What a surprise.
The Obama-endorsed “Occupy Wall Street” goons defaced the famous “Double Check” Statue in the park.

Via Barry Popik:

Seward Johnson’s 1982 sculpture “Double Check” for Liberty Park (near the World Trade Center) showed a very lifelike businessman sitting in the park. The businessman survived September 11, 2001 covered in debris. Johnson has called his sculpture an iconic “stand-in” for those who didn’t make it.

“Double Check” achieved iconic status when photographs showed it covered in ash and surrounded by debris. Then, when rescue workers and volunteers covered the sculpture with flowers, notes, pictures and hard hats, the bronze businessman nearly disappeared beneath the tributes.

Seward Johnson’s “Double Check” sculpture was dented but unbroken in the rain of 9/11 debris. It became a monument to survival as rescue workers put a hardhat and other mementoes on it.

Obviously, the #OWS goons don’t share that same sentiment.



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  1. Have we forgotten the words of PsychoWard Churchill following the 911 slaughter ? He described what he called the “technocratic corps at the very heart of America’s global financial empire” in the World Trade Center as “little Eichmanns”

  2. The fundamental change in Obamaville!

  3. Ok, I think the OWS people are jerks, but I don’t see any permanent damage. To me deface means things like paint, or winging an arm off or something of that ilk – all I see are some newspapers in the briefcase and a head band.

  4. ….And here’s some answers from the 53% who pay taxes.

    http://the53.tumblr.com/ via Mutnodjmet

    Here’s a special one, an answer from the real 1%


  5. #4 there is permanent damage done to the mind of somebody who lost a husband on 911 and has to look at that cruel contemptful image and see the punk bastards celebrated by the media and politicians as our moral superiors.

  6. #4 October 16, 2011 at 10:11 pm
    Rhoda R commented:

    They messed it up, for the purpose of taking a pictures that yields a disparaging image. Yeah, that’s defacing it, even if it’s easier to take off than spray paint.

  7. Yawn…all smoke no fire.

  8. What a wonderful story. And what a shame this nation has turned into a place I don’t know.

    The youth feel nothing, they are numb, they are sick of others making it in life, those who did use and abuse the system should be locked up. But still the youth must have some reason for hating those who are successful. Jealous, deprived, misunderstood or just blame out of work.

    Who do you suppose has been extraordinary instrumental in Spending and Loss of Jobs. Obama.

    If I were Obama, I would give an explanation as to why he supports Occupiers, especially when he has taken donations more than any other president in 20 years from Wall Street.

    Starting tomorrow, he will be on the campaign trail again. That is a big waste of time, yet, this president has been one big waste of our time and money, money these youth will have to pay for and yet, they don’t see Obama is to blame.

    The disrespect for this sculpture that means so much to the first responders who are the heroes and to have this generation of rejects, defaced it, again, I just don’t know this nation. The youth need to be disciplined and instructed on respect. America is not a sis pool for those who have no regards for public property.

  9. How can it be a 9-11 memorial statue when it was erected in 1982? I understand that it gained significance after that horrible day, however it was never intended to memorialize the event that occurred 19 years in the future. This is poor journalism with a misleading headline for the sole purpose of gaining page views.

  10. That this statue has come to represent an “iconic” standin for those who did not survive, these maggots are symbolically “spitting” on it and showing their favor for the 9/11 attacks and celebrating the loss of life.

  11. Mike, it’s not a 9/11 memorial scupture in the sense it was sculpted in remembrance of that horrific event, but because it wasn’t destroyed when the Towers collapsed. At least that’s how I understand it. I do have a question. Does it represent survival? Or as Johnson is reported to say that it represents those who did not make it? Either way, those .99% creatures have once again shown their true colors.

  12. Tools.

  13. It’s important to know who is the 1%

  14. The ususal drones and useful tools. They are scum not worthy of living in the nation. They are like many of the yaboos I’ve seen in Canada and Britain.

  15. Holder has his People; now Obama has his.

    Ain’t it Grand?

  16. They have now officially become what they hate. Useful idiots for the DemocRATS.

  17. Do these “people” hold anything sacred, other than being free of student loan debt?

  18. Yes, the have been taught by the narcissistic “man is God” progressives to see themselves as sacred. That’s why they have no problem wanting what you have and taking it or destroying it if they can’t just have it.

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