Karl Rove: Allegations Against Cain Have Been Out There For At Least 10 Days (Video)

Republican strategist Karl Rove told Monica Crowley on The O’Reilly Factor tonight that he was surprised that the Cain Campaign had not heard about the allegations since they had been out there for at least 10 days.

Karl Rove:

“I think he should be prepared for things like this because he’s a serious presidential candidate. In fact what gets me, is look, I’ve talked to people in the news business today and they say this has been going around for at least 10 days. I find it hard to believe that the campaign didn’t know this was coming and was a badly prepared as they were. You don’t start out by saying there’s nothing to this whatsoever and then go into we don’t know anything about and then go yes I know it but I didn’t do it.”

UPDATE: Herman Cain told Greta Van Susteren tonight that his campaign had known that Politico was going to publish the hit piece since October 20th.

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  • BS61

    #79 November 1, 2011 at 7:52 am
    daryl commented:
    Good points all Rose, #76. Good luck getting many here to see them.

    I see the points made here…. the point of our outrage is at the elite MSM including Fox and I will continue to support anyone they bash.

  • daryl

    Man, Oh, Man.
    If Michael Vick had had GP and this current group of commenters back when he was holding his dog fights he could have saved himself a prison term.
    Just toss a pound of ground rino burger(doesn’t matter, ground hippo, zebra, widebeest, or gazelle works just as well) out and watch them tear into one another. Last one standing and not bled to death is the winner. Today it’s the sometime conservatives, tomorrow the sometime independents, next day the used to be democrats but now the don’t-have-a-clue who the hell they are for will have their day in the sun.

  • valerie

    …and he has been working hard to publicize them.

  • daryl

    Just heard a report from The Mark Davis show (sometime sub for Rush Limbaugh Show) that Block (the cigarette man in the infamous Cain commercial and his sometimes campaign manager) has announced that the campaign has received $250,000 via the internet since this sexual harrassment story about Cain broke yesterday.
    Mark wondered how long it would be before the left was blaming Cain for leaking the story just for the sympathy and kneejerk contributions it would bring.
    Food for thought, I suppose.

  • kansas

    The more I see of Karl Rove, the more disgusting he becomes.

  • retire05

    I knew about the Politico story Sunday night, but since it is four pages long, decided to wait until yesterday morning to read it. When I turned Fox on yesterday a.m. Bill Hemmer was already saying that the Cain campaign had known the story was coming down the pike for 10 days. That was 11 hours before Rove made his comments.

    Funny how all the Cainiacs want to now bash Rove for his comments on Cain’s absolutely dismal handling of this scandal. Yet, they were silent over the “rock” story. I guess as long as Rove is bashing another candidate, the Cainiacs are fine with it. Not once did the Cainiacs ask who was in a position in Texas politics to know about the rock or tip off the Washington Post so the WaPo could sent reporters to a remote part of Texas to question former school mates about a rock in a totally different county. Ummm, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    Cain’s campaign were not ready for this. Perhaps they thought it would just go away, that Politico would never dare print it. Frankly, it shows nothing but how inept Cain’s campaign is. The campaign staff should have gotten together, created a story line and had every one stick to it. Instead, Cain went from “not really familiar with this issue” to doing a total 180 on Greta’s show last night, going so far to indicate that one of the women (after he had later claimed to know about only one of them) was a bad employee anyway. It was a useless comment and had no place in the interview. Not one person that has ever been wrongfully terminated has ever had the employer say “well, they were a good employee but we just got rid of them anyway”. It is ALWAYS said “They were a bad employee so we terminated them.” How this woman did, or did not do her job, was not part of the equasion, at least not now.

    If Cain is not lying (and I think in part he is) he should force the National Restaurant Assoc. to release ALL the records on this issue. The onus is on Cain to prove he is being truthful But I don’t look for that to happen. And if the women were paid as little as he claims they were, even though there is a non-disclosure agreement, some publication is going to be willing to pay them for their story and provide them with legal defence, if for no other reason than to grab a headline and boost readership.

    All we can do now is wait to see if another shoe drops. I suspect there is more to come. The left wing press will now go into full attack mode.

  • bg


    OT.. related:

    Once again, Politico only reports a piece of the story

    [Cordaro, a former Catholic priest (1985-2003) and co-founder of the
    Des Moines Catholic Worker group, is a known Christian anarchist who
    “frequently participates in peace rallies involving civil disobedience” and
    “frequently attends protests and gives lectures at school and community
    events in Nebraska and Iowa.”

    Cordaro was been arrested numerous times and spent several months
    in jails and prisons. “His protest efforts covered a wide range of issues
    including nuclear weapons, the arms race, US foreign policies, nuclear
    power and issues surrounding poverty in the USA.”

    The self-proclaimed peace activist’s agenda is well-known to the State
    29 blog, which tracks Iowa scandals. In September 2007 it headlined
    with “It’s Not A Party Until Frank Cordaro Gets Arrested.”]

    links & more @ link..


  • Ginger


    Did you see the video of Perry speaking and appeared drunk or on maybe on his pain medicine for his back as Fox speculated? He was really acting stupid!

    Also …On Fox this morning Bill Hemmer was interviewing Andra ? and Bob Beckel and were discussing Mr. Cain and at the end Andrea said: Bob threw a candy corn down my dress, I didn’t sue.

  • daryl

    Them ol’ pipes are rusty ‘Herb’, but hell, so are Streisand’s.

    Still, maybe you should stick with losing elections. Much more success at that..

    Watch this: Herman Cain sings at National Press Club (video) – The Reliable Source – The Washington Post


  • bg


    Ginger #89 November 1, 2011 at 10:43 am

    posted about it a couple of days ago..

    my local news station even carried it (i don’t have cable news)..


  • MaxTruth

    I’ll bet the woman involved in the case Cain remembers is starting to get p’offed. It won’t be long before she speaks out and I wouldn’t blame her. There was a settlement and Cain is running his mouth.

    All he had to say was there was a claim of sexual harassment. It was investigated and no wrong doing on my part was found. The woman was offered a settlement and left the company. That’s the facts as I know them.

  • daryl

    There were TWO women Max. Possibly why Herman’s Prezidency of the Restaurant Association was short lived.
    I don’t know what it is but a little fame, fortune and success turns these guys into cocks-of-the-walk in their own minds.I pity women who have to suffer the effects of it but some seem like they would welcome the attentiom. Even to sending them money.


  • daryl

    Even if he manages to go unscathed through this latest, what’s next? the liberal press and media won’t let up.
    But..Bet your a$$ as we speak there’s a hunt for the others he may or may not have harrassed.

    sheeple reaction…..”well ah’m gonna send him sum mor’ munny is whut i’m gonna do”.

    Cain’s Iowa Supporters Wait and See – NYTimes.com


  • bg


    via RedState

    The Herman Cain Allegations

    [Many staffers were struck throughout the 2008 campaign by how often leaks about certain candidates would come out right before previously scheduled media availabilities or TV appearances, forcing a candidate to immediately answer difficult questions to a horde of rabid journalists or duck the avail and make it seem even worse. Now Cain has this story drop at 8 PM on a Sunday night – whole cloth, with no evidence of investigation beyond calling the people named in the documents – a mere 12 hours before he’s supposed to have a full day of media availability in Washington, DC at the American Enterprise Institute and the National Press Club. I feel like I’ve seen this movie. There are only two candidates running this time who ran then, and I don’t think Ron Paul even has an oppo research arm. Curiouser and curiouser.]


  • Ginger


    I must of left for a while and missed it. Sure is funny that Jim did not post a big write up about it like he does others! Now if it is sweety, sweety stuff about Perry it is in our face! I guess Fox may had mentioned it before today because I do not watch Fox that much any more.

  • Spider

    Wow, someone took my advice to go to Red-State!

    Now I’m getting somewhere.

    Become a regular reader, you will enjoy it.

  • bg


    daryl #94 November 1, 2011 at 11:17 am

    can you explain Perry’s Islamic involvement in the Texas school curriculum, if not, then hows about the Gulen Charter Schools??

    and Cain was allegedly accused of alleged sexual harassment back the
    sexual harassment pop culture days, i’m shocked!! shocked i tell you!!

    /shock sarc/


  • daryl

    What’s next? His campaign managers doesn’t seem to understand campaign finance rules.
    I sure as hell don’t want to trust him with what obama leaves in the treasury if he does leave anything.

    Another Question, This Time Financial, for Herman Cain – NYTimes.com


  • daryl

    # 98
    old stuff…..yawn……..

  • bg


    Spider #97 November 1, 2011 at 11:26 am

    wow, aren’t you prolific!! 😀