An historic early season snow hit the New England area today knocking out power to at least 288,000 homes. It is the earliest snow in New York City since the Civil War.

Meanwhile… Obama went trick-or-treating.

Barack and Michelle Obama went trick-or-treating tonight at the White House. That’s Michelle’s mother Marian Robinson in the bunny ears. (AP)

They handed out fruit.




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  1. Did he ask for candy as Payne Stewart or Tiger Woods? Because all I want to do is have some fun…and golf

  2. Was Moochelle giving out Snickers or carrot sticks with a side of low fat ranch dressing? You don’t know…

  3. He stole candy from the rich kids to give to the poor kids, the socialist prick.

  4. Is that Dick Cheney in the red vegetable on the right side?

  5. 10 inches of snow here. Power is out on half the street. My half still have power coming and going. CT

  6. I see him and his wife are both wearing there masks. It’s quite hideous.

  7. No additional costume necessary for either JugEars or Moochelle.

  8. He should go hit up his brown shirts at Occupy DC or is it only the NY trust fund babies getting all the good treats?

  9. I’m no fan of obama, but the a event today was halloween for the children of military members. It has been planned for months.

  10. Global warming caused ten inches of snow on 29 October.

    Added: the leaves are still on the trees knocking down evil, carbon-fueled electric power lines.

    They’ve destroyed the economy to save Gaia.

    Instead of sweltering, we’re shivering in the dark.

    I blame liberals, Gore, and the Obama regime. Remember in November: if we thaw out!

    Hold them responsible!

  11. Are those Secret Service guys in chilli pepper costumes ?

  12. They gave out imported Mexican fruit, since big guy likes to over-regulate our truckers and turn water off to our farms.

  13. It is the earliest snow in New York City since the Civil War.
    Upward twinkles :P

  14. What morons! Those freaks don’t even need costumes, they look like demented clownish ghouls! I really feel disgusted with the way they screw up everything.

    I wouldn’t let a kid of mine get near these monsters, they’d be scared and scared for life.
    I hope they don’t have nightmares. If obummer and his wookie and that evil mother in law showed up at my house, I’d give him the contents of my Kitteh’s litter box, and THAT would be even too good for the jerks.

  15. I see Moonchelle is still dressed up as Chewbacca.

  16. They handed out fruit, cause the real candy is on their kitchen table.

    Obama looks like a little kid or emasculated husband.

  17. #4 October 29, 2011 at 6:15 pm
    MikeSilver commented:

    Is that Dick Cheney in the red vegetable on the right side


    Roflmbo!!!! :)

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