Arab Spring: Al-Qaeda Flag Planted Above the Libyan Courthouse in Benghazi (Video)

“Whomever speaks ill of this flag, we will cut out his tongue.”
Al-Qaeda plants its flag on the Benghazi Courthouse.

From the video:

According to multiple eyewitnesses – myself included – one can now see both the Libyan rebel flag and the flag of al Qaeda fluttering atop Benghazi’s courthouse.
Earlier this week, I went to the Benghazi courthouse and confirmed the rumors: an al Qaeda flag was clearly visible; its Arabic script declaring that “there is no God but Allah” and a full moon underneath. When I tried to take pictures, a Salafi-looking guard, wearing a green camouflage outfit, rushed towards me and demanded to know what I was doing. My response was straightforward: I was taking a picture of the flag. He gave me an intimidating look and hissed, “Whomever speaks ill of this flag, we will cut off his tongue. I recommend that you don’t publish these. You will bring trouble to yourself.”

According to one Benghazi resident, Islamists driving brand-new SUVs and waving the black al Qaeda flag drive the city’s streets at night shouting, “Islamiya, Islamiya! No East, nor West,” a reference to previous worries that the country would be bifurcated between Gaddafi opponents in the east and the pro-Gaddafi elements in the west.

In a recent speech heralding the new beginning of post-Gaddafi Libya, Moustafa Abdeljalil, the head of the NTC, declared the country an “Islamic state, and sharia law is the source of all our laws.” It was indeed an odd declaration for a leader celebrating his country’s liberation, leading many to wonder: Who are Abdeljalil and the NTC trying to appease?

By the way… Hillary Clinton arrived in Libya this past weekend for an American victory lap.

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  • Meg

    Obama should be so proud. He helped this come about.

  • Eddie Willers

    This is what happens when you have checkers players in the White House making foreign policy decisions. I’ve seen this play before & I didn’t like the closing act…

  • avery

    McCain also.

  • iconoclast

    Need a diaper for a baby with diarrhea? Looks like some appropriate cloth for that. Or use it to wrap up the trash for throwing out.

  • Obama owns the Arab Spring. I believe his encouragement fomented much unrest. And he doesn’t seem too upset by the influx of islamists. I wonder why….

  • ar05075

    By the way….Hitlery Clinton arrived in Libya this past weekend as an anti-American for an Obowma victory lap.

  • Obama understands quiet well what he help put into place……………………….

  • mercador

    stupid is as stupid does and there ain’t no cure for stupid.

  • Gman

    So two counties we really didn’t have to worry about are now burgeoning threats with the help of Obama.

    Thank you Chairman Obama!

  • gus

    Hillary was chuckling the other day. “we came, we saw, he died, yuk yuk yuk”

    Amateur. Completely and utterly amateur.

  • Was there ever really any doubt that Libya would fall into the hands of militant Islam? Or that the Obama regime was dead set on seeing it happen?

  • regularguy

    Ultimately, I think the fact the islamists are revealing themselves is healthy. Except that it’s going to take this new world war at world war 2 intensity to finally dispatch with this evil. Obama’s fecklessness is merely accelerating the realization of what kind of evil we collectively face. Unfortunately, many good young and women will end up dying to clean up the mess he’s fomenting. Those who voted for this puke should hang their heads in shame, but they likely don’t have any shame to motivate them to do so.

  • US held secret talks with taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar at least three times…………………Hillary should be smiling…………..

  • Texas_Treeroach

    #11 Nails it.
    It’s all part of the Obama plan — has been from the beginning.

  • Great job Obama. You remove a jackal and replace it with a horde of coyotes.

    Compliments of your New World Order and paid for by the US and European taxpayers.

  • Mannie

    I will use your dirty rag with devil scrawlings to wash my pigs. It is the symbol of murderous, barbaric, savages, not of men.

    [Sticking out tongue]

    Molon Labe, suckers.

  • Redpillpatriot

    Hey Dirtbag AL Qaeda your flag sux!!!!!!!!! Now bring your cowardly @ss to Texas and kill me…. I dare your dirty arab @ss!

    Bring it!

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  • I read everyday statements from people who know what Obama’s been up to from the very beginning of his “reign” – and from some who have learned along the way. They write showing bravery, toughness, come get me if you can stuff. So then, why have we all (myself included) not stood up and demanded that something be done about it. It’s like everyone just sits around & let him run our country into the ground, from which we may never recover. We’ve watched him kanoodle with Arab kings, meet with Taliban leaders talking about God knows what. I say to myself, WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? WHY AREN’T WE FIGHTING THIS? Well if you are like me, I don’t even know how to get that started. We should demand that this traitor gets out of our White House. It is OURS you know. We should be demanding that an investigation into his majesty’s “oh so many” traitorous acts, his strong arm tactics, and his ridiculous “vision” of what America should be. I feel like we are wasting away from some horrible disease, and we’re just laying there with no fight in our systems. And soon, we’ll die from it, in so many ways.

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