Radical Obama-Endorsed #OccupyDC Leftists Provoke Police – Hang Flag on Top of DC Statue (Video)

Not to be outdone by the other radical Obama-endorsed mobs around the country – Occupy DC took to the streets last night, scaled a building and hung their “Occupy DC” flag on a statue in McPherson Square.

Here is a firsthand account of the events last night (name withheld per request).

Early this morning, a little after midnight, the Occupy DC protesters hung an “Occupy DC” flag on the statue in McPherson Square. US Park Police, DC Police and DC Fire responded and the police moved the crowd of aggressive leftists and dirty hippies back so that the firefighters could put up a ladder and remove the flag.

The hippies shouted their usual obscenities, most of whom rushed to mask their faces with bandanas beforehand. There were no arrests despite about 30 police officers and firefighters being required to handle the task.

It would be nice if the top official in the Interior Solicitor’s Office would explain why the office continues to allow this nonsense to go on day after day on land belonging to everyone, not just the far left hippies? Since when did squatting on public land and in parks become legal in this country?

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  • Millitant Conservative

    They will become violet ………eventually.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    pfffft like DC isn’t already “occupied” by Marxist traitors bahahahahahaah

  • bigL

    “Racketeer Influenced, Corrupt Organizations”
    Overt acts, using mail or wire….

  • Valerie

    Oh, goody! Finally, a use for RICO!

  • http://www.grandoldpartisan.com Michael Zak

    The statue at McPherson Square desecrated by OccupyDC honors a man who died fighting slavery.

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  • donh

    Fools Rush In ( where angels fear to tread ) opening song to Scorpio Rising…. >>> http://youtu.be/oqiOBp4ITlM ….Song to play in a second window as you watch the DC riot. This whole operation is being run by the Gay Leatherman BDSM motorcycle gang of Andrew Thayer, Chuck Renslow, David Axelrod , Bill Ayers who are characters out of this film…>>>> http://youtu.be/tyuVNULabjM

  • bear

    Gee, and I was hoping they’d stay through the winter. But wait, who’ll bring them free food during the snow storms? Does this mean the d.c. dems will reverse their policy of “God put it there, He’ll take it away” and send in the snow plows? If they don’t, will the starving and freezing occupiers claim genocide?

    OHHHH, the drama.

  • iamsaved

    When you look at photos or video footage of the OWS protests in the various places, one thing I notice is the absence of blacks. Does that mean the OWS folks are racists? There’s more diversity at a Tea Party rally then on MSNBC and the OWS protests combined.

  • Sam Stone

    This is going to get really ugly!

  • Valerie
  • mg4us

    Our Founding Fathers must be rolling in the grave. . .

    They never intended “freedom of Speech” to allow one group of “citizens” to usurp the rights and liberties of another. . .bu occupying town squares, streets or disrupting commerce.

    Rather, Freedom of speech and assembly was to protect the liberties of all for allowing one to speak out freely, and assemble freely, like in their own home, without fear of being hauled off to prison for speaking out against the King or ruling class.

    The current “mob rule” Freedom is a leftist judicial perversion of OUR sacred Constitution!!

    Time to Take OUR COUNTRY BACK. . .2012 can’t come soon enough.

    Operation Clean Sweep! Time to take out the trash. . .RATs and RINOs too!

  • Valerie

    David Graeber is wrong. OWS is not something new.


    What irritates people in the US is that OWS is deliberately old-fashioned and ineffective.

    People who actually want to influence policy in this country demonstrate their interest and their reasoning and the bases for their recommendations by writing to their representatives. This method works.

    Oh, but it doesn’t help a guy find girls and cheap drugs…..

  • labwriter

    Since when did squatting on public land and in parks become legal in this country?

    Those are tent cities, otherwise known as Obamavilles.

  • Valerie

    Roundup on events at Oakland, contrasted with Jon Stewart’s sanitized version.


  • Secret Squirrel

    Why does this rescue ranger episode come to mind when i listen to these mindless drones:



    Inspiration for the occupy crowd? My God has there ever been a more mindless bunch of clueless dolts ever on this planet?

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    why are they upset about bank bailouts. the banks performed horribly so they were rewarded. thats the way socialism works. you make yourself needy you get more. didn’t their marxist professors tell them socialism rewards failure and punishes success.

  • Valerie

    I think the real reason why they decided to settle in for extended stays is that they don’t have the numbers to gin up an impressive crowd.

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  • WillofLa

    I’m still saying that there IS a limit to free speech. I do believe that free speech was created so that dissenting speech was protected. And people protesting and rioting has not been allowed to go on unchecked for long all through history. It’s actually only been in modern times that protesting has been tolerated longer than most people would put up with it. I believe it’s been since the end of WWII that people universally have taken up “human rights” as something that everyone has a right to being treated fairly. It’s because of the severity of the world war, see. But Communists took advantage of that new found freedom and used it to establish their agenda. And what is that? To use the misguided rage of the “masses” to bring down governments.

    Unleashing this rage is easy when it’s the young who have been given the attitude of entitlement they do not deserve. When it’s American’s who have everything a person could want, are especially easy to rile up since American’s are the most pampered of the people in the world. We have the most, we have the most successful society, we have the most prosperity from our society, and it produces people who believe they are entitled to more since there are so many people who have worked and produced more than most. But that is the wonderful benefit of our society and that is we are free to produce more if we can. These people have been told that those with more have gotten it from the pile that belonged to other people. That is untrue because it’s the way our society is constructed and that is by way of our own effort do we produce our own wealth. These people have been lied to and they don’t know it. It’s just like the “man made global warming” lie, if people aren’t taught in school about natural science where the Sun is the main driving force of our planets weather, then it’s easy to convince someone who lacks that knowledge that we are the one’s who are causing weather to change. It’s taking advantage of the ignorance that the liberals who control the schools where they control what it taught and what isn’t taught, has been put in the heads of these young people.

    That has to be it because what is the reason why they would fall for the lies that it’s the rich who have keeping these young people from having a better life they believe they deserve. It’s that entitlement mentality. It feeds off of ignornace, and rage based on nothing but pure emotion. And who has more of that than most? The young. What better source of energy that can be molded and shaped to come out any way you want it to. These kids don’t know it but what they are promoting is the destruction of the middle class, which is the very source of wealth building for these young people, and they don’t know it.