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  • gus

    They are EXACTLY like the TEA PARTY. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. When the violence comes, it’s easy to spot AND SMELL the enemy.

  • Ginger

    Then leave our USA if you don’t like it! No one wants you here SCUM BAGS!

  • Patty

    These goons? They are the soldiers for Obama. We all heard of the brown Army for Obama. This is the Red. These are communist just like Jones who are infiltrated the nation with the same words of CPUSA.

    Those who have irritated Obama are being under attacked. They will never mention the fact that Obama has taken more contributions from Wall Street than any other President in 20 years.

    The words that Obama has used in speeches are the same style the Communist Party uses to brainwash the masses.


    Obama condones the Communist activities of Occupiers.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Why wouldn’t Obama support this scum? He doesn’t like America any more than they do.

    Does he actually think we don’t know that by now?

    He’s betting on the wrong mule — AGAIN!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    To quote a Vietnamese friend who came to this country in the late 70s, worked 24/7 at several jobs to save and buy his wife and kids’ way out. “I f#*king hate comaneek”

  • USMC Thomas

    Are these douchebags any different than the pukes on “Reality TV” so popular today?

  • Patty

    All this to take the eyes of America off what Holder and Obama are doing to this nation.


    Adding Solyndra, this too and other Green projects are also a part of the Communist party.

    Why is Obama allowing this to happen, because he hates Brewer, what would Obama do if this was Michelle Obama they were referring too.

    Obama has been one pity poor example of a great President. He has never been my president and I enjoy saying why: In the debates of ’08 Obama looked into the audience then at McCain and said proudly, Bush isn’t my President.

    When Obama said that, that was a clue, out of hundreds, that Obama would be a bias and racially motivated president, with no endearing characteristics.

    Second clue: Acted Stupidly Comment about law Enforcement officers. Can you imagine being that FULL OF YOURSELF, not understanding the facts of the call and yet, conceited Obama, blown up ego, Obama said those words.

    Third: No respect for Military operations that have worked when he was insisting he was going to close Gitmo.

    Fourth: Miranda rights are read to terrorists. Since when does our Military give them to Terrorists, war criminals. Trial in Courts and not Military Tribunals. Fort Hood Shooter, Eric Holder refused to label Hasan an Islamic terrorist.

    Fifth: Fast and Furious was designed to ban guns.

    Sixth: Governor Brewer has been trying to enforce laws on immigration and has asked for help from the Obama Administration to no avail.

    I see a trend in the Occupiers and Obama and Holder. I see the Constitution and Law enforcement being torn apart. Communism is a very bad thing and a course this nation will never be a party too and our nation will never be torn apart by Obama, CPUSA, SEIU, Occupiers, HOLDER, JONES, PIVEN.

    Our military is fighting for freedom. Our military is not fighting for Obama to condone Communism. And if that is the case this is a call for Treason and Impeachment.

    God Bless our Soldiers and Governor Brewer for never giving up and never giving in.

  • a former dem

    I’m waiting with bated breathe for this to be shown on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Gee I hope they come in range of my rifles.

    pathetic losers. I have prepared for years for this trash.

    Gonna be an ass whoopin delux. Opportunity favors the preparied.

    powder is dry

  • donh

    Every gypsy, palm reader, and fortune teller in the world must be pulling the FOOL card out of their tarot deck…

  • john

    Gus ain’t quite *all there*. At least he sounds like what aging people fear. Dementia. I become anything like that far off base, somebody please shoot me. Right between the eyes.

  • Patty

    “Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists,” the book has made the New York Times, Washington Post, Amazon and Publisher’s Weekly best-seller lists.

    The result of two years of intensive investigations into members of Obama’s inner circle as well as the president’s shadowy younger years, “The Manchurian President” also exposes a radical nexus outside the White House helping to craft key administration policy and legislation.

    With nearly 900 citations, the title from WND senior reporter and WABC radio host Aaron Klein is the most devastating literary indictment of Obama’s administration. Klein’s co-author is historian and researcher Brenda J. Elliott.

    Among the many finds of “The Manchurian President”:

    A coalition of extremists, including a founder of William Ayers’ Weather Underground domestic-terrorist organization, helped craft Obama’s “stimulus” bill.

    Obama’s health-care policy, masked by moderate populist rhetoric, was pushed along and partially crafted by extremists, some of whom reveal in their own words that their principal aim is to achieve corporate socialist goals and a vast increase in government powers.

    (Story continues below)

    Extremists are among Obama’s “czars” and other top advisers. New information links top advisers Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett to communist activists. The book uncovers correspondence in which a communist confesses to mentoring and educating Axelrod and helping the top Obama aide to secure his first job. Obama then later worked with the same communist, the book finds.

    Evidence shows in 1995 Obama was a member of the socialist New Party, which sought to infiltrate the Democratic Party to ultimately mold it into a socialist-leaning organization. Perhaps more startlingly, the book reveals how New Party founders are currently helping to craft White House legislation.



  • Patty

    Sending 100 troops to Africa. Obama says they are not their to fight but if they are confronted with enemy they can shoot or whatever.


  • Patty

    Obama is giving our sons and daughters permission to defend themselves?

    What is he thinking, I suppose it is Congress, he doesn’t want them to be intrusive. LOL!

  • gus

    John, maybe you’re new here. Hang around a bit, and learn something son.

  • ExExZonie

    Jim check this out: Maoist(s) at [un]occupy Philly:

  • Ginger

    “Keep the Change”- by Hank Williams Jr.

  • gus

    Why are REPUBLICANS AFRAID to call out OBAMA. I mean call him out for what he is??
    This is exactly why I have NEVER called myself a Republican. Republicans are 2 balls short of a pair.
    Obama is a criminal. So is Holder. We know who is backing this filth. Obama and the Goonions.

  • StrangernFiction

    There are some very good libturd musicians. These aren’t them.

  • Warthog

    I see, he wears that fool’s cap for a reason. It has to do with his guitar playing.

    (And his unimaginitive lyrics…)