On May 26, 2011, the White House posted this video praising Solyndra as a Recovery Act success story.

Barack Obama’s gleaming example of green technology – Solyndra – filed for bankruptcy last week. The solar panel manufacturer squandered $535 million of stimulus money in a little over a year.

But, there’s more…
Top Obama bundler George Kaiser made multiple visits to the White House in the months before the company was granted a $535 million loan from the government. And top Solyndra officials also made numerous visits — 20 — to the White House, according to logs and reporting by The Daily Caller. Solyndra officials in the logs included chairman and founder Christian Gronet and board members Thomas Baruch and David Prend. The company secured the $535 million loan despite the fact that it was widely known Solyndra was in deep economic trouble and had negative cash flows since its inception.

Kaiser said he did not use political influence or talk to administration officials about a massive government loan to Solyndra.


There’s more…
It has now been confirmed that White House officials sat in on the Solyndra meetings this past year before the company went under. The White House monitored the huge loans. And before the loan guarantees were granted officials knew the company would fail.

Last night Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin discussed this monstrous scandal.

Sarah Palin wrote more on Solyndra on her Facebook page yesterday.



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  1. Half Trillion? Maybe half billion.

  2. Yeah, $535 million is half a billion. The (Save My) Jobs Bill is a half-trillion scandal.

  3. White House officials sat in on the Solyndra meetings

    In other words they ran Solyndra the same way they run the country: straight into the gutter.

  4. Jim, $535 million is half a billion dollars…

  5. What are millions and trillions amongst friends?

    But seriously, this is all part of the “Culture of Corruption” that Obama and DC has ushered in!

  6. Ok, this is a travesty. The next question is how many other deals like this did they do or do they want to do in the future?

    The government totally fuc*ed up ethanol and is now putting BIG money right down the drain for feel-good fake green jobs. Also, when are they going to reveal the absurdity behind wind mills? We all know it’s coming.

    The entire Dept. of Energy should go the same way as the Dept. of Education and the EPA – right down the drain with the Solyandra money.

  7. MONEY LAUNDERING – Invest a boat load of stimulus money into and through a bogus industry, knowing the very year, month and day the bogus company will declare bankruptcy, but no matter…the money really wasn’t intended for development of solar energy technology anyway. No, the money was funneled through bogus company instead to some campaign coffer, and the corruptocrats involved, so that the Corruptocrat in Chief has re-election funds for the 2012 election campaign. Take it to the bank!

  8. Someone needs to monitor Zero’s bank accounts for years after he gets the boot next year.You can bet a lot of this money will show up.

  9. Starting up a company is not rocket science and commitment to operate is very strong at a site that will be profitable. Note the lack of raw materials and operators,repair technicians in the videos. With the facility as fully constructed as shown activity should be at its peak. The CEO mentions that they turn glass into photo cells. The raw material is pure silicon with ppb amounts of impurity. The CEO comment is like a farmer saying he turns cow farts into ethanol.
    Follow the money,,,most of the loans was skimmed to favored investors.

  10. Whaddya bet that the omaba clan has stashed a couple hundred million in a Paris bank, a la yasser arafat?

    That’s a lotta golf and expensive shoes.

  11. Oops…I forgot to report myself to attackwatch.com

    Is it too late?

  12. Is this the Dems way to get Obie out of the way for Hillary in 2012?

    No eligibility mud slung, no BC under fire, no FEC questions, or SSN, or Selective Service.. why we can even forget Op Gunrunner…

  13. The obamas also rejected all the historical paintings in the whitge house and had them replaced with 50 million dollars, prob, of Modern Art on loan from museums. The Old American paintings are property of the USA-that is us- and we need to keep track of them and not find empty frames.
    And “we wouldn’t know who might be involved…”
    And all the modern art should be returned to the museum. But every one is so afraid of a “racist” comment that the museums will not even fight for them. The answer might well be “out being cleaned or restored”…Again it is “Not ME” from the Family Circus cartoon,that will do it.

  14. Read Sarah Palin’s remarks on crony capitalism. Solyndra + GE are two top cases. I sure intend to boycot GE. will you?

  15. Doing a news search on solynda prior to may last year and the negative business out look stories outnumber the good about ten to one. A major action was Sol trying to do an IPO and nobody came to the sale. What do you think the risk level would be for a multibillion dollar company with ONE product,,,,with a product life cycle of 3-4 years.
    This loan was a bailout for the investors that had notes due in 2010,2011

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