Andrew Breitbart: I Have E-Mails Showing Organized Plan For #OccupyWallStreet Protests To Destabilize Government (Video)

Andrew Breitbart told FOX Business tonight that he has emails proving the organizers behind Occupy Wall Street aim to destabilize the American government.
Breitbart also laid out the case against the organizer and professional activist Lisa Fithian who has a long history of organizing violent protests. Big Government will release the emails in the next few days.

Via Breitbart TV and Free Republic:

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  • truth teller

    If true, then the full strength of the US military and militia need to be brought in to put down the insurrection.

    I am ready to to watch hippie parts fly!

  • MrGoodWench

    Are those e-mails from Stephen Lerner to O s/b ama ?
    Beck and Breitbart ….exposing islamomarxist pigs one democrat at a time

  • milly

    Jesus! I hope their blood runs in the streets!

  • Liz

    Breitbart has got it going ON. We all know this is a communist redux, but it’s nice to have proof.

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  • Island Girl

    Obama received $500,000 in bank shares from Granny apparently. That must make him a baddie -no?

    So many targets -so little time.

    Lets see what they can manage before winter.

  • donh

    These traitors are organized under the stealth masterminding of the Iranian terror state. Iran seeks to cause civil war in America and defeat Israel by collapsing our ” Zionist banking system ” . People in government need to step it up before the propane tank explodes behind the halal food cart. Stop coddling and playing paddy cake with these domestic terrorist agents .

  • bg


    Godspeed & thank you for all you do AB!!


  • This is treason. Everyone connected with this should be prosecuted for treason. An open attempt to overthrow the U.S. government.

    That includes George $oro$, whose dirty money is financing it.

  • olm

    You know what Donh, based on what I was reading today in regards to this nutty story about the Iranian, Mexican drug cartel assassination of the Saudi dude in the Mexican restaurant or whatever. (I think that plot left out a few nationalilities)……………you might not be too far from the truth.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Just like Glenn Beck predicted, using videos of the leaders in their own words, over SIX months ago!

  • Patty

    don’t these leftovers have jobs? What about their families, who are raising their kids, are they the 9.1% unemployed, but now, employed by radicals who have burn out from the 60’s and what another 15 mins.

    Is this some pathetic and sick joke?

    Wow, to think, had someone with real grit and determination to stay the course and fulfill his or her job as president with Our BEST interests at heart but THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.

    To think, Obama supports this, the guy needs to be impeached but no one has any courage to start the ball rolling. Pitiful!

  • Patty

    Lisa Fishhead needs to be locked up and by the FBI.

  • Patty

    Violent Protests are a call for FBI and other government officials as to Overthrow the Government is a FEDERAL OFFENSE. LOCK HER SORRY ARSE UP.

  • Patty


    Spot on! And this is a Capital offense. She could get death. May be wrong but doubt it.

  • Patty

    Sorry, last post on this sick and disturbing mess and Breitbart needs to give emails to the Authorities. These days who can he trust.

    Corruption is running America.

  • Blackbird

    It would be so easy to round up the trouble makers. Just deliver a few bails of pot seized by the govt. to the protests, then while everyone is stoned off their gourd quietly and peacefully round them all up. With this crowd they could use this tactic to break up even active riots. Not a single one of these idiots could walk away from a free joint if their lives depended on it.

  • Kat

    Andrew Brietbart is an IDIOT. He’s a dumbed down version of McCarthy. He has been outed as a liar so many times it’s pathetic and you people would know that if you didn’t rely on fake Fox news for information. Furthermore, you nut jobs are frightening when you call non violent protesters terrorists and suggest turning the military loose on them. You are all a bunch of looneys!

  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    I have been saying for over two years now, before the current prez leaves office, there will be tanks in Washington D.C.

    This is coordinated “Community Organizing” on a grand scale. Our prez and his people are 100% behind this. His “jobs bill” was written and coordinated for release at the same time. It’s all part of his master plan for reelection and redistribution.

    Are our military leaders watching?

  • MrGoodWench

    Sorry to Live in Illinois commented:
    I have been saying for over two years now, before the current prez leaves office
    The POS is not leaving . Period.
    The Marxists did not plan and scheme and manipulate and indoctrinate and propagandize and lie and steal and bribe and kill and organize for a century to realize their dream of
    a ” revolution”
    just to give it away after 4 yrs of achieving it .

  • tamale

    I think this is a good idea. They can topple the federal government and the fifty states can then form a new compact among the states. They can have Washington for themselves.

  • If this is indeed their purpose, then the government should take steps to close the demonstrations down. While peaceful protests should be tolerated, why are we letting them trash the place and waste taxpayer money on police protection when their only goal is to destroy society?

  • It’s the union communists and they need to be crushed flat under road graders… them or us, one or the other will die.

    ‘WS Insider: What did you see in the streets down there? Beyond the stupidity of those kids. Those ridiculous people. What did you see?

    Ulsterman: A mess. A loud mess.

    WS Insider: That mess as you call it…that mess is power. A display of power. These unions are showing the president who holds the real power over these people. They can work for this president, or they can work against him – and it will be the unions who ultimately will make that decision. That is a significant message being played out down there. President Obama has little to do with controlling such a mob. He is simply a by-product of it. His jobs bill? (Shakes head) That move is nothing more than a feeble promise by the president that more money is on its way. To those unions. The first stimulus bill…what was that but a massive payback to his labor union masters? Keep those government checks coming. Those millions of government employees – the country has reached the tipping point there. To have a government so big, so vast, so powerful, so controlled now by organized labor. Labor whose leadership openly embraces socialism, Marxism, and any number of other –isms that all add up to anti-freedom. Anti-business. Anti-America. That is what is unfolding just down the street from us. The people engaged in it are silly and stupid. Ignorant and incapable. But the motives of the organizer behind these protests are very-very dangerous to the country. To each and every one of us. We are all in terrible danger here.

    Ulsterman: That’s rather bleak.

    WS Insider: The truth often is. My words don’t do justice to just how dire the situation has become.’

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  • Terry in GA

    I love Andrew Breitbart. Just when you need a good “breaking news scandal”, the Bigs come shining through!!

  • JenBee

    Obama and his Marxist colleagues’ plan is going just as hoped. Mass protests in the streets that actually turn violent, so Obama can declare Martial Law and sign an emergency executive order to suspend the 2012 elections indefinitely.

  • JPeden

    Kat, it’s the Communist directed mob that is going to cause the violence. It simply has to go that way because, 1] that’s the proven “activist” Communists’ own m.o./tactic, and, 2] it’s all they got. Stay tuned.

  • StrangernFiction

    #20 October 14, 2011 at 12:18 am
    MrGoodWench commented:

    I agree. I just can’t see this guy leaving office unassisted. My gut tells me we haven’t seen anything yet.

  • Molon Labe


    I think you’re absolutely right about the link between these Marxists and the WH. I can’t wait for our resident trolls Craig the Canadian and the Cellar dweller to tell us these groups are just the Rotary and VFW.

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  • Iconoclast

    Except for some extreme whack jobs like Debbie W-S & the like, even the dims wouldn’t stand for an executive order suspending the elections. I guess I’m showing my age, but even with a few million people running riot in DC and a much stronger relationship with the military, Tricky Dick Nixon didn’t do that. Call out whatever forces are needed to clean up this mess, issue live ammo & tell the vermin to vacate. This is NOT a ‘peaceful’ exercise of First Amendment rights (for that look to the Tea Party demonstrations), but rather a blight of our worst and dumbest, supported by the dregs of America . . . and I specifically would include the Peter Principle paradigm currently befouling the Oval Office in both those groups.

  • Iconoclast

    To those advocating violence against this Republic . . . please, bring it. The only thing between you vermin and oblivion is our respect for the law. Please, please, please step over that line. Varmint hunting is good for the environment.

  • Obama Nation

    When molotov cocktails start to be thrown in our direction, I say it’s time to start shooting. I don’t phuck around with people who try to set me on fire. I believe that deadly force would be more than justified under those circumstances. Some of these Marxist protestors are certifiably insane.

    I feel sorry for anyone standing on the front lines against them.

  • Bill Mitchell

    I find this all so amusing.

    Just like the Left thought that electing Obama would be their salvation, but became their downfall, OWS will become the absolute electoral destruction.

    They have painted themselves into a far left anti-capitalist box by supporting these dregs of society. Once the violence starts, how can they walk that support back? They have completely and forever lost the Independent vote with this BS (despite fake polling showing the opposite).

  • mg4us

    #34 Bill. . fully agree

    We need to ask ourselves when the old Soviet Union collapsed, where did all the Commies go? They didn’t just disappear our change their loyalty. No!

    They morphed into Gov’t Bureaucrats like EPA, NLRB etc., organizations like ACORN, Union leaders and Teachers/University Professors & administrators. . . but they still remained commies and committed to destroying America and our Greatness. . especially OUR Constitution which clearly defines what limits the government has.

    I suggest that NYPD take a page out of their playbook when they cleaned up crime in NY under Giuliani and bring mobile booking stations down to the protestors in conjunction with the State Department or Department of Justice. . . bring each protestor in one-by-one and ask them a few questions about our country and OUR Constitution. . . give them the same test people applying for US Citizenship need to take.

    if they fail, then strip their citizenship, cut up their credit cards, close their bank accounts (but give them all their cash & savings) and give them a ticket to Siberia or North Korea. . one way!

    Let them live in the Utopia they admire so much!

    They wouldn’t last a day!!

    Time to restore OUR Country!!!!

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Obamas engine wants unemployment!! The longer he extends the unemployment the slower the engine slows down–this is ON purpose-then he tells the young everywhere they must protest–!!! Then in the background his job killers EPA Lisa Jackson is on a witch hunt shutting down business, farmer after farmer with EPA regs–This is how communists work. Valerie Jarrett, Axelrod must GO! His great advisors to this PLOT to bring us under ONE dictatorship…Have you ever seen unemployment for 3 years??????Communism=big government!!!!!!! WE TELL YOU WHAT COMPANIES CAN WORK;WE TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT!!!! WE THE GOVERNMENT OWN YOUR PROPERTY YOUR BODY YOUR CHILDREN!!!!

    Per Pajamas Media: 2008: the Justice Department set up no telephone hotline for military voters to complain if they didn’t receive their ballot in time. No email address for the armed services was in use either. No outreach via military email, such as the daily “Early Bird,” took place. In fact, on the DOJ webpage devoted to military voting, all complaints are referred to the Pentagon. Naturally, after being detoured to the Pentagon, the aggrieved solider will learn the Pentagon has no enforcement power at all! Justice does.
    thanks Vickie Williams/Lema Bashir! all great Virginians! Also read the new book by Aaron Klein “The Red Army” and the “Thomas Sewall the READER”.

    They ALL must be fired! Along with Eric Holder BLACK racist..

  • marc

    you people are all crazy. this is total propaganda and you are all lapping it up.

  • myohmy

    Fast and Furious = to suspend 2nd Amendment?
    Riots delivered by Occupy Wall Street useful idiots = to declare martial law?
    Obama and his henchmen learn well from their commie friends, marxists, socialist dictators, crony capitalists and elitists bourgeois.

  • Earthmover

    Kat at 18. You say Andrew Breitbart lies all the time, how about giving us three examples?
    We may be blinded by our ideology. Please enlighten us.

  • #22 the government is apart of problem the only way we’re going to be able to remove them is by a military force………….

  • It is truly amazing that we have to rely on the internet to obtain the real truth as it concerns what is happening in this country. Meanwhile, communists and Marxists are given free rein to spew their anti American and anti capitalist ideologies unabated and the mainstream media just stands idly by and gawks.

    And what of the dumb masses whose idea of staying informed is watching dancing with the stars and the X factor.

    Meanwhile Rome is literally burning, but this time around, our version of Nero isn’t fiddling. He is busily running around startling fires and fanning the flames of discontent.

  • tadcf

    So what? This is just demonstration politics. Traditionally, Conservatives want to retain the status quo, or go back to a previous conservative behavior. Liberals want to advance to a more progressive plan. Movement is always preceded by conservative name calling. But, in the end, the movement always wins–examples, the right of women to vote and integration.

  • Ipso Facto

    Of all the things we have to be concerned about, having these goons destabilize the nation is not one of them.

    Their biggest thread is the mess they make where ever they go. Broom, hose – done!

  • k w

    Do these cretins actually believe average and sane Americans are going to allow them to run rough shod over their cities and towns without ultimately putting an end to this?

    In order to terminate the current Administration’s progressive agenda, we must carefully eliminate from Congress, every politician who has enabled by their vote, the Obama agenda.

  • BonnieJeanneTonks

    Wow – if you all believe what he says, then YOU are the sheeple we have been warned about! Get out of the boob tube and READ FOR YOURSELF. Don’t take what someone says as truth. Aren’t YOU supposed to be intelligent? Can’t YOU figure out the TRUTH yourself? I can’t wait to see the American people rise up to counter the issues you have ignored for so long. And why is it if this happens in another country, it’s great and DEMOCRATIC, but if it happens here it’s unpatriotic and dangerous? LOSE THE FEAR, grab your rights and hang on because the government is stripping them from YOU and you don’t care!

    The sad, SAD thing is these people will be there to help you when you are out on the street. They won’t tell you, “I told you so.” Stop acting like insolent children and grow the heck up.

  • David Anfinrud

    BonnieJeanne You may be majorily mistaken. Many of us know that Leftists/Democrats destroy our country. There are no conservatives allowed in the Democrat party leadership. This is not the 50’s/60’s This is a socialist group.
    Every time I have seen these so called peaceful protests I see violence/Destruction of Private Property/Disregard of Personal Rights.
    THeir thought process is Selfish/Selfserving. They care for only get something for free. Never work for anything. This is a Handout demostration. And maybe the ultimate goal is replace our COnstitution with a Dictatorship. THe standard for over 85% of the world.
    We the People who read and understand the limitation on government that was built into the Constitution understand these demostrators want more government control. More Government taking from the people. Less freedoms and we the people to be slaves for people that will be elected for life. I have heard more than One politician that thinks we should call off any election. I have heard Democrat Politicians in the HOuse say Obama should ignore congress and do everything without thier consent. THat sounds like a Dictatorship.
    And I understand the Wall Street protestors chants are code words of attacking Jews. Bankers have always been know to be Jewish. Blame the banks equates to Blame the Jews. We are starting to translate everything in Non Political Correctness words.

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