It’s an Obama world.
Obama’s Education Chief says his latest student loan bailout is all about income inequality.

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Socialism in action.
The Hill reported, via Memeorandum:

President Obama’s education reform efforts will address growing income inequality in the U.S., Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said Wednesday.

Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Duncan promoted the administration’s jobs plan, portions of which are targeted at updating school facilities and hiring teachers.

He also blasted Congress for not moving forward with Obama’s jobs bill, saying the nation needs to “stop subsidizing banks and give that money to young people.”

Duncan’s comments are part of an effort by the administration to call attention to efforts by the president to take actions on the economy that do not require legislation from Congress.



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  1. Judge just said Obama has the right to do this. College is Government funded.
    Fox now.

  2. Thanks to Obama he is killing the American Growth and Prosperity. Because of his NEW PARTY SYSTEM and Socialism America will not be the same if he is voted back into office. So much damage will be done that it will take the new president one term to clean up the mess. This nation will never be the same and the voters who voted for this never gave it a thought to look into Obama and Michelle’s past history.

  3. “stop subsidizing banks and give that money to young people.”

    A deep thinker, Arne isn’t .. though, he’s probably in the top 10% of this administration of retards – “corporate jet owners should pay for this!!”

  4. “Spread the wealth around.” Obama told us what he was going to do, and then he did it. No one should be the slightest bit surprised.

    Now the only question is which office I go to in order to apply for government assistance in paying for my pickup truck. I mean, surely there’s an “Affordable Pickup Truck Initiative” floating around the White House, right?

  5. ++

    let me be the first to say: “Welcome To The New World Order”!!

    oh wait, i’ve said that several times over the past several years..

    dang, guess it’s back to the back of that turnip truck i fell off of.. /s/


  6. Someone should take the students aside and explain to them that they may get a free ride today, but as soon as they become a wage earner they are going to be required to pick up the tab for the class after them, and the next class, and the next, and the next… I don’t know what they teach in Econ. 101 now days, but when I walked into the classroom the chalkboard was filled with “THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH” in giant letters. They also required you to take a technical writing class in which the main project was a financial prospectus on the investment on your chosen degree.

  7. I’d like to see Arne’s and Barky’s SATs. We are entitled to a few laughs as they run education totally into the ground while burning up ungodly sums of money and indebting future generations in the process.

    But, that’s just the natural evolution of a leftist idea, make something more expensive and worse at the same time, in a decaying version of Moore’s Law. Ah … sweet, centralized stagnation.

  8. “stop subsidizing banks and give that money to young people” WHATTT THE FUC******?

    NO young people should be being taught the advantages of hard work and education instead of getting handouts from anyone but their lowly parents. As any KID with decent parents isn’t wasting their time down on OWS when they could be in classes or at work instead of whining why they can’t get jobs.

    IF this government pays off these student loans I for one am filing a class action lawsuit for everyone’s loans since 1970 to be forgiven as we had no options and PAID OFF OURS. I paid off a hundred grand for 4 years at UVA before my 26th birthday. Lowlife scum/.

  9. Income inequality? That is what capitalism is about, it is what inspires us to achieve greater prosperity. What kind of system is it where all the working class are equally poor? Oh yeah, Communisim that is what it is called.

    Nex Ut Tyrannus….. Death to Tyrants

  10. ++


    B Hussein O’s friends (more here) complain
    Catholic Schools too Catholic (more here)..

    you heard right folks, and guess what else..

    you ain’t heard nothin’ yet, and you ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it
    neither, cause guess what, there are no such things as politicians,
    nope, no more, only RICH porky pigs congresscritter millionaire’s..

    but hey, they make for great actors..


  11. Duncan is a opportunistic political climber. He goes up a step from one one political appointment to another, never accomplishing much if anything. I wonder how many tax payer funded pensions he’s accumulated by now.

  12. So according to their own chart, the middle’s wealth has incresed about 50% since 1980 while the top 1% has increased 275%. So if I have $100 and that’s increased to $150 and the guy down the block has $100 and that’s increased to $375 then I’m not supposed to be satisfied with my increase, I’m supposed to get angry that my neighbor got more. This is all about the 8 year old at his birthday party throwing a tantrum because his older sister got a bigger glass of coke and a larger slice of cake.

  13. sub-prime mortgage meets higher education.

  14. Desperate to recapture the youth vote much?

  15. Serfdom dead ahead.

  16. “stop subsidizing banks and give that money to young people.”


    I have got to stop reading “political” news. At least until this crap is over.

  17. Obama’s comments today that American’s have “lost” it’s inventiveness, ambition, and desire to build things like the Golden Gate Bridge is not true. What has happened is American’s aren’t being allowed to do those things anymore because our government has been taken over by Socialists and Communists who have diverted our earned income away from money that could be put in creating new building structures, like OIL REFINERIES, and other things like the Golden Gate. Our tax money which has caused all these so-called income “inequities”, is being sent to people to live off the dole from cradle to grave where people don’t have to create, or have the ambition to build businesses and make oneself wealthy. Being wealthy is what the left hates and have systimtically being taken out of our lexicon beginning in the public schools. Our kids are being dumbed down to the point where the teachers and administrators and institutions of higher learning programs, and everything that is school in America is geared directly to make Blacks as smart and as ambitous as White kids used to be when there was non-Black public schools. The very high standard of excellence found in the non-Black public schools put men on the moon. Ever since the Department of Education was formed in the 70’s by the Carter Socialist regime took our society over along with the 60’s radical Socialists and Communists embarked on their plan to take what made America great by producing citizens who didn’t have enough sense to build anything, or the want-to to make businesses to provide things to people who want them, and in the process show other American’s that making oneself rich was possible for anyone who wanted to.

    When Obama said we have “lost” our ambition, you can’t take ambition away from a human being. But you can legislate the reward of being ambitious out of our society. You can make it to expensive to try to comply with EPA regulations to build the business you would like to make, or an invention you’d like to make would cost to much money to get a patent for in order to protect it from the Chinese stealing it, or at least supposedly they couldn’t steal it. And that is another thing and that is our government isn’t protecting us from the Chinese stealing our inventions. Why invent something if the government won’t keep the Chinese from taking the profits you could make from it?

    Our education system should have been protected from the destruction brought upon it by the Socialists who wanted to tear it down to the point where everyone is as dumb as the dumbest Black. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe that Blacks are dumb. What is a fact is there are a much higher number of Blacks that ARE dumb than anyone else. Why that is, I don’t know, but it’s a proven fact. Get those kids out of the public main stream schools and put them in schools with their teachers, because Blacks are the only people who know how to get through to another Black, probably because a Black teacher knows how to speak the language of a Black kid, they have kids themselves and know how to motivate them. White teachers don’t know how to motivate a Black kid who isn’t motivated.

    Then go back and reteach the teachers how to teach the right way, make it as hard as school was when I was in school in the 50’s and the 60’s and then we might start producing kids who have their “natural” creativeness, ambition, and want-to to go out and build a Golden Gate Bridge, or a Empire State Building or another pair of Twin Towers.

    American’s used to do things just to prove it could be done, or just because there wasn’t one, or because it was the kind of challenge they liked having to test themselves with. Liberalism takes all that away when it goes about taking our creativeness, and ambition away from us by attempting to make everyone “EQUAL” and making it all “FAIR” for everyone so no one has their feelings hurt because they failed a test or didn’t make as good a project as the smart kid did. You know, all those “inequities” that used to exist which were the very things that made most kids try harder to create something useful, or made most kids more ambitious at making more money than some other kids were at selling cookies they made.

    In other words liberals have made the “SAME” as all the other kids, and by the way those other kids didn’t have any ambition to do anything and if everyone is supposed to be like those kids then no one has any ambition to do anything either. See how that works?

    Liberals don’t know this simple fact, that you have to let everyone be like they want to be and not be like everyone else. That way we get Donald Trumps’ and more Steve Jobs’, and much fewer dumb kids who don’t know what is going on or what the government is doing to them. That is what liberals wanted to do in the beginning and that was to produce citizen’s who were to dumb to know what was happening to them. That way they would be real easy to control.

    Well, how do you like what liberals created? A good cross section of them are in New York protesting against the rich(because they don’t know how to become rich themselves, that was all taken from their brains when they were in school), and protesting against their own country(liberals hated our exceptionalism so they wanted to produce citizen’s who didn’t want to be exceptional), and are protesting against private property ownership(because liberals believe that only the rich would end up owning all the property and leave none for those who couldn’t ever earn enough money to buy their own property). All lies!!

  18. all of you get bings…………………..this from Obama’s ideological soul-mate………….Bill Ayers words………………not mine………….

  19. I have hope. I do.

    I actually think 25% of any (student-and/or- student loan recipient) will see through this in a matter of days. Either the media will expose the math or they will ask their parents.

    This is significant to the Dem strategy of wooing the stupid vote,.. i mean student vote.

    I hate libtards. I do.

    Off to my drum circle… boom chick-a-boom.

  20. I actually DIDN’T go to a well known state university because I knew i’d never be able to pay back the loans if I didn’t get a job. I’ve missed alot of opportunities because of that. Now I’m seeing that these DIRTBAGS are going to get loans ‘forgiven’ (I cannot believe that..but whatever) ?!?

    I’m so mad I could throw a bowling ball farther than barracky can hit a tee ball. Thats not far for little barracky.. wearing his little girl underwear.


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