Obama: “What We’ve Gotten Done, I’m Enormously Proud Of”

‘All the choices we’ve made have been the right ones’…–

Barack Obama: Well what we’ve gotten done I’m enormously proud of and it’s making a difference, and in some cases we’ve had a chance to actually work with the Republicans. When they show themselves willing to actually engage to try and get stuff done, then we can do a lot of good for the country.

This comes from the same guy who just tripled the US deficit in a year.

The Obama deficit this year is reach $1.299 trillion. (The Captain’s Comments)

Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.

Federal non-defense spending soared under Obama.

Super Economy Blog and Greg Mankiw

Obama set records in the long-term unemployment rate.


Then there’s this by John E. at Ace of Spades:

Yeah, Barack… You have plenty to be proud of.

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  • Obama Nation

    How could anyone that is sane be so completely out of touch with reality?


    noun \ˌme-gə-lō-ˈmā-nē-ə, -nyə\

    Definition of MEGALOMANIA


    : a mania for great or grandiose performance


    : a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur

    — meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac adjective or noun

    — meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a·cal also meg·a·lo·man·ic adjective

    — meg·a·lo·ma·ni·a·cal·ly adverb

  • Chris

    Of course he is proud. He has accomplished what he set out to do–“fundamentally change our nation.”

  • In total DENIAL or completely DELUSIONAL… You pick.

  • martha

    Of course he’s proud of what he’s done. What he wants is to take the country down, and so far to that end he’s accomplished quite a bit. So he’s bragging about it. If you look at his statement from the premise of destruction of the USA being the goal, you see how what he said is probably the most honest answer he’s ever given.

  • Joanne

    I would say the guy is clinically insane, but in truth, he is evil. George Soros isn’t Obama’s boss; Satan is the boss of Obama and George Soros.

  • Joanne

    #1 – Obama is a pathological narcissist, and one of the traits is a person that is a megalomania.

  • Eddie Baby


  • Voice of Reason

    What do you expect him to say, “I’m really stinking it up?” We know politicians aren’t honest. The state spends much time and effort persuading the public that it is not really what it is and that the consequences of its actions are positive rather than negative. Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful.

  • AuntieMadder

    You’re damned straight that he’s proud of what he’s done. If this doesn’t convince you that the damage he’s caused has been intentional and not the result of incompetency, then nothing will.

  • Valerie

    Then there’s the scandals: LightSquared, Fast’n’Furious, Solyndra, Gibson Guitars, Boeing, Solar Reserve

    And government by waiver: the BP oil spill, and waivers of Obamacare implementation for supporters of the administration.

    And the repeal of a big piece of Obamacare because even the Feds now admit it can’t be done, the CLASS Act.

  • Beef

    “and in some cases we’ve had a chance to actually work with the Republicans. When they show themselves willing to actually engage to try and get stuff done, then we can do a lot of good for the country. ”

    Like during the time the democrats controlled the House and had 60 senators, and wouldn’t let Republicans in the room to discuss legislation, and passed the largest entitlement bill since Social Security using parliamentary tricks, against the will of the people and without a single Republican vote? You mean like then, President Obama?

    Obama had zero interest in working with Republicans when he didn’t need to. The people gave the House to the Republicans precisely to stop Obama’s out of control agenda, and to their credit they have at least stopped further damage. The “good of the country” necessitates this man be stopped.

    Only the fact that the establishment media is 100% owned by the democrat party lets Obama think this ludicrous spin is going to work with independent voters. I hope to hell he is wrong.

  • Everybody wins! Everybody gets a trophy!

  • StrangernFiction
  • StrangernFiction

    President Musty Wet Pelts is OBVIOUSLY CRAZY! This was clear to me the second I saw the Mussolini pose.

  • Voice of Reason

    Make no mistake, regardless of what Obama says/claims and the MSM not paying attention or burying their heads in the sand, he is pursuing a far-left political agenda.

  • Major Kong

    Yeah, and as this POS once remarked, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Just give him another couple of SCOTUS picks and he’ll leave his mark, and the ensuing damage, for generations to come.

  • JPeden

    What do you expect him to say, “I’m really stinking it up?”

    Or, “Hey, I’m a Commie…”?

  • Melvin

    #9 AuntieMadder

    Hit the nail on the head.

  • Mark1957

    Of course he is proud of the destruction, and yes it is intentional. Obama is a communist.

    The end game has been all along to create a One World Government. The only way for that to happen is to collapse the U.S. capitalist economy so that a socialist/communist system can be put in place. Capitalism is the purest form of democracy since the people vote with each purchase. The consumer decides which company succeeds and which ones fail. Under their One World government they will decide what products we use, what we read, what our children are taught, ect… another reason why they embrace the OWS crowds. They are the useful idiots. America is the only barrier in their way.

    The socialist / communist model always fails, but usually only after tens of millions of lives are lost. The future of the world is at stake and the 2012 election is the most important election in the history of mankind, will we live as free men or will we be slaves?

  • Anton

    “Yeah, Barack… You have plenty to be proud of.”

    Actually, from his point of view he does, and your exposition in this post highlights that fact beautifully. Destroy our country, that’s what Obama took office to do.

  • greenfairie

    Yeah, he’s proud of tearing down the U.S. of A. and having fun while at it. Time to celebrate with another party and some b-ball!

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  • progressoverpeace

    From the administration that has not done a single thing correctly. On top of that, Barky has committed tens of impeachable acts. The guy should be wearing an orange jumpsuit, right now … or a straight-jacket.

    But, best of all was Barky’s un-Constitutional threats to bring the US to default, thereby inviting a downgrade of US debt (one of the most ridiculous acts in the financial industry, ever, though Barky made it clear that he would get in the way of the debt service).

    I can’t believe that the Indonesian Imbecile is not in jail. It is absolutely amazing. And now he’s running around claiming victory (just like the arabs love to do after their humiliating military failures which they love to call “victories”).

    But, Barky is only speaking about how his actions have helped towards accomplishing his goal of destroying the US. In that, he’s got a near-perfect record. And the US has been too scared to hold him accountable for it, putting him in jail where he belongs.


    as well he should be…he set out to destroy this country…and so far he has succeded….that is what the koran taught him….he is the biggest POS to ever be a so called president…jimma carter can sleep well knowing he isn’t the most despised president…

  • paul52

    Yeah… proud as a peacock… and just about as smart. Elections in 384 days, but who’s counting.

  • Patty

    When he says the word “WE” he is referring to Himself. I notice he does this quite a lot.

    And when he says “WE” I am sure he means his comrades in failure. He went to Solyndra, He went to the Volt manufacturers and was so excited, another failure. He bailouts banks, car industry, AIG, and he broke the bank and Downgrade America.

    I can only hope when HE says What He has done, He will never utter those words again after 2012. WE CAN AFFORD IT.

  • StrangernFiction

    Oh the irony, as this song was written by a Lefty who will almost certainly be voting for the Chocolate Jesus again.


    I hear you on the radio
    You permeate my screen, its’ unkind but
    If I met you in a scissor fight
    I’d cut off both your wings on principle alone
    On principle alone

    Hey megalomaniac
    You’re no Jesus
    Yeah, you’re no fvcking Elvis
    Wash your hands clean of yourself baby
    Maniac, step down, step down

    If I were your appendages
    I’d hold open your eyes
    So you would see
    That all of us are heaven sent
    There was never meant to be only one
    To be only one

    Hey megalomaniac
    You’re no Jesus
    Yeah, you’re no fvcking Elvis
    Wash your hands clean of yourself baby
    Maniac, step down, step down

    You’re no Jesus
    You’re no Elvis
    You’re no Jesus
    You’re no Jesus
    You’re no Elvis
    You’re no answer

    Step down, step down,
    Step down, step down

    Hey megalomaniac
    You’re no Jesus
    Yeah, you’re no fvcking Elvis
    Wash your hands clean of yourself baby
    Maniac, step down, step,
    Step down, step down,
    Step down, step down,
    Step down

    Step down Barky, step down!

  • Spike

    Is this guy sick or is he that stupid, well, I guess 40 or so percent of America is as stupid because they actually believe this Jack!

  • Ginger

    Off Topic:

    If you think this head line makes you want to puke..watch this one! UCK! I would love to ask that bit(h if she would like to wear a burka, be raped and beaten all the time and most of all not be able to shoot her stupid mouth off in front of the world. Gag!


  • progressoverpeace

    So … now Barky ha said he’s done everything correctly, but after the end of his first term he could only manage to grade himself an affirmative action “solid B+” (which means “Failure” to normal people whose scores aren’t automatically adjusted for race points).

    But, at least Barky was able to get a SCOTUS justice in place who didn’t think that adjectives existed in Spanish – after she had already gotten her affirmative action entry to Princeton! Another precedent for The Precedent! And a precedent that we will all have to live with (until the US splits, which is less than a couple of years away, now, as NO DECENT PERSON can stand to live with an infestation of leftists who are constantly telling everyone else what to do and think (which is triply offensive as these leftists are idiots who wouldn’t know the proper things to do or think if they shat all over their heads.

    The Constitutional Union of American States awaits.

  • Valerie

    And the voting fraud, the following links from one state, only.

    Indiana voter fraud

    College Student Credited With Uncovering Possible Election Fraud in Indiana’s 2008 Primary


    Indiana vote fraud scandal grows
    Former Democratic Gov. Joe Kernan, who supported Clinton in the 2008 primary, told the Associated Press last week he did not sign the petition for Obama, although his name is on the document. When asked whether the signature on the petition looked like his, Kernan said “no, not at all. Nor does the printing look like mine.”

    Former Indiana Democratic Party Chair Ann DeLaney is calling for a federal investigation into the voting fraud allegations.

    Oh, yeah, and Media Matters claimed that FOX made this story up.

    TEA Party supporters, note that the DEMOCRATS are on board with the notion of cleaning up fraud in voting.

  • Molon Labe

    Obama should be with the troops in Wall Street. He is so part of this group, body and soul. What a girly-man.

  • Spider

    There are 40-50% of the population who think this is all great.

    60-50% are aghast.

    If the welfare state wins in 2012 the scales will be tipped permanently.

    America needs to dig its heels in and save itself.

  • Ginger


    I was wondering what was going on at the white house. For months when a reporter would be in front of the white house being interviewed a very big dozer would pass and you could hear the noise. When ask by the interviewer the interviewee would just pass it off! ???

    I heard a joke/rumor/truth that Bush left a lot of listening devices in the white house and when Barry/ Barack/etc found out he had them removed! So funny!

  • Stuart

    So he’s enormously proud of what he’s done. No doubt John Wilks Booth would have said the same thing.

  • Valerie

    #29 October 19, 2011 at 11:28 am
    Ginger commented:

    MSNBC has been running with the theme that all of the Republican field, with the exception of Mitt Romney, are “scarey.” They’re a nasty bunch of dissmisive liars, and their objective is to keep people from having any idea what the Repubs, generally, and the candidates in particular, have to say. That is why they make vague, gossipy, trivial insults, instead of reporting. This is their typical work product, and you can hear longtime Republicans repeat this [email protected], if you travel in the right circles.

    If you want to counter this, you can pick something that one of them had to say that you liked, and quote them, and say, “I wish those jerks at MSNBC had transmitted this, instead of their content-thin snide remarks.”

  • progressoverpeace

    Indiana vote fraud scandal grows
    Former Democratic Gov. Joe Kernan, who supported Clinton in the 2008 primary, told the Associated Press last week he did not sign the petition for Obama, although his name is on the document.

    And here is where we note that Barky won his first governmental leeching position in Illinois by getting his opponents thrown out of the race for allegedly having bad signatures on their petitions.

    I won’t hold my breath on Barky being held to the law, though. He hasn’t been held to ANY laws thus far. We even let that slimebag hold the biggest political rally of his 2008 campaign in a foreign nation … for foreigners! That is as illegal as it gets and the most repulsive politlical act one can think of.

    But … the US can’t be seen holding any representative of a “protected class” to normal American law. No, sirree. We have to let an ineligible retard into the Oval Office to bring this nation to its knees, so that the illusory, self-generated, all-encompassing white guilt of much of our population can be assuaged (or so they thought) by the ultimate penance of voting for Suicide By Indonesian.

    And this doesn’t even start to address the TENS of other impeachable acts that Barky has committed since occupying the White House – not least of which was his un-Constitutional threat to bring the US tro default and forcing the subsequent downgrade of our debt. For that alone Barky should don the orange jumpsuit.

    The #OccupyWhiteHouse mobs started in Nov 2008. Rememeber how they actually wanted Bush to step down in December to let Barky slime in early (though that was totally illegal and, again, against everything that the US was built to guard against).

    America keeps letting Barky get away with murder (literally with Fast and Furious) and we wonder why the retard keeps pushing his idiocy.

  • StrangernFiction

    until the US splits

    I don’t see any other way out (separate from DC or be dragged into the abyss), so from your lips to God’s ears.

  • mike191

    Mr. Hubris is the perfect example of the AS..Hole gene on display.

  • Clutch

    Betcha he is even proud of his stools…”lookie what I did! Aren’t I a good boy? I poopee’d in the bowl and didn’t miss this time! I’m so proud of me, I’m going to give myself a gold star; no, TWO gold stars, since I went #2!” …bah…

  • Nancy

    Of course he’s proud of himself. He’s accomplished a good portion of what he set out to do–Socialize America, and turn us into another two-bit European social democracy.

  • JoyO

    Have you ever met a Liberal that can add 2 + 2 and come up with the right answer? To put such incompetent people in charge of the budget was the stupidest thing Americans have ever done. Herman Cain majored in math at the undergraduate level and computer science at the graduate level. We need to elect people for Congress and the White House that have business experience. These politicians/lawyers we’ve been electing have us $15 trillion in debt and want to spend more. What idiots! If we elect them again in 2012, we’re even bigger idiots!

  • SeniorD

    Mark1957 has the right of it. The clueless, inept, massive ego of He Who IS Obama (and you’re not) is out to destroy this country and turn it into a Communist Haven where dachas are built where the-once-American-citizens built their homes.

  • MN Jim

    #31 Valerie: voting fraud is well-known in MN, where we got Frankened. The sad thing is that after presiding over the Frankening, where 23 precincts had more votes than voters and boxes of ballots appeared mysteriously after the election, the Democrat Secretary of State, who presided over the Frankening, was REELECTED.

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  • owl

    I just wish Drudge would use Jim’s favorite chart (labeled Deep Impact) with his headlines.

    Talk about the handwriting on the wall……..it tells the entire story. Liberals would go nuts if Drudge showed it because it puts the lie to everything Obama says about the money. It is a Herman Cain type of thing.

  • bg



    Hajj Settlement is a dangerous Precedent

    [“The decision announced on Thursday, October 13, 2011 of the Berkeley Board of Education to settle a lawsuit with the Department of Justice (DOJ) will have implications that reach far beyond the case of Safoorah Khan, a non-tenured computer math lab teacher who had worked for the district for just a little over one-year. In her suit Ms. Khan alleged that the district forced her to choose between her religion and her livelihood when it denied her request for three weeks of unpaid leave to perform Hajj in 2008. The board denied the request twice because it did not meet the requirements of the union contract which gave uniform standards for leave that applied to all employees.

    While AIFD believes religious freedom is a cornerstone of American constitutional civil liberties the adjudication of the conflict between an arbitrary demand of an employee that cloaks themselves in religion and an employer who must treat all employees equally is a critical fault line in the battle between theocracy and secular society.

    While I am sure the pressure on the board to settle was immense with DOJ’s involvement, it is lamentable because it creates a dangerous precedent by lowering the threshold of what merits action for civil rights abuse.

    In Ms. Khan’s case the federal government has taken the wrong side. By championing Ms. Khan’s case which stepped outside of the contract that she and all other certified staff signed with the Berkeley School District, DOJ is essentially making Muslims a privileged class. The interpretation this case demands speaks contrary to the very principle of “ensuring that workplaces are free of bias,” that Jacqueline A. Berrien, Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claims to promote.

    The DOJ and their choir of Islamist groups have deceptively positioned that Muslims like Ms. Khan “should not have to choose between their religious practice and their livelihood.” Contrarily, I believe that employers should not have to choose between the threat of intimidation from Islamists or the federal government and honoring the onerous and ultimately limitless demands of any single faith group or individual as a privileged class.

    By forcing this settlement the DOJ is empowering an Islamist mindset that demands special consideration above all others which is unacceptable in a society where all are equal before the law.

    Further the terms of the settlement are chilling in their Orwellian dictate that Berkeley provide mandatory training on religious accommodation to all board of education members, supervisors, managers, administrators and human resources officials who participate in decisions on religious accommodation requests made by its employees and prospective employees. It is incredulous to us that the Government is now entering into the business of teaching which versions of religion are politically correct and which ones are not.

    Ms. Khan’s request was outside the scope of the Union Contract she signed. The Berkeley officials treated her as an equal to her peers and have now lost a civil rights case for that equal treatment. It seems completely contradictory to the intent of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which this case was filed under. With Ms. Khan, DOJ has essentially reconstituted a separate but equal status for American Muslims.”]

    “I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that
    they can fulfill Zakat [.] it is important for Western countries to
    avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they
    see fit” ~ BHO

    translation: Sharia Law in America..


  • ohio

    What’s unbelievable? Much like Hitler, the Obama administration is doing what it said it would do. Nobody believed that Hitler would do what he said he would do either.

  • progressoverpeace

    Barky needs to hang his head in shame. He could have easily extorted another $15 billion out of BP. And he did miss one or two more roadblocks that he could have put in the way of the states, or anyone else, working to mitigate the spill in any way.

    But, he made up for all this by playing dictator and just stopping all offshore drilling on his word, even in the face of a contempt citation. LOL. Barky eats laws for breakfast.

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    I’d bet that after Zero pushes out some nuggets, he looks at them with pride. Remember the Libtard’s mantra regarding Bush’s alleged inability to admit to ever making a mistake? Where has that attitude gone? The whole lot are shameless hypocrites.

  • this time he is telling the truth. he really is proud of all the damage he has done to a country he hates. he do more damage if he can. none of what he has done could have been achieved without the aid of the entire democratic party.

  • #47…no separation of church and state advocate has a word to say about this.

  • HadEnough

    Scary thing is what he will do after he gets booted out in 2012. Jimmy Carter was bad enough but this @ssclown will be stirring the pot every day in bitterness and anger. He’ll probably still get funding from Soros in an effort to overthrow this country. Time to watch the f**k out!!!

  • ocrick

    All this crap went down in 07, 08 and into 09.

    Bush was Pres. when the Economy crashed almost into Depression.

    30 years of Supply Side, “Trickle ON”, Reaganomics has Wrecked the

    American Middle Class. Sorry those facts bother Phony Christian Neocon Losers.

  • Millitant Conservative

    #54 learn history please.

    Specifically Woodrow wilson thru Harding and Colledge.

    Then look what FDR did and when we came out of that Recession/Depression.

    Clinton changed no major economic policies from the Reagan era and the

    standard of living got better for all Americans. Explain please.

    Your ignorance shows your ideology.

    How has America outdone civilizations 2000 years old in a short 230 years?

    One word, Freedom, more specifically, economic freedom.

    Now you have a central planner (socialist/marxist) running the show and gee

    not doing so well huh. Obama does not care, the elite always are immune.

    WTFU and educate yourself.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Read “Basic Economics”by “Tomas Sowell”

    He wrote the book so even you could understand basic economics.

  • Millitant Conservative
  • ocrick

    OK, All Conservatives from not on…

    Let’s take your kids out of school and put them in sweat shops.

    You will not get overtime, vacation, sick time, and will work for whatever your
    boss says.

    Conservative women will no longer be able to vote.

    We will import you food from China and your water from Mexico.

    You can’t drive on ANY Public Roads.

    Your bank deposits will no longer be insured.

    Monopolies will be put back in place to stop any competition.

    All these ideas are Progressive / Liberal.

    I know Neocons want to go back to 1899, however You may want to learn History first…

  • RS

    So we either have a President with mental illness or a Cloward-Piven arsonist.

    Or both.

  • Voice of Reason

    Baghdad Barack

  • Millitant Conservative

    #58 spouting the union goon by line.

    It is incapable of having its world view open to reality, thus truely a

    useful idiot.

  • Molon Labe


    Come on out of that tinfoil hat Craig. We all know its you. We can see your big, hairy paws.

  • Molon Labe


    Thanks for posting the Dhimmiecrats new progressive “work Makes you Free” agenda for a Worker’s Paradise. What a steaming pile of progressive crock posted by an idiot child.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    America has a problem on its hands.

    This man’s words wrap themsevles around one of the primary symptoms of a megalomaniac.

    When you couple this along with his narcissism and his public-political vanity, there are very few psychiatrists who wouldn’t have a heyday stapping him to a couch for as long as it took dig through all of his delusions.

    I couldn’t care less what made him that way.

    But the down side to all of this is that WE are wrapped up in those delusions, and it can’t be pretty for us.

  • Scott

    President Obama DOES have a lot of accomplishments to be proud of. He is a leftist and he has done more than any other president to transform America into a socialist state.

  • usamopatriot

    A hangmans noose is missing an idiot.

  • usamopatriot

    ocrick, you are a damn fool.

  • ocrick

    Ok PHONY Christian Pinheads,

    Corporate Profits are at a Record High.
    American Worker Productivity at Record High.
    Wages have DECLINED over the last 30 Years under Trickle On…
    The Largest Shift of Wealth to the FEWEST people in History has happened under Reaganomics.

    Sounds like a Capitalist Paradise… What is you beef again?

  • ocrick


    George Carlin summed it up pretty well…

  • #68…the largest shift of wealth from the working people in american is to the politicans. caused by all the tax increases enacted under democratic presidents.

  • The “soft bigotry of low expectations” on full monty display.

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  • #68.. said the greatest shift of wealth to the fewest people in history has occured under reaganomics.

    who had the wealth before the rich got it? the poor people?

    reaganomics allowed for the greatest creation of wealth in history. those rich people created that weath. there was no transfer of weath from the many to the few caused by reaganomics. reaganomics created the largest middle class in history.

    the only transfer of wealth from the many to the few in the united states has been the massive transfer of wealth from the many workers to the few liberal politicans thru their confiscatory tax policies that you support.

    go back and listen to so more lies about economics from your left-wing college professors.

  • bg
  • ocrick

    Tommy, I am not sure how old you are.

    The American Middle Class was created and bloomed from 1942-1980.

    Since Reagan took office, real wages have Gone DOWN 10% adjusting for inflation.

    (With the exception of the Clinton years.)

    Incomes for the top 1% are up 300% since we started Trickle On economics.

    Even Ford knew you had to throw a few crumbs to the masses so they

    could at least buy your products.

  • bobdog

    This is the reason The Statistical Abstract of the United States is being shut down. The dirty proletariat doesn’t have the sense of responsibility necessary to use it wisely. Access to economic data is a privilege that must be earned, and when used irresponsibly, great damage can be done. It is a genuine shame that the actions of a few make this action necessary, but it’s reckless stories like this that damage Our President, at a time when the support of the Little People is so important to National Happiness (TM).

    If you rich Tea Party subversives can’t handle information properly and show the proper respect for Our President, we’ll take it away. We had Sedition laws once, and we can have them again.

    But enough of this negative talk. Let’s all join hands and show The Great Man our love. Or we’ll find something else to take away.

  • mg4us

    So, is Obama saying that everything he did was ON PURPOSE?

    All along I thought he was Incompetent, Inept and Inexperienced. . . and though not happy with the choices he made, one could find room to forgive him for the 3-I’s. He just didn’t know.

    But if he is NOW saying that the choices he made were ON PURPOSE. . .then he is a real leftist, evil, a destroyer and divider!

    2012 Can’t come soon enough!

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  • ogee

    I hope he says this often and louder. Most people are saying “HUH?” People see how corrupt and out of touch he is. Most people know he’s not all that bright. His teleprompters got stolen and he had to cancel his speeches until he got new ones.

  • Molon Labe


    You are an idiot Cricket.

    The middle class was created in 1940? Yes prior to that time we had feudal lords and serfs.

    I am always amazed by how bad our education system is that it turns out such miserable products. Corporate profits are at record highs? Really, exactly what firms do you mean? I see lots of empty stores, I see many firms going bankrupt, I see the government paying Obama’s cronies huge amounts. I also see the employment of the private sector collapsing while the government grows and grows.

    But5 you masy not have been able to connect the dots because as we all know corporations are making record profits. Yup Reagan so destroyed the Middle class that the American people really turned on him. Just the income tax rates he cut put more money into their pockets than you could possibly imagine you ignorant young pup. I bet you weren’t out of your diapers when Reagan was president, but then again you were probably wearing them till you were 13 aND FEEDING AT YOUR MOTHER’S BREAST TILL AGE 13.

    Oh yeah let’s hear it for the Clinton years when wages really took a hit and when Freddie and Fannie were allowed to run amok. No wonder the market collapsed before he left office.

    You know Skippy if you didn’t smoke so much weed you might learn something about wages and the economic history of the US instead of the Howard Zinn BS you have vomited forth.

    But still its amazing you could do this while in your strait jacket.

  • Molon Labe

    Cricket tell us about how the poor trqansfered so much wealth to the rich. I really never understood how Bill Gates managed to get 60 billion from the OWS types even at ten cents a head. Boy the poor must have massive amounts of hiddebn wealth.

    Maybe we had all better eat the Poor. According to the Cricket they have all that money!

    What a sad hippy Marxist. Tell us where do you get your Brazilian wax jobs?

  • ocrick

    Hey Moron Labia, do you get the Vitter Family Values Discount from

    Your Mothers P!mp?

  • Millitant Conservative

    #68 October 19, 2011 at 4:43 pm
    ocrick commented:

    Corporate profits are up due to laying off people. They did this in response to the ignorant

    masses (you) voting in a known socialist. They knew what would happen so they prepared

    themselves as best as they could to survive an Obama regime. Sorry you can’t get your

    pathetic brain around reality. Now then Name me ONE economic policy Clinton signed

    into law that caused the wonder years? He left the Reagan policies in effect.

    The Democrats spent the new monies faster than they came in. In effect we gave crack

    heads more crack.

    Pathetic education/ but really good indoctrination, useful idiot.

    powder is dry

  • Seems like Obama is getting a bum rap on the economy. Bush and the Republicans created the economic collapse ( who do you think runs Goldman Sachs, Democrats or Republicans? ) and then Obama gets elected to keep the country from going over the brink into the abyss.

    He succeeds modestly at doing so, but there are huge problems remaining years into his Presidency. We may still go over the brink and into the abyss but at least he’s given the country a few years to prepare for it. That’s a good thing, right?

    Why is it that we seem to always make excuses for Republicans when they do evil, but we have “zero tolerance” for Democrats when they do evil? Remember what the Republicans said when Obama went to the United Nations, got a resolution to assist in the Libyan situation, and then eventually liberated that country through the use of Libyan rebels?

    Hmmm. Republicans wanted to impeach him for improper use of the military. What do they say now that Gaddaffi is dead and gone? Not one word.

    What did Republicans say when there was a broad and deep conspiracy to invade and occupy Iraq WITHOUT a United Nations resolution authorizing it? They were part of the conspiracy, for sure. How many American soldiers died in Iraq? 3,000, I think. How many died in Libya? I don’t recall hearing about any, have you?

    The banks have been recapitalized but they are still sinking. They did it to themselves. But the truth is that the economic system is broken and no longer works, for quite a few reasons. Technological innovation is one and globalization is another. Do Republicans support technological innovation and globalization? You bet they do! So why don’t they step up to the plate and take responsibility for the current situation?

    I could go on and give more examples of Republican hypocrisy. It’s bad politics. It’s dishonest politics.

    I don’t support either party because both believe in war, the death penalty and the oppressive monetary economic system. I want them all thrown out of Congress and replaced by people who are willing and able to work on creating a new economic system.

    We need fundamental change, not a little tweaking of the old system. It has failed.

  • Millitant Conservative

    #84 October 21, 2011 at 10:02 am
    Steve Moyer commented:

    Your truely an ignorant useful idiot. Obama did not kill Gadaffy.

    A pack of islam animals did. Your Boy called an assasination of an american

    citizen without due process. I am not crying a river but the traitor that loved

    Al Queda was a citizen that should have the protection of due process.

    Your so illiterate as to be laughable. the democrats are socialists and the current

    leadership of the Republicans is socialist lite. The TEA party is Joe America trying to

    set right what went wrong. Sadly you are the after birth of a poor socialist

    indoctrination. Capitalism works, Greedy politicians spending your/our money

    for votes never ends well. Shave and get on a diet. You’ll need stints by 50 and

    probably a walker due to detiorating knees/hip joints.

    You are a sad representation of what America has sunk too and become so

    ignorant that you vote for those that CAUSED the problem.

    powder is dry, plastic surgery is an option.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Click on post #84’s name,

    it will redirect you to his site with his e-mail address and phone number!

    Zabasearch will lead you to his home address. Good Lord I have never seen such

    poor security.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Steven Kent Moyer age 55 son of Sadie L. and Ralph M.

    Your one stupid adult.