Rick Perry Continues to Oppose DREAM Act and Sanctuary Cities

John Hawkins at Right Wing News interviewed Governor Rick Perry this week on immigration issues. If you’re wondering where Rick Perry stands, you will have a better idea after reading this interview.
Here is part of that discussion:

The real question becomes what can we expect from Rick Perry on the issue if he becomes President? That question had yet to be answered — until today. I was pleased to get an opportunity to do an in-depth written interview with Rick Perry that covers his position on illegal immigration. If you’re wondering where Rick Perry stands, after reading this interview, you will know.

1. You supported the Texas version of the DREAM ACT which incidentally, was very popular in your state. It passed 27-3 in the Senate and 130-2 in the House. However, you would not support the DREAM ACT nationally if you became President of the United States. Why is that?

The federal DREAM Act is an amnesty bill, and I strongly oppose amnesty. The Texas educational residency bill was vastly different.

Because the federal government has failed in its basic duty to protect our borders, states are forced to deal with illegal immigrant issues.

In Texas, we had to deal with the children of illegal immigrants residing in our state and attending our schools, as the federal government requires states to educate these children through the public school system. Lawmakers in Texas – indisputably one of the most conservative states in America – were virtually unanimous in their decision.

The Legislature determined the payment of in-state college tuition is available to all students who have lived in Texas for at least three years and graduated from a public high school. If you meet those requirements, you pay in-state tuition, whether you relocated from Oklahoma, Idaho, Canada or Mexico. The only difference is that Texas residents who aren’t documented must be on the path to pursue U.S. citizenship to be allowed to pay in-state tuition.

There were a number of reasons the bill received widespread support among conservatives. Importantly, it has never had a cost to Texas taxpayers. In fact, our institutions of higher learning would actually lose tens of millions of dollars in lost tuition payments if the law were repealed.

And it would lower the odds that these students would receive subsidized health care or end up in prison. Protecting taxpayers was a serious concern, given that a Supreme Court decree already requires taxpayers to pay for K-12 education for undocumented students.

3. Now you worked to outlaw sanctuary cities in Texas. Tell us why that is.

I called for abolishing sanctuary cities in my last State of the State address, and made it an emergency item for the Legislature. I’m a firm believer in giving law enforcement the discretion they need to do their job. Sanctuary city policies handcuff law enforcement officers in order to further a political agenda.

Read the rest here.

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  • Sorry, short of Perry putting the sanctuary cities bill on the Special Session agenda, he did NOTHING to help push it through. I mean nothing.

    Grocery store magnate Charles Butt and Developer Bob Perry (no relation) threw their weight around and every Republican leader (House speaker Joe Straus, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst) all pointed fingers at someone else.

    It was a collective failure that Perry was very much part of.

  • terrekaine

    Look at what Perry does, not what he says.

  • End The Obama Nation

    Anybody who refuses to strictly enforce our immigration laws can forget about getting my vote.

  • Finncrisp

    Passing bad law in response to bad policy institutionalizes bad policy. I fail to see why an out of state citizen has to get in line behind an instate illegal for higher education. Adults make bad choices all the time that affect their children. Why are we adopting nanny state rules specifically to free illegal adults from responsibuility to thier children for entering this country illegally?

    The Texas legislature was unannimously wrong on this one.

  • Folks, I watched what Perry did during the Special session from a front row seat. Tough sanctuary cities legislation was the ONLY emergency item he identified at the start of the regular session that hadn’t been addressed.

    He put it on the agenda during the special and SKIPPED TOWN. He wanted nothing to do with it.

    When two of Texas’ wealthiest men (Charles Butt and Bob Perry) sent a letter to Governor Perry and the Republicans threatening to withhold contributions if the bill passed, it died.

  • Bill Mitchell

    And why didn’t he just say all of THAT during the debates?

    See, this is the problem people have with Rick Perry. It’s not his positions, but that he simply does not appear very bright and light on his feet in a stressful situation. People aren’t worried about his politics, they are worried about his gray matter.

  • #6 Bill Mitchell,

    There’s plenty wrong with his politics too.

  • retire05

    Barrackaid, do you think you can speak as an “informed” Texan and there will be no other Texans to take you on? You tipped your hat, bubba. The people who gathered in Austin and sat in the gallery during the last special session were the people that Alex Jones, TRUTHER Alex Jones, rallied along with Debra Medina’s little monthly session bunch. Oh, yeah, I got the email to show up in Austin just like you did from a friend who goes to Medina’s house every month.

    It was Charles Butt, Jr. that threw his weight around. He knew that he could get Joe Strauss (who Butt, Jr. donates heavily to) to table the sanctuary city bill and Strauss did not disappoint. Now, since you seem to want to present yourself as an “informed” Texan, perhaps you can tell everyone what recourse a governor in the State of Texas has to force a bill through when the Speaker of the House tables it?

    Perry also placed the anti-TSA bill back into special session after Dewhurst managed to get that bill killed in the regular session. Why was Dewhurst allowing the TSA representatives to work our Congressmen in the halls of the capitol? Dewhurst folded like a cheap suit when he got the letter from the TSA. And now he wants to replace KBH? I don’t think so. He needs to go back to ranching, roping and take Strauss with him.

    Get over yourself. Medina lost because she is a kook. Alex Jones is simply seeking his 15 minutes of fame because no one knew who the hell he was until he became a 9-11 truther.

    Perry wanted the anti-sanctuary city bill. He ran his last campaign telling Texans he would push for it. Joslyn Johnson backed him over Bill White, her boss, because she also wanted that bill. If you are mad at anyone you should be picketing in front of David Dewhurst and Joe Strauss’s offices.


    perry is NOT the answer…any politician that agrees with giving illegals a free pass should be kicked out of politics…what does the word ILLEGAL mean……

  • Mark1957

    A big drop in poll numbers and he will tell you what ever you want to hear. Screw you Perry, I pick Herman Cain.

  • KLD

    #3 Out of state students are subject to the same laws as everyone else. They have to establish residency, unless there is a reciprocity agreement between the States.

    I think his views make sense, and they see the picture. Whether we like it or not, illegals are here, and they aren’t going to be mass deported. Not by Romney, not by Bachman regardless what they say“and they know it, nor will they build a fence. The logistics of that are not feasible, the practicality isn’t there. In-State tuition addresses kids who were brought here through no fault of their own, they grew up American. They are probably more ‘American’ than some born and bred here, from American born parents, i.e. Michael Moore, the Wall Street Day of Ragers and so on.
    Texas, and Perry, are acting within Federal Law–they have to educate illegal kids. They expand, pragmatically to say these kids are here, we had to send them through school, let them have in-state tuition – like any other resident of the state (this isn’t equated with citizenship, it’s address driven) , with the condition that they are pursuing citizenship, make them productive member’s of society. They aren’t going anywhere, and that’s better than supporting them on Welfare, or in Prison. Try to make the best out of a less than ideal situation. That makes more sense than pipe dreams of mass deportation.
    And yes let’s get these border truly secure. That doesn’t mean you ignore the illegals already here, but stop the flow first as a priority, then we can turn our fuller attention to those here. If you have water gushing from your pipes, what do you do first? Fix the hole, or turn off the water? Personally, I’d turn off the water, then clean up the mess. Anything else would be like shoveling snow in a blizzard.
    Why didn’t he say all this in the debate? He touched on it, with Santorum screaming at him, I believe. This interview wasn’t an Ah! moment. He’d touched on it before.
    Reagan wasn’t perceived as the brightest crayon in the box, either. But he was practical, and thoughtful.

  • End The Obama Nation

    From The Root

    How Illegal Immigration Hurts Black America


  • SeniorD

    Sanctuary Cities, as opposed to Sanctuary ‘locations’ such as churches, steals money from resident taxpayers to provide the illegals shelter, food, clothing, etc. This is a local ordinance and has power only within the city limits. Thus, the illegals get a nice, safe home from which they cannot be removed or deported on the taxpayers dime.

    The Semi-Professional Politicians at the local level know the electorate’s hot buttons and will pander to one side or the other to get their votes to keep the Semi-Pros in office and, more importantly, keep the money rolling into their coffers.

  • Campfollower

    I love Gateway Pundit, but not sure why he continues to support Perry. The fact that he was Al Gore’s campaign chair in Texas a decade ago ITSELF disqualifies him in my mind to be a Republican nominee.

    Think about it. The man supported AL GORE!!!! NO FRIGGING WAY!

  • retire05

    The purists, who think that if they can just get their candidate in the Oval Office, will produce a “round them all up and deport them” policy. It will never happen. There is not ONE candidate who is going to do that. And the Department of Homeland Security has already made it clear that they will not go after illegals who have no other criminal history other than entering our nation illegally.

    So what do these purists think the authority is for border state governors to control and deport illegals? When local sheriffs and police departments do arrest these illegals, they are turned over to ICE, taken in front of an immigration judge who lets them go with an order to appear in court a month later. The illegal is back on the street and long gone, never to see the inside of that court room again. City, county and state judges do not have authority over immigration cases. More’s the pity.

    So I want to know what those who are slamming Perry because the legislature decided it would be better to have the children of illegals (of which 77% are born in the U.S.) in college than being recruited by the Mexican drug cartels, suggest that border state governors do. You see, it is hypocritical to demand solutions when you, yourself, don’t have any that would pass legal muster.

    Rick Perry vetoed a bill that would have allowed illegals to get driver’s licenses in Texas. The bill was not passed by a veto proof majority, so he could do that, unlike Sarah Palin’s Alaska which is one of the states that do give driver’s licenses to illegals. Mitt Romney supported amnesty (like abortion) before he was against it to run to the right of John McCain. Perhaps that is why Mittens had no problem hiring illegals. Herman Cain has never had to deal with the problem and frankly, words do not allow him to understand the reality that border governors deal with every day. I doubt Herman Cain has ever been to the border.

    Rick Santorum is a petulant child, who is running from his own legislation that mirrored Rick Perry’s border security plan. When he said he had been to the border, it was the border of California/Mexico where there is a fence that has been tunneled under more times than you can count. What a hypocrite.

  • retire05

    Campfollower, why do you continue to push a false meme? Perry was NEVER Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager. Gore did NOT have a Texas campaign manager. The two men that spearheaded support for Al Gore that year were Gib Lewis and Bill Hobby who did not want Michael Dukakis because Dukakis was too far left and Gore was considered the “conservative” in the Democrat primary.

    Continuing to push the same lie over and over again doesn’t make it any more true.

  • listingstarboard

    I like Rick Perry, he is what he is. Romney is a disaster, he would be a huge mistake. If you want to see the Obama administration investigated for their role in F &F, Pigford, Black Panthers, Freddie and Fannie and all of the numerous corrupt,fraudulent and immoral acts they have committed we need someone like Perry. Romney will never go after Obama once in office. Do you think Cain would?

  • workingclass artist

    “Sorry, short of Perry putting the sanctuary cities bill on the Special Session agenda, he did NOTHING to help push it through. I mean nothing.”

    That is WRONG….Joe Strauss tabled the bill.

    It’s impossible to put the answers to these issues in 30 sec. – 1 minute soundbites on a debate stage….and voters know it. These issues deserve discussion. None of the other candidates can mach Perry on experience or knowledge of the issue which is why all they did was spin and attack misleading voters.

    Great interview by Gov. Perry. Thanks for posting it.

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • Formerly known as Skeptic

    “…Texas residents who aren’t documented must be on the path to pursue U.S. citizenship to be allowed to pay in-state tuition.”

    This is the part I still do not understand. What are the requirements in the Texas law to prove this? I was unaware that there even WAS a path to pursue U.S. citizenship for someone here illegally other than leaving and applying to immigrate legally. Anyone have any answers?

  • End The Obama Nation

    Trevor Loudon, world-leading researcher, revealer, and expositor of Marxist subterfuge, spells out the evidence that former CIA Director and our new Secretary of Defense is a Communist collaborator.

    Learn More Here


  • there is no such thing as a sanctuary city. it is a mayor and a city government that are violating the law.

  • Redpillpatriot

    Folks, perry is a slick politician pretending to be a conservative. If you liked W you’ll like perry!

    I am a native Texan and I can tell you that among conservatives in Texas only half voted for this joker! That means he won his last election with only slightly more than 1/3 of the voters in Texas!

    Please, please don’t be fooled by him, the republic doesn’t need another RINO.

  • retire05

    #18, once you turn 18, you are legally an adult and can apply for citizenship. Generally, an immigration attorney is hired to help you through the process. It is not a guarantee you will be granted legal residence, or citizenship, because you are the child of an illegal immigrant, but the ability to apply is still there.

    Years ago those students would have had to apply from their native country. I think that rule is now basically ignored for those who have been brought here as very young children.

  • retire05

    Redpillpatriot, if you are a Texan, give me the name of your CAD board director.

  • Heartless Conservative

    Cain ’12

  • Bush 3, don’t trust him and would never vote for him. Flush…..

  • retire05

    Is bg, now that her godess is not running, now posting as “fightinggranny?” Ummmmm!

  • Pingback: Rick Perry Continues to Oppose DREAM Act and Sanctuary Cities | Liberal Whoppers()

  • David

    Great interview. Nice to see someone putting the actual facts out there instead of false information and smears.

  • KornKing

    For all you”can’t support Perry” types- hope you like Mittens-and quit with the “in favor of amnesty” and “gives free stuff to illegals”, makes you look like you get all your information from the lapdog media

  • Dan Levitan

    I will never vote for another Texan. Bush II was bad, Bush I was worse, and LBJ was close to being Satan himself.

    Sorry, but I will not vote for Perry in the primary, and if he wins, I will not vote for him in the general. America is screwed with Obama or Perry in office. I plan to have no part in voting for either jackass.

  • Valerie

    #27 October 6, 2011 at 9:56 am
    retire05 commented:

    First some really good posts, and then you ruin it all. Sad.

  • retire05

    Valerie, I DIDN’T say Palin was a godess, I said she was a godess to bg.

    Perhaps some of us are tired of hearing the endless ranting from Palin’s supporters (who do not reflect well on Palin) how she was going to get in the race and beat everyone else.

    I have the same disgust for Ron Paul supporters who go off the rails.

  • retire05

    Dan Levitan, would you never vote again for someone from Illinois, or Georgia or New York because what they have offered us in recent history have all been disasters?

    Say what you want about Bush II, but at least during his administration radical Muslims were not going on military bases and killing people and you didn’t have to allow the TSA to stick their hands down your pants just to exercise your right to freedom of movement.

  • bg


    oh, so Romney Care for MA is BAD,
    but the Dream Act for TX is GOOD??

    wow, have some TEA Party Conservatives
    got their principle’s straight.. NOT!!

    and what about those “Sanitary Zones”??

    bit more here..


  • bg


    retire05 #33 October 6, 2011 at 11:39 am




  • retire05

    bg, by now, ALL of us know that you have mastered the ability to link to your previous comments.

    Give it a rest.

  • bg


    retire05 #37 October 6, 2011 at 11:53 am

    you & your daryl larry & larry entourage
    are the love to complainers, go figure..

    at any rate, the bottom line is:

    it’s a FREE country, ergo, one is FREE to link or not..

    but yes, a rest from the crybaby
    gallery would me most welcome..

    ergo, aside from “LINKAGE” to past posts, i also, plan on using my
    not) powers quite a bit..


  • redpillpatriot

    #24 Retire05 ??

  • retire05

    bg, knock yourself out, granny. And the rest of us will continue to know you for your juvenile, ennuying posts.

  • retire05

    Redpillpatriot, if you are a Texan, you know what CAD is.

  • #8 October 6, 2011 at 7:05 am
    retire05 commented:

    Shoulda done your homework. All you had to do was click on my name and you’d realize your premise is wrong.

  • Winghunter

    Learn why deporting illegal aliens MUST be done! (Again)

    The Gumball Video (5 min) http://bit.ly/bQxRRZ

    Amnesty Costs 70 Times More Than Enforcement http://bit.ly/adMGiz

  • retire05

    Barackaid, fortunately, down here in my little county, we cannot get your program. But the fact that you have a Sunday show in Temple with 6 listeners doesn’t impress me.

    What does make me boil is the fact that you claim to have been in the gallery during the Sanctuary City bill debate (that never made it to the floor of the House) and didn’t admit that the gallery was filled with Alex Jones and his followers of nutcases. Or that Charles Butt, Jr. is one of Joe Strauss’ biggest bundlers.

    Now, I can only assume that you are not a Perry fan. That is your choice. But if you are going to tell a story, tell the WHOLE story, and not just the part that fits with your agenda.

  • daryl

    Oh dear. She’s more distraught than I thought she’d be.
    But we all understand, bg we really do.
    Now maybe she can have her boss let her get on the dayshift and not have to go through all she’s been going through every night throuh the wee morning hours.I truly hope so.

  • redpillpatriot

    retire05 – firstly, I am a Texan, secondly I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, and thirdly why would I want to give away my location. I don’t know if you are trying to get a rise out of me or have an honest discussion?

    I can tell you are a Perry fan, and I suppose you have your reasons. I have a plethora of reasons why I will never support him.

  • redpillpatriot

    I wish I could say the Texas govt wasn’t as screwed up as the federal govt but that would be false. Take a look at this garbage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzmGNatLOps

    If I had my way I would elect Ted Nugent as President of Texas, and clean this mess up, lock down the border, and deport all the illegals to either Mexico or New Mexico. And you guys can fix your own screwed up states as well.

  • retire05

    Redpillpatriot, if you didn’t want your location revealed, why tell me to click on your name which leads me right to your location. OK, so you have a radio show on a small, unknown, little listened to radio station. Am I supposed to be impressed? You are no Michael Berry.

    Now, you may have a plethora of reasons for not liking Perry. For all I know, you’re a Democrat. But there is a reason you posted what you did not providing all the facts. Perhaps you’re a Medina fan, she does draw the Alex Jones types.

    But you live in one of the lowerst personal tax states in the nation, and for that, you can thank our conservative legislature (except for Joe Strauss and David Dewhurst) and Rick Perry. If you are a veteran with 100% disabilities, you can thank Rick Perry for the fact that you don’t pay ad valorum taxes. But you are not seemingly the type who will give Perry credit for anything, just concentrate on your plethora.

  • retire05

    Sorry, Redpill, my last post was not directed at you. But after a while, all you Perry haters begin to look alike.

  • retire05

    Redpill, if you are a Texan, tell me what CAD is.

    No location, just an explaination. Or is that too difficult for you.

  • redpillpatriot

    County appraisal district? How the hell should I know. I guess I’m just not as Texan as you. Who’s side are you on? Hell, if we conservatives can’t even have a discussion on candidates how the hell are we going to win an election.

    What the hell does it matter any way? You are not goin to get to vote for Perry unless the GOP trots him out there. All I want is a real conservative, I don’t care who. Pro America, Pro Guns, Pro Life, Pro Constitution! Is that too much to ask….

  • retire05


    Pro American – Rick Perry is the only one beside crazy Ron Paul who was in the military. For seven years.

    Pro gun – Rick Perry packs everywhere he goes, has a concealed carry permit, and hits the firing range where he chats with, you know, the common people. There is NOT one other candidate as strong on the Second Amendment as he is.

    Pro life – unlike Mitt Romney, who decided he was pro live to run to the right of John McCain, after he had for years defended a woman’s right to “choose” (read, kill her unborn child) Perry has always been pro-life. That is why he pushed the Sonigram bill that is now being challenged in federal court because liberals want the right to get rid of inconveniences.

    Pro Constitution – Perry wrote a whole book on it. He has stated, repeatedly, that he supports the 10th Amendment, which last time I looked, is still part of the U.S. Constitution.

    So what’s your problem, that some states decided, via the 10th Amendment, to allow children of illegals to get in-state tuition after they reside in that state for three years compared to legal residents who can do the same after only 12 months? I guess you would rather those kids be recruited by the drug cartels, right?

    So who’se your pick (as if I didn’t know already)?

  • redpillpatriot

    retire, take a chill pill. We are on the same side. And NO I’m not a Ron Paulite! At this point I guess I’d have to go with Cain. My problem with Perry is he just coasts along until election time, kinda like Mitt, and then plays it up. He has done squat on the border. He pushed the Gardisil thing down everyones throat (and yes I remember when he was doing it) He pushed the Trans corridor BS, and then he outed himself about the dream act when he said you don’t have a heart. NO I DON”T HAVE A HEART! If we wanted to look like Tijauna we wouldn’t have had a freaking war with them! So I am fine if we choose to agree to disagree and remain like minded conservatives retire05

  • redpillpatriot

    Cain is a double whammey for us anyway. It defeats the liberals two main arguments against any conservative candidate. They can’t say were racist anymore, and they can’t call him stupid or they will look racist.

  • retire05

    Redpill, so you are supporting Cain to prove you are not a racist? Clueless.

    What has Perry failed to do on the border that you think he can legally do? Be specific. Or do you think that border state governors have the legal authority to arrest, and deport, illegals? I mean, I really want to know what people think border state governors can do that doesn’t violate the Constitution which give purview over illegals to the federal goverment?

    So you tell me. And then, you compare what other border state governors have done to Perry and I think you will find they fall painfully short.

  • bg


    re: #35 #October 6, 2011 at 11:47 am bg

    Texas Tea Party to Rick Perry: ‘We are fed up’

    [“This is an issue that is simmering and bubbling up to the surface … We are tired of lip service. We are fed up. We are fed up, too, Gov. Perry,” Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee chair JoAnn Fleming of Tyler said Monday.

    Perry declared sanctuary cities an emergency issue in January and put it back on the legislative agenda in June after lawmakers failed to approve legislation during the regular session. Legislation to ban so-called sanctuary cities – and subject anyone stopped for a traffic violation to document their citizenship – also failed during the special session.]


  • Molon Labe

    Why Perry’s position on illegal tuition and sanctuary cities ranks up there with Pronibition and the Japanese Internment as proud moments in American history.

    Are you audition9ng for David Brooks position of Meagan McCains?

  • retire05

    bg, your link is to a left wing hack that writes for both the Houston Chronicle (started by a Fabian Socialist) and the San Antonio Express. If you can find a conservative journalist on either one of those papers, I will eat your hat. Scharrer wrote every article in last years gubernatorial campaign season to be favorable to Bill White.

    And if you were not so stupid about Texas, you would know there is on ONE Texas Tea Party. There are dozens of them, and not all of them agree with your references.

    Stop trying to find crap to post about Perry when you are so clueless as to your sources. Those clowns you reference should be mad at Joe Strauss, not Rick Perry.

    And you are just as big a clown trying act soooooo informed on things Texan.

  • retire05

    Melon Lobe, does that include John Huntsman, Rudy Guiliani, and Mick Huckabee?

    Get back to us when you grow a functional brain.


    I like Rick Perry, he is what he is. Romney is a disaster, he would be a huge mistake. If you want to see the Obama administration investigated for their role in F &F, Pigford, Black Panthers, Freddie and Fannie and all of the numerous corrupt,fraudulent and immoral acts they have committed we need someone like Perry. Romney will never go after Obama once in office. Do you think Cain would?
    ADDING: Perry ….NO To EPA GUN Rights ((Cain is WEAK ON GUNS)))
    Investigating OBAMA would be Perry. Romney
    won’t ……
    Do You Think Cain Would?
    Perry 2012

  • I think that conservatives need to realize that if they continue to oppose Perry, Romney will be the nominee. I don’t think Cain can win, and also, since he has never held public office, we can’t really vet him very well. So, we really don’t know what kind of a leader he would be. Gingrich can’t overcome past discretions. Santorum isn’t getting enough traction. Bachmann is not presidential and most don’t see her at an executive. Ron Paul is a joke and Huntsman should have never joined the race.
    Perry is not a perfect conservative. I get that. But, we don’t have a perfect candidate in the race. We have human beings who have made mistakes in the past. And, Perry has a longer record as a governor, so there will be things that people find that they don’t like. What we need to look at is core principles. Perry is much more conservative than Romney and, I believe, the best choice we have to get a conservative in the White House. Even if you only agree with 80% of his views, what percent of Romney’s views do you agree with?
    What’s happening here is the conservative vote is split between Cain, Perry, Gingrich and so on and the problem is that because of this, Romney will be the nominee. Romney wouldn’t be a disaster by any means, but he is not the conservative that we are looking for.
    So, to all conservatives – please do the wise thing. We don’ have a perfect candidate in this race, but we do have someone that is very conservative on most issues and the most electable conservative in the race.

  • Rita

    retire05, are you a drinker? Why so angry?

  • daryl

    Cheney’s iffy ticker denied him a run for prez, but he served as a great VP. Does Cain get a by run with all of these medical problems?
    This article states that 70% of Cain’s liver was removed along with 1/3 of his colon.

    My Concern with Cain | Sara for America


    quoted from article:
    “the question about his cancer diagnosis lingers. The fact is that Cain had surgery to remove 30 percent of his colon and 70 percent of his liver.”
    “I came across a discussion of my concerns on another blog, and obviously the author knows much more than I do about cancer recurrence rates for color and liver cancers. He too, likes Cain’s message, but is a bit troubled about the prospect of a President managing a late stage cancer, currently in remission.”

  • Molon Labe



    Sure does commies of a feather flock together. That’s why a bird brain like you can’t ever refrute anyone’s statement with facts. You always resort to your oh so brillant braying and frothing.

    But given your looks I can understand the donkey braying. Have you ever considered a visit to a vet?

    Let’s hear it for pweople who celebrate sanctuary cities. One rule for some, another for the annointed. Isn’t that part of the Marxist creed?

    Res ipsa loquitur.

  • Molon Labe


    She’s not a drinker, she’s a druggie.

  • Molon Labe

    Perry is toast. He’s anti constitution.
    He’s iffy on abortion.
    He’s a La Raza candidate.
    He’s a big spender and a big government man.
    He’s an idiot.
    He’s also tortures the truth in a style of an Clinton.

  • shrek

    Mole on la*ia? Better have your gynacologist have a look at that.
    Could be herpes.

  • bg


    CAMILLA #60 October 6, 2011 at 6:22 pm


    Prophet Perry will be lucky if he isn’t investigated
    before the election, he sure deserves to be.. 😛


  • bg


    retire05 #58 October 6, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    blah, blah, yada, yada, you’re about as articulate
    as Perry, oh wait, make that substantive.. /sarc/


  • daryl

    My up early aren’t we bg? Your boss must have seen my post about your not posting before noon most days.
    Hope I didn’t get you in trouble.

  • Redpillpatriot

    Oh, retire05. please retire from your perry worship! First, I did not say I will vote for him to prove I am not racist, I don’t have to prove sh*t to anyone! I said it would take away the lefts lame racist argument. Put your bifocals on next time you start typing!

    Perry could have supported the Arizona law and passed his own, he could have raised holy hell about the border for the last 12 years if he gave a sh:t.

    Boom! Winning.

  • redpillpatriot

    #61 Lisa very good post, but I have to say that I cannot and will not compromise ever again. That is how we got here……… I regret my vote for McCain and I will never hold my nose when I vote again. If I don’t like the candidate I will not vote. That is my right.. And let the chips fall where they may..

    The reason why Cain shows promise is that he is not a politician. My god Bush was a disaster he was a RINO in an America shop. Perry is GWB2. I say, if we can’t put a real conservative in office, let the Demoncrats destory us on their own. Then when the time comes, we will restore the republic.

  • Molon Labe

    Could be Shrek, that’s what I get for messing with your sister. By the way I’m pleased to see you are recovering from your lobotomy. How was the La Raza meeting?

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