 10 cents a share.

    Beacon isn’t even the worst loss for taxpayers under the Energy Department’s green-loans program — and it’s not likely to be the last federally funded firm to go belly-up.

    Yet Obama’s stimulus plan lavished $100 billion on green-energy projects — nearly 15 times the amount spent replacing and reinforcing power lines, which actually serve customers and keep them out of the dark.

    Now, we’re no fans of fruitless stimulus spending, or of lavishing taxpayer cash on politically connected companie

    Read more:
    read more @ site.

  • Dave

    I must tell the truth now. Mr. Cain sexually harassed me. I remember it well. We were in an AOL chat room 1990. While there Mr. Cain said hello. He must not become president.

  • Patty

    Both Cain Accusers Longtime Agents Of The Federal Government

  • Patty

    There is a live feed not sure if it will be here on the Allred presser

  • john03

    Gloria Allred is nothing more than a media whore. At least the bimbo was attractive. Much better than Clinton’s trailer park trash.

  • Rose

    She has two witnesses with statements that were signed back at the time of the event.

    Still no army of defenders declaring the various procedures in place to prevent false accusations, etc.

    As a man who frequented business leadership conventions, he was certainly exposed to the professional standards rules and procedures common to men and women who protected their reputations and their offices.

  • Freddy

    So, now we get some allegation NOT related in any way to sexual harassment. This woman has just accused Herman Cain of a sexual assult. She has no actual proof.

    I wonder how Gloria plans on protecting her from a libel suit? While it is difficult for a public figure, like Cain, to sue, it is not impossible. Gloria’s best hope is that Cain does become President. If he does not, then her new client could be in court defending an impossible claim.

  • joyo

    I don’t believe this –we cannot let the Left (the Main Stream Media, the Unions, and the Progressive politicians) destroy Cain. They want him out of competition. Remember the California elections when the Unions found the Illegal maid (hired thru an employment agency who was supposed to validate the people they sent on interviews were legal). Gloria was paid by the Nurses union to represent the maid. I bet when the dust settles, we will find the Unions’ fingerprints all over this! And they talk to the White House every single day –according to Tromka!

  • Patty

    Cain invited her and her boyfriend to a private party in his hotel suite.

    She was fired from the NRA soon after, apparently for not raising enough money for the foundation. She said that, at the suggestion of her boyfriend, arranged a meeting with Mr. Cain in Washington to talk about her future with the NRA.

    OMG, I am sorry but I have had more men sexual harassment in a Job I had then this.

    Never filed a suit. Just stood my ground and with respect that my Mom taught me. Said, lay off. End of story and to this day I remember that and I am proud that I was a capable and strong woman.

    This is a WITCH HUNT. MONEY? Hatred in this nation and the evil of people, it is truly alarming.

  • Freddy

    This is moving really fast. Now we have a link to the business insider with an entirely different story than the one spoken by the accuser on TV????

  • Bob Z

    So what union do they belong to?

  • Sandy

    Herman Cain used his position to intimidate women. Its a power trip — Ya wanna job doncha? Pay for play. So no matter how educated this woman was she had to be brought down to size by a letch.

  • mangrovemama2002

    Can we all say “nuts and sluts”?

    Did this gal actually get any settlement money from the NRA or is she just angling to get on The View?

    The money the NRA paid to the 2 claimants was less that 10% the settlement paid by Billy Jeff Clinton to Paula Jones.

  • Ipso Facto

    I wonder how long it took Gloria Allred to put together a deal where she could get these accusers some sort of a cash stipend and her legal fees paid for (cash under the table) by some Democratic PAC? You know she doesn’t do anything for nothing – but we can all be sure it was a cash deal.

    Allred has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

    If it’s of any conciliation, Cain was never going to get the nomination anyway.

    Also, it was nice to see Newt tell the NBC news whore, Ann Curry, that, “…when the news media goes and finds an anonymous report about an anonymous incident…and you decide that matters more than every other issue in the campaign, that may put your judgment in doubt, as you, being the institutional news media.”

  • Ayres

    The only the time we hear from Glo is when she crawls out from under a rock to smear someone. Remember Bruce Hershenson, Tiger Woods, Meg Whitman? Now Herman Cain. It’s beyond me how she gets so much traction with so little material. She’s a self promoting piranha. Ab.

  • Patty

    N.O.W. really screwed up Women. Opposite of what it was suppose to do. The feminist have found their nitch.

    Allred does what she does best.

    Big Money grab.

  • gus

    Sandy uses her position as an idiot to post nonsense on the internet. I have proof.

  • Rose #13, the two affidavits are that they were told by this accuser the alleged incident. Far cry from witnessing the alleged sexual assault.

  • iamsaved

    (sarc>An anonymous source told me he/she knows a friend of a friend’s half step sister who spoke to Sharon Bialek at the time and she told him/her that actually, she offered sexual favors to Herman Cain to keep her job and Cain told her in no uncertain terms to leave the premises. She left with her tail between her legs and was too embarassed to speak about it. (/sarc)

    I guess when you have an unlimited number of leftist liars that support the Democrat Party, this could go on for quite some time.

    When did these so-called journalists in the media forget the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of their profession? Don’t answer, it came to a climax during the 2008 Presidential Election cycle and has continued down hill ever since.

  • Nancy

    Clarence Thomas redux and the pubic hair on a Coke can.

    I’m so fed up with these creeps I could spit. You know darned well that they would have done, and will do, something like this to any candidate the establishment doesn’t want. Not to mention anyone the Obama administration deems a real threat.

  • Diamond Girl

    Union bought and paid for.

    Msm is as usual infuriating again, I wanted to hear the Q&A period…but nooooo, the msm cut away to the Verdict in the Jackson BS, which isn’t going to be announced until later.

    Disgusting…all of them.

    Allred is nothing but a bought and paid for hack-job for the dems, everyone knows what this Feminazi is and has been all about from way back when…media whore is putting it politely.

    Btw…the reason I DO NOT believe this gal, is she just recently attended a Tea Party event Cain was going to speak at…but most importantly, she stated she never described what Cain did to her to her boyfriend at the time or the other friend that was mentioned, as a gal, I know that’s a lie, you most certainly would state what allegedly happened, especially to your boyfriend.

    This is pure BS…through and through. 15 minutes of fame to destroy a man.

    Disgusting, despicable, disgrace.

  • Dittogirl

    And anyone can sign an affidavit supposedly under oath, and lie, and then have it notorized. The Notary has no idea if it is it true, the people just swear that it is.

    And with a financial settlement, or a lawsuit, whatever, enticing people to lie, Allred has met her goal.

    The Democrat Party has also done its job, they must of been mighty frightened of Herman Cain.

  • bg


    RUSH LIMBAUGH – November 7, 2011

    The Cain Story Gets More Ridiculous

    [Every day we all are made to feel uncomfortable by something. I would be afraid to complain how many times I’m uncomfortable! For crying out loud, that’s the whole point: A nation of whiners and complainers who want to be paid for it — for being offended or being made to feel uncomfortable — but so what? By what, Mr. Martin? What the hell…? The problem here is that that is not a “fact.” Not yet! That’s an accusation. “Yes, I was made to feel very uncomfortable.” She “was brought upon by Cain in a hotel room”? What does that mean, “brought upon”? Brought to the hotel room? You know, we older, crusty conservatives, we name our victims: Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky, we name ’em — and they say we don’t do reporting? We find out the names, we find out where the semen-stained blue dress is, and then we tell everybody about it. We don’t deal in innuendo, we crusty old, hardened conservatives who only care about provocation and our younger brethren who are more interested in reporting are still in diapers. F. Chuck Todd is worried that Herman Cain’s strategery is working. This morning on MSNBC’s Daily Rundown…

    TODD: (silly music) None of the women who have accused him have gone public. And without an aggrieved party disputing his version of events, Cain has avoided the “he said, she said” situation. So while wildly criticized by the media and some establishment Republicans, Cain’s response strategy seems to be working for now. Anybody else getting flashbacks to Bill Clinton? Remember all of those charges were supposed to take him down in ’91, ’92. It eventually made him stronger.

    RUSH: Oh, really? So now this is gonna make Cain stronger? What made Clinton stronger was you guys! That’s made Clinton stronger. Clinton lied about it at the first, he denied it. None of it ever happened ’til Gennifer Flowers had the tapes and Monica Lewinsky had the dress. They marveled at his lies. They marveled at how clever he was able to lie to ’em. They were impressed; they were dazzled. They begged him to lie even more to him, they were so impressed by it — and I thought Herman Cain didn’t have a strategy! I thought David Gregory told us on Friday that was a big thing that really shocked the media and ticked ’em off, that Cain didn’t have a strategy.]

    re: #137 November 7, 2011 at 12:58 pm bg

    really has little has to = really has little to

    oh btw: why should we believe there’s an alleged 4th woman,
    when we do not even know who the 1st alleged woman was??

    STUPID ‘R’ US – and trust me, after what’s gone
    down so far, they’re totally banking on it.. *sigh*


  • Patty

    Obama ratings are 60% or so, disapprove….hope it sticks. Because no matter the candidate, we must hope this sticks WE WIN HE LOSES, AND THAT IS WHAT CAIN WANTS TOO.

  • Patty

    So, now he lost N.O.W. women voters, FOR NOW.

  • bg


    ahah, and so many in here stuck up for Strauss Khan,
    whom there was little doubt was guilty.. i am so glad
    to be nether a Dem nor a Rep.. and i really don’t think
    much of humans in general of late either.. *sigh*


  • KC

    1: She was let go from the NRA soon after. She arranged a meeting with Mr. Cain in Washington to talk about her career prospects.

    They canned her for poor performance and she wanted to talk to Cain about a job????

    2: Bialek says she didn’t file a complaint because she didn’t work for the NRA.

    Hint: Uhhhhh call the cops and file one?

    3: “I am coming forward to give a face and a voice to those women who, for whatever reason, cannot come forward.”

    Hint: They’re aren’t any. They don’t exist.

  • Dittogirl

    Lets think about this…Cain is accused of trying to get a BJ from a pretty blonde..

    Zero is accused of actually getting a BJ from several men..

    Hmmmm…I just cant figure out which is worse and which one was ignored by the LSFM.

  • Militant Conservative

    I too must confess, I was sexually harrased by Cain when we were in the Navy.

    Or is that OK now due to the law? I’m confused?????? sarc off

    powder is dry

  • vagabond trader IV


    Racist democraps have a long ugly history of lynching black men for merely lifting their eyes to white women. Some things never change.

  • Auntie Em

    As a woman, I am throwing my support 100% behind Cain. I was on the fence, but not anymore. If the LSM is doing this much to take him down, then he must be gold for this country.

    Gloria Allred being involved just took this story to the level tabloid alien super babies, and you better believe that Obama ordered this hit as no conservative would touch Gloria with a 10-foot pole.

    Allred is America’s bleeding hemorrhoid, and if that’s all Obama can use to hurt Cain…fine. Obama is going down.

  • Jimmy

    This is so obviously orchestrated it should win an Emmy…Allred needs to be brought up on charges of misconduct and disbarred; then sued by Cain along with this Skank .

  • Nanna

    Has anyone ever wondered why all of these so called sexual advances are the man grabbing the woman’s head and shoving it toward his crotch.
    Just look at the last few times somone has accused some man of advances, or attempted rape.
    Why is the woman in a position that a man can grab her head and shove it towanrd his crotch in the first place.
    All sounds fishy to me.
    Same old story.

  • vagabond trader IV

    Sounds like old dialogue from BJ Clinton and his many “conquests.”

  • Greg

    Well it needed to happen sooner than later. This innuendo driven smear campaign will finally determine how many of our fellow “Republicans” and conservative Democrat\Independents are easily mentally manipulated instead of being independent thinkers capable of discerning fact vs. hearsay. I am not hopeful. I offer Sarah Palin as proof that our fellow conservatives as proof of how easily the media can manipulate and influence conservatives views on one of their own. It’s shameful and discouraging.

  • MrGoodWench

    This woman’s demeanor is disturbing.
    It looks as if this woman has been getting forward in life by GIVING sexual favors.
    And she didn’t like it when it didn’t work .
    No way this woman is a paragon of virtue .

  • DaMav

    Good grief is that all the Cain Smear has got?

    Go Herman 2012

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Hell, TSA agents get paid to do what Herman is alleged to have done.

    Sharon’s story has more holes than Swiss cheese.

  • Big Al

    sorry, what did I miss? was there any questioning by the gathered press? I think some enterprising investigator needs to go to work and find out whats the real story

  • john03

    @Dittogirl #37. I think you’re on to something. When is Reggie Love going to have his press conference with Gloria?

  • iamsaved

    Why haven’t any women come forward from Godfather’s Pizza, Pillsbury, Burger King or any other venue where he was an executive to claim sexual harassment? I’d think if this were a pattern, it wouldn’t have been isolated to only his tenure at the National Restaurant Association?

  • Mark1957

    I have three witnesses that Obama was a crack whore back in college, they wish to remain anonymous for their personal safety.

  • Jenny

    Cain, has my support. Join me in sending him a donation! This is a circus; the media is again spending a week NOT covering the real scandals by the current POS administration in the White House.


    Cain should be a hero with the DNC and OWS idiots…

  • bg


    how dare WOMEN vote for a CONSERVATIVE
    , how dare they, we’ll teach them!!

    btw, Herman Cain was a pioneer in the
    recognition of sexual harassment, go fig..


  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    #36 KC:

    (4) Why would this Sharon go up to Herman Cain years later at a Tea Party gathering if he was a sexual harasser?

  • AZgal

    I do not trust anyone who hires Allred!

  • MrGoodWench

    So when is All-Red going to represent Larry Sinclair ?

  • donh

    The Larry Sinclair press conference was more credible. Did Gloria wear a kilt ? Did a reporter ask Gloria if Herman was well hung ?

  • butler

    This doesnt pass the sniff test.

    Total BS.

    Why would someone from CHICAGO hire an attorney from CA?

    How much did Gloria charge for her services?

    Of all places, CHICAGO. Couldnt it have been a city in one of the other 57 States? /s/

  • bg


    Mark1957 #51 November 7, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    too late.. 🙁 /s/


  • Sarge

    Dan Rather had signed documents, too.

    So, she didn’t tell her two witnesses any details at all 11 years ago… but she did extract signed depositions from them? Even though she had no intention to sue? & she did not choose to report it to the police or to Cain’s employer at the time?

    Herman Cain should sue her for defamation, and get those documents and witnesses under oath and subject to cross-examination.

    UNTIL THEN, this is nothing more than hearsay, and less, not more, credible with the agency of Gloria Allred involved.

    People have done far stranger things for their 15 minutes of fame… her simple declaration means nothing at all.

  • Voice of Reason

    Political kabuki theater. We all know Gloria Aldred is Democrat operative slim lawyer. This should teach anyone who tries to challenge The Establishment what they are in for.

  • vagabond trader IV

    @ 59:


  • Gus #14….. I worked at the zoo when this incident happened with Rose and the water buffalo, we had to ban her for life from the zoo.
    The hippo’s are badly traumatized, and the poor monkeys will never be the same…..

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    So I guess women lie about sexual harassment UNLESS we produce semen on a dress or a picture of him holding your head down on his genitals?? Right?? The guy is a DOG. I believe them ALL. I would never VOTE for someone who had one allegation on their record. Where is the guys character?? The truth does not EVER lie…the lie keeps changing.

  • redpillpatriot

    I find it odd, that the left is up in arms over sexual harrassment allegations, but they cared less about Bill Clinton screwing interns in the ovall office and then lying about it before the entire country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait…. No it’s business as usual if you are a lefty

  • Look I don’t really want Cain as president but this strikes me as outrageous bullcrap. If this woman had a shred of integrity she’d pick someone other than this worthless hag as her representative.

  • i believe this woman and her lawyer.

    i also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy and trust everything the SCOAMF says at his press conferences and in his campaign ads.

  • Theresa

    Mr. Hoft…your last comment….this is horrible, devastating is beyond the pale…

    You have made yourself Judge, Jury and Executioner…

    “To Kill A Mockingbird”

  • bg




  • bg
  • wanumba

    #67 November 7, 2011 at 2:19 pm
    Christopher Taylor commented:
    Look I don’t really want Cain as president but this strikes me as outrageous bullcrap. If this woman had a shred of integrity she’d pick someone other than this worthless hag as her representative.

    DOn’t forget Allred just last year got the former housekeeper in CA to complain against the ex-employer candidate WHitman of CA that even though housekeeper lied about being legal and presented the WHitman household with false documents, the candidate Whitman didn’t pay her “CHristmas presents” for her kids. The houseekeeper has yet to be deported that anyone knows of, and the Dems know Allred can derail, and the WHitman household had to pay a penalty.

    gah gah gah gah … like a bizarro world.

  • butler

    Why didnt she go apply for a job or seek the assistance from an employment agency?

  • myohmy

    Gloria Allred has finally galvanized the support for Herman Cain. Gloria Allred is the peddler whore. Who is paying you this time, Gloria?

  • Dittogirl

    #65..Women lie all of the time..not all women, but some sure as hell do! Look at all the women that lie about paternity, sexual harassment is an easy payday! Paternity is an easy payday to name the man with the most money! What is wrong with you?

    Some men lie all the time too, look at Zero for a good example, or Slick Willie!!… I used to be married to one that could lie straight faced and never even blink! Offer a woman a million dollars under the table to lie about another man and see just how many of them say YES! For crying out loud!

  • Gini

    And where is the police report? I stll do not believe these women. Anyone who waits 10+ years to talk about a bit of harassment is not being straight. I question the motives of these women?

  • bg


    Dittogirl #75 November 7, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    re: [an easy payday]


    With Cain at the helm as CEO in 1998, the association
    created a video to explain sexual harassment laws to its
    members – and created a sample sexual harassment policy
    for individual restaurants to use, according to a Chicago
    Tribune story at the time.


    Restaurant industry complaints made up a significant portion of
    the total sexual harassment claims: In fiscal 1997, for example,
    restaurants saw 1,481 complaints out of 15,889 — 9.3 percent
    of the nationwide total.

    Anita Hill’s charges brought a “heightened awareness” to the issue of
    sexual harassment, said David Scher, a sexual-harassment lawyer at
    The Employment Law Group law firm.

    When it came to litigation and bad publicity, Scher said,
    the restaurant industry “faced some of the worst of it.”


    Industry officials saw it coming — none other than Cain himself warned as long ago as 1991 that changes in federal law resulting from the hearings could cause problems for employers.

    “This bill opens the door for opportunists who will use the legislation to make some money,” Cain, then CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, told Nation’s Restaurant News. “I’m certainly for civil rights, but I don’t know if this bill is fair because of what we’ll have to spend to defend ourselves in unwarranted cases.”


  • Pingback: The Sexual ABCs for Allred, Bialek, and Cain « Innocent Bystanders()

  • bg
  • Dittogirl

    BG..thats exactly it. When it came out that Clinton was doing all kinds of unsavory things, it was so believable and guess what…it was true. All of accusations against Zero..same thing. Believeable! Sinclair, Reggie Love…yes, I believe them.

    This man knew and was warned about them..he just doesnt seem like the kind of man that would put his whole career on the line for a bimbo eruption. It doesnt fit Mr. Cain.

    I wish I could say that women are not capable of these kinds of things. But I know that they are, and that money talks. Too many people in our society are willing to sell their soul for 15 minutes of fame and money under the table.

    Its sad.

  • me, not you

    Lets see….. she is from Chicago. Hmmmm, enough said. All it takes is a little dirt on someone and they got their patsy.

  • bg


    Obama camp expects a close but successful re-election

    hah, the way the Republicans are trashing Cain, the Demonicrats
    won’t even be blamed for the smear, ergo, can’t says i disagree..


  • Well that’s the good thing about Newt… his skeletons are already out there I guess

  • great unknown

    It’s time for Cain to say he is submitting to a lie detector test. I suspect that suddenly the MSM will be flooded with statements from experts that lie detectors are unreliable. Of course, they are used by every security organization in the world, but…

  • [email protected]

    Anytime Gloria Allred is involved, rest assured that the entire boondoggle is nothing but a trumped-up political hit. She did the same thing for Jerry brown in CA last year to Meg Whitman and has orchestrated several of these hit jobs. This is her pattern. She is a ‘rat hitman.

  • bg


    Dittogirl #80 November 7, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    there”s also not one iota of proof that there are 4 women..


  • Earthmover

    Truth be known she tried to blow him for a job and he turned her down
    because he HAS morals so she figured she would fix his wagon and lie like a
    whore. Cain has too much class to call her ass out. At this point I’d challenge
    to a polygraph if I were Cain.

  • bg


    great unknown #84 November 7, 2011 at 3:00 pm

    8) idea, but you got it bass ackwards, the accuser
    needs to take a lie detector test, not Herman Cain..

    she said it, she needs to prove it, not the other way around..


  • Nelle

    I used to defend and believe Bill Clinton, right up to Blue Dress Day. So it would be racist of me not to defend and believe Herman Cain right up until someone comes up with the evidence.

  • Time to break out the polygraph.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Highlander

    “This is devastating …”
    “Horrible …”

    Yeah right. Give me a break.

    The key statement, if ANY of this is true, is that when she asked him to stop, he DID. Coming on to someone is NOT sexual harassment. It is not unreasonable for man to HOPE that a woman who sets up a meeting in a hotel, and then goes out for dinner and a drive is interested in more than conversation, and might even be willing to sleep with him in exchange for a few favors. When she asked him to stop, he did. Case closed.

    You may nit like Cain, or prefer another candidate, but attacks like this are pathetic. Anyone who participates in them should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Yes, she is just so believable. I love the attempt to cry when speaking of that horrific incident but not being able to only to give up on the crying bit near the end.

    So let me get this straight, Cain assaulted the woman with both hands (one on her head, the other under her skirt) yet she still wanted him to drive her back to the hotel. She did not ask if he could just let her out of the car…yes, of course. And of course she did not file a complaint with anybody or inform Cain’s employer just in case Cain was a sexual predator.

    She then went to talk to Cain at a Tea Party event. She was assaulted by Cain but I guess she still wanted to say hello to him.

    This is ridiculous. This bimbo will represent the turning point with respect to making false accusations and character destruction without being held accountable.

    I guarantee this bimbo has skeletons in her closet. We’ll find out soon.

  • Brian

    Gloria Allred sexually harassed me.

  • Karl Kameron

    No doubt Brett Baier will present the entire story as objective fact and Carl Cameron will corroborate the entire episode through unnamed source Nicole Wallace.

  • Mike Bell

    Her statement seems very well-constructed, i.e. well-rehearsed and well-prepared by a lawyer. All the right things are in it. Graphic descriptions. The part about “well, you want a job, don’t you” – which is what sexual harassment (the law) is about. A little too perfect – no? Something probably happened, but not exactly her version of it.

    The part about going up her skirt to touch her “genitals” while grabbing her head toward the crotch does not make sense. How can a man do that simultaneously? Guys, think about it. It’s not the kind of thing a man can do spur-of-the-moment at the same time. That “crotch” part doesn’t make sense at all. Had it been only the hand on her leg or up her skirt, it would be far more believable. It would be one or the other – but not both at the same time.

    Nobody (except for Cain and the woman) knows exactly what happened, but one thing seems fairly certain, namely that Cain is “on the prowl” and not faithful to his wife (whether in intentions or deeds). He probably isn’t guilty of sexual harassment, but he does consistently put himself into situations where the possibility of getting some action presents itself.

    For example, the man had dinner and drinks with an ex-employee AND upgraded her hotel room (this should be easy to prove – no?). That’s not the kind of thing a married guy does. The other stories about invitations to his hotel suite, etc. There are too many incidences of Cain being “playboyish”. It doesn’t prove that he sexually harassed. It seems to me, based on the situations he was in and all the (limited) information we know, that he was constantly looking for action.

    Is any of this so terrible or shocking? No. But if he did try to use his position to have sex with women, that certainly is sexual harassment, and a serious character flaw. Being unfaithful isn’t so shocking, but again it’s certainly not honourable. Also, it’s clear that he lied about this from the beginning. THAT is what bothers me the most about it. It’s not that he was supposedly inept at handling this. It’s that he wasn’t forthcoming. Not what I’m looking for in terms of the next POTUS.

    He might have kept support and fundraising levels high up till this point, but this one is going to seriously hurt him. Look for the GOP to drop him like a hot potato. I didn’t think Cain would make a good POTUS anyway. He has certain qualities that are valuable and attractive, but he is lacking in too many ways (e.g. on foreign policy).

  • ‘She spoke up to give a face and a voice for those other women who cannot. She’s speaking out only because of the stories of the other women’.. What other women? No other women have made these allegations. All we have are two or three anonymous unknown people who may be women and may not exist and one woman who gives no proof of her claims.

  • george

    Unfortunately this stuff happens and it goes unreported. Of course they don’t do it in front of witnesses. I don’t make sexual advances towards my wife in front of witnesses for cripes sakes.

    The coach of my wife’s college tennis team pulled this kind of crap all the time (minus the pulling heads towards his crotch), but he was successful and a respected member of the community. That’s a lot for a young lady to pit herself against when all it amounts to is “he said, she said”. My wife had only a minor run in with him over this behavior and he stopped (with her). I asked why her teammates put up with it. Her answer was something like this:

    “As girls back then, we sort of expected to encounter guys like this from time to time. This side of him was really creepy but he did more to advance the women’s tennis program than anyone before him. He was a great coach. The guy we had before him was worthless.”

    Part of her does have some guilt for not reporting him, and she would always wince when she’d hear about some award or recognition he’d gotten. It is not surprising in the least that something like this goes unreported for 14 years.

    Of course it could be all made up and some women are just seeing it as an opportunity for money fame or whatever. On the other hand it could be all true. It’s tough to prove either way.

  • Militant Conservative

    Resume enhancer if you ask me.

    I thought ALL presidents had to be sexual predators?

    It’s a pre requisite for democrats, told ya, I’m using

    Alinsky tactics now. Cain is da man. That there is a

    Black man that knows his place,… the WH.

    Where the current poser is.

    Powder is dry

  • george

    Oh, and one more thing I should add. The behavior probably continues with guys like these because at least now and then a woman will acquiesce, either out of fear of fear of repercussions or a genuine appreciation of the attention. Guys in powerful positions can be very attractive to a woman.

    My wife suspects that one of her friends on the tennis team had a brief fling with the coach that was based on mutual interest.

  • Freddy

    Jim Hoft

    This is devastating.

    And this editorial assination, still devoid of facts, is why many are losing faith in the objectiveness of this blog.

    This 15 year old claim cannot be taken seriously even by the woman making it. She was laughing as she read off the charges she did not even believe.

    And yet, for political activist Hoft, the seriousness of the charge is more important than it’s credibility.

  • kayfromcarroll

    I am not on the Cain for President bandwagon, BUT…’s what sounds fishy to me…..

    The term “Stimulus Package” is a recent invention, circa 2010/2011 and is associated with the TARP and similar stimulus programs. Why in the WORLD would Herman Cain have made a statement referring to a “Stimulus Package” back in 1999???

    People who work in the movie industry pay big bucks to keep references pertinent to the time period they are trying to portray. I call bullsh–.

  • Wm T Sherman

    That was just Allred trying to make a joke. Which, since it was not funny at all, and was weirdly inappropriate to the situation, could be mistaken for an actual claim.

  • bg


    absolute scoop (check disclaimer)

    via #107 November 7, 2011 at 5:12 pm
    This is devastating. Horrible.

    absolute genius (not to mention funny)

    via Sunny #120 November 7, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    imho: both need to go viral!! 🙂


  • bg
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  • This woman lost all credibility with me, the minute she decided to allow Gloria Alred to pimp her and her story to the media. Sorry, ain’t buying it.

  • Sarge

    Her coming on to him to try to land a job and being rebuffed, objectively, is just as plausible based on the evidence at hand as is his coming on to her with an offer of a job in return for some action, and being rebuffed.

    So, who had more to gain, who had more to lose? Or in lawyerly terms, qui bono?

    Me, I smell “15 minutes of fame” as a driving force here.

  • gloria

    Before commenting I would research details. Question to all of you doubters of cain, would you pay an attorney up (big money) front to defend you if you were innocent of the allegations. Sounds like they had the goods on him so your defenses are running out.

  • Terry Moss


    I kind of get the feeling that you are rooting for Mr. Cain to go away. There is nothing “devastating” about this, its just a bunch of tripe.

    Gloria Allred…, Really? Are they that desperate to take a Black Conservative down? I hope your not behind Romney. I think you are pretty spot on with most stuff, but don’t cave into this crap because you think he’s weak on issues besides the economy.

    As conservatives, we ought to stand behind him in the absence of any evidence.

  • Molon Labe

    Hoff is auditioning for David Brooks job again. But the best he can hope for is Allread’s messenger boy. To sink to this level is horrible, just lgf horrible.

  • Island Girl

    Well this should get Cain a TV show .

    Elliott Spitzer Mark Sandford Jesse Jackson Letterman etc.

  • It used to be that conservatives did not want a candidate with this kind of baggage. Apparently my Republican party has changed since so many people still sing praises for a man that is truly unfit to be President.

  • JPeden

    Apparently my Republican party has changed…since so many people still sing praises for a man that is truly unfit to be President.

    Yeah, with a name like “Wild Thing” I’m sure you long for the good old days. And so just who is manifestly unbelievable and obviously “unfit” to render any judgment whatsoever?

    Translation, honey chile: you are just another “she said”.

  • JPeden

    #107 Terry Moss commented

    As conservatives, we ought to stand behind him in the absence of any evidence.

    Amen, bro’. What else is there? Stalin’s show trials or “1984”?

  • JPeden

    “Herman Cain Grabbed My Head & Pushed It Towards His Crotch”

    Right, sure sounds like a winning move, at least among…uh…Duke LaCrosse players!

    Btw, is Crystal Mangum in prison yet, not for lying for, and being used by her alleged Progressive Saviors at Duke and by D.A. Niphong, but for next killing her boyfriend?

    She sure was a “Wild Thing”.

  • Gini

    #110 November 7, 2011 at 11:08 pm
    Wild Thing commented:
    It used to be that conservatives did not want a candidate with this kind of baggage. Apparently my Republican party has changed since so many people still sing praises for a man that is truly unfit to be President.

    Obviously if a woman claims a man made a pass at her – well, then it MUST be true! No woman would ever say such a thing without it being the truth.
    Wild Thing – please wake up. Cain is being smeared with the easiest smear possible.
    The KKK used to make these claims and then go on to kill the black man who they thought had looked at a white woman, now the KKK media simply smears him and leaves his reputation in tatters. I for one do not believe this story any more than the others.

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  • Bufford

    You can say anything about anyone on the internet. I say if you have a case, Ms. Allred, bring on the proof. I think Cain should slap a mega lawsuit against Bialek for defamation.

  • Explainplease

    Ok, so explain to me how there are now 4 different allegations of misconduct at different times, and documentation showing a few of the women settled their claims with settlements, …yet Cain supporters, and Cain, are saying this is all made up by “this group and that group”…………if that were the case then there wouldn’t be these cases from years ago that were settled…did the media, or the democrats, or whoever he wants to blame go back in time and create these allegations? DUH, I really can’t believe how blind people are now days to now see that!!! WOW, pretty sad. People are so desperate for a “good” candidate that they totally shut out REALITY (proof of prior allegations) and blame it all on…well, anyone they can!

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