Wasserman Schultz: It’s Baloney to Say the Stimulus Didn’t Work

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz told reporters today,
“The “mantra that the Recovery (stimulus) Act did not work is such baloney,”.”

It depends on what your definition of “work” is.

The stimulus worked so well that the Obama White House managed to triple the US deficit Obama’s first year in office… And, his second year in office… And, his third year in office.

The Obama deficit this year is expected to reach $1.29 trillion. (The Captain’s Comments)

The stimulus worked so well that the economy was downgraded. And, the stimulus worked so well that the economy created no jobs last month.

So, yes. In a way, the stimulus worked.

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  • Redwine

    DWS – All Agitprop All the Time

  • Harry Schell

    Depends on what you think “baloney” is, too, babycakes. Something you can’t possibly understand qualifies, it appears.

  • NeoKong

    It worked so good we’re gonna’ do it again.

  • Conservative Ken

    Well, It’s working if you’re cloward and piven.

  • Iconoclast

    This worthless *itch puts the blond in “ditsy airhead” . . . .

  • Dave-O

    Doubling down on failure has always seemed to be Wasserman-Schultze’s strong suit.

  • Militant Conservative

    Quadrupling down on stupid.

    This country needs to flush the toilet. There is a terd that really stinks.

    It’s name is Obama.

  • myohmy

    It is baloney whatever this woman says.

  • Mark1957

    My baloney has a first name it’s B-a-r-a-c-k, my baloney has a second name it’s O-b-a-m-a”

  • Rock

    Ah isn’t that nice they sent out Debbie Wasn’armatter to beat the path for WTF. The woman gives tool new meaning.

  • Bill Mitchell

    The ONLY way democrats can argue the stimulus worked is to present fictitious numbers of the horrors which would have occurred had the stimulus not passed. Of course these numbers are completely hypothetical and high unlikely, but who cares about reality when the message is at stake?

    The also use some seriously tortured math when calculating “jobs saved”. Basically, if stimulus money raised a person’s salary by a single dollar, they considered that a “job saved”, even if that person was at no risk of losing their job without stimulus.

    If the new stimulus is as successful as the first, we will have to declare bankruptcy as a nation. We are winning our way right into the poor house.

  • succotash

    Insanity= doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. They are insane! Unfortunately for America their plan is working,we are in a downward spiral and it is on purpose. To quote bg *sigh*.

  • daryl

    my baloney has a first name,
    it’s spelled s-*-*-t.
    my baloney has a second name,
    it’s spelled h-e-a-d
    I love to say it every day
    before I go outside to plaaaaaay…
    wassermann-shultz is full of s**t
    don’t listen to a word she say!!!

  • Multitude

    I absolutely feel sorry for Debbie. As she probably says every morning, “God didn’t love me enough to make me pretty.” He apparently left her quite short on the intelligence side too.

    Thank goodness we have an entire political party that is all about placing the least capable persons into the highest political offices. “Wanted: Democratic Candidates for National Office. No Experience Required!”

  • Capitalist Infidel

    If working means losing over 2.4 million jobs over the last 2 and half years than it’s worked wonders! I’m even leaving out January.

    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
    2009 -820 -726 -796 -660 -386 -502 -300 -231 -236 -221 -55 -130
    2010 -39 -35 192 277 458 -192 -49 -59 -29 171 93 152
    2011 68 235 194 217 53 20 85(P) 0(P)
    P : preliminary

  • Hacker 69

    Boloney is what this waste of dna has for brains.

  • MrGoodWench

    Q : Does Obama still have job as POTUS ?
    A : Yes
    Conclusion : The stimulus worked

  • Black Sabbath

    I love this woman! She is handing us victory on a silver platter. Never let her stop speaking!

  • Ipso oFact

    The one nice thing about DWS is that we all know that if there was ever any doubt about something – whatever she says is completely false, and we can then know the exact opposite of what she says to be the truth.

    It is getting to be amusing to see that nearly every time this woman opens her mouth, she says the most absurd things in such a brazen and haughty manner that all she does is cause rancor and bring about acrimony. She cannot possibly be helping the Democrats.
    Wait – there are now TWO nice things about her!

  • John Fembup

    The stimulus DEFINITELY WORKED.

    You just have to inderstand what it was intended to do in the first place.

    The intent, of course, was to give the Obama administration an enormous, legal political slush fund.

    That slush fund was then doled out primarily to Democrat Party political allies (unions, public employers, and a few supportive private employers) in exchange for financial backing and votes in 2010.

    Boss Tweed was so envious he is STILL spinning in his grave.