Democrat Maxine Waters: “We Need a Jobs Program of a Trillion Dollar or More” (Video)

She’s a true democrat.
We all know the democrat solution to every problem is to spend more taxpayer dollars.
Rep. Maxine Waters believes we need to blow another trillion dollars to jump-start the economy.
The far left politician was on Meet the Press this morning, via The Right Scoop:

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  • arnonerik

    Maxine, We don’t have an extra trillion right now. Could you fund this stimulus and we will pay you back right after we pay off the Chinese?

  • KOW

    HELL No.

    I could go for $200b into a fund for employers to hire the unemployed. They would get like $5.00 an hour in compensation for the hiring. They would pay the employee the balance of what ever they are paying them per hour.

    If they hire those on extended unemployment, pay $7 in compensation.

    At the end of the day, you get people back to being productive, they are now paying taxes was again, also, they would of been collecting unemployment, maybe $250 a week, if they are on extended unemployment, that is already coming out of the Feds pocket. So really, you are not paying any more, they are now working.

    Seems like this is something like what they did for those on Welfare back in the 90’s.

  • Callipygian1


    Did she graduate high school?

  • Contessa61

    Best jobs program = repeal Obama agenda.

  • Gideon Reed

    I wonder if that idiot shoe scraping Maxine, will throw some of the cash she and her RICO oriented family has lifted form bank stock holders and the American people. What a bit of human(?) flotsam she is. Spend another $Trillion of someone elses money on the failed sytem of social welfare and handouts for the generally useless and “entitled”?
    Wrong part of the wrong century.
    By the way. Maxine is speaking in Democrat code. She is a **RACIST**, and everyone knows it.

  • Rock

    OK now, do I understand Maxzine a admitted Socialist wants a Capitalistic America, somehow that seems at odds with her politics. But then the woman is a brick or two short of a full load. But hey, maybe her bud Soros would like to help her people, it’s not as if he’s hurting in the wallet.


    hey maxine dumb beeeeotch…why don’t you call race pimp rev sharpton and race pimp rev jackson…see if they have the money to pull your PEEPS out of 27% unemployment…oh I guess it’s whiteys fault…stop breathing my air A$$WIPE

  • Bitter Clinger

    Jim; I don’t know how on earth you can force yourself to watch this garbage! It would gag a maggot. MTP is unwatchable. Soon Rev. Al will be hosting and it will be a perfect fit.

  • Neo

    This story (like so many others) takes me back to a post I read about 2 years ago on some forgotten site by some forgotten Progressive …

    “Can’t we all agree that it’s about dividing up the spoils ?”

    The answer is “NO!”

    NOTE to Maxine: There are no more spoils. You spent them all already.

  • KOW

    If you took the 14million that are unemployed, and you divided the $1trillion between them, it would be $71,428.57 each. Far cheaper than Obama’s last stimulus that was like $2million per job. Also, it would not be wasted on Green Energy, Unions and Obama cronies.

  • BradinMO

    Just send every American man, woman, and child $3,333.00 and let us do as we will. At least the government wouldn’t have to create jobs to mismanage the money :)

  • a former dem

    “The far left politician was on Meet the Press this morning”

    I think that should say:
    “The far left politician was on the left leaning program Meet the Press this morning”

  • Neo

    Damn, just another “prirate politician.. and ugly as one.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    When I think of all the money she has sucked out of her constituency to keep getting re-elected and those poor people get nothing in return This woman is shameless.

  • Neo

    Let’s fund the next “stimulus” out of the Congressional pension fund

  • a former dem

    what I want to know is who the hell even watches these ignorant fools?

    bring on Santelli and I might tune in just to watch him, although Santelli would be muted no doubt by the NBC fools.

    millionaire Fried-man, why the hell would anyone care what this pathetic ignorant millionare lefty has to say. And oh yes, its not his millions, he didn’t earn it, at least I would respect that, its his wife’s. Lives on a multimillion dollar house, and tells the rest of America to cut back!

    wanna spread the wealth? I say you start, and spread that wealth to us all then!

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    translation: we(the democrats)need another trillion dollars vote buying scheme to get re-elected.

  • Rock

    I vote for #15s solution, let the SOBs give a little skin.

  • rbosque

    Maxine, if this were a true socialist country like the one you dream about, where would the one trillion come from? Because if we were, our GDP would go down the drain like other socialist nations.

    If you truly want jobs, we’d have to discard the socialist entitlement agendas you insist upon. otherwise, no you’re not going to get the jobs you demand using the Communist tactics you’re pushing.


  • DaveinPhoenix

    Spending taxpayers money is the sole purpose of Maxine Water’s existence on Earth and in Congress. Seriously doubt if she even cares about anything except getting re-elected yet one more time. So that she can spend even more taxpayer dollars on useless wasteful government programs. So that she can be re-elected by idiot people in her district one more time. So that….well, most of us have gotten the picture by this time.