Herman Cain Tells Rude Ron Paul Loons: “Be Respectful!” (Video)

Republican Herman Cain told rude Ron Paul supporters to be respectful during his speech in Alabama yesterday. The Ron Paul loons wouldn’t let him speak and repeatedly interrupted him.
Good For Herman Cain.
Via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

CNN reported:

Herman Cain spoke to a rowdy crowd of supporters in Alabama Saturday – they just weren’t all his.

Trying to make a point about foreign policy, Cain was loudly interrupted by spectators in the crowd waving Ron Paul signs and yelling, “That is absurd.”

The former Godfather’s Pizza executive stopped making his policy point to tell the group to settle down.

“With all due respect, I’m going to give this speech today, thank you very much,” Cain told the crowd.

Moments later, Cain was interrupted again while making a point about the Federal Reserve. One of Rep. Ron Paul’s signature positions is eliminating that organization.

“The Federal Reserve, I do not believe that we need to end the Fed, we can fix the Fed, that’s all I want to say about that, alright,” Cain said to a showering of boos.

Cain again stopped his stump speech to ask the crowd to quiet down.

“Are you all going to let me do my speech or not?” Cain asked. “All I’m asking for is the respect for me to give my comments and my speech, that’s all I’m asking. Just be respectful, that’s all, thank you very much.”

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  • das boot

    F#ckin Paultards. Figures that Alabama of all places would have a bunch of these nazis.

  • Missy8s


    Let the attack of the PaullyAnnas begin…

  • Jay

    Glad to see some calling out this former Fed Banker. Good to see people are not buying Cain’s snake oil in Alabama.

    There were no ad hominem attacks, no one disrespected Cain. They disagreed with some of his policy positions, and they were upset when he kept ducking the issue. If you don’t want the public to respond, don’t speak in front of the public, or control and stage manage the audience like Obama.

  • Jim

    Ron Paul’s supporters are acting like liberals, which is about what they are.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Jay
    You do understand that behavior like this is why Ron Paul never gets more the 10-12 % in any Polls. He has a couple (not many more) of excellent talking points but his supporters behave like complete idiots…

    It’s like my old football coach used to say to the skilled position players who scored a touchdown, don’t act the fool act like you’ve been there before.

    Tooooo many of dr. Paul’s supporters behave as if it’s their 1st time at a political event…

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Jim

    Amen. If it looks like a duck has feathers webbed feet & quacks…

  • ar05075

    Herman is all class.

  • Jay

    Yep, the same establishment that calls you “loons” and “stupid” should be respected.


  • bg


    yep, definitely “tingles” somehwere..


  • bg
  • Patty

    No worries, Mr. Cain, when president those sort of people will be weened out or walked out of building. They do it for Obama.

  • bg



    i believe you’ve posted numerous article’s about IslaMarxist students
    interrupting JEWISH speakers @ Universities, or something like that..

    at any rate, that’s what your post reminded me of..


  • Patty

    Heard if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, he be the Third Party.

    Thanks Paul, Obama will be president. PAUL IS NUTS.

  • bg
  • Swifty

    If Ron Paul were the only candidate running again Obama, I’d sit the election out.

  • bronxdude

    Insect repellent for Ron Paul supporters. Make sure the packaging looks like a mini federal bank and they will jump on it.

  • tru

    #13Patty commented:
    Heard if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, he be the Third Party.

    Yep! Listen to the Levin’s 10/28 show

    Paul is not running for another term in Congress. So he can quit the Republican Party and run in the general as a Libertarian or Independent. In the meantime his supporters are showing up at other candidate’s events to heckle, showing up at debates to give the liberal media fodder and showing up at straw polls to make it look like there is a ground swell of support for Paul. IMO this strategy to damage the Republican party will only elevate Obama.

  • martin j smith

    If Ron Paul supporters believe that disrupting a speaker is OK then they are really crazy and do reflect on Ron Paul himself. Its not a matter of “controlling the stage” its being a Goon and a thrug in your behavior. If Ron Paul approves of this behavior let him say so. Or, let him say he does not approve. he has to chose. In the meantime it is good to see that his followers are exposed for nothing better than Obamabaos so who needs them.

  • Valerie

    These Ron Paul supporters were ill-behaved, and did their candidate no good. Did anybody check to find out who these people actually were?

  • Ozark Lee

    Herman Cain has a gift for being able to disagree without being disagreeable.

    I remember watching him in the mid ’90s when Bill Clinton was doing a nationally televised “town hall meeting” at KCTV in Fairway, KS. I think the video of that segment is floating around on YouTube.

    Herman Cain, calmly and politely, dismembered Bill Clinton limb by limb on all of the assumptions of Hillary Care.

    I view his work at the Fed as a plus. The Fed is one of the most opaque institutions on earth and he has actually been behind the curtain to see what is going on there. It should also be stated that not all Fed branches are created equally. They all have an equal vote but they tend to think very differently. The Kansas City Fed and the Dallas Fed are much more conservative than say the Philadelphia or New York Fed. The recently retired president of the Kansas City Fed, Thomas Hoenig, would be an outstanding choice as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.