Romney Praises Obama’s “Race to the Top” on Wednesday – Denies It On Thursday (Video)

On Wednesday former Governor Mitt Romney praised Barack Obama’s “Race to the Top” program at a campaign stop.

The Politico reported:

At the event, Romney also praised Obama’s education secretary for the Race to the Top program that rewards state education systems for reaching specific goals. “I think Secretary Duncan has done some good things,” he said. “I hope that’s not heresy in this room.”

But, on Thursday, a day later he denied this during the GOP FOX News-Google debate.

FOX Nation has the transcript:

PERRY: There are a lot of good ideas here on the side and whether it is cutting back on the Department of Education, making those types of reductions. I happen to believe we ought to be promoting school choice all across this country. I think school — the voucher system, charter schools all across this country. But there is one person on this stage that is for Obama’s Race to the Top and that is Governor Romney. He said so just this last week. And I think that is an important difference between the rest of the people on this stage and one person that wants to run for the presidency. Being in favor of the Obama Race to the Top and that is not conservative.

BAIER: Governor Romney?

ROMNEY: Nice try.

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  • Gary Gross

    Frankly, I thought Gov. Romney came across as being both smug (“Nice try”) & dishonest. Here’s 2 questions for GP readers to ponder:

    1) Does anyone think that Gov. Romney will vigorously attempt to shrink government?
    2) Does anyone trust Gov. Romney to appoint strict constructionist judges?

    He recites the right words but does anyone trust him?

  • Ausonius

    I voted for this guy in the last primary, mainly because I couldn’t take the thought of having to vote for John “short circuit conservative momentum” McCain.
    I think he, like many of them, will adopt whatever position he thinks will benefit him the most. I do not trust that he will be “the guy” who will fundamentally change the top-down nature of Washington DC. I think many inside the beltwayers desire him for obvious reasons.

  • Sickofobama

    Please tell me: Why does anyone want the libtard Romney to be POTUS?

    He flips on every issue – time and time again.

    He is a libtard and trying to appease the Establishment Republicans.

    He is Obama in white face.

    And that lunatic Ron Paul keeps winning straw polls.

    Nothing makes sense!

  • Ausonius

    Gary #1:
    I very much agree with the fundamental trust issue concerning Romney.
    Though it frosts me when I hear Perry defend part of his stands on illegal immigration and bitterly disagree with him, at least he isn’t morphing one day to another with the right talking points. You’ve gotta think his advisors are telling him his position on illegals is not popular with conservatives (or many moderates and probably a decent number of libs). Perhaps we can at least obtain a commitment from Perry, should he win the primary, that he, as the pres, will enforce the current laws on immigration and not pursue his personal ideas in this regard.
    As for Romney, it is hard to immagine that a guy who was recently the governor of one of the most liberal states, can get a serious look as a transformed conservative. He has a record, and a recent one at that, that says otherwise, ranging from abortion to health care and so forth.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Gawd. I WANT to like Romney. Especially with Perry’s recent unraveling I REALLY REALLY want to like Romney. But his constant pandering and playing to the crowd at the moment gets on my last nerve.

    C’mon Mitt, pick an idea and stick to it.

    P.S., Despite Conservatives misgivings about Romney, I have no doubt they will turn out in droves to pull the lever for him if he is the nominee in order to defeat Obama. In addition he will capture the Independent vote and perhaps even many Reagan Democrats. Most polls show he is the strongest candidate for the General Election at this point.

    Warts and all, Mitt may be our guy. If we are looking for a purely pro-business, turnaround guy, he is it. Also, whether Conservatives like it or not, our healthcare system does need reform at some level. When it costs $20,000 for a 4 hour chemo treatment that basically consists of receiving a single bag of medicine through an IV, something is terribly wrong.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Part of me is wishing I could watch Chris Christie in these debates.

  • Bob Z

    I just want Obama gone

  • Cat

    Supporting Arne Duncan’s view that bad teachers should get canned is no problem when you compare it to Perry’s view that we should subsidize illegal’s education.

  • Hedgehog

    Romney says that Arne Duncan has some good ideas. Michelle Bachman says she would turn off the lights and lock the door at the Department of Education. Guess which one I like.

  • Bobbi

    The only reason Arne got the job was because he shoots hoops.
    He left the Chicago school system I’n shambles.

  • workingclass artist


  • workingclass artist


    Christie would get slammed for AGW stance.

  • Liz

    Romney said exactly what your quote says he said – That the Secretary had done some good things. Twist and distort if you want, but don’t expect any credibility to continue to adhere to you. I thought it was Perry who looked like an unrepentant liberal out there. Try to resuscitate your canididate, but there was some unforgivable stuff in there. Ugh.

  • aprilnovember811

    Romneycare, Global Warming, pandering. I will not vote for him. He’s Democrat lite.

    EPA Official Was Romney’s ‘Green Quarterback’–20110922

  • aprilnovember811

    He never talk about our founding or the Constitution. I don’t even think it enters his mind. I heard an audio clip last night, and he said if he’s elected he’ll sign an executive order giving all of America a waiver to Obamacare? That’s not enough. I want it destroyed, crushed. I want every reminder of this impostor rooted out of this government, in every department. That even means the mail room. Obama’s planted marxists throughout this government. The agencies need to be shut down. We don’t need HHS, shut it down.


    @#6,,,,christie is a mooslum appeaser and that makes him no good

  • Jenny

    Romney is a SLICK politician, that’s all – last night, that’s all he proved. He proved that he can debate and turn things around. His final response was WEAK against Perry. He stuttered at first and then came back with his slick talk. I don’t want another slick politician. I don’t want someone who believes in global warming.

    I’m an Independent – always voted Nader, campaigned for Hillary, voted for Palin/McCain, joined the t-party.

    My favorite last night was Gary Johnson. I don’t want bells and whistles. I want dry, boring, RESULTS. I don’t want wheeling and dealing behind the scenes and slick political talk.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Perry was lying. No one can see through that? He was trying to separate Romney out because Romney is THE threat to the DEMS.

    If Romney supports one effective idea from the Dem pool on education – Race To the Top – that’s ok. It’s probably the only thing they HAVE done that’s worked. And believe me, Obama had nothing to do with it.

    I’ve really lost faith in our side to analyze what’s going on accurately. Here’s an example: Romney is NOT not for school choice. He was just saying that one idea on education has worked– which is to reward schools for meeting specific goals. Uh, all conservatives have been supportive of that issue for years.

    But Perry lies and will go along with the “paint Romney as a moderate” jingle.

    Fooling conservatives with phony candidates like Perry really is like shooting fish on a barrel. Everyone, to some extent, is a devotee of the sound bite. Perry knows that and he really slings them out there. He will do anything to win. Lie. Present himself as other than he is.

    Just like Obama.

    Stop hopping on the bandwagon and THINK.
    Even on a blog you have to analyze.

    Trust, BUT VERIFY.

  • workingclass artist

    Geraldo was defending Gov. Perry on Teevee….Perry just swung the Hispanic vote & maybe won a lot of Independents by defending Texas Bi-Partisan decision on In-State Tuition & Boots on the ground Border Security. Top 3 issues for Hispanics are education, jobs, crime.

    It’s over Mitt.

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • workingclass artist

    #5 Bill

    Perry isn’t unraveling…He’s campaigning.
    The GOP lost Reagan’s California in 1994 over this crap. McCain won the nomination by pandering & promising the moon and Hispanics knew it.

    Perry is defending a fiscal decision that every legislator in Texas but 4voted or that lowered education costs & kept Texas out of federal court.

    He will double down on it on principal. It’s not amnesty…It’s realistic.

    The GOP can’t win without splitting the Hispanic vote in every state. In California Reagan’s Latinos will campaign for and vote for Perry….They will everywhere.