It’s an Obama World… Sesame Street to Introduce a Poor, Starving Muppet to Educate on Growing Number of Starving Children

It’s an Obama world.
Meet “Lily” the starving muppet.

Here’s something else Barack Obama and democrats can be proud of.

With a record number of Americans on food stamps, record unemployment, increased debt and record poverty, Sesame Street will introduce a poor, starving muppet to educate on the growing number of starving children in Obama’s America.
Inside TV reported:

Sesame Street has a new muppet who is hungry for more than just cookies.

The iconic kids show is set to unveil a new impoverished puppet named Lily, whose family faces an ongoing struggle with hunger issues. Lily will be revealed in a one-hour Sesame Street primetime special, Growing Hope Against Hunger, which is being sponsored by Walmart. The special will star country singer Brad Paisley and his wife Kimberly Williams Paisley, as well as the Sesame Street Muppets.

“Food insecurity is a growing and difficult issue for adults to discuss, much less children,” said the Paisleys in a statement. “We are honored that Sesame Street, with its long history of tackling difficult issues with sensitivity, caring and warmth asked us to be a part of this important project.”

The special will share the stories of real-life families to raise awareness of hunger issues in the United States, as well as strategies that have helped these families find food.

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  • wtd

    Manipulation of the youngest, most maliable minds – an offensive move (pun intended).
    Sesame Street is a tool of PBS. Our tax dollars at work.
    FWIW, as a kid, I never caught the charm of Sesame Street. The gritty inner city character of the program was a real turn-off. Perhaps there are other children that automatically get negative vibes from this manipulation and are turned off by a show enhancing poverty as a form of entertainment.
    2012 can’t come quickly enough.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Isn’t food important? Why not “universal food coverage”? If politicians and employers had guaranteed us “free” food 50 years ago, today Democrats would be wailing about the “food crisis” in America, and you’d be on the phone with your food care provider arguing about whether or not a Reuben sandwich with fries was covered under your plan.

    –Ann Coulter

  • Taqiyyotomist

    The so-called food crisis is actually a responsible behavior crisis. You don’t NEED a 3G phone plan. You don’t NEED an XBOX360. You don’t NEED all those drugs and all that booze. You don’t NEED that big-screen TV and the DISH Network.

    Tell that to the hungry kids. Maybe they’ll tell their irresponsibly-spending parents.

  • http://D Militant Conservative

    Lies and deceit. School breakfast & lunch.

    Nanny state. Reaching for the kids for the parents

    Have turned agaist this a$$hole n chief butt munch.

    Typical statist maneuver.

  • MAJ Mike

    Perhaps The Childrens’ Television Workshop (holders of the Muppets/Sesame Street trademarks) should redirect/”spread around” some of the millions of dollars of their profits to assist these “starving” people. However, I thought that childhood obesity was the big problem in the U.S., at least according to the First Wookie.

    Glad I no longer have young children.

  • ohiochili

    This news will be a serious concern to Michelle O. Everyone knows all kids are fat.

    Will this character ask all kids to donate their veggies to food banks? (as my sons would have probably suggested to me.)

    Apparently, it is never too early to start the guilt process.

  • Ohio Granny

    Because, what children really want to watch, more than their video games or cartoons, is a hungry kid, and maybe toss in some dying polar bears. riiiiiiiiiiight. so when they run screaming from the room, get tummy aches, and can’t sleep at nitey night, should we call Michelle Obama and ask her if it is okey dokey to give these hungry Lilys all those french fries we gave up? Just tell your children, eat your vegetables, there is a Lily out there who would love to have that brocoli !

  • Ohio Granny

    And another thing….
    Ya know, this smacks of AttackWatch. Wonder if the Obama and Progressive propaganda machines are behind the scenes going, hmmm, wonder if we should toss in some red/black/white images in the background, just to make it more stark?

  • The All Real Numbers Symbol

    Oh good grief. This is propoganda that would make the Nazis proud. How soon can we throw Odummer and his friends out of the White House?

    ‘Cause you can bet that the show won’t explain to children that the reason so many people are unmployed and starving is due to Odummer’s actions. “Kids, sometimes evil people hurt other people. President Obama is one of those people. He hates America, and if you like America, then he hates you too.”

    Yeah, they’ll never say it but I can dream.

  • Tom Smith

    Hope food stamps and WIC is discussed.

  • donh

    These are the leaders of the Nanny Estate. Childish spoiled babbies in aged adult form. Thumb sucking grown up men and women who still go to bed in fannel pajamas with Hallow Kitty print…hugging elmo dolls to sleep……

  • Taqiyyotomist


    ACORN Behind Occupy Wall Street protests, via JudicialWatch:

    In other words: Obama and Soros behind protests, funded by TARP I and TARP II, i.e. your tax dollars.

    It’s an Obama world.

  • Michael

    I thought all the muppets on Sesame Street were poor. After all, Bert and Ernie have been wearing the same outfit since the 60’s.

  • http://gatewaypundit pamlinson

    Sesame Street needs to stick to entertaining little toddlers and teaching A,B,C’s and stay out of indoctrinating our kids. Turn it off! There are other programs for kids if we just put a tiny bit of effort into it…lets go back to entertaining our kids with David & Goliath, Bugs Bunny, ect – the stuff we used to watch when we were little that didn’t have a political agenda.

  • donh

    Yes Taq, talk about puppets. This Occupy Wall Street is another Soros managed ” Velvet Revolution” . Foreign entities are foamenting a revolution right within our own borders and we do NOTHING. What these velvet revolutions achieve is a transformation of communist dictatorships into a more nefarious network of shadow government ruled by organized crime king pins operating under the control of communist ideology. ….

  • Multitude

    I saw this in yesterday’s citizens action bulletin from the Ministry for Citizen Behavior Compliance and Agenda Action Support. I actually thought it made a lot of sense in context with the increasing citizen action instructions directing support of the market disruption activities necessary to provide the grounds for the October Second Revolution.

    We received the academic bulletin instruction yesterday as well that instructed my colleagues and I to release our students to the local OWS rallies, road barricades and blockages, corporate CEO house stalkings and other activities planned for the college kids. I’m hopeful we’ll see the high schools released to step up the energy levels since we haven’t seen a single torched car yet and it’s pretty embarrassing we can’t manage what a dozen French Youths would do in an evening. But they have an authentic impoverished Political Response Class that can be called upon in a heartbeat, burning cars, buildings, shutting down large sectors of the economy and useful scaring the crap out of the middle class so that whatever policies the elite power interests require can be immediately effectuated.

    This Lily muppet seems to represent a smart move for outreach by the to the elementary kids by the Ministry, helping the White House and its partnership with Media Matters and other partners to engage the younger folk in communitarian advocacy and radical socialist action.

  • myohmy

    Are we starving or are we fat? Do liberals just want to milk the federal government? They should make up their mind.


    when is the gay muppet and transgendered and mooslum muppet coming….what a fukken joke

  • Bunni

    OMG, it’s cause of HIM that we’re STARVING, ffs.
    What’s next, the pedo muppett?? If obumbles gets his way, there will also be the unwashed, marxist protestor muppett……plus don’t forget his fav,
    The gay, bathhouse fisting perv muppett?

    Isn’t that what the one that lived in a trashcan was supposed to be? What’s after that
    the hooker lying in the gutter turning tricks muppett? (h/t Jay Leno….lol)

  • Mark1957

    What is next, Elmo’s “babies Mamma” muppet?