Mark Levin: Obama’s Appearance With New Black Panthers Destroys Media’s ‘Perry Rock’ Story (Video)

Yesterday Big Government released photos of Barack Obama marching with the New Black Panthers at a rally in 2007.
Shock Photos!
New Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is seen speaking at the rally on the left. Then Obama speaks to the Selma crowd at the same rally.

Of course, the democratic-media complex completely ignored this story. They were too busy reporting on a racist rock that was spray-painted and then turned over at a camp where Rick Perry used to hunt with his father years ago.

Radio host Mark Levin told his audience yesterday that the Obama New Black Panther story completely destroys the ‘Perry Rock’ story.
He’s right.
Via Breitbart TV:

Stacy on the Right has more on the rock story.

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  • Sickofobama

    Obama is a member of the New Black Panthers.

    Pass the word around.

    BTW: Those cretins want to kill white people and Glenn Beck was right again when he said Obama hates white people.

  • RKflorida

    I don’t like white people either. Nor black, brown, red, or yellow. To quote the Kingston Trio:

    “I don’t like anybody very much!”

  • Dittogirl

    Notice that nothing is said about the use of the racial slur “crackers” and killing a bunch of them. Oh, and killing some “cracker babies” is also spoken, and the MSM says nothing about it.

    And yet they expect us to get all excited about a rock that was painted over, due to its insensitivity! Yet, we hear nothing about the NBPP actually speaking about killing white people, and even going further to take out our babies. And there is B. Hussein Obama standing next to them in support.

    Further, and I am no fan of Rick Perry, they make a mountain out of a molehill and the MFLSM carries the water for this outright racism once again. The Dinosaur cannot be wiped out fast enough. But what we must do is make them pay for this dearly. We watch as the Newspapers and National News shows slowly lose all of their audience, but it is not happening fast enough.

    I have to wonder how all of the bleeding hearts that voted this racist admin into office feel now. They aided and abetted racism, just when they thought they were being cool voting to show they were not racist. A strange irony indeed.

    Trying to get over and forgive them for what they did, I am finding impossible to do. They will truly pay for this for a long time. And they deserve to.

  • Conservative to the Core



  • Midnight Rider

    Mark Levin’s remarks seem like an understatement. I say this despite the fact that I am no fan of Rick Perry.

  • Sam Stone

    RKflorida! The Kingston Trio? That takes me back! Thanks for the memories.

  • Sam Stone

    Obama with the racist violent NBPP not a story.

    A rock in Texas a weeks long story.

    The MSM is not biased or liberal.

    the moon is made of Gouda cheese.

  • Sam Stone

    Delete #6. Meant for another thread.

  • dwd

    If a rock Perry had nothing to do with is a window to Perry’s soul, then Obama appearing with the Black Panthers must mean he wants to kill white babies. If you want to make a logical deduction about Perry, it has to apply equally to Obama. After all, that’s FAIR.

  • ahem

    Read Who Is the New Black Panther Party? What Media Matters and the Obama DOJ Don’t Want You to Know. It will make your blood boil. It’s a fringe group from the Nation of Islam.

    “[Its President] Muhammad suggested giving white people an ultimatum to leave South Africa by sundown or…

    We kill the women. We kill the babies, we kill the blind. We kill the cripples. We kill them all. We kill the faggot. We kill the lesbian… When you get through killing them all, go to the goddamn graveyard and dig up the grave and kill them a-goddamn-gain because they didn’t die hard enough.

  • Sam Stone

    The story about Perry and the now infamous rock goes back so far Democrat Robert Byrd was still wearing his sheets and hood!

  • owl

    Good job Mark Levin.

    I was pretty excited about 2012 and our candidates. Actually thought we had a pretty strong field (even though I am a Palin supporter). Not now. Disgusting the way our party eats their own. Perry has governed a large state for 10 years. I call that experience dealing with problems. He did a good job but to read some of the threads about him, you would think he was the DEM/MSM/Terrrorist leader from hell.

    Romney and Cain (don’t even mention Santorum) lost respect with me.

    Now if Christie gets in, some of the Repubs will certainly get their perfection. Not. Not even close to being close. Sure. I cheer his mouth. His warts are big. Huge.

    Why would a party thrive on eating their success stories?

  • daryl

    This article puts this Stephanie McCrummen almost on a par with GatewayPundit’s resident Perry basher

    Stephanie McCrummen Washington Post Article Designed to End Rick Perry’s Threat to Obama! « MN Prager Discussion Group

  • daryl

    Rumor at Drudge has Christie announcing today that he WILL NOT run.

  • Valerie

    Even Texas Democrats don’t call him racist.

    H/T Hot Air

    The Washington Post has been known to carry, or to spike, stories for the purpose of supporting a given candidate. They thought this over, and publicly admitted they had gone overboard for Obama. They need to re-think.

  • listingstarboard

    Well WTF is this damn rock anyways? Where is a picture of it, because you know damn well that there has been a horde of Obama minions down there looking for it–funny how there is not one photo of it.

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  • Finncrisp

    The plan is to Distort, Distract, and Destroy. Barry has never had any other agenda. We can continue to let the media pick the Republican nominee, or we can tell them we don’t believe a word they say.

    We are fools for their process. Time to stop this !

  • owl

    No Valerie. The Washington Post is an exact carbon copy of NYT. They don’t spike, they carry the ball the same way. They use to let the NYT go first and then they could seem like an echo.

    This is why our MSM, who has enough power to elect a president, is our enemy. No more mush-mouth for me. The Washington Post is my enemy and I have known it since 2003. Actually, all you have to remember is Watergate and the players.

    We have Watergate x a zillion happening to us every day. You hear WaPo?????

  • owl

    #16…………I assume they are looking for a photographer who can film through the paint.

  • retire05

    Let me tell you how bad this Compost story is. It says that the deer lease (what it would be called in Texas) was slightly over 1,000 acres and that Mr. Perry leased it in the early ’80’s. It also said that Perry did not get on it until much later. Now, that lease would have allowed for no more than 5 guns (a “gun” being what you call a hunter in Texas) and the fact that the Perrys represented two guns, and Rick prepresented one gun, that would leave room for two more hunters. Hunters that would have been friends of Mr. Perry, not Rick, since Mr. Perry leased the pasture. My own lease in Hondo was 1,200 acres and allowed 5 guns. So saying that Rick took friend there is bogus. He would have had to have his father’s permission and the other guns would have had to give up their right to hunt there.

    Land owners always know who is going to be hunting on their property. And leasing property does not give you the right to make changes to it, no even painting the rock, so Mr. Perry would have had to have permission from the land owner to paint over the rock, which he obviously got.

    But not satisfied with its first attempt to smear Rick Perry as a “racist” the Compost is doubling down today, quoting Jim Hightower, who is currently on the speech circuit with Van Jones; Jim Hansen, UT professor and self-proclaimed Marxist and Rodney Ellis (D), the Texas answer to Jesse Jackson I guess Perry’s good friend, Michael Williams, was unavailable for comment. Well, the Compost wouldn’t want to talk to Williams, he’s a black Republican.

    As for as Cain is concerned; I am totally disappointed in his race baiting responses to Chris Wallace and Christiane Amanpour. He should have removed himself from the story by saying until he knew ALL the facts, he was not going to comment. I have had enough of being called a racist by the Dems. I don’t need a Republican doing the same.

  • daryl

    Wouldn’t put it past Hightower and his band of lefties to be working furiously on a piece of that old caprock limestone out there in Throckmorton County that they can parade around the country calling it the Rick Perry rock.
    Hightower used to have a local call in talk show (back in ’94-’95)up there somewhere around D-FW. Don’t know if he does anymore, but he’s a real lefty piece of work.

  • Ron

    You know who the MSM and the Dem machine fear the most; That would be Rick Perry. They name their target with each new smear. All particular preferences aside, Rick Perry has a positive record. His detracters will yell “Texas Dream Act” and point out that he doesn’t talk pretty, but all in all his record speaks for itself. He’s been reelected to the Governership os Texas since The Honorable George W. Bush went to lead our country to record prosperity for almost 8 years ( Until the Dems won Majorities in “08). I’ll take governor perry and his warts and all over any of the declared candidates. Record vs Pretty Talk anyday. Governor perry has the record and that’s all that needs to be said.

  • daryl

    You got that right #23
    HuffPo admits there’s a group of diehard lefties searching for the fabled n-head stone. But for and until the locals began cluing these a$$holes in on the difference in tresspassing and property-owners rights by “accompanying them off their premises”, wholesale trespassing was taking place.
    Look for it (the “head” stone)or some form of facsimile to appear for sale on Craig’s list and/or E-bay any day now ..
    If there were large weather cracks in the stone would that make it a crackhead stone and would it be considered racist to call it that instead of its original description?

    Reporters Spent Day Two of N-Wordheadgate Searching West Texas For Racist Rock

  • catwoman368

    Rick Perry is a fine gov and I am proud to support him for president. This bogus story is the media carrying obamas water. I am sick and tired of being called a racist by those who truly practice racism. We need to stop tearing our candidates down and remember who the enemy is. I am sure the Perry haters will be popping in at any moment. I have to believe they are really obama supporters posing as republicans.

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  • Ron

    #25catwoman368: They already are on other GP threads. Just about as welcome as fly’s and mosquito’s at a cookout too. You dimwits know who you are so save it.

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  • ohiochili

    The MSM baits the hook, throws out the lie line to hook those lightweight headline readers who think if it’s in print, it must be true.

    Very disappointed Herman Cain hollered before he found out he wasn’t really hurt by Perry’s rock. I hope he learned his lesson not to trust the media, but I really thought as long as he’s been involved with the TEA party, he should have already known.

  • Nelson

    I want Obama out as much as the next guy but this story isn’t accurate. Malik Z. Shabazz did grab the mic and speak at the event, but he wasn’t invited and the mic was taken from him.

    Also present at the march was a contingent of the New Black Panther Party, who as the crowd marched through Selma and across the bridge, raised their fists and chanted “Black Power!”

    “This is a new generation of struggle,” said Malik Z Shabazz, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, “For the Black community, it is not just Bloody Sunday, but Bloody Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.” Shabazz added, “Yesterday there was Vietnam, today there is a war led by a warmonger named Bush,” before his microphone was grabbed by one of the organizers.

    The event was the anniversary of the Civil Rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, known as “Bloody Sunday.” Along with Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton marched, and Hillary Clinton was a speaker. There were over a thousand people marching that day.

    We have enough to get Obama out of office, we don’t need to make things up.

  • workingclass artist

    Yeah…it does at that.

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • Molon Labe

    If its smells like NBS, walks like BS, talks like BS, we can be sure it isn’t BS according to Nelson.

    Obama is a flaming racist. He was able to fool many Americans once, I doubt there are enough brain damaged people around like Nelson to try and continue to whitewash this racist.

    Yeah Obama hated the Black Panthers so much that he was close enough to be photographed with them. Just what you’d expect from a presidential candidate who is beyond racial matters, would you say Nelson?

  • Molon Labe

    If its smells like NBS, walks like BS, talks like BS, we can be sure it isn’t BS according to Nelson.

    Obama is a flaming racist. He was able to fool many Americans once, I doubt there are enough brain damaged people around like Nelson to try and continue to whitewash this racist.

    Yeah Obama hated the Black Panthers so much that he was close enough to be photographed with them. Just what you’d expect from a presidential candidate who is beyond racial matters, would you say Nelson?

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  • Why Obama Marching with The New Black Panthers Matters:

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