Occupy DC Protest Thugs Storm Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Video)

Chanting “The whole world is watching!” the Occupy DC protesters tried to storm the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum today. They pinned a guard against the wall.
The mob forced the museum to shut its doors early.

Hey, didn’t we see the tea party do this sorta thing too?
NBC Washington reported on the violent mob outing.

According to Smithsonian spokesperson Linda St. Thomas, a crowd of “about 100 to 200 people” tried to enter through the museum’s Mall entrance.

“They were carrying signs and a lot of protest materials,” St. Thomas said in a statement. “You cannot bring that stuff into the museum under any circumstances.”

According to St. Thomas, the crowd tried to shove its way into the museum after being denied entry by security.

“One security guard was grabbed and pinned against the wall. He could not extract himself,” the spokesperson said. “Another security guard came over to help him and ended up pepper-spraying one person.”

Videos quickly circulated online showing Smithsonian security telling protesters to “get back” while protesters and bystanders covered their faces to shield themselves from the pepper spray. At least one person was seen writhing on the ground in apparent agony.

Here’s more video of far left mob storming into the museum.

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  • big L


  • John Fembup

    Yeah, the whole world is watching–and laughing at these nutjobs.

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  • Dean Toadblatt

    Hippie vermin. They pretty much represent the rest of the insane left.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Guess some white folks just can’t handle black people in a positions of authority. I just hope Americans who happen to be black don’t judge all white people by these disgusting arrogant white progressive traitors. bahahahaha

  • Jason Johnson

    The demonstrators should have been sprayed with bullets instead.

  • bg
  • Bill Mitchell

    Oh yes, non-ideological INDEPENDENTS just LOVE this kind of stuff.

    Yeah this is working for you Democrats, keep doing THIS.

    I’m sorry, does anyone else find the fact the POTUS is actually encouraging THIS to be absolutely hilarious? I mean you CANNOT make this up.

  • Mark1957

    This thing is turning real ugly, real fast, and by the end of next week these protesters will turn into a violent mob of looters. Considering that Trumpka & Hoffa’s union goons are involved people will be beaten and killed. We must save every endorsement from every Democrat congresscritter on video along with all violent acts to use at election time. The vast majority of Americans are repulsed by what is happening.

  • Ella

    If I stated publicly on this board what I think we should do with this scum, I’d be banned forever.

  • SeniorD

    That’s it. The Smithsonian Institute is America’s Attic as well as a world class institution. The collection of artifacts at the Air and Space Museum is literally priceless. This is like someone breaking into your house and ransacking the place.

    It’s time for someone like the Freedom Riders or others of that ilk to pay these new hippies a visit.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Well at least we did get to see the shortest hippie on Earth.

    Yes, “the whole world is watching” you do what, trying to ransack a national treasure that we bring our children to?

  • Ella

    #9 Mark1957 : “This thing is turning real ugly, real fast, and by the end of next week these protesters will turn into a violent mob of looters”.

    Yes and then we are going to take care of business. Many of us are fed up with these spoiled, dirty, liberal brats. More than fed up.

  • Dean Toadblatt

    I bet sale of ammo went up this week.

  • shibumi

    What was the purpose of storming the Smithsonian? To destroy national treasures?

    Yeah, that’s going to endear you to the masses.

    Keep it up scum. You’re cutting your own throat.

  • Missy8s

    Those despicable violent conservatives!

  • Leatherhelmet

    Progressives hate science, this proves it.

  • Wbm

    I wish the 1968 Chicago Police Riot Squad was on the scene……….Major tuneups for the clueless……..

  • Alana

    This doesn’t even make sense. Why storm the museum?

    And why yell “shame” at the guards when they don’t let them storm it?

  • Tyranny’s Bain

    Just Like The Tea Party™