Awful… Woman Who Was Raped at Obama-Endorsed Occupy Cleveland Protest – Was Mentally Disabled (Video)

That woman who was kidnapped and raped at the Obama-endorsed Occupy Cleveland protest…
Yeah, she was mentally disabled.
WKYC reported, via NewsBusters:

WKYC reported:

Police are investigating the claim of a 19-year-old Cleveland woman that she was raped in a tent Saturday at “Occupy Cleveland.”

The woman attends Summit Academy in Parma, a school for young people with educational abilities like Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and hyperactvity.

She described what allegedly happened to her to a teacher, which led to a police report being made Monday.

The school declined comment on the student or incident and referred questions to a spokesman for the group that owns the school.

The girl alleges that she was at Occupy Cleveland Saturday night. She claims “rally personnel” told her to share a tent with the suspect, due to a shortage of tents.

The suspect allegedly said his name was “Leland.” She claims she went to sleep and awoke to find “Leland ” molesting her.

A rape kit was taken and an examination was performed at MetroHhealth Medical Center’s Emergency Room.

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  • Dean Toadblatt

    Another milestone in Left-wing politics.

  • Blackbird

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. If any of the teachers in that school was offering any encouragement or extra credit for attending the protests there is going to be legal hell to pay, and rightly so. All the other idiot teachers encouraging students to participate had better pay attention. This freak show is a time bomb ticking.

  • Patty

    I am trying to be respectful. But I would hope Biden hears of this and shame shame on him and Obama especially for ever comparing Occupiers to tea party.

    Condoning these filthy, spoiled, sex offenders, rapist, commi loving liberals.

  • Voice of Reason

    You can probably say most of the people at these Occupy protests are mentally disabled whether they have been diagnosed or not.

  • Patty

    Right on! Blackbird, and for idiot Bloomberg. He allowed this at the beginning and it just spiraled.

  • MrGoodWench

    OMG, now Smart@$$ BiteMe will want Obama’s tax+ slush funding bill ( a k a ” jobs” bill) to be passed
    because he told us this could happen !

  • gus


    Ironically if Joe Biden had been raped and forced to submit to a 200 lb man, that would make 2 mentally disabled rape victims.

  • Objective Analysis

    What in the world was she doing there. There is something called COMMON SENSE. Use it. That is what hotel rooms and homes are for. Not public places with rapists, criminals, etc.. who want a free ride.

    Come on people.

  • Oldsailors Poet

    It’s a natural fit, They occupy land illegally, he can just claim he occupied her Vagina.

    Think about the abject stupidity at every turn. Those places, with the abuse of drugs and alcohol, the foolish kids unprepaired to deal with hard core street people. I’m shocked those protests are not a toys are us for serial killers.

  • olm

    I’m guessing, but she was there because the morons on the left are selling this as patriotic protest.
    This is pure insanity. I am waiting, patiently, for the left (the morons) to figure out that this is not the side of things they want to be fully supportive of.
    In Portland the occupiers continue to camp in two Downtown parks. Businesses are dying and the left moron leaders are still out there supporting the occpuiers. They are supportiing the message and the freedom of speech, blah blah blah. What’s a little thing like rape when the purpose is larger than all of us…………..or something. Disgusting.

  • shibumi

    Someone is going to pay.

    If I were her family, I’d sue everyone I could- from the organizers of OWS to freaking Bloomberg for not keeping her safe.

    Remember, the media is portraying this as safe- it isn’t, and I’d make sure everyone knows it is not.

  • gus

    Olm. Have you heard of the “SMELL TEST”?

    Libtards don’t pass the SMELL TEST. Literally.

    Look at the freaks.
    Look at the Tea Partys.

    No comparison.

  • shibumi

    Oops. Didn’t happen in NYC. I’d go after the mayor of Cleveland.

  • olm

    Speaking of freaky Portland there are 10 -20 children at the OP camp.
    This is going to get worse before it gets better.

    You’re right GUS, there are plenty of smells around here.

  • gus

    Olm, I wondered about that. I wondered how many of these irresponsible LOSERS had children with them. No doubt, the kids are named HUGO or MANDELA or CHE.

  • nobama

    What was she doing there? Are you blaming this disabled young woman for what happened to her? Shame on you.

  • gus

    Nobama, I certainly do not blame this young woman who was raped by a LIBTARD. Rape is serious business. Rape victims are devastated by what happened to them against their will.

    I don’t blame a Dude who gets his BLING and ROLEX taken at gun point, as he shows off on the street. He too was violated. He didn’t ASK to be violated either.

  • Molon Labe

    Using the term “mentally disabled” for this woman seems to be stretching it. Under the same guidelines I believe Obama and Biden are clearly mentally challenged.

  • Druid

    “… a peaceful troublefree protest… now there is an ugly claim…

    “… the group did not know about this alleged incident…”

    “… a nineteen year old woman claims she was raped…”

    Hope the victim’s family sues the news station for defamation –

    – normally the ‘news’ uses “alleged” to indicate the accused has not been convicted of a crime (protecting the presumption of innocence).
    – here the ‘news’ is accusing the victim of filing a false report (presuming the victim committed a crime).

    Given the ‘news’ SOP of extreme care in not assuming guilt before trial and verdict, they sure did a 180 here accusing the victim of perjury (for obvious political reasons).

  • Sort of

    They are calling the alledged rape a “claim” and blaming the victim , even saying she’s part of a conspiracy

    Liberalism IS a mental illness

  • Druid

    … not that politics had anything to do with the slander…

  • Sam Grant

    Unbelievable that the “senior political consultant” for this tv station worries first what effect this could have on the “movement”….as opposed to a woman being raped….

  • Alfred

    Love the rape denier in the clip. No way could some loser leftist rape a woman. Never happens. No sir.

  • jorgen

    Are any of them just a little bit sane?

  • gus

    Notice how WARM and SENSITIVE the LIBTARDS are??

    This whole “OCCUPY” Carnival, has run it’s course. This LIBTARD Extravaganza, is “par for the course” for …..”GOOOONION and COMMUNITY ORGANIZED” protests.

    It’s all about the money. LIBTARDS are USERS. As long as YOUR MONEY……flows toward THEM…….everything is OK.

    What a sick bunch of freaks. LIBERALS are SICK.

  • gus

    A 19 year old woman getting raped doesn’t rise to the level of INDIGNANCY for LIBTARDS.

    A Muzztard getting WATERBOARDED (frightened), is a BLOCKBUSTER.

    Liberalism. Mental illness untreated.

  • ogee

    Their members include serial rapists, child molestors, and ‘wanted’ criminals hiding from the law.
    The state should step in and take those kids away. Most of the OWS members have no idea why they are there except to collect their $10/hr paycheck on Friday’s. It’s also against the law to sleep in public parks overnight. Obammy must have pulled his strings for his paid astroturf to remain overnight in tents. JOBS! They scream, IT”S all about JOBS! But none of them want a real job. They are too effed up to work. They want a free check from uncle obammy or a short term gig like OWS where they can drink and drug on the job.

  • ogee

    This is just a classic case of the lazy, broke, people being jealous and covetous of the ambitious.

    They should occupy obammy’s bank account too. He’s filthy rich now after the “bail-out”.
    They could eat him for lunch! Eat the richObammy!

  • SenseO..fHumor

    At least the retard wasn’t aborted…

  • John Bissell

    Even the Local Newsies are Marxists “We hope this rape doesn’t undo all the work the occupation has done.” Work?, standing around screaming for stuff they don’t have is “work?” We really are doomed, goodbye America it was nice knowing ya.

  • Obama Nation

    Florida state official: 200,000 Social Security numbers stolen each year

  • Obama Nation

    Donald Trump With Michele Bachmann: Obama’s Birth Certificate Should Be Analyzed

  • All of them protesters are mentally challenged, there’s no news here move along……..

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  • olm

    Although they appear to be successfully recruiting a bunch of little Bill Ayres wanna be’s this is not going to end well for the moron party.
    I also would tend to refrain from the metally challenged ladel on Democrats. If they were mentally challenged they would have worth, potential and could be taught, just like all of us.
    These liberals are indoctrinated monsters that are out for number one first and then their god the government second.

  • donh

    Surely “Leland” is 200 pounds…This is all Mitch McConnell”s fault for failing to pass Obama’s jobs bill.

  • havok

    Anyone know if Bill “Leiland” Clinton was anywhere nearby to this, that night??

  • Obama Nation

    Freshman Repubican Says ‘Evicting’ Illegals Opens Up Millions of Jobs for Americans

  • Deanna

    Tom Beres the local reporter on this should be ashamed of himself. I used to watch this station for local news when I lived near Cleveland and it used to be somewhat responsible. Tom should be reprimanded at the very least, but I won’t hold my breath. We are talking Cleveland after all, home of Peter Lewis, the Stokes, Dennis Kucinich, and Oberlin College to name a few.

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  • chuck in st paul

    “Obama Nation” is “Red Alert” with a new sock on. Seems to need the ban hammer dropped on him. It constantly blast posts the blogs and cross posts within a blog. Enough already, kill that IP address.

  • chuck in st paul

    I was suspicious of this rape story, but the fact she’s ‘special ed’ would tend to support her story and why she didn’t scream out and immediately demand assistance AT the camp. Still… I’ll wait ’til all the facts are in before making a a judgement.

    If in fact this did happen, the guy should be given over to a mob of females with sharpened sticks. When they’re done with him, take his sorry ass to the hospital and dump him on the curb.

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  • greenfairie

    You’d be shocked at the high number of women with mental issues or disabilities are sexually abused.

    Like Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick, this young woman is going to be destroyed by the media for daring to speak out and the feminists will leave her by the side of the road. For the left, no crime is greater than Naming Names.

  • Bozo the Clone

    If I were her family, I’d sue everyone I could- from the organizers of OWS to freaking Bloomberg for not keeping her safe.

    They should sue “deep pockets.” Sue George Soros.

    This was Cleveland, not NYC, by the way.

  • Occupy This

    Joe Biden plants?

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  • Doug

    You stupid right wing freaks, attaching the Presidents name to this just makes you a bunch of pigs.

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  • Marc North

    Doug is right. Attaching the presidents name is stupid AND unAmerican. You must all be a bunch of old geezers with your commie this and red that. Your time is up people. You left us with a F@*cked up situation, you selfish basturds, Now shut up and let us try and fix it.