Shocker. Obama Declines to Distance Himself From Hoffa’s Violent Rhetoric

SO, is this the Hope or the Change?

Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa lashes out at tea party sons-a-bitches Monday in Detroit. (Yahoo)

Barack Obama declined to distance himself from the violent and hateful rhetoric from Jimmy Hoffa today.
ABC reported:

Despite President Obama’s repeated claims to change the tone in Washington, the White House had no comment this afternoon after Teamsters Union leader James Hoffa, speaking at an event before President Obama, said of Tea Party activists that, come November, Democrats should “take these sons of bitches out.”

Warming up the crowd before President Obama’s Labor Day speech in Detroit this afternoon, Hoffa warned the largely union crowd that the Tea Party was waging a “war on workers.”

“We got to keep an eye on the battle that we face: The war on workers. And you see it everywhere, it is the Tea Party. And you know, there is only one way to beat and win that war. The one thing about working people is we like a good fight. And you know what? They’ve got a war, they got a war with us and there’s only going to be one winner. It’s going to be the workers of Michigan, and America. We’re going to win that war,” Hoffa told thousands of workers gathered for the annual event organized by the Detroit Labor Council.

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march…Everybody here’s got a vote…Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong,” he concluded.

The Tea Party Express has called on President Obama to “condemn this inappropriate and uncivil rhetoric,” saying it “has no place in the public forum.”

“Jimmy Hoffa’s remarks are inexcusable and amount to a call for violence on peaceful tea party members, which include many Teamster members,” Tea Party Express chair Amy Kremer said in a written statement.

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  • gus

    It’s by design Jim.

  • shibumi

    This is what everyone should ask their local media outlets: Why didn’t Obama denounce what Hoffa said? Does he want violence against Tea Party members, most of whom are white? Does Obama hate whites?

  • Ipso Facto

    The Republicans should publically take exception to being referred to as SOBs and they should demand that Obama rebuke Hoffa.

    No matter what Obama does after that, he’ll look like an ass for ONCE AGAIN finding himself in a situation his handlers both could have and should have prevented.

  • nocoen

    Barak Obama is the worst kind of bigot that can be found. He is self serving, sanctimonious, arrogant, self rightous and so full of himself. That is why he is photographed with his nose in the air. He thinks is crap doesn’t stink. Historians will end up judging him to be the least qualified person ever to hold the office of President.

  • jainphx

    The violence that is coming can be laid directly at Obama’s feet. He wont admonish Hoffa, no he agrees with him. This man is a traitor that is bringing violence to this country, and he’s doing it with a smile.

    All we do is sit here and take it, where is the outcry from our representatives in Washington/ Where is Boehner or McConnell. Where is that “architect” of the right, Rove? Oh I forgot he’s knocking Palin and Bachmann! How come we as nothing but citizens can see right through this schlub, and yet those that are elected to see it can’t?

  • D Roamer

    If this Hoffa creature had uttered these incendiaries to us Tea Party members face to face; he might have a different choice of words. If Obama thinks that’s O.K. with him, that’s another coward, but we all know what kind of a person he is already. Obama is the winner in the liar a day contest. He puts one out there everyday.

  • sliderblaze

    nice new tone of civility.

  • MrGoodWench

    Its time for adults to step in now.
    Here is what Spkr Boehnr should say on Tuesday , with ALL Rs supporting him :
    Mr President,
    We stand here today because the American people have been targetted by your supporters for physical harm. Your supporters and funders have ratcheted up violent rhetoric against hard working patriotic Americans who pay taxes and take care of their families and want nothing in return but to be left alone . The relentless hatred and calls for ” taking out” and ” get in their faces ” and ” punish your enemies” coming from you and your campaigners are well documented .
    There have calls for people like us to be sent straight to hell because according to your voter base, we are responsible for you not having passed a budget for 2 1/2 years and for your failed policies .
    Your mouthpieces in the media have been shamelessly repeating the same lies that come out of CAP , MM and WH spin masters. Now after seeing you silently validate American people being called SOBs, who need to be taken out as per your desires, by a certified thug,
    I request you Mr President to clarify the following within 24 hrs, in absolutely clear terms, in your own voice :
    1. Do you Mr President want to ‘take us out’ ?
    2. Do you Mr President promise to protect the lives of people who have a different political viewpoint than your supporters ?
    3. Will you Mr President return all the money contributed by individuals/groups who advocate/instigate rioting/violence against TEA partiers ?
    These steps need to be taken because we feel that because of your associations and background , your words and speeches might not be enough to placate the fears of American people who feel their lives are in danger from your government.
    If we do not hear within 24 hours , we will assume that you are more interested in your campaign speech and fundraising than the safety of American people and our Constitution.
    So please excuse us as we will not be a prop to a petty political move from your campaign office.
    Hoping to hear from you without any vagueness and haziness of malicious double talk.
    Thank You

  • Black Sabbath

    I can’t wait to hear Rightwing radio bash President Civil Discourse over the head all day tomorrow with these comments. Obama will spend all the way to Thursday embroiled in this mess and then he’ll give that crap speech and start off into another mess. I really am beginning to think the Republicans aren’t doing anything AT ALL deliberately. Perhaps they’re strategy is just to stand on the sidelines with their hands in their pockets while Obama destroys himself and the DNC.

  • Gwillie

    Was Hoffa drunk? sounds like it. Yea if targets on a map are bad than this is bad too Obama needs to step up on this or shut the f8ck up on this new tone crap!

  • Justice Beaver

    Not surprising. Zero stands by smiling while his operatives and minions do all his dirty work. Then he’ll read yet another speech off his teleprompter and baldfaced lie to Americans that still haven’t seen through him.

  • Black Sabbath

    Is there no one at the DNC who is pulling their hair out because of the mess these comments are going to make? Do they not realize that Obama has totally lost control of the message from the Left and is running pell mell trying to put out a thousand unnecessary fires? Do they not see that Obama and people like Hoffa will absolutely destroy the DNC while wrecking themselves?
    No wonder Salon has begun publishing ways to get rid of him. (By the way, it’s time to call Salon for the racists they are – who are they to say our beloved President Obama should be gotten rid of? Do they really hate blacks that much? Do they wear pointy hats at their keyboards all day? Do they burn crosses in the Salon parking lot?)

    God, this is too easy!

  • bg


    believe it or not.. i’m waiting for Hillary to come out of hiding &
    sucker punch Obama all the way back to Hawaii, if not, Kenya..


  • Multitude

    I’m taking the issue to every union member I work with starting tomorrow morning, asking specifically: Why are your union leaders calling out death threats against my family and other non-union middle class persons?

    Hoffa knows exactly what the tea party is (as does Biden, Obama and the rest, and quite possibly, even the abjectly clueless Media !Matters): non-union, private sector middle class. These are also known as the taxpaying gravy train by the public workers and their union leadership. We’re Boxer in Animal Farm, lugging an ever increasing weight. But this time, we’re shrugging as we see the glue truck from China pulling up, and the public sector pigs hurrying to put our children and grandchildren under the yoke as well.

    But this is too difficult for most union members to understand, hence their relative ease in accepting this utter crap about tea partiers being racist. So it’s time for us to revert to what they do know: Fear.

    I’m calling every single one out starting tomorrow. I’ll bring my small children with me and demand they explain why their unions want to kill them too. Are they sick? Are they deranged? Greedy to no end? As long as they’re union members, they’re legally bound to their leaders representation and as such, have empowered Hoffa and his ilk to speak on their behalf. A death threat from Hoffa is a death threat from each and every Teamster.

    Oh and to all you postal service union members that are praying Congress bails your fat asses out again? You can bet that many of us tea party types might be making a few calls to Senators and Representatives telling them to cut you off. UPS does just fine. All you bring are junk and bills and I’m sure those two can find a way to use email instead (most already do).

  • Katie

    It isn’t about the workers is it, Jimmy? Workers work without unions. It’s about power. You’d unload the workers in a minute if you didn’t need them to exploit.

    He’s just nasty.

  • Katie

    @BlackSabbath~~~of course they aren’t. They’ve used the same tactics, and thought they were clever.

  • Multitude

    and to update my #14 post, I was unaware that the Teamsters are in at UPS. I guess I’ll be looking at alternate shipping methods. That’s a shame… my UPS guy’s a pro and I do enough business to keep his route safe. You can sure as hell expect he’ll know why I’m switching carriers: words have consequences.

  • tHE pUNIsHER

    Cheesus, are the posters here just that stupid? NO THREATS WERE MADE!!!! Did ALL of you fail Fourth grade language comprehension???
    HOFFA: Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to America where we belong! Thank you very much!
    Hoft, you really are stretching trying to flog this dead horse into a foaming espresso, but you are failing. I predict the UNEDITESD video will be posted in the morning, and I expect a FULL RETRACTION AND APOLOGY from EVERYONE ONE THIS SITE!

  • rbosque

    There is no question or doubt (if there ever was any), that this President is operationg outside the law and has declared war on the American people as he has done against the economy. There is no doubt whatsoever that Obama only means to harm America and its people.

  • MrGoodWench

    bg commented:

    believe it or not.. i’m waiting for Hillary to come out of hiding &
    sucker punch Obama all the way back to Hawaii, if not, Kenya..
    Why would a pant-suit wearing hardcore leftwing alinskyte under moozie financial influence
    sucker punch
    an empty suit hardcore leftwing alinskyte under moozie financial infulence