288,000 Lose Power in Earliest Snowstorm in a Century… Obama Goes Trick-or-Treating

An historic early season snow hit the New England area today knocking out power to at least 288,000 homes. It is the earliest snow in New York City since the Civil War.

Meanwhile… Obama went trick-or-treating.

Barack and Michelle Obama went trick-or-treating tonight at the White House. That’s Michelle’s mother Marian Robinson in the bunny ears. (AP)

They handed out fruit.

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  • Banina

    Did he ask for candy as Payne Stewart or Tiger Woods? Because all I want to do is have some fun…and golf

  • Banina

    Was Moochelle giving out Snickers or carrot sticks with a side of low fat ranch dressing? You don’t know…

  • Mark1957

    He stole candy from the rich kids to give to the poor kids, the socialist prick.

  • MikeSilver

    Is that Dick Cheney in the red vegetable on the right side?

  • Lenore

    10 inches of snow here. Power is out on half the street. My half still have power coming and going. http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b357/centra/10-29-11/resize_image_114611889.jpg CT

  • jony101

    I see him and his wife are both wearing there masks. It’s quite hideous.

  • Dave-O

    No additional costume necessary for either JugEars or Moochelle.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    He should go hit up his brown shirts at Occupy DC or is it only the NY trust fund babies getting all the good treats?

  • Adi
  • Navy Guy

    I’m no fan of obama, but the a event today was halloween for the children of military members. It has been planned for months.

  • No Man

    Global warming caused ten inches of snow on 29 October.

    Added: the leaves are still on the trees knocking down evil, carbon-fueled electric power lines.

    They’ve destroyed the economy to save Gaia.

    Instead of sweltering, we’re shivering in the dark.

    I blame liberals, Gore, and the Obama regime. Remember in November: if we thaw out!

    Hold them responsible!

  • MrGoodWench

    Are those Secret Service guys in chilli pepper costumes ?

  • bg
  • ant

    They gave out imported Mexican fruit, since big guy likes to over-regulate our truckers and turn water off to our farms.

  • bg
  • MrGoodWench

    It is the earliest snow in New York City since the Civil War.
    Upward twinkles 😛

  • Bunni

    What morons! Those freaks don’t even need costumes, they look like demented clownish ghouls! I really feel disgusted with the way they screw up everything.

    I wouldn’t let a kid of mine get near these monsters, they’d be scared and scared for life.
    I hope they don’t have nightmares. If obummer and his wookie and that evil mother in law showed up at my house, I’d give him the contents of my Kitteh’s litter box, and THAT would be even too good for the jerks.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    I see Moonchelle is still dressed up as Chewbacca.

  • Patty

    They handed out fruit, cause the real candy is on their kitchen table.

    Obama looks like a little kid or emasculated husband.

  • Patty

    #4 October 29, 2011 at 6:15 pm
    MikeSilver commented:

    Is that Dick Cheney in the red vegetable on the right side


    Roflmbo!!!! 🙂

  • martha

    In NYC it’s a been a sloopy rainy slushy windy mess, I hope the pretesters are enjoying themselves. especially since the NYPD removed all their generators yesterday. 🙂

  • Ginger

    They have been real busy spreading the chemtrails in the sky! They have to help the weather along. What tic’s me off is when they make x’s in the sky. It is like they are giving us the finger!

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I stand with the 16!!
    Upward twinkles including toes
    Couldn’t happen to more deserving bunch of corrupt lying a-holes.

  • They don’t celebrate Christmas but they do celebrate a pagan holiday………….sounds about right………….

  • Adi



  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    What should Obama have done? Stopped the snowstorm?

  • Patty

    For a minute there I thought it was another Occupied group…oh, sorry it is!!

  • Wm T Sherman

    Every kid knows that the houses that hand out fruit instead of candy have gotten it completely and utterly wrong. The people who live there are not to be trusted because they just don’t get it.

  • JustSaying

    I love the costumes….LOL!

  • Patty

    Make a speech, maybe. LOL! I thought the same thing. But today is not HALLOWEEN.

  • Patty

    God forbid a razor blade in a Apple. Wow, that would be very bad.

  • MrGoodWench

    Johnny “Stanford” Davis commented:
    What should Obama have done? Stopped the snowstorm?
    Why not ?
    He has already slowed the rise of the oceans and healed the planet 😉

  • Ginger

    #31 ..JustSaying

    Scary aren’t they? Very sacry a$$ holes! 😉

  • Earthmover

    Fruit? What a LOSER! They can’t do anything right.

  • His MIL has the bunny ears, but he’s got the bunny teeth in that picture!
    When I was a kid, we were told not to accept fruit, such as apples, because they could have razor blades hidden in them.

    Nice to see that the weather hasn’t changed his eternally out of touch with reality nature. At least he’s consistent!

  • bigL

    I think that the guy dressed up as the chili is Robert Cramer that wrote some book, a manual. for overthrowing govts. He wrote while in prison. Nice to see the jail-bird connection.
    p.s. Obama looks like crep, real thin and wan. Can’t be defined, he does not look well and better have a physical, soon. Of course We the People know nothing about his health anyway. Soon we will be seein’ Cain’s chest X-rays, et al, tho…

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Thanks for the screensaver Jim!
    Oh, Lord — Who are the tomatoes? — That’s what I want to know.
    How would you like to be the son/daughter that must say: Yes, you’re right, that’s my dad. He’s a tomato.

    I really believe those are the same baskets they used at Easter?
    Easter — Halloween — Christmas; it’s all the same to these people.

    Fruit anyone????

  • Terry Gain

    #28 October 29, 2011 at 7:21 pm
    Johnny “Stanford” Davis commented:

    What should Obama have done? Stopped the snowstorm?

    He should stop pretending that he has more of a clue than you, and remove these economy- damaging EPA Regulations.

  • Why does that photo remind me of the Peter Principle?

  • These creeps have created a “Halloween Groundhog Day for the whole country ever since they first slinked into the White House. All tricks and no treats, day after day after day….

  • bigL

    the other chili pepper is Speech write Something Favreau, iirc

  • Mo

    Do the Obamas reimburse the government for the extra food, electricity, etc that Michelle’s mother consumes while living in the White House??? Just curious to know if the taxpayer is supporting her also!!!

  • AuntieMadder

    Betcha’ First Wookie monitors and limits her girls’ Halloween candy consumption while secretly gorging her fat a** on their trick-or-treat bounty.

    Stash some for yourselves, girls, before handing the spoils over to your mother for not-so-safe keeping.

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  • Conservative to the Core

    I hope no one was waiting for an order to turn the power back on.

  • Anyone besides me notice how sick The First Fraudster looks? He’s wasted away.

  • jimg

    What a chump.

    Seriously. This guy is our President?

    Fuggin schmuck.

  • CV1

    Black bunny ears?????

  • alec


    Is living in the past. Sure was better then, wasnt it!

  • State of emergency here in Dutchess County, New York! Here’s the local report from my local paper for anyone who is interested:


    It is a mess out there! What a long night we had here in the boonies, there was lightning, the power kept going out (luckily it also kept coming back), and there was nothing but the BOOM BOOM BOOM of trees self destructing all over the place last night, oh and a transformer explosion a few houses down the road, but that thing always blows up and it usually leaves us in the dark for hours, but I think the power company did some kind of upgrade to it after the last time before this that it blew up because our periods of darkness over the night was measured in minutes, not hours.

    I will try to get some video once I am more awake. If I still have power and internet, I will post it to my blog later if you want to stop by. Just click my name above. We have occupiers here at a park in Poughkeepsie, I saw on their facebook page that they worried about the flimsy tarps that they were living under. I am curious to see how they fared overnight. I did a post about Occupy Poughkeepsie a few days ago and one of their supporters has been pretty civil at my blog, so I sent an email to the person asking how things were going up there. I have not heard back yet. They all should have gone home last night, I don’t think it would hurt their hippie cred much, and it’s not like we’re not going to make fun of them regardless!

  • Fruit. How delightfully apropos.

  • Darwin Akbar

    #52 Zilla: Thanks for the link! I lived in Poughkeepsie the last time a “historic” early season snowstorm arrived, knocking down hundreds of trees and closing the Taconic State Parkway: 10/4/87, all of 24 years ago.

    Just a reminder to the climate change kooks – in terms of the age of the planet, 10/4/87 and 10/29/11 are about minutes, if not seconds, apart.

  • eaglewingz08

    At least they didnt hand out broccoli. Obama looks like a rabbit in the photo. I dont have a problemwith him going trick or treating during the early snowstorm just like i dont have problem with Bush having attended a birthday party during Katrina. The President is the safety net the last responder in case the localities and states are unable to deal with an act of God.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis: Stop pretending you don’t understand the point. Or were you in a coma during the Bush years?

  • They should have passed out eggs, some of the families having financial trouble could of at least fried them and had a meal for the day. Or better yet they could have turned around and thrown them at the nitwit that has gotten us into this position in the first place.
    We also used to toilet paper trees, sorry but seeing moochie in that costume she reminded me of a big old fruit tree passing out her goodies.

  • I give up what is Jug Ears dressed as ?
    Looks like Howdy Doody….

  • wodiej

    they get their treats and we get tricked every day Obama is in office. Next treat is a trip to Bali.

  • kansas

    Anybody else notice a change in reporting recently? Suddenly everything is peachy with the economy, Obama is lord again, all is well with the world. If it weren’t for those darned Republicans blocking everything thing could well be perfect.

  • GotFreedom

    We want to know why is it necessary for any extended family members (this case–Moma Marian) to live in “our house”? First family only IMO should be milking the taxpayers–don’t care if it’s been done in the past–2 wrongs don’t make it right! The only folks who should be living in the WH is the POTUS, their spouse and children (if minors). Tired of paying for any/all politico’s living high on the hog or in this case, living high on the broken backs of taxpayers!!!

  • Patty

    And yes, the sweets included signature boxes of White House M&Ms, signaling a temporary respite from the first lady’s healthy eating campaign. Dried fruit and White House baked cookies rounded out the handouts.

    so, it wasn’t all fruit. Not defending what the Obama’s do in their spare time. But more than fruit.