The Dow registered its sixth-worst weekly fall in its 115-year history this week. It was its worst weekly decline since October 2008. The index has also dropped in seven of the last nine weeks.

Obama went golfing.

Yes. That’s 42,000 of bling on his wrist.
Thank you, Sliderblaze!

CNN reported:

President Barack Obama had a high-profile golf partner Saturday: former President Bill Clinton.

The two hit the links on the golf course at Joint Base Andrews, a course outside of Washington that Obama plays frequently. Rounding out the foursome were Obama’s Chief of Staff William Daley and Doug Band, one of Clinton’s aides.

Any Photoshop experts out there? My Founding Blogger friends says someone should put that $42,000 bling on his wrist above his golf glove.




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  1. Obama is unconcerned. It’s all part of the plan. Nothing to see here —- move along.

  2. That he’s gone golfing and not continued promoting his “jobs plan” has probably prevented the markets from plummeting even more.


  4. He keeps giving that stupid “jobs” speech. And how is he going to create “jobs” today? Education. Build schools, on tax money, hire teachers, on tax money, and apparently sometime a “job” will be created. Pretty slick I’d say.

  5. And not a cloud in the sky, but then I guess Maxine would call God raciest for raining on Donkey Kong One’s game.

  6. Obozo is an embarrassing moron… A low IQ marxist

  7. @markknoller
    This weekend: Pres Obama leaves Sunday on 3-day swing to Washington state, California & Colorado. Trip includes 7 re-election fundraisers.

    This includes a Black Caucus soiree Sunday night and a Pass This Jobs Bill “townhall” Monday.
    Guess who’s paying?

  8. People! Obama is a Community Organizer. He doesn’t have to come up with the ideas, that’s not the job of a Community Organizer. He has people who do that for him. His job is to “inspire” others to do the work. His job is to instill the “want to” in others who are more qualified than he is to come up with the ideas. That way if “their” idea fails it won’t be his fault. See how that works? That’s why he is always able to stay above the “fray” and stay out of the heat in case things start falling apart. All he has to do is repeat the idea of the people who he hired to be the ones to come up with the ideas, tell him how they are supposed to work, that’s why when he’s off the teleprompter he has no idea what he’s talking about, he’ll sound like he knows what he’s saying and can seem to put things together. Other than that, he has nothing to do but go do something he enjoys doing, like golfing, and let the people he’s surrounded himself with whose job it is to come up with the ideas, means to put things together, and then later on when he comes in off the links, he’s filled in on what’s going on. That’s why he doesn’t have to get up until 10 o’clock, and that’s because those whose job it is to get the government going for that day have been up since 6 am. See? Then when he gets up, has his breakfast, a smoke, gets dressed, fools around with Michelle, who has even less to do, and then when he’s ready he mossys in on into the Oval Office to see what’s going on. He might have one meeting with Axelrod, or somebody, Reid or someone, then it’s time for lunch for two hours. Then around 3 pm he’s got a photo op and after that he’s back on the golf course for an afternoon of putting around. He’s doing that and all the other Communsits he’s appointed are deconstructing the country, he gets to enjoy just being, Barrack.

  9. Willofla…I don’t think he fools around with Moosechelle he has Regie Love for that! :)

  10. WillofLa,
    That’s been the case since the get go, Pelosi and Reid carried the water for Donkey Kong One for the Health Care fiasco and it cost Pelosi her chair, and Reid is well used up and ridiculed behind his back. How many times has the bus been used by this administration to lay blame elsewhere. What is honestly funny is how many of these fools are willing to fall on the sword for the one.

  11. At least the Jewish Superman is not playing golf on the property of former FBI convict Martha Stewart.

  12. These posts would count as unfair, but for the way George Bush was treated. Fair’s fair.

  13. Stock Market Suffers 6th Worst Week in History… Obama Goes Golfing

    When the markets suffer their worst week ever, then will Barry break out the champagne and have a party.

  14. Oh Barry! I stumbled upon a very funny “Obama Goes Golfing” article during Japan’s tsunami and the start of Libya’s slaughter of its own people: And to think of all the flack Bush received when he spent time on the ranch cutting weeds!

  15. And Bush 43 was reading My Pet Goat when al Qaeda attacked. What is your point?

    You claim that you want the mean ol’ gubmint out of your life, but when ever something bad happens, you whine for help.

    Maybe you didn’t learn this in civics: The President is not a wizard that controls the stock market.

  16. I’m not a fan of Obama by any stretch, but what did you expect him to do? It would probably be worse if he tried to influence the market, given his policy preferences.

  17. Lets face it every thing Donkey Kong One does is a game he has no experience beyond being an agitator, something you find in abundance in any 2nd grade classroom.

  18. Bush did not want to panic five year old children, like a pants wetting Barack Obama would have done had he been in office that day and in the weeks that followed. I’m still waiting for Barack Obama NOT to rest until unemployment comes down to 5.4 percent, the unemployment level from immediately prior to the recession. Moby Walden fails to distinguish the fact that there are constitutionally based, and thus when there’s an act of war or natural disaster, or an unsecured border, those fall within the purview of legal federal powers. However, the extra-constitutional powers sought by the congress and/or the president are rightly condemned by tea partiers/conservatives.

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