Rick Perry: “I Don’t Think You Have a Heart” If You Oppose In-State Tuition for Children of Illegal Aliens

This won’t win over many conservative voters.
Rick Perry stood by his earlier comments on tuition for children of illegal immigrants.
The Weekly Standard reported:

During Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum all took shots at Rick Perry’s record on illegal immigration. Bachmann said that Texas’s law allowing in-state tuition for the children of illegal immigrants acted like a “magnet” for illegal immigrants. Perry’s response was forceful and personal. “I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry told his critics.

“If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said. “We need to be educating these children because they will become a drag on our society. I think that’s what Texans wanted to do. Out of 181 members of the Texas legislature when this issue came up [there were] only four dissenting votes. This was a state issue. Texas voted on it. And I still support it today.”

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  • Vero

    Been a die-hard supporter of Perry, just read my previous comments – no longer after that crap

  • Dan

    I worked to pay for my college education and think everyone should do the same. So, I don’t have a heart now, Mr. Perry?

    This is the great conservative hope? God help us!

  • Bob Z

    I still like Newt

  • Terry in GA

    Oops, Perry accidently turned the toaster on wide open and fell asleep. He is burnt toast, can’t be salvaged — throw him out and start over with fresh bread.

  • Ron

    The man stands by his decision right or wrong. those who say they won’t support him because of this never supported him in the first place. the concern troll meme is old.

  • lol

    he is way to soft on immigration. he is also friendly with aga khan. together they initiated a muslim curriculum to be taught in texas schools. he also wants a transnational highway between mexico and texas, and addressed the bilderberg society several times too.

  • Bob Z

    Best line of the night “the neighbor’s dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than Obama”

  • Patty

    Well, He won the Illegal Vote!! LOL

  • listingstarboard

    What is worse, the child of an illegal that was brought here as toddler whose parents have worked and paid into the system getting in state tuition on the condition they pursue the legal route to citizenship or giving free education to some ghetto black punk that hates America? Affirmative action that allows FREE education to UNQUALIFIED United States citizens is JUST AS BAD.

  • MrGoodWench

    This was a state issue. Texas voted on it. And I still support it today.”
    Immigration enforcement is NOT a state issue , right Perry ?

  • Vero

    Ron, you are totally wrong. I have been a huge supporter of Perry – that can be seen by my post here ever since he announced – You are fooling yourself if you think this will not hurt him big time- If it pissed my wife off, and it did, he has hurt himself. I will say that if he is the GOP nominee I will support him over Obama, but that is now as far as i will go

  • Andreas K.

    So there goes Saint Rick. As expected.

    It won’t matter. The media will pick a RINO for you to vote and you can chose between moron A and moron B and afterwards you’ll be just as screwed as you are now.

  • MrGoodWench

    listingstarboard commented:
    What is worse, the child of an illegal that was brought here as toddler whose parents have worked and paid into the system
    Paid into the system ???
    How exactly ?
    Do tell

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Well, gosh. I’m from Texas and I like Rick.
    But I don’t think it’s gonna happen for him — not after tonight.

    But, the one thing we should all take away form these debates is this:
    These good folks are ALL committed to bringing down the current administration.
    Me too.

    Right now, it looks very much like Romney will be the candidate.
    If so, I will support him.

  • dwd

    Sorry… wanted to like you, Perry… but I can’t agree with that statement.


    Bush lite?

  • MariaA

    It was very disappointing to hear Perry’s comment but not surprising. What can he say? After all, he signed it into law.

  • Sasja

    Dan, I think the legislature of Texas, Gov Perry, and apparently the folks in Texas, decided to allow in-state tuition to children of illegals, not pay their tuition. I don’t agree with it, but it is a state issue and I will give credit to Perry for standing by this decision.

  • A perfect candidate you ate not getting.

    Now then who ya gonna pick to slay Obama?!

    That is your question. This is survivor on reality.

    Who ya gonna pick to kill the cancer? The pox on

    America? Get rid of Obama he’s a loser. Word dat.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Well, somewhere Mitt Romney’s campaign manager is smiling. This issue is death for Perry I’m afraid. I appreciate his honesty but wow.

  • Timwi

    Sasja- I agree. If the people of Texas thought it was right for their state, it’s their decision. I think that if the border is secured that Americans will in general agree and find a plan to help the kids who are illegal, but who have been here their whole lives. I just don’t see Americans putting these kids on buses, to leave the only country they have ever known. To reach the place where people feel secure enough to deal with this issue the borders need to be secured first.

  • noislamocommie

    Here’s what most people do not know…aliens (thanks to compassionate conservative Ricky) can access GRANT MONEY also.
    Illegal Aliens in Harris County are receiving grants through the Toward Excellence,Access,& Success Grant Program. There is prolific use of this especially in the Community College System.Typically, an illegal alien can garner up to about 6k per semester through the state use of laws granting “residency” stature.As far as instate tuition rates are concerned the FED Codes 8USC 1621(d) does permit the granting of such a benefit to an illegal alien should the state decide through law BUT they must also grant the SAME benefit to US citizen students. Private colleges are giving illegal aliens grants in Harris County through the Texas Education Opportunity Grant. Only TX. & NM offer grant monies to aid illegal aliens for college costs assisstance. I have the lawsuit on my hard drive if you want to learn more.

  • Mad Hatter

    Like someone just said on Fox that was monitoring the debate.

    I’m tired of being told I”m heartless because I don’t want to give special treatment to illegals.

  • Joey C.

    Come on folks, I would be willing to bet that the same people who are falling for “Dumb (Perry) and Dumber (Romney)” are the same folks that will be scratching their heads in a few years asking the question “how did this RINO get into the WH”!
    Do your homework … BACHMANN’S RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!!!! Bachmann 2012

  • Restless Legs

    I was so energized for Perry when I heard his speech announcing his candidacy. He reminded me of Reagan. That speech was excellent in its tone and content. After the last two debates, though, I’m very worried. He is not articulating his positions well. My fear is that Obama would eat him alive in debates. Note how a REPUBLICAN audience was mostly lukewarm to Perry’s answers tonight. That is a very troubling sign. I used to coach college speech/debate. I’d love to give Perry some tips on debating. His attacks on Romney fell flat because they seemed petty (and were sometimes off-topic). Also, many of his answers were just not inspiring to Republicans. Contrast that with Gingrich. Gingrich’s answers were on-topic and got to the heart of what fires up Republicans. I looked forward to hearing from Gingrich. Unfortunately, I found myself starting to dread responses by Perry. I kept waiting for him to fire me up, and he really didn’t do that tonight.

  • Tjexcite

    I am confused are they talking about children in elementary tuition or university tuition.
    Why is there two charges if in elementary and not one for all kid regardless of where they came from.

    How many people who came as kids and then by the time they graduate they want to go to university. Yet, still have been illegal all that time. Is there a form to fill out when applying to Texas A&M at the high school. Will they be willing to say they are illegal and have been for decades and their whole family just to save some money.

    How is coming across the Mexican boarder and get in-state but come from Ohio and pay full out state university tuition.

  • Studious Citizen

    Andreas K, with all due disrespect, shut up. If you’re going to be such a total pessimist, then, as Newt said, go buy some Greek bonds and sink with the rest of them. We have no use for your quitter attitude.

    America was not founded or defended by people with your despicable outlook. You should be thankful that there are enough people dissimilar to yourself to allow you to even exercise an opinion.

  • Studious Citizen

    Cain/Gingrich is still my favorite ticket. They’re both profound speakers, and they both have targeted, principled solutions.

    I am sick to death of “look at my record and pay no attention to my total lack of specific plans to fix things”…

  • Mad Hatter


    When Perry came off with the “compassionate Conservatism” about the not having a heart if you oppose in state tuition for illegals, I think, is going to cost him dearly. It might be his Waterloo moment of the Republican Primary.

  • kate

    Really thought that Perry was going to be the guy. I am seriously upset about his views on illegal immigration and insulting people who don’t agree with his views on illegals getting in-state tuition. I am done with this guy. Although I am not totally happy with Romney, I think he will be the one who can beat Obama. For me, that is critically important.

  • Joey C.

    Fellow conservatives …. Please do NOT fall for “smooth talk”! Do you NOT remember where (or what) “smooth talk” got us …. OBAMA”! Don’t be like the dems and fall for “smooth talk”! Please look at the candidates records! Bachmann’s record speaks for itself …. TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE! Bachmann 2012 Dumb (Perry) and Dumber (Romney) are RINOS!!!

  • Timwi

    Mad Hatter- My brother was against school choice- he was lumping all the kids together as a group and saying that school choice would destroy the public school system. I showed him a video of individual kids and how school choice had impacted their lives and he changed his mind. I just think if you were confronted with an individual kid who was illegal in this country, but had been raised here, and couldn’t afford college without the in-state tuition it would be harder for you to make a blanket statement regarding the issue. We need to secure the borders and then figure out a plan which doesn’t compromise the Christian principles most of us believe in.

  • Studious Citizen

    Militant Conservative, I realize you’re disheartened because your Big Texas poster boy is turning out to be an empty suit, but seriously…quit telling the rest of us that we’re stupid for wanting to pick the candidate with the least negatives and the most positives, that is, the BEST CANDIDATE.

    Do yourself a favor and re-research the candidates and find a new favorite, ‘cuz Perry isn’t going to win. He’s just another scummy, state-level, career-politician RINO. If it weren’t for Karl Rove, the man would have been run out of politics years ago as a Democrat.

  • Studious Citizen

    In the meantime, I’ll patiently wait for the moderators to finally give Herman enough airtime for people to get to know him, and he’ll continue to rise to the top.

  • lovedinthekeys

    The Texas Legislature voted in favor of this provision; and as Governor, Perry supports that decision as reflective of will of the people of his state. Whether you agree or not, this is what is meant by “state’s rights”.

  • Patty

    Illegal immigration isn’t being seriously addressed. I am not in favor of illegal kids getting more than the kid who is a citizen.

    When Perry can figure out a way to give ALL children the same assistance maybe he wouldn’t have been booed so badly.

    As far as a heart, kids from parents of illegals born here, they can be treated like any other citizen.

    Furthermore, minorities and Blacks are being accepted first into Colleges and White and Asians are being denied even if their test scores are higher.

    It is so unfair that my children must pay and children of illegals don’t have too. But I hear Obama will take care of the tuition….LOL!

    The only people who should receive a free college education are those fighting for our freedoms.

  • Mad Hatter


    We can’t have someone coming in here for another country having one set of rules for them, and then another set of rules for American citizens that want to go to an out of state college.

    Many people can’t afford to go to college. Just because an illegal wants to go to college doesn’t mean they should be given special treatment over a U.S. citizen.

  • Sasja

    Timwi, securing our borders needs to be a priority. My gardner is Mexican, doesn’t speak English very well, but, hey, I don’t speak Spanish at all. Don’t know if he’s an illegal. His young sons work with him. Their English is flawless and apparently do well in school. He, and those like him, are the only Mexicans I know. Would I like to see them sent back? No. Would I like to see those who come here and commit more crimes or live on the dole sent back? Yes. And by the way, and not really important I guess, but his wife is a terrific seamstress. Would hate to lose her.

  • Typical progressive guilt line. “Compassionate conservatives” are progressives. Period.

  • Studious Citizen

    Ron: “The man stands by his decision right or wrong. those who say they won’t support him because of this never supported him in the first place. the concern troll meme is old.”

    I once rode my bike down a 30 degree incline without touching the brakes and without wearing a helmet, and I hit a rock, flew over the handlebars, and knocked my teeth out. I readily admit that it was a big mistake. I do not stand by the decision. I admit it was a mistake, and I have learned from it. Insisting that it was the right thing to do, and trying to spin it as a “great decision” would be the mark of a truly slimy politician.

    Standing by a bad decision isn’t meritorious, its downright stupid and moronic. Standing by a wrong decision is far worse than making a wrong decision and admitting it was a wrong decision. Someone who has made a bad decision and learned from it has gained wisdom. Someone who has made a bad decision and keeps insisting that it was a good decision is a total fool.

    Please…think before posting, sir.

  • kansas

    So what you all are saying is that illegals who live in Texas should pay out of state tuition?

  • Highlander

    Tuition for illegals wouldn’t be much of an issue if they would just secure the damn border and make it harder for illegals to find work here. Personally, I’m going to stay focused on the fundamental issues … jobs, immigration, economy, and security … and vote for the candidate who is most likely to deal with those issues effectively. It isn’t going to be Obama …. but as far as the rest of them are concerned, the jury is still out.

  • do you have a heart for people that have to borrow money to send their own children to college while you tax them to send illegal colonizers children to college for free. perry is a colonizer. colonization is the left’s plan to take the country away from the american people. why do conservatives endorse it? for the same reason that liberals do, they take the americans vote for granted. you have to earn the colonist’s vote.

  • Sasja

    Mad Hatter, I think in-state tuition is only for children of illegals living in Texas. Nowhere have I found is it for those coming from another state. Once again, it was a Texas decision with Texans supporting it, and the Texas Legislature voting in favor. Unless you live in Texas, it really doesn’t concern you. Gov Perry has been a strong states right supporter. How this will affect his presidency, should he run and win, I can’t say. What I need from him is how strong an advocate he will be in securing the border between Mexico and the US.

  • Redwine

    Perry really blew it on this one. It’s not about having “heart”. It’s about observing the LAW. What part of ILLEGAL immigration doesn’t he get?

  • martha

    That heartless comment reminded me of Bush’s “Compassionate Conservative” line. I ‘ve been for Baachman, and I have not changed my mind. I like Santourum and Cain also. Newt sounded good tonight.
    Huntsman,Johnson ard Paul are non-starters for me.
    Perry or Rommney I was not craxy for, but if either get the nomination I will vote for them over Obama

  • aprilnovember811

    EPA Official Was Romney’s ‘Green Quarterback’

    I will not vote for Romney. Romneycare and now this. He’s a liberal.

  • Mad Hatter


    They shouldn’t be paying in state tuition since they’re not citizens of the state.

    How about if they apply as an foreign student?

    Too many green lights of “c’mon on in, who cares if you came here illegally or not” that some people are trying to make the new norm in our country.

    We need to enforce our current immigration laws and not have politicians make decisions on emotion and guilt.

  • Sasja

    Studious, was that a motorcycle you were riding or a bicycle? If you think those stupid helmets people wear while riding a bicycle would have kept your teeth from being knocked out, you are one dim bulb.

  • jony101

    What part of illegal do these politicians dont understand? enforce all the laws or dont enforce any law.
    I have no love for illegals or there children who get foodstamps, free school lunch, while I have to pay full price for my kids lunch and I make no more money than the illegals since I also have to pay taxes.
    Perry just cost himself the election, will at least he was honest (bad virtue for a politician- see obama for opposite) at least we can scratch him off the list. I guess I have no heart.

  • Rhonda

    so disappointed in Perry damn I don’t want flip-flop Romney

  • retire05

    I have a question to ask all of you: the debate is about the children of illegal immigrants getting in-state tuition. How many of those children do you think were born here? Do you realize that other states do the same; Oklahoma, Utah, New Mexico, and (I think) two others. These kids are not getting a free ride. Their parents live in Texas (or Oklahoma, Utah and New Mexico), they are able to buy homes due to the Community Reinvestment Act that has allowed ACORN and La Raza to qualify mortgage loans, so they are paying property taxes. Some even have Federal issued I.D. numbers that allow them to file income tax returns.

    The SCOTUS ruled that the children of illegals (born here or born in a foreign nation) have the right to an education up to the 12th grade. So…………..which is worse? Funding those kids for 3-12 years of public education or allowing them to go on to a state university under in-state tuition rates? In every state in the union you have already paid for them to go all the way through school and graduate from high school.

    And if you know, give me the percentage of those children (16,000 in Texas last year) that were born here.

  • #9 — Both are wrong, it isn’t an “either or” situation, it is a NEITHER situation.

    “If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they’ve been brought their through no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart,” Perry said.

    Really? So if a family from Oklahoma or New Mexico or Louisiana or even as far away as Kansas drags their kids into Texas against their will, should the taxpayers in Texas be forced to pay for their college education? American citizens from states outside Texas are in the country legally, yet they don’t qualify for in-state tuition. How is that fair? Why does someone in the country illegally, regardless of how they got here, get in-state tuition when CITIZENS from other states cannot? NOW who doesn’t have a heart? Stealing from the citizens of Texas to pay for this nonsense is “having a heart”, but wanting to enforce the rule of law is “heartless”? BRAVO SIERRA !!

    What about the kids who live in single-parent homes? Should we subsidize their education, too? There are millions of deserving tear-jerking scenarios that can be posited, but if we are to be a nation that follows the rule of law, forcing American citizens and legal immigrants to pay for the education of people who are in this country illegally is both illegal and immoral. Maybe Rick Perry thinks he has a heart, but he needs to go back to Oz and get a BRAIN.

  • donh

    Rush has explained very well that our nation is DOOMED in the electoral college if Republicans lose Texas. There are MILLIONS of hispanics wanting to vote against Obama. Perry is the only Republican bridging that constituancy. He is trading short term anger for the long term win.

  • Patty


    There is money out there for College. And many students who are really savvy can find the money for college.


    Illegal immigrants entering Texas’ higher education system are direct beneficiaries of a 1982 Supreme Court decision, Plyler vs. Doe. Parents in Tyler sued after the state began charging tuition for illegal immigrant children. The court ruled that Texas and the rest of the country must educate illegal immigrant children free of charge in public schools.

    Some of the most vocal illegal immigration opponents don’t oppose the decision. But they say higher education is different, because it is tuition-based.

    Suit challenges law

    A lawsuit was filed in December challenging Texas’ law providing the students in-state tuition and state aid. The students are not eligible for federal aid such as Pell Grants.

    Attorneys for the Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas sued the University of Houston, Houston Community College and Lone Star College systems in Harris County District Court, but the case was moved to federal court. “It’s not like we’re swimming in budget surpluses,” said attorney David Rogers. “It’s the responsibility of the government of Mexico to educate Mexican citizens.”

  • Timwi

    Mad Hatter- but that is the state those kids live in. They live in Texas. Their whole lives. So, if they can’t get in state tuition in the state they live in what are their choices? I just don’t see Americans packing these kids up and sending them back over the border. We wouldn’t treat animals like that and we certainly wouldn’t treat humans like that. We are Americans. So, if the kids are going to be living and working in Texas, and America, why not have them at least be educated so they aren’t out committing crimes and living dead end lives? If the kid is trying to get into college there has to be some level of motivation and achievement right? Secure the borders so the problem stops and than deal humanly, like Americans, with the people that are here. Perry’s position is in fact, probably more in line with Americans across the spectrum than other candidates. You Bachmann people-it’s not happening. The husband issues, the HPV vaccine issues- it’s not happening.

  • Mad Hatter

    retire05 said,

    “The SCOTUS ruled that the children of illegals (born here or born in a foreign nation) have the right to an education up to the 12th grade.”

    Just goes to show how certain members of the Supreme Court doesn’t know their crack from a crack in the sidewalk.

    There is no right to an education in the U.S. Constitution.

  • Patty

    Avowed Christian Larry Flynt is putting a hit out on Rick Perry. The creator of “Hustler” magazine wants some dirt on the governor of Texas and he’s willing to spend $1 million to get it, according to TMZ:

  • Now that Perry has alienated many Conservatives I wonder if Sarah Palin will enter into the race?

  • Molon Labe


    What faculty lounge do you hang out in? Why do you hate American students so that you would deny them the opportunity of a scholarship because monies are diverted to illegals?

    Why would you deny hard working American families to improve their lot in life and deprive them of an education?

    Why would you steal the taxes of hard working Americans and give it to a special priviledge group? Why do you support special rights an descriminate against Americans?

    How can you treat human beings that way? How can you be so cruel and selfish? And you call yourself an American, I’ve dealt with Stasi members who had more compassion.

  • Bigkahuna

    If these freaking idiots in congress would add a simple amendment to our constitution we could solve all this. No Child born in this country is a citizen unless at least ONE parent is legal possibly both. If you dont like that dont have kids with an illegal.

    Send the parent home and let them take their kids.

    Do we let children of bank robbers keep the money they steal even when caught ?

    Steal a car because you need a car to get to work…Hey I just need it to feed my family… If not caught stealing it does the family get to keep the car ?

    These are so simple to knock out of the park.

    If you take away the incentive you cut the problem down to such a minimal problem and we dont have to figure a way to pass bills to let illegals get discoungted education.

    Now that all candidates have their own issues can we simply get to the best candidate with the most ideas in writing, the most experienced, the smartest and the most able to kick Obama in the teeeth during a debate.

    Elect Newt and get over his divorce and green commercial with Natzi Pelosi.

    He like everyone else can change on those issues.

    On the basics that are needed he is by far the best candidate available BAR NONE He can bring on Sarah Palin as VP and no conservatives in office need to be taken from that position where they are needed

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Rick Perry: “I Don’t Think You Have a Heart” If You Oppose In-State Tuition for Children of Illegal Aliens

    I guess I don’t have one then.

  • When these illegal immigrants graduate from college, where do they go? They aren’t American citizens. They aren’t legally allowed to work in the USA, even as college graduates, so they just wasted a college education that an American citizen could have benefited from and that could have benefited the economy. They can’t pass e-verify, they can’t legally get Social Security numbers…so where do they go to work? Until the problem is addressed at the source, the flood of illegal immigrants swamping our schools, hospitals, social services, etc., we are doomed as a society.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Of course, the more important Drudge Report headline reads:

    “HPV Vaccine Fact Check: Perry Misstated Relationship With Dying Woman”

    Gov. Perry will have trouble using this story again.

  • retire05

    #53, if parents from the states you mentioned drag their kids with them to live in Texas, they automatically will be granted in-state tuition. The just have to live in the state for one year, or less.

    Ignoring the fact that many of these children of illegals were born here, they have to had to lived in Texas, and been attending a Texas high school, for at least three years, and be on a path to citizenship, which requires them to apply for citizenship. Once a kid is 18, they can apply for citizenship.

    And the bottom line is this is a state (10th Amendment) issue. The feds have already abdicated their responsibility when they allowed the parents to enter illegally in the first place.

    Now, I know there are those who would round up all the illegals, including their U.S. born children, and ship them back to the farthest tip of South America. That is just never going to happen.

  • Sasja

    donh, you make a very good point. We cannot afford to lose Texas and like it or not, the hispanic population there is strong and growing and will soon be the dominant “race”. Frankly, I don’t see how, strategically, we will ever be able to deport all illegals if there are as many as some think. I don’t like the idea of amnesty either.

  • Freddy

    Does anyone know if military members from other states pay out of state tuition in Texas?

    Out here in Ca the Dems are ramming thru instate for illegals and NOT for the military. The Dems in Ca really hate every aspect of the military, including the soldiers!

  • retire05

    Freddy, I believe if you are stationed in Texas, you will get in-state tuition rates. Also, if you are a veteran with 100% disability, thanks to Governor Perry, you pay no taxes on your home.

  • retire05

    Sasja, Perry understands the dynamics of the nation is changing. Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of our nation. No GOP candidate can win without the Hispanic vote. In Texas, we were already a strong Hispanic state from our entry into the U.S. but now whites are already a minority if you count the Hispanics and African-Americans together.

    If any of the other candidates think they can win by what will be considered Hispanic bashing by a lot of Hispanic Americans, they are dead wrong.

  • #65

    Thanks for that clarification. So if I break into your house and stay there three years while the taxpayers in the state pay for my kids’ high school education, do I get to keep your house? Fair is fair. WHAT? Don’t you have a HAAAAAARRRRTTTTT?

  • Cee

    Why should Texans pay to send illegal to college? They cannot work when they finish. It is a waste of money and slots at the universities to permit this.

    They would be better off leaving the US before they incur a 3 or 10 year bar from reentry and apply as legal entrants. They could get their education in their country of citizenship and get a US job as a guest worker.

  • Molon Labe


    You are so right about the nine old ladies in black robes. The same supreme court that ruiled slavery legal, that the Japanese could be interned without trial, and that property could be seized from one private owner and goiven to another private party. These people are bad jokes. They know the Constitution so well that they have called for the use of foreign law. Only someone as demented as the Retarded One could cite the Supreme Court without laughing.

    Worse she cites ACORN and La Raza as supporting the community reinvestment act. An act that allowed banks to consider the following as income:


    Now considering the Federql government courtesy of Barney Frank and Dodd forced banks to lend under a scheme dreamed up by Clinton and the current gov. of NY State, aren’t we all better off. Who do you think pocketed those billions of dollars? Isn’t it wonderful that illegal aliens, race hustlers, have destroyed pension plans, retirement plans, bankrupted countless businesses, and retirement dreams so the Big Fat Retarded one can bray on and on.

    I think we should adopt Mexico’s immigration laws. Did you know a foreigner who becomes a Mexican can’t own land in many areas, can’t be employed in many jobs, and can’t take part in politics. So liberal, so progressive, so gerat we should adopt them all immediately.

    In keeping with the Supreme Court’s recent love affair with foreign laws. By the way any intelligent person who reads the 14th amendment and the statement of its author realizes there is no bithright citizenship. This is a construct of the Supreme Court, iut isn’t what the Constitution says, according to the man who wrote the 14th amendment.

    But hey its a living document, meaning whatever we like it to say. So its Thursday I say the 14th Amendment really means….Unless there is a full moon.

  • retire05

    Mad hatter, I didn’t say I agreed with Plyler but that is the way it is. I also didn’t agree with Kelo but I have no powe to overturn the SCOTUS, and neither do you.

  • Cat

    Thank God Perry finally revealed himself. Common knowledge to many conservatives in Texas – this man should not be running for President….He’s done…time to move on and back Mitt.

  • Molon Labe

    Perry=Elmer Gantry, but a really, really scummy one.

  • Joey C.

    EPA Official Was Romney’s ‘Green Quarterback’

    Dont fall the RINOS Romney and Perry! Bachmann 2012

  • Also, I didn’t stipulate that the parents from the other states who dragged their kids to Texas planned to LIVE there. They just drag them into Texas, leave them there, and head back home, expecting the good taxpayers of Texas to foot all their bills, including free medical, social services, housing, education, the …pardon the pun…Whole Enchilada…like they do for illegal aliens.

  • Patty


    Well, immigration is a serious issue for Conservatives. I wish that one state isn’t a reflection on Perry’s tuition decision. It happens to be his state. I wish someone would have asked would this be the rule in all 50 states if he were to become president.

    I believe the ad above and repealing Obamacare would be his first priority. We all are fired up on this thread but the real issue is getting America back to were it was in Better Days.

    I do not have a candidate, I have been hoping that someone would jump in the race and be just PERFECT. That is naive to think that a person could be perfect. Perry has said he is for life. That took me back because of all the Death sentences. I believe that a person should be sentenced to death, though, all for the same reasons Perry does.

    Perry has some trouble speaking in the Debates and there are many things he might have said better. But he has explained himself, repeatedly and tonight in my opinion didn’t hurt him. We didn’t find out anything we haven’t already heard before.

    If this one thing is going to turn us against Perry then who is left. It is TEXAS and Texas has always been out of the ordinary.

  • Mad Hatter

    For all you good folks in Texas that support the special treatment, in state tuition for illegals, and you refer to it as a States Right Issue. Okay, tell me this, do you also support the States Right to give special treatment to have sanctuary cities?

    Cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston.


    I mean, after all, we better start having more sanctuary cities since the Hispanic population is growing in Texas. We don’t want to do anything, that would seem, how is it that someone just said, like, “Hispanic bashing by a lot of Hispanic Americans.”

  • retire05

    Melon Lobe, I don’t agree with the rules set down in the Community Reinvestment Act. If you do, you should take that up with Bill Clinton and Barney Frank whose boyfriend helped write the rules.

    But the fact remains that the CRA allowed illegals to purchase homes and when they purchase homes they pay taxes on those homes just like you do.

    If you are worried about SCOTUS justice appointments, then you better not vote for Romney because when he had a chance to appoint Republicans to the bench in Massachussets, he didn’t do that and in fact, appointed more Democrats to the bench than Republicans.

  • Molon Labe

    You know the majority of people living in Detroit receive federal assistance. And if the GOP hopes to win their votes we must do anything to disturb, molest or hinder them in any way or we cannot win. The same with the criminal population.

    We’ll utilizing this reasoning its no wonder we see flash mobs and brazen criminality, because a certain portion of the population is will not enforce the laws of the land and justifies descrimination against those that abide by the law and are good citizens. Its this sort of rational that supports class warfare and promtes class hatred.

  • Sasja

    I don’t care about vaccines or in-state tuition. I am looking for a legislature and president who will cut our bloated federal bureaucracy by at least 40%, to start. Now, who will be the best candidate to start that ball rollin’?

  • retire05

    Mad Hatter, Rick Perry worked hard to end the sanctuary city practices. The bill was killed in the regular session, so Perry put it back on the agenda in the special session. The RINO Joe Strauss, Speaker of the Texas House, killed it.

  • Reading the posts, I see how much many of you are willing to compromise on principles. This is exactly what the illegals and their supporters have been working for. Flood us with so many illegals that we finally have to abandon principles and the rule of law and court their vote or face losing even more liberty to the Left if they win elections. They now rule over us; give us MORE of what we want, or we will VOTE it away from you!!! God help what’s left of this country after it craters.

  • Neo

    Drudge is reporting that the White House is doing a Solyndra “limited hangout” with the NYTimes.
    It must be hurting.

  • retire05

    Melon Lobe, seen any flash mobs in Texas?

    And no one is pandering to Detroit. It is already in the tank for Democrats.

  • Mad Hatter

    More children of illegals on college campuses, mean more marches and demands when they don’t get what they want. And we’ll get a chance to see more signs that read, “I didn’t cross the border, the border crossed me.” What colleges do we sign them all up at?

  • Patty
  • Rock

    Personally, compromising, turning the other cheek, or just getting along got us in this position. I will back the eventual leader but only because just about anything is better than 4 more years of Donkey Kong One. I lean toward those the Tea Party back, but right now they have not really been real open about that. The statement pissed me off if for no other reason than Perry was trying to lay a quilt trip on those who have a problem with our broken borders. Something the Progs have always done, and frankly scares the H out of me when the Right does it.
    Judging by some of the comments here it would seem some would back a Hispanic contender just to win, scary thought, and you have to wonder why.

  • Molon Labe


    Cut the kabuki dance. Its clear your a hand puppet for the Marxist Clown Brigade. The fact remains that people like you defrauded billions of dollars from hard working people who sacrificed to save for a retirement and to play by the rules. These dreams are smashed because of cretins and radicals like you. Why do you bray so much about what a great deal the community reinvestment act was? Aren’t you pleased so many poor people are ruined? That widows and orphans have lost whatever they hoped to gain from their homes?

    What a poor pathetic fraud you are. I only hope you get a chance to live in a people’s pardise you seem to desire so. You deserve it.

    We can all love the SCROTUS, people who believe discrimination is legal, that foreign law applies to the USA, that the law is “living.”

    I’m sure everyone here realizes what you are. You get the respect you deserve.

  • Molon Labe

    We shoot flash mobs in Texas. C’mon down for a visit.

  • Sasja

    I don’t see anyone compromising their principles. Times are what they are. Right now we have bigger fish to fry and getting all upset over a state’s decision on tuition just isn’t as important to me as getting the feds out of our lives as much as possible.

  • Molon Labe



    Name on step, one measure, one penalty, one funding cut Perry took against sanctuary cities.

    C’mon dolt, tell us what he did.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …and like it or not, the hispanic population there is strong and growing and will soon be the dominant “race”.

    Sounds like Texas is on track to turn into another California.

  • Molon Labe



    If a man lies to his wife constantly, do you think he will change if he gets a promotion? Perry is a bad liar, but he is a serial liar.

  • owl

    Retire……..most are not going to understand the immigration issue. It killed Bush and had some on our side calling him a traitor. It’s as if they lose all reason. Perry needs to clean up what he says and how he says it. The damage is done.

    Perry would make a fine president. He understands the border. He understands taxes. He understands JOBS. He understands ENERGY and how to get it. He would put this country back to work.

    I am surprised because I know he is one of the best up there and he was toast tonight.

  • Craig

    Rick Perry looked like a jerk tonight. I saw more than 20 polls and Ron Paul is winning tall of them and at a very high percentage: between 60% to even 80%…lol

    They tried to ignore him one more time, not asking him hardly any questions, but each time he had a chance to speek, the crowd went wild!

    You better get use the more they ignore him, the more people vote for him. They know they are afraid of him. He will get the nomination, for sure.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Patty

    “Some aspects of the law turn law enforcement officers into immigration officials by requiring them to determine immigration status during any lawful contact with a suspected alien, taking them away from their existing law enforcement duties, which are critical to keeping citizens safe,” Perry said.


    Something Perry doesn’t know or he just never said. But he should ride along with an Officer and see the paperwork that an officer has to fill out on any call. Pages. And this is a major complaint of any officer. Just ask one next time you see an officer. So, it really doesn’t matter how long they are with an illegal in paperwork. The report is the same as any arrest then immigration authorities are called and from that point who knows what happens out of officer’s hands.

  • Studious Citizen

    “Studious, was that a motorcycle you were riding or a bicycle? If you think those stupid helmets people wear while riding a bicycle would have kept your teeth from being knocked out, you are one dim bulb.”

    It was a bicycle, and I did it in 7th grade. And yes, a helmet would have prevented my teeth from getting knocked out (See: http://www.motocross-racing-tips.com/images/O%27Neal%20Titan%20helmet.jpg)

    You can get off your high f***ing horse now.

  • Craig

    Sorry, I meant:

    You better get use to it. The more they ignore him, the more people vote for him. They know they are afraid of him. He will get the nomination, for sure.

  • Molon Labe


    Most Texans of Mexican descent have no use for illegals and their activities. They are law abidding and proud of it. They have built successful businesses and lives. They are proud of their heritage. But they are not race hustlers like so many in the US. I do not why California is so different. I think it is because most Mexicans inn Texas are from border areas and the ones in California are from Chicapas, and other states in southern Mexico, really, really poor, and lawless areas.

  • Molon Labe

    The Ronulians are out in force tonight. Too bad he actually made some good comments but he’ll always take a dip in the really, really deep end of the crazy train.

  • Sasja

    Studious, don’t be so sensitive. Just wanted to pull your chain. The dim bulb reference was probably not nice. By the way, foul language is only used by the ignorant, dontcha know.

  • big L

    There are 29 state universities in Mexico. That is one for every Mexican state and 2 in the Federal District. Several are working on the Genome Project to map out genes in the human chromosome
    and others have fabulous art departments. These Universities are not rinky-dink at all. They are real universities. And they are FREE! Just show up.
    so the illegals can have FREE college all set up for them.All they got to do is go back home.They don’t need to mooch off our country for an education.

  • Sasja

    Whomever the nominee is, he’ll have my vote as the alternative is too frightening.

  • Craig

    On the question on the site regarding Foreign Aid, 40% of the people voted to give NO ONE foreign aid. YESSSS SIR! Ron Paul is always right and this is why he wins all the polls.

  • Studious Citizen

    Sasja: “I don’t see anyone compromising their principles. Times are what they are. Right now we have bigger fish to fry and getting all upset over a state’s decision on tuition just isn’t as important to me as getting the feds out of our lives as much as possible.”

    Here’s the problem, Mr. “Let’s just vote for anyone but Obama”…we have to pick a candidate based on how well they stick to the principles we elect them to uphold. We must do this because we can’t foresee every decision that will come across their desk. So, we rely on looking at their record and determining how often they actually stick to their principles. In Rick Perry’s case, all you need to get him to abandon his mythical “conservative principles” is to send him a few grand in donations and hire his former chief of staff…

    If we don’t verify that these candidates stick to their principles, then we’ll end up with another Bush who abandons the free market to save the free market, or an Obama who breaks every single campaign promise he makes.

  • DaMav

    Perry could have argued that giveaway prizes to illegals were necessary in Texas but that he realized they would not work and would not have his support elsewhere. I would not have agreed but might have focused on our agreements in other areas.

    Instead he chose to condescendingly look down his nose and deliberately insult those of us who want to stop rewarding those who break our immigration laws.

    Even Romney had a better answer. In my book Perry is now tied with Huntsman for last choice.

  • Studious Citizen

    Craig…*facepalm*…Ron Paul isn’t the only one talking about eliminating foreign aid.

    Paulbots irritate the living crap out of me.

  • Studious Citizen

    “foul language is only used by the ignorant, dontcha know.”

    …and ad homimems by those who have no facts to stand on.

  • Westfield

    Perry lost my vote tonight. What part of “illegal” do these azz-clowns NOT understand???

  • martha

    mark Levin made a very important point tonight. We are already assuming it’s either going to be Romney or Perry. I’m not crazy for either of them. I like Santorum ,Bachmann,Cain and even Newt better. Why are we assuming it’s going to be one of the 2? We haven’nt even voted in a primary yet.

  • Studious Citizen

    “I don’t care about vaccines or in-state tuition. I am looking for a legislature and president who will cut our bloated federal bureaucracy by at least 40%, to start. Now, who will be the best candidate to start that ball rollin’?”

    Well, its not Rick Perry. He helped grow Texas’ debt by almost 200%. He doubled spending. And most of the “miraculous new jobs” in Texas are minimum wage.

  • bg
  • Craig

    Ron Paul is in the TOP tier. Finally I am glad they are giving a lot of Air time to Perry and Romney, they will destroy each other very easily…lol… and Ron Paul will lead.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • retire05

    Melon Lobe, I am something you are not. I am a Texan. I understand Texans and Tejanos. You do not seem to. While Tejanos may not like illegal immigration they are NOT going to vote for someone who seems to be against ALL Hispanics. And like it or not, they vote and they now represent over 15% of our population. No candidate can win by acting like they want to round up all the illegals and shove them on cattle cars.

    In Texas, Hispanics are moving to the GOP faster than in any other state. Do you think that is by accident? Do you think people like you, spouting your anti-Hispanic hatred is going to win them over to the Republicans? No, they will vote Democrat because they think people like you are bigotted.

    You want me to name a spending cut that Perry took against sanctuary cities? Those budget decisions are not his purview. That lies with our state legislature. He tried to get anti-sanctuary city legislation passed (which you should already know but aren’t willing to admit). It was killed by Joe Strauss.

    If you are a Texan (which I doubt) then tell me what county you live in. Back up your claims.

  • MrGoodWench

    big L commented:
    There are 29 state universities in Mexico. That is one for every Mexican state and 2 in the Federal District. Several are working on the Genome Project to map out genes in the human chromosome and others have fabulous art departments. These Universities are not rinky-dink at all. They are real universities. And they are FREE! Just show up.
    so the illegals can have FREE college all set up for them.All they got to do is go back home.They don’t need to mooch off our country for an education.
    So how come NO ONE ever informed the American people about it ?
    Thanx for this info , I hope it gets passed around and Perrybots get to read it

  • retire05

    Studious Citizen, you’re a day late and a dollar short. I have already debunked your claims long ago.

  • Sehe s

    This won’t win him conservatives , but he just won alot of latinos for the general election

    Its in fact why he ever had such a position.

    This position will be a sheild for him from liberal attacks on immigration. It will be hard for Obama to drum up an anger and fear on the issue.

    As a President , whoever wins, they will not have sway over in state tuitions anyway.

  • Sasja

    Studious, your point is well taken and I have to agree. On this criteria, who do you think that candidate is? I was leaning toward Perry, but have started to tilt away from him. As I stated above, I do not agree with the Texas in-state tuition for illegals, but that is Texas and as we all know, they’re a whole other country. However it does raise some red flags. I still think Ron Paul is too nutty. Can’t stand Romney. Never have. I love Herman Cain but don’t see him winning the nomination.

  • bg


    Illegal Aliens Got $4.2 Billion in Refundable Tax Credits Last Year

    educacion es el futuro, y si se puede

    Texas 2010

    [Also, 23.8% of its population does not have
    health insurance, the worst rate in the country.]


  • Sasja

    #110, Studious. Touche’.

  • donh

    I am disappointed in Perry…that playing on the cancer sympathy with regard to the vaccine is something John Edwards would do.

  • retire05

    Anyone considering Romney should read this:


    Very well researched with great links.

  • Molon Labe



    Res ipsa loquitur.

    Is there an empty seat on Ahmasi Nejad’s return flight to Iran?

    Tell us more about your moral innumeracy. Can you read or not? Are you sane or just wearing your crazy train filters again? Get thee back to the DU or Kos Kiddies where all good racist Marxists like you dwell.

    How dare you pollute these columns with such distortions and lies. So transparent, so ignorant, so racist.

  • atticcellar

    If you have been here you whole life you are a citizen and the “entitlements” are yours.. I think if you want to go to school.. Get a job and work your way through school.. A large percentage of these “college graduates” are simply beureucrats who see their diploma a justification to further suck the money out of our pockets.. End the FED, End the iris, Reinstate the tariffs as per our founding fathers direction.. America First.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • Molon Labe


    Worse than the tax credits is that illegal aliens deprive American citizens of their representation, and hence voice in government. California has lost over two million USC in the past five years, yet due to illegals California will not lose any seats in Congress. Those districts populated by illegals get the same representation as other districts but th3ey are not due representation. Is this what the founders intended?

    I think not. Worse you see the race hustlers refusing to allow voter ID because they depend on these illegals to empower their radical policies.

  • fishy

    I told you before Slick Rick Perry is like a used car dealer. He pretends he is conservative but he is not. I am glad people are realizing that his Muslim ties and his terrible policies on illegals are all red flags on this guy. I still think Rudy G is the best candidate and should enter ring. or Even Pataki. Why are all the good Republicans sitting on the sidelines?

    We must be very CAREFUL that the Dems don’t pollute the primary voting for the Republican party by propping up loser candidates a la McCain(like ron paul)

  • Molon Labe



    You’re a Texan like OJ loved his wife. You are clearly a racist, Marxist nut case, with major personal problems.

  • Dien Cai Dau

    Craig, you’re a FRIGGIN canadian!!!
    Go watch sesame street and let the adults have a REAL conversation Please!

  • bg


    retire05 #118 September 22, 2011 at 11:40 pm

    not exactly, you said my link was too liberal..

    if that’s what you call debunking, please don’t claim it anymore..

    oh yeah, i’ve heard zippo from you on “minimum wage”..

    but you have heard about it from me, ie:

    [Critics also point out that many of the jobs created in Texas are
    low wage, and not guaranteed to lift people out of poverty. Texas’s
    percentage of low wage jobs far outpaces the national rate for the
    US. and also that of neighbouring states like Arkansas, Oklahoma
    and Louisiana.]

    bit more here & here..


  • Sehe s

    Oh AND , only 4 legistlators voted against it. Perry couldn’t have vetoed it.

  • atticcellar

    Canadians and the peoples of the whole world have as much at stake as Americans.. The same global elite own both governments. With the US fiat dollar being the worlds reserve currency the whole world has every right to speak on this blog (open to the world wide web).. All top tier candidates “declared thus by the banker owned alphabet MSM mainstream media” are paid off shills that will continue the policies that their masters dictate. Ultimate goal; One world government under one world bank controlled by these thieving banksters.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • Craig

    @ Dien Cai Dau

    Your pseudo is great, it suits you well. Yes, you are “crazy in the head”, if you think that I will take orders from a little control freak like you. You do not impress me one bit.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • workingclass artist

    So let me get this straight…Gov. Perry is being landblasted for supporting instate tuition for children of illegals a state schools that all but a few legislators voted for & this not only lowered education costs, boosted tuition revenues at state schools but makes these young adults employable and tax payers? These kids were raised in Texas and Texans decided that until their legal status is decided to allow them to pay residential tuition rates if they meet the criteria. It’s also a handy way to document them and their parents. Perry is standing FIRM for defending his conservative state who found a fiscal conservative solution which kept Texas out of federal courts ,saved money and kept us from becoming California.

    Texas has found ways to try and solve problems & Texas can’t deport illegal immigrants.

    Rick Santorum is a pompous LIAR when he said he’d been to the Texas Border and a Wall was feasible…The Rio Grande River IS the Texas-Mexico Border & How do you build a wall in a river…How do you wall in a giant canyon (Big Bend Nat’l Park)

    You secure a border with troops and consistent enforcement policy.

    Neither Obama or Obama-lite will secure the border or enact immigration reform in a sensible way that doesn’t hurt the economy….

    Obama-Lite is gambling on a risky and failed strategy that he can flip-flop on this issue and it will F A I L just like his other Flip-Flops Fail.

    The GOP cannot win the general election without splitting the Hispanic vote & these folks won’t vote for Romney.

    Bush won between 41% & 44% of the Hispanic vote in 2004. The #1 issue for Hispanic voters is education followed by #2 jobs. In Texas Perry won 38% of the Tejano vote after being sued over re-districting.

    This REALITY is what Rush Limbaugh was talking about on his radio show this week when he said the GOP lost Reagan’s California…and could lose Texas or Florida. Texas didn’t cause this problem…It is a Federal Problem that democrats exploit & in Texas we try to solve with conservative principals focused on economics and family values.

    ” Not only are Latino residents expanding their power, but Latino citizens are also making their voices heard at the ballot box. The fallout from Proposition 187 in California (in 1994) marked a political turning point in the immigration debate. Whereas anti-immigrant wedge politics looked like a winning strategy at first, Proposition 187 ended up backfiring spectacularly on the candidates and party most identified with the effort: the GOP. According to the Los Angeles Times, Proposition 187 “helped spur record numbers of California Latinos to become U.S. citizens and register to vote.” [11] As National Public Radio noted, the “subsequent backlash among the Latino community may have been largely responsible for turning California into a solidly blue state.” [13]

    “This trend has also been observed in recent elections, where candidates who blamed Latinos or immigrants for a wide array of social ills, as a way to attract Independent voters, found instead that they alienated both groups…”


    The percentage of Hispanic family households consisting of a married couple.

    The percentage of Hispanic family households consisting of a married couple with children younger than 18.

    Percentage of Hispanic children living with two married parents.

    The percentage of Percentage of stay-at-home mothers who were Hispanic. In contrast, 16 percent of all other mothers were Hispanic.

    The median income of Hispanic households in 2008, down 5.6 percent from the previous year after adjusting for inflation.

    The poverty rate among Hispanics in 2008, up from 21.5 percent in 2007.

    The percentage of Hispanics 25 and older that had at least a high school education in 2009.

    The percentage of the Hispanic population 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2009.

    3.7 million
    The number of Hispanics 18 and older who had at least a bachelor’s degree in 2009.

    Number of Hispanics 25 and older with advanced degrees in 2009 (e.g., master’s, professional, doctorate).

    Percentage of full-time college students (both undergraduate and graduate students) in October 2008 who were Hispanic.

    Number of Hispanic chief executives. In addition, 50,866 physicians and surgeons; 48,720 postsecondary teachers; 38,532 lawyers; and 2,726 news analysts, reporters and correspondents were Hispanic.

    The percentage of the Hispanic population 25 and older with a bachelor’s degree or higher in 2009.

    3.7 million
    The number of Hispanics 18 and older who had at least a bachelor’s degree in 2009.

    Number of Hispanics 25 and older with advanced degrees in 2009 (e.g., master’s, professional, doctorate).

    Percentage of full-time college students (both undergraduate and graduate students) in October 2008 who were Hispanic.


    9.7 million million
    The number of Hispanic citizens who reported voting in the 2008 presidential election, about 2 million more than voted in 2004. The percentage of Hispanic citizens voting–50%–represented a statistical increase from 2004 (47%).

    Serving our Country

    1.1 million
    The number of Hispanic veterans of the U.S. armed forces.

    Read more: Hispanic Americans: Census Facts — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/spot/hhmcensus1.html#ixzz1YkTdUsNI

  • mcc

    If I didn’t think Perry was pandering to a certain voting block, I’d think he was a snob.

    To say that someone who doesn’t have a college degree will be a “drag on society” is not only a lame argument, but an offensive one as well. Some of our most industrious and productive fellow citizens weren’t given the opportunity to pursue a college education. And I expect there’ll be many more in the future.

    They’ll find work, I’m sure — and faster, most likely — than the one who eagerly seeks or demands the handout. And don’t forget: that degree is likely 4 more years of being fed liberal lies.

  • Craig

    atticcellar (#133)

    You seem to be the only educated person on this blog. You are completely awaken. Congratulation!

    Yes indeed, Canadians and the peoples of the whole world have as much at stake as Americans. The Federal Reserve fractionning banking system is bankrupting the whole world. It has to be abolished or else there will be no future for no country in this world. This criminal International banskter are destroying every country. They will then buy everything for pennies on the dollar and install their tyranical unelected government.

    Most of the countries around the world knows that. But isn’t it strange, that only Americans don’t seem to know this? Why do you think that is? I am puzzled that Americans don’t get it. Do you have an answer for me?

  • Beachluver

    I sooooooo wanted Perry to be “THE GUY”but it ain’t happening!!!! This tuition B.S. his border security stance…….he looks like he’s been gob-smacked!!!!! But most of all……..he does not have the fire in the belly and he just seems like he doesn’t want it bad enough and the jug-earred man-child will eat his lunch in a DEBATE!!!!! So I guess it has to be ROMNEY…..gotta get used to it…we have to get that slime maggot out of the white house.

  • bg


    quit playing into the media & agenda trolls traps..

    each candidate should stand or fall on
    their own individual merits & demerits..

    not via childish comparison..

    check their record, especially the way they voted,
    as that is where the truth is hidden in plain sight..


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  • Dien Cai Dau

    WHO is the control freak dimwit??
    You come here and repeatedly tell us we WILL vote for ron paul!
    You really are gonna have to try harder than that to impress me AT ALL.
    Beddy bye time child.

  • bg



    don’t love illegal immigrants..


  • Craig

    Dien Cai Dau(#141)

    Hey “crazy head”, you will indeed evidently vote for Ron Paul since he will get the nomination. Either that, or you will vote for Obama.

  • Craig

    And I hope Ron Paul takes Judge Napolitano for his V.P. Wow! What a team these two will be. I am regaining hope for America and the world!

  • bg


    i’ve known many ordinary Hispanics over my lifetime who
    are anti-illegal immigration, but eh, here ya go anyways..

    Poll Says Many Hispanics Are Against Amnesty


  • workingclass artist

    “If I didn’t think Perry was pandering to a certain voting block, I’d think he was a snob”

    Stats so that college degrees increase earning power…This is a fact.

  • workingclass artist


    The quickest way to bond any voting group in opposition is to attack them…Latinos want the same thing anyother voting group wants and the top two issues are Education and Jobs.

    Everybody on that stage except Gov. Perry made it clear that Hispanics shouldn’t get education in Texas…Democrats will exploit this like they did in California. You are a fool not to see that.

  • bg


    Mitt Romney Rallies GOP Hispanics

    [Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told an enthusiastic
    crowd of Hispanic Republicans on Friday that they are “living proof” of
    the benefits of legal immigration but called for toughening enforcement
    on illegal immigration.]

    more here..


  • Dien Cai Dau

    Craig I guess Ill try nicely ONE last time
    Ron Paul is UNELECTABLE.
    I will laugh my a$$ off at you when the elections are over in Nov., until then I will do what most others here seem to have already learned to do and simply ignore your Paulanista drivel.
    Good night and goodbye I will no longer respond to your insanity.

  • workingclass artist


    “he looks like he’s been gob-smacked!!!!!”

    Perhaps being drawn into idiotic arguments over BS rhetoric can do that to a person.

    The Rio Grande River is the Border of Texas & building a wall in the middle of a river is stupid. Building a wall in a giant canyon is stupid.

    The whole thing was so stupid it s hard to watch…and the ONLY rational people on that stage were Perry, Gingrich & Cain. Everybody else looked like either a liar or a Freak….not a great day for the GOP.

  • Just Say NO to Perry

    Perry = Globalist, faux-conservative, NeoCON, RINO, con-man…. Just what the Pundit ordered.

  • Ron Paul 2012

    #149 – Ron Paul would OWN Obama… he’s the anti-Obama in every way. He is the one Republican candidate who is CLEARLY DISTINGUISHABLE from Obama on EVERY ISSUE.

    Don’t buy the “unelectable” mantra – it makes you look like a mind-controlled MSMtard.

  • workingclass artist

    “It was a rough night for Perry onstage in Tampa, Fla., before a predominantly tea-party crowd, at a debate co-hosted by CNN and the national conservative group Tea Party Express. His rivals badmouthed numerous points in his record, not least of which was his purported softness on illegal immigrants.

    But the episode showed that Perry could offer the Republican Party its best chance to steal Latino votes from President Obama in a general election — not just because he sits to the left of the other candidates on immigration policy, but because of his tone.

    Republicans have harped on “amnesty” and deployed some heated, anti-illegal-immigrant rhetoric in recent years; Perry, when confronted on his alleged coddling of illegals, has at his disposal a few practiced lines about Latino contributions to Texas and its economy.

    Despite the rough treatment Perry received over in-state tuition, Republicans would do well to nominate a White House hopeful with more liberal immigration views and more experience courting Hispanic votes….”


  • bg


    heh, in 08 someone (maybe 3 in one) was a time wasting hyper jeans
    wearer from Venezuela living in California.. and Craig still claimed to be
    a Canadian (it’s one of their victim / victorious skits they like to play,
    but that’s nothing, just wait until the “truther” gig starts in earnest..
    i’m telling you, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, they’ll gag you with a spoon,
    uhm no, better make that, make you gag)..


  • MrGoodWench

    workingclass artist commented:

    Everybody on that stage except Gov. Perry made it clear that Hispanics shouldn’t get education in Texas
    Its about ILLEGALS
    NOT Hispanics.
    Its about COLLEGE education
    NOT education.
    Illegals get free K-12 basic school education , free/subsidised college education is not a right .

  • workingclass artist

    “”I think that’s definitely a positive point. Unfortunately a lot of Republicans have failed to learn that lesson of separating the policy view from some of the harsh rhetoric, and then from lumping everyone in together and failing to understand what the root cause of the [illegal immigration] problem is,” Lopez said.

    Perry seems unwilling to make that rhetorical trade-off. As the governor of Texas, he has represented more Hispanic constituents than any other candidate in the 2012 race. Hispanics now make of 37.6 percent of Texas’s population, according to the 2010 Census, and, as Erica Grieder wrote last month on this site, Perry owes some thanks to immigrants for Texas’s economic health — thanks he offers publicly. And as he calmly offered welcoming phrases to a growing minority population, the Texas governor appeared more viable for the general election than the candidates who attacked him.
    If Latinos, like other Americans, have lost confidence in Obama because of America’s sagging economy, then they may look for new leadership in 2012, regardless of whether the president failed to enact comprehensive immigration reform, or whether the Texas DREAM Act included a pathway to citizenship. In a close race against Obama, an improved showing among Latinos could deliver the White House to the Republican.

    The votes could be out there, and, if they are, Republicans will need someone ready to collect them. Perry might just be their man. ”


  • mcc

    I’m feeling a bit sorry for the Perry cheerleaders. He withered again tonight. The Luntz focus group was pretty unanimous: Romney won the debate.

    Several – like some on this thread – who’d been for Perry changed their minds after tonight’s debate. No, he’s going to have to do alot better if he goes up against BO.

  • atticcellar

    As for me, I will not be accept Ron Paul is “unelectable”. The bankster controlled MSM will parrot this over and over hoping if they say it enough his army of supporters will give up.. It is not going to happen.. Ron has placed toward the top if not at the top of most of the polls.. Many people in the US have become victims of the banksters loosing thier homes, jobs, and loved ones in wars against nations which have done nothing the the US . These wars being waged on behalf of the banksters in order to replace any remaining nations independent cental banks with one of thier Rothschilds cartels banks.. END THE WARS… END THE FED… RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.. RON PAUL… 2012

  • bg


    oh poor poor pitiful Perry, those mean
    evil TEA Partiers have no heart!! /s/


  • Craig

    Hey Bg, why don ‘t you ask Jim Hoft if I am a Canadian? I give you my permission . He has my email address and my IP. Stop your stupidities, at your age you should be ashame of being so childish.

  • workingclass artist


    Again…Education is the #1 issue with Hispanic voters..Jobs is#2

    Hispanics will see this as an attack on their ethnicity & democrats with La Raza will exploit it. Like they did in California when they turned it blue in 1994. I posted stats which shows these are largely middle class families and in Texas they own businesses & pay taxes.

    Texas and Gov.Perry are NOT responsible for Immigration….BUT we can be smart & appeal to conservative principles we have in common & bring them into the GOP which we have done in Texas.

    Democrats will play this anti-immigrant rhetoric as racist and Obama will get 67% of that vote.It is a losing strategy for the GOP and even Rush talked about it and every Texan & Floridian knows it…so do the Nevadans. We all want immigration reform and border security…But this won’t win elections & as California shows it could be a disaster for the GOP for decades.

  • Craig

    atticcellar (#158)

    You impress me. You certainly did deep rechearches, because you came up with the same conclusions that I did. I intensively rechearched for 3 years the Federal Reserve and I know that they are the cause to all evil in this world. BTW, if you want and if you have time, I would like you to answer my questions in my comment #137.

  • atticcellar

    #155… Yea…And a chicken in every pot.. Maybe three ounces of gold each too…

  • workingclass artist


    Don’t feel sorry for this Texan..I think Perry did fine. He exposed Mitt for the flip-flopper he is & he just swung the Hispanic vote toward him…They will campaign for him….He also united Texas Independents behind him.

    Yep. I think he had a pretty good night.

  • bg


    mcc #157 September 23, 2011 at 1:09 am

    perhaps if he announced Palin as his running
    mate, he may get a second chance.. / 😀 s/


  • workingclass artist

    “Everybody on that stage except Gov. Perry made it clear that Hispanics shouldn’t get education in Texas
    Its about ILLEGALS
    NOT Hispanics.
    Its about COLLEGE education
    NOT education.
    Illegals get free K-12 basic school education , free/subsidised college education is not a right .”

    Texas did it to stay out of Federal Court…do the research. Texas also saved money & education cost have gone down as a result.

  • mcc

    bg #165 – Hah! Love it!

  • atticcellar

    Craig.. Many people in America do “get it”.. Unfortunately many of the people in the country have jobs which support the unrighteous wars and the truth is something they are unwilling to accept.. It would be admitting their collusion in murder.. These people completely reject Ron Paul as they view him as a threat to their financial well being.. God Save America!!

  • Craig

    I don’t think Palin is stupid enough to go on a Perry ticket, Bg.

  • bg


    Craig #160 September 23, 2011 at 1:14 am

    don’t care if you’re the man in the moon.. wouldn’t care if you were
    a little green martian, or give a flying bats quano if you were casper
    the ghost..

    i only pay attention to what you post, eh, the again, maybe not.. 😀


  • bg


    workingclass artist #166 September 23, 2011 at 1:25 am

    links please..



  • workingclass artist

    This is all theatre…The GOP will end up supporting Perry and Mitt’s anti-immigrant & SS attack will fail.

    Perry is right…Mitt is using democratic tactics that will hurt the GOP in the general election & Perry will be their best shot. Newt will no doubt get a good offer in a Perry administration…But I’m hoping he appoints Bolton as Sec. of State & Cain as HHS or Commerce.

    John Bolton is advising Perry on Foreign Policy.

  • workingclass artist


    Go to the Texas Comptroller site and type in education.

  • Craig

    Antticcellar (#168)

    OMG, Anticellar, I never thought of that. So to keep their jobs, they are willing to sell their souls? OUCH. Don’t they know how many millions innocent citizens were killed around the world because of US wars that were started by those criminal banksters who finances both sides of the wars? How can they sleep at night? I feel so sorry for them.
    Thanks for your answer.

  • mcc


    Although Rick Perry said at a debate on Thursday that he was “lobbied” by a 31-year-old woman suffering from cervical cancer to require young girls to receive the HPV vaccine, he did not meet the cancer patient until after he had already issued his executive order mandating the vaccine.


  • workingclass artist


    He said he was lobbied by her…He was and he didn’t say whether it was before or after.

    So your point is what exactly?

  • Craig

    workingclass (#176)

    If it was AFTER, than it was irrelevant to even mention her…lol. Boy, you don’t think too fast!

  • ohiochili

    Tell us the truth, Craig…you’re a comedy writer, aren’t you?

  • Craig

    Ohio Chili,

    No, but I will be a History writer soon. I intend to write a book on the evil of the Federal Reserve. Of course, it will be in French. But who knows, if it has success, and I think it will, it could be translated in English, Spanish, etc.

  • Craig

    By the way OhioChili, if you want to know a bit about the Federal Reserve, I would suggest this 3 hours video:

    The Money Masters (Part 1 of 22)

  • bg


    aah, and some people think Obama is alone in lalaland.. *sigh*

    Florida Fox News GOP Debate With Video


  • bg


    workingclass artist #173 September 23, 2011 at 1:36 am

    like i said, no link to back up supposed DATA = USELESS!!



  • atticcellar


  • bg


    atticcellar #183 September 23, 2011 at 2:39 am



  • bg


    atticcellar #183 September 23, 2011 at 2:39 am

    better tell Gateway Pundit because 99% of my links are to GP posts..

    you know, the ones your buds are always crying about..

    at any rate, so the new ‘gig me’ is i link to viruses huh??

    what will you Obots think of next..

    too bad the unemployment is so high, you could maybe
    get a real job, that’s if you werwe old enough anyways..

    ever scoop poop??


  • BS61

    #5 September 22, 2011 at 9:44 pm
    Ron commented:
    The man stands by his decision right or wrong. those who say they won’t support him because of this never supported him in the first place. the concern troll meme is old.

    Hi Ron, No, I won’t be voting for Romney. I supported Perry until now. What does he not get about illegal being illegal?

  • bigmike

    I suspect that both Perry and Romney have outed themselves as compassionate conservatives. Let’s see how well that plays.

  • Gride

    Well that’s it! I am voting for Obama!

  • AS IF the US education system in its current form is any good! MEXICO has better standards with a huge private school system. These politicians need to open their eyes and their ears and find out the TRUTH of the education system before they propose

    This rainbows and unicorns idea that we are doing ANY CHILD a favor by our “outstanding school system” needs to have a stake run thru it. We’ve spent bazillions on new buildings, staff salaries and pensions and bought the worlds worst curriculum handed out (not taught – handed out) by the most uneducated bunch of PMSing cranks in the world. Yeah, I mean women, who dominate the schools. And not using “dominate” lightly. WHat a horror that this generation of women in education cannot hold a candle to their great-grandmothers who taught and KNEW what they were doing.

    The Spanish exchange student we had this year was APPALLED that the Mexicans in her classes couldn’t even write their own names correctly. SHe was sophomore in senior classes, pre-cal and physics, because that’s the level she came from in Spain – the STANDARD for ALL SPanish students, not the “gifted.” She was ahead of EVERYONE, moving to the top of the English lit/writing class by second semester.

    THe Mexican kids speak a household/socia/slangy/grammatically POOR dialect of Spanish, but in US schools get zero training in reading and writing in it, and ALL Anglophone and Hispanic students have access only to the crappiest language skills development for English competency in all apects of rhetorical skills, thanks to worthless English departments.

    SO, Net result… the local high school had 20% of its graduates go on to college…fed into state university and of them, ONE graduated with a bachelors. Thats the stats for the supposedly more “advantaged” WHITES. Year after year, the SAME abysmal education FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL. Parents can’t understand why their kids are moving back home and sitting there!!! They can’t DO anything! They can’t read or add!

    SO, handing a worthless US education to chidlren of illegals isn’t actually a “KINDNESS” it’s a CRUEL JOKE. A waste of taxpayer money on all levels. The badly prepared Hispanic kids will be on the streets ANYWAY. Remember the movie “STAND AND DELIVER?” The high school balmed the education fail fo the Hispanics (and all students) on “poverty” and “disfunctional families. Escalente proved it that was a lie.

    The “lost generation is becaue of SCHOOL GREED. They made up a thousand reasons for their fails, to get more money and did not transfer important SKILLS to the students, WHite, Hispanic, Black .. color no barrier to school fail.

    The schools just want MONEY. They want the Hispanics as HEAD COUNTS for MORE MONEY. THey do NOT educate ANYONE. It’s BABYSITTING.

    Have a HEART!!! Kids need to be RESCUED from these atrocious schools, not stuffed into them!!
    THe FIX to CORRECT this HORRIBLE SYSTEM is ENORMOUS and goes FAR beyond who’s paying who and for whom.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Perry’s problem isn’t illegal immigration, or Gardisil.

    Perry’s problem is the Ghost of George Bush. The knock on George Bush was that he “seemed” dumb with his down-home-folksy manner and regular assault on the English Language. Unfortunately, after this debate in particular, Perry has won for himself the “dumb” mantle, deserved or not.

    That is Perry’s problem, the “dumb” mantle.

    Romney may end up being the guy. I’m not a fan of his pandering, but I’ve said from the start that I could easily pull the lever for him if I had to. Much more easily than I pulled the lever for McCain whom I could not stand. Romney would probably make a great POTUS for a center-left nation, especially if he picks Marco Rubio as his running mate.

    This election will be about gray matter and Perry doesn’t seem to possess it at the moment (sadly). Moderates and even some democrats could vote for Romney, Perry, kinda dicey at this point. In Romneyland they are dancing a jig.

  • Rose

    I don’t see a Texas that AGREES with Rick Perry on taking our money to be a MAGNET for ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    He needs to read an ESSAY by Davy Crockett called “NOT YOURS TO GIVE”!

    This is NOT about “HEART” or CHARITY” it is about GOVT SPENDING and ILLEGALITY!!!

    We are tired of GOVT using TAX DOLLARS to promote FELONIES in our midst.

    They don’t have a right to be here, they don’t have a right to access our Tax Dollars for their benefit, or for politicians to use our Tax Dollars for a RED CARPET for their personal Political careers!

  • Michael in PA

    OK, Perry has no problem providing special treatment for illegals and Mitt is guilty of Romneycare. I still have no idea why these two clowns are being forced upon us and why people actually support them.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Rose


    The TRUE definition of “CHARITY” is NOT Perry’s to define – AND IT NEVER INVOLVES A GOVT PROGRAM and the THEFT of OUR TAX DOLLARS.

    ‎”Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C S Lewis

  • donh

    # 190 EXACTLY. ..It was a damaging night for Perry. Not only did he revive the image of being a George W Bush throw back …there were shades of John Edwards in his fraudulant exploitation of a cancer victim. His Pakistan answer was a Miss Teen USA moment, and his execution of the Perry flip flop attack sumbled badly…and it was a rehearsed line.

  • donh

    #193 twisting an ethical problem into pandering to the pro life vote. More John Edwards school of con artistry.

  • Bobbi

    Si,all if you are saying that Gov Perry should have vetoed the bill that passed the legislators 181-5?
    I think there is difference between educating kids to keep them from being drug dealers and enforcing illegal immigration.
    However, that being said, I do think the Texas legislators need to rethink the cost of the tuition

  • JDF

    If Perry ever had any chance of getting my vote he lost it when he said he believes in rewarding law breakers with free tuition.

    Lawbreakers should be punished, not rewarded with government handouts .

    When you reward law breakers with free tutition that sends out the wrong message and soon others are more inclined to break the law.

    Presently we have millions of illegal aliens living in our country who are stealing jobs from American Citizens who desperately need them.

    Thes illegals are also placing a tremendous strain on law enforcement, heath care and social services.

    Literally they are parasites who are figuratively killing their host.

    Our Nation is bankrupt, enough is enough!

    It’s time to demand the aggressive enforcement of our immigration laws!

    It’s time to put law abiding citizens and their needs ahead of the needs of Foriegn Invaders!

  • Deanna

    Just an FYI…California, New York, and Utah also have this same law. I see Huntsman is supporting Perry on this too, no surprise there.

  • Gary

    Hate to say I told you so, but………

    I have said all along, if we get Perry, look out for amnesty. He’s an amnesty guy.

    Santorum got flustered trying to get Perry to admit that what they’re doing in TX for the border is not working. Perry just gave a goofy grin at the end hoping it would go away, the same way he did when Bachmann scored on him over the HPV vaccine last debate.

    I’m still for Bachmann, but since it is obvious they are squeezing her out, between the two, I thought it was obvious that Romney ran laps around Perry last night. Also, for those who insist that Perry stands by his record, why has he done a 180 on the social security/ponzi scheme comments? He just won’t own that comment and it was a lot more recent than Romneycare.
    At least Romney owned Romneycare last night and, in my opinion, gave a halfway decent explanation of why he signed it into law and how it differed from Obamacare.

    Perry looked like a burnt out robot when he was pressed on the alien thing.
    BTW, nobody mentioned that Perry was a supporter of HillaryCare. Maybe they’re saving it for the next debate.

    Bachmann 2012

  • Bachmann has stayed consistent throughout I like her, I also like Newt and am pleasantly impressed with Cain. I thought these 3 had a great debate that helped them a lot last night.
    Would love to see Newt debate King Putt, Newt would destroy The King…..

    Like others Perry lost me on the immigration issue.

  • RKflorida

    Perry just pressed one of my kill buttons. He needs to go.

  • GrayRider

    Santorum destroyed Perry on this. Illegal immigration is Perry’s achilles heel, not social security.

  • Scott

    In state tuition for illegals, denies equal protection under the law for American students…Any law school student could take this argument to the Supreme court, and win! Get over it Perry…

  • Westie

    I’m happy I missed this crappy debate…I’m more inclined to say dump the Repubs as well as the DRats…none are worth 2bits.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Perry is done. Goodbye. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurray. Dick.

    Paging Marco Rubio, Marco Rubio, your country is calling. Marco Rubio.

  • Skinner

    Ready for four more years of OBAMA?

    Obama will win re-election.

    Just hope the Seante swings Republican and we get more seats in the House.

    You heard it here – OBAMA wins.


  • BS61

    #166 September 23, 2011 at 1:25 am
    workingclass artist commented:
    “Everybody on that stage except Gov. Perry made it clear that Hispanics shouldn’t get education in Texas
    Its about ILLEGALS
    NOT Hispanics.
    Its about COLLEGE education
    NOT education.
    Illegals get free K-12 basic school education , free/subsidised college education is not a right .”

    Texas did it to stay out of Federal Court…do the research. Texas also saved money & education cost have gone down as a result.

    Well, then why didn’t Perry say that?! That was his problem last night. I see tons of comments from TX folks on the real scoop, but if Perry can’t articulate the truth, how can he possibly win? And sorry, but last night mumbled answers, just horrible.

  • Militant Conservative


    If money equalled votes, why didn’t Ross Perot win??

    Hmmm, damn logic.

    Any Repub candidate over the current Socialist.

    powder is dry

  • jainphx

    Wow some here (Craig) and a few others simply can’t comprehend logic, and as such they should just be ignored. Another one sounds suspiciously like the return of Tom W. Perry became flustered and at time slurred his words and lost his train of thought, and for this reason, I can not support him. We already have on e like that in power.

    Perry and Romney they tell us are the choices we have to pick from, are we once again going to be led by the nose to vote for who the ELITES want? The choice is easy for me, we need a strong conservative with AMERICAN values and one that will fight for the people. Only two on that stage last night has ever tried. Bachmann and Cain. The best one of course wasn’t on the stage. They (elites and the power mongers) always signal the ones that are exceptable to them and which ones aren’t. Who do they try to destroy, and who do they give a pass to. It’s right out there in the open for all to see. Have they tried to Destroy Romney? How about Paul? now lets see the treatment they have given Bachmann, not quite the same as the first two is it. How about PALIN what was her treatment and yet she stands with her head held high and has withstood the greatest try at destruction that I have ever seen. Name me another candidate or non candidate that has had such an intense annul examination as Palin, and you have to ask the question why, and if you don’t ask that question, then you are Craig. Come and use your own heads and think. They ALWAYS tell us who they fear.

  • Cal Rifkin

    I’ve changed my mind about the tuition thing. Perry’s stance makes some sense to me, and he’s down there real close to the situation. As far as other American students from other states…so what, they can go to their own state’s schools.

  • Sandy

    The media has decided that this is a horse race and they will not be content until Perry and Romney are close to being tied. Perry is one of the people while Romney is one of the elite. Perry 12.

  • retire05

    In 1858, there were seven debates between Lincoln and Douglas for the Illinois Senate race. All the pundits of the day claimed that Douglas won those debates and those debates are now used in every debate class in U.S. schools. Lincoln was considered a hillbilly, an outlier who was not educated enough, classy enough, did not have the physical presence to be president. Yet….. the rest is history.

    As to the in-state tuition issue, shall we look at the reality on the ground and not view this issue through emotional eyes?

    The issue is the children of “illegal” immigrants. Can anyone tell me the percentage of those children who were actually born on U.S. soil and are now considered “legal” citizens of the U.S.? Due to the rules set down by the Community Reinvestment Act, by Bill Clinton and Barney Frank’s boy friend, how many of those “illegals” are home owners that obtained mortgage approvals via ACORN and La Raza, and now pay property taxes? How many of those “illegals” have federal tax I.D. number (different than a Social Security number) and pay into the tax system?

    The number of children of illegals who are attending a state university is around 16,000. That is 3.5 out of every 100 students in Texas. Were these children born here? Does anyone know?

    It is fine to be angry that the federal government has not enforced our laws, but the truth of the matter is that the federal goverment is NOT going to do anything to deport these children. It just ain’t gonna happen. So, do we give them an education all the way through 12th grade, that we pay for and then tell them “Sorry, that is the end of the road education wise because your parents broke the law?” When did we, as a nation, start punishing kids for the crimes of the parents?

    Most of you seem to also ignore the mindset of Hispanics. While Tejanos may disagree with illegal immigration, they will also consider this issue to be nothing more than Hispanic bashing on the part of those who slammed Rick Perry. We have to acknowledge that the Hispanic community is the fastest growning segment of our society, and if the GOP doesn’t want to be relegated to the dust bin of history, we will have to recruite Hispanics to our numbers. If they think they are being bashed by our GOP candidate, they will flock to vote for Obama again.

    That it the reality on the ground. I have talked to more than one Hispanic in Texas that is pro-family, pro-life, very religious and wants secure borders, but they vote Democrat because they think Republicans hate them. And while I know that not to be true, perception is everything.

    Rodney Johnson, a decorated Houston Police officer, was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported numerous times because he had a record of child molestation. He shot Officer Johnson in the back of the head four times. Officer Johnson’s wife, who is also a Houston Police officer, came out in support of Governor Perry in the last gubernatorial election. Would she have come out in favor of someone who was pro-illegal? Governor Perry was endorced by every major law enforcement agency in the state. Since the HPD alone has lost four officers, murdered by illegals, would they have supported Perry if he was pro-illegal?

    What the comments here have done is confirm to Hispanics that Republicans are anti-Hispanic, no matter how wrong that may be.

  • Joanne

    Isn’t it illegal to be living as an illegal in the U.S., child or not. Send them all back. Why should legal taxpayers be putting out monies for anyone other than an American. Perry is an idiot.

  • Gary


    I’ll give you an opportunity to rethink your inartful and poor choice of words.

    Did you just say that giving a kid a free education kindergarten through 12th grade is punishment because we didn’t also toss in college.

    If that’s the case then I guess about 80+% of Americans have been likewise punished.

    What a horrible punishment, having to get an American high school diploma absolutely free, including two free meals at school every day.

    In case you missed the issue, it isn’t whether or not they go to college, it’s how it gets paid for. U.S. citizens who live in states around Texas will pay out-of-state tuition for their kids to go to a Texas school. Mexicans, also coming from a “state” outside Texas will get the in-state rate. Who is being punished?

    Come on, you’re better than that.

  • Gary

    Joanne +1

    Retire05’s viewpoint on this is rampant in Texas. That’s why Texans, while often good businessman, don’t make good presidents.

  • Gary

    American: “Hey Mexican kid, here’s your free burger.”
    Mexican: “I think you mean hamburguesa. What! No fries?”
    Retire05: “It isn’t right to punish the kid like that. It’s not his fault what his parents did.”

  • Cal Rifkin

    I just think it’s way too simplistic to not allow these kids, who have been, and are Texas residents – legal or illegal – to pay in-state tuition. Some of them will turn out pretty good. Perry makes a good case for his decision, and he seems to be pretty strong on enforcement of the border. Hey, anything’s better that what we have now.

  • mcc

    #123 donh — “…that playing on the cancer sympathy with regard to the vaccine is something John Edwards would do.”

    That’s the way it came across to me too. I have a hard time accepting his sincerety on this one. The benefits to former staffers/donors looms over it all.

  • retire05

    Gary, re-read what I wrote. I wrote that we are required, as taxpayer, to support the schools that illegals already attend through the 12 th grade. That is a decision that was required by the SCOTUS in Plyler. I suggest you read the decisions of the justices in that decision.

    You think that kids of all states should be allowed to attend a university in another state and pay in-state tuition. Name me the person who stood on that stage last night that made that part of their platform, now or in the past.

    You need to learn from history. In the 19th century, the Irish, Italians and other ethnic groups were pandered to by the Democrats who portrayed the Republicans as all money grubbing robber barons who did not care for the immigrant but simply used them to become even richer. Those ethnic groups flocked to the Democrats, giving control to the Dems in almost all major population areas. It has taken generations for that opinion to change. With Hispanics being the fastest growing segment of our population, do you want to wait generations for their mistrust of Republicans to end?

    Direct your anger to where it belongs; the federal government who refuses to secure our border and deport those who are here illegally. And since you seem to not support a state making its own decisions that affect only the citizens of that state (the whole 10th Amendment issue) do you support requiring all states to acknowledge same-sex marriage because Massachussets was the first state (under Romney) to make same-sex marriage legal?

  • workingclass artist


    Geraldo was defending Perry on TV & Cuellar the democrat in Texas was defending Perry & Texas.

    Perry could turn California purple…that would be cool

    A democrat can’t beat Perry in Texas for the same reason a democrat couldn’t beat Reagan. The Ultimate Secret Weapon.

    Gig Em’ Rick
    Perry 2012

  • mcc

    Take a look at that Warren nut — the professor on a rant. And consider it a good thing that our kids go out and find work or become entrepreneurial instead of sitting in a classroom for 4 more years being fed the liberal crap Ayers and others have engineered for their mushy little heads.

    The Left knows the longer the paycheck is delayed – with its startling withholding – the longer they’ll have a Dem voter.

    It’s time we think of the child and what we’re teaching him. And I don’t mean just history and math. An advanced degree might give you a bigger paycheck, but what good is it if you haven’t learned the value of honesty and integrity – or a respect for the law?

    Just take a look at what populates our nation’s capital. As a nation, we’re long overdue for a return to what we should value.

  • workingclass artist


    “Well, then why didn’t Perry say that?! That was his problem last night. I see tons of comments from TX folks on the real scoop, but if Perry can’t articulate the truth, how can he possibly win? And sorry, but last night mumbled answers, just horrible.”

    There are 2 ways to win debates. Performance & narrative.

    snappy rhetoric might please pundits but Tactics win elections.

    Perry consolidated the Tejano vote in Texas and Regan’s Latinos will campaign for him. Perry is not for Amnesty & He’ll focus on border security. That is how he’ll turn California Purple for the first time since the GOP lost them in 1994.

    Perry can fight Obama like Reagan did by making Independents want conservatism (The Texas Economy) and he will split the Latino vote.

    1.9 million Hispanics serve in the US military…He just won their vote.

  • Gary


    Wait just a second. First of all, do you now want to hide behind court decisions on what you categorized as “punishment” (i.e. kids getting free high school educations, but not college, even though the real issue is how they pay for it, not whether or not they can go)?
    The issue there is not the rulings, but your characterization of a free high school education as a punishment because college wasn’t thrown in too.

    Second, I never said the out-of-state student should get the in-state tuition. I made the point that you can’t get more “out-of-state” than an illegal immigrant from another country. How can you ask Oklahoma kids to pay the out-of-state rate and then just hand illegal immigrants from another country in-state tuition. Again, who is being punished.

    Third, since when did we do the right thing based on pandering to one group or another, or since when did we do it because the Democrats did it?

    Fourth, Republicans freed the slaves and Republicans ended the Jim Crow laws, and Democrats were the party of Bull Connor and the KKK and Stephen Douglass, but in 2008, 90+% of blacks voted for Obama. So the real question is how long do you want to keep kidding yourself that you can buy hearts and minds with everybody else’s tax dollars?

  • Gary


    I will give you that. A lot of Americans would be better people if they stopped at high school and didn’t get indoctrinated. It sends them into an ideological tailspin from which most recover after a few years, but many never do.

    Still, I don’t like to see it characterized as punishment to refuse to hand the kid of an illegal immigrant a very inexpensive college education while a kid from OK or Arkansas or NM or anyhwere else will pay much higher tuition to go to school in Texas. Also, given the fact that the university will only accept so many in-state and out-of-state kids each year, every illegal getting in-state tuition knocks one American Texas kid out of that school. Again, who is being punished?

    And whoever said it, yes that cancer business by Perry was absolutely slimy.

  • mcc

    Gary, you’ve made some really compelling arguments for your position. I agree with you entirely.

  • atticcellar

    As if “ILLEGAL MEXICAN” immigrants even come here. And if they did we should abandon our beliefs to appease them.. Get a grip..

  • retire05

    Gary, the term “punish” was used in the SCOTUS decision in Plyler.

    I never said (which you are trying to spin) that not giving those children, MANY BORN HERE, in-state tuition was punishment. I said (which you are trying to spin) that we don’t punish kids for the crimes of their parents.

    See if you can learn to compehend what is written.

    And all the things you said about slavery and Jim Crow are absolutely correct. But that is not what the Democrats are telling blacks. So what do you think Obama’s message is going to be in every barrio in the nation?

  • retire05

    MCC, the number of kids of illegals in current enrollment in Texas state universities is approx. 16,000. Out of a student population of over 4.5 million.

    If you want to end in-state/out-of-state tuition, fine, I have no problem with that. Just tell me what candidate on the stage last night has included that as part of their platform.

    I would think you would worry more about state universities that use affirmative action rules to deny kids entrance simply based on their skin color. You should look up the recent research done on the University of Wisconsin Madison.

    Which is worse: your kid not getting in-state tuition in an out of state university or your kid not getting in because a minority with worse grades got the slot?

  • Skinner


    Think before you post numbnuts – there is ZERO to compare between Perot and this coming election.

    If it had been Perot vs Clinton we never would have had Monica Lewinsky.

    Perot sucked votes away from Bush, and we ended up with Clinton.

    “powder is dry”…tool

  • USMC Thomas

    Speaking as a Texan, if their old enough and smart enough to go to college, then their old enough and smart enough to find the way back where they came from.

  • Molon Labe

    Wha ta racist you are, or is it just that you are speaking with that forked tobngue? You trumpeted the community reinvestment act, a pure race hustle and now you decry affirmative action.

    Must be all those drugs you take.

  • Molon Labe

    Boy I see the race hustlers are out in force today. Its sad how there are those who seek to equate citizens with illegals and seek to lump all spanish people together as one block. Anyone who knows the difference between Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Argentines, Columbians, etc knows there is about as much in common between them as an American and a Scot, or a Jamician, or a Scot, or someone from Trinidad.

    Perry demonstrated he doesn’t care about the law nor does he wish to differeniate between those that wait to enter the US legally and law breakers.

    The rot starts at the head.

  • workingclass artist


    Save that for Geraldo…He defended Perry.

    It’s a state Issue…Texans decided for Texas so Bite Me!

  • bg


    no back up link for DATA = USELESS!!


  • Kathteach

    According to Rick Perry – Governor Walker in Wisconsin has no heart because part of his – uhm – controversial Budget Bill that was passed in spite of all the fleebag Dems leaving town and all the protests – undocumented citizens can no longer attend college in Wisconsin.

    And there are MANY campuses struggling with this issue right now as we speak and there are fundraising efforts going on to help fund undocumented students who now need extra support to go to college.

    Depending on your point of view – Governor Walker in Wisconsin and the majority of the state Legislature (thus the majority of the people in Wisconsin, a very rural, small town state where people are proud to cling to their religion and guns) has no heart.

    IMHO Governor Walker listened to the people of this state – heard them from where he just landed last winter and showed he has the greatest heart – he listened to his constituency.

  • Molon Labe

    Hey Ass:

    Looks like we know who the race hustlers are. What’s the matter ACORN wouldn’t give you a job? You’re a Texas like OJ loved his wife. By the way save that line for Craig. I’m sure you and he will accomodate each other.
    Perry is dead in Texas. Let’s see him get re-elected again.

  • Molon Labe

    Everybody should read comment #213.

    This illustrates what wrong with the country today when we have purported adults who lecture us about the truth but don’t deal in facts or reality.

    Lincoln was a hillybilly-he was the highest paid lawyer for the railroads in Illinois and had been highly involved in the Whig Party prior to joining the Republicans.

    Even Duranty couldn’t compete with this idiot.

  • bg
  • Molon Labe


    Wow talk about demented the Ass beclowns himself again.

    There are 1,9 million hispanics in the US military brays the Ass.

    Got news for you Ass, take a guess how large the military is.

    Any bets that the retarded ass wasn’t a math major, nor apparently can he read.

    Gee I bet according to the resident ass artiste, there are 800 senators in the Senate except for one thing skippy. What a gimp, what credibility,.

    Bill Clinton’s understaudy speaks again. No cigar skippy.

  • Molon Labe



    Since Texas university don’t ask about resident status, where do you get these bogus figures from? You haven’t the slightest idea of the number of illegal students in Texas universities.

    But we do know that Mexicans cross the bridge at El Paso to attend El Paso schools. Just another example of how taxpayer funds are used to support lawbreakers.

    Here’s your Michael Moore Award!
    We’ll see if Clinton will give you a cigar.

  • PRH

    The guy is not a Conservative….period! The entire GOP field worries me, either they are RINOs like Perry and Mitt, or they are unelectable….sadly though, all, including Perry and Ron Paul, are better than that Kenyan Fake in the White House.

  • bg


    PRH #241 September 23, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    i really dunno, i mean, i’ve been pondering the, would it be better to stick
    with the devil we know.. or the devil we don’t know question if Perry wins
    (albeit i believe the Perry fix is in, as it was with McCain anyways)..*sigh*

    [disclaimer: was just thinking about it because it popped into my head..
    it certainly does not mean i will be voting for Obama.. however, i will be
    praying that i won’t have to vote for Perry..]


  • mcc

    #228retire05 – you’ve obviously morphed into Rick Perry. You’re dribbling now and making little sense if you’re responding to one of my posts.

    Surely you recall Perry last night struggling to articulate some changing positions he claimed were Romney’s. It was painful to watch. He’s going to have to work alot harder if he plans to take on the lame BO.

    Maybe you could devote your precious time to something more profitable as you attempt to prop up your boy. How about taking up a collection for a debate coach?

    I’ll reiterate what I’ve said before: I’d like to starve liberal professors. I’d rather see kids get jobs and/or start businesses rather than be brainwashed by them during the day and party hearty at night. Let them pay their own way through college if that’s what they want. They’ll value it alot more. And maybe they’ll be able to smack around a liberal professor or two.

    I don’t agree one whit that a child without a college degree will be a “drag on society.” That’s an argument a liberal makes. Here’s a good rule to live by:

    If BO is for it, we’d better be against it.

  • retire05

    Melon Lobe, what is college if not a reward to a student for doing a good job in high school? Would you take a job knowing there is no possibility of a promotion or a chance to move up in the company?

    You are asking kids, mostly Hispanic, to work hard with no possibility of advancement. So let’s take a look at how that is working out. What are the Hispanic high school graduation rates in California, with its 5 million illegals, compared to Texas with its 2 million illegals? What is the Hispanic drop out rate in California and Arizona with their strong Hispanic populations (New Mexico has in-state tuition for the children of illegals)?

    And why don’t you give us the stats on how many of those 16,000 children in Texas, that are the children of illegals, are actually considered citizens because they are anchor babies?

    You don’t want to debate rationally. You just want to throw insults.

  • 8597uf87rdo

    I agree with Perry.

    The government has an obligation to enforce the law. If it doesn’t enforce the law it has an obligation to be responsible for the consequences of its negligence.

    Suppose you park in an illegal parking spot every day for 20 years. Then one day, after 20 years, you get 20 years worth of parking tickets for every day you parked illegally? That is idiotic.

    There is a lot of illegal immigration in this country because the government chooses not to enforce the laws. So is it fair to discriminate against these kids who are here through no fault of their own and when the government is complicit in their presence through lack of enforcement?

    What I don’t understand is why it is so hard to become a legal immigrant. I’m not for amnesty but certainly there is a need for immigrant labor. Why don’t we just let in more immigrants legally?

  • mcc

    Hey, I’ve got an idea: why don’t we go back to what kids used to do: Work at those jobs we now think are ones meant only for immigrants?

    We’d better allow our kids to grow up and face the cruel, rough world or they’ll all end up as some narcissistic version of BO. Whenever I hear Hannity rattle off the assundry jobs he had as a young man out on his own, I grow in respect for him.

    And what is this, but more nonsense from a liberal mind. A big Perry Supporter:

    …what is college if not a reward to a student for doing a good job in high school? Would you take a job knowing there is no possibility of a promotion or a chance to move up in the company?

  • bg


    why aren’t illegals fighting as hard to fix their own country as they are
    trying to turn America into their country v themselves into Americans??


  • retire05

    mcc, I agree with you that kids, older teenagers, should learn the value of work and a dollar, by working menial jobs as teenagers.

    My parents required me to have a part time job once I hit 16.

    But how many parents do you know that make their kids get a part-time job, just to have spending money? The only kids I know that work in their teens are the kids of ranchers/farmers. Their parents pay them for working the ranch/farm.

    So who is going to fill those jobs that parents no longer make their kids take? And is a kid, with only two years of high school, really worth minimum wage and benefits for a part time job? Is a 16 year old boy really worth $8.00/hr at Mickey D’s? We have demeaned those jobs to the point that kids don’t want to take them because they get teased by their peers. No one tells those kids that companies like MickeyD and Wal-Mart promote from within and almost all store managers are promoted from the group of kids that started with them in high school.

    It is a fallacy that when illegals cross our borders, they do so just to get an education for their kids. More recently, the Mexicans who cross are thinking about chasing El Norte for the purpose of a) getting out of drug war torn Mexico or the oppression in other Central/South American countries and b) finding a job so they can send the money back to their families. Read the Pew Hispanic Research Center’s stats on illegals. Most of them are young, male and unmarried. They are NOT thinking about in-state tuition. If that were true, Arizona, which does not give in-state tuition would have few illegals. New Mexico, Utah, Washington state and Oklahoma, should have more illegals than Arizona by that standard.

    Now, compare a few things:

    gang members in California compared to Texas
    Hispanic high school graduation rates in California compared to Texas
    Hispanic college graduation rates in California compared to Texas
    Hispanic incarceration rate in California compared to Texas

    The bottom line is that it is hypocritical for Mitt Romney to argue that Romneycare was a state issue and not admit that Texas also has a right to settle its own issues. It is wrong for Rick Santorum to attack Perry on being weak on illegal immigration when what Perry advocates is exactly what Rick Santorum proposed in his bill, S.3564.

    Either you believe that the U.S. Constitution has a limited number of enumerated rights and that all other rights are granted to the states, or you don’t. But the last time I checked, education, and any issue pertaining to it, is not granted to the federal goverment by the Constitution.

  • bg


    36th ::Texas :: 2010

    Debt per capita: $8,711 (36th)
    Unemployment rate: 8.3% (24th)
    Home price change (2006-2009): 10.4% (16th)
    Median household income: $48,259 (25th)

    The second most populous state in the nation, Texas scores fairly average in most categories. But there are two areas where Texas places dead last. The Lone Star State has the lowest percentage of its 25 and older population with a high school diploma — one in every five fails to obtain a high school education. Also, 23.8% of its population does not have health insurance, the worst rate in the country.

    48th :: Arizona :: 2010

    Debt per capita: $6,607 (18th)
    Unemployment rate: 9.7% (36th)
    Home price change (2006-2009): -20.6% (47th)
    Median household income: $48,745 (23rd)

    Arizona suffers from a real estate bust that has gutted its S&P rating, which is second from the bottom, above only California. The state also ranks low in a variety of other categories.

    49th :: California :: 2010

    Debt per capita: $9,228 (39th)
    Unemployment rate: 12.4% (48th)
    Home price change (2006-2009): -28.3% (49th)
    Median household income: $58,931 (9th)

    While it does not quite rank as the worst state on our list, California stands out as being among the most poorly governed. America’s most populous state has been mired in debt and political unrest for nearly a decade. It bears the unique honor of being the only state considered economically unstable enough to have its debts rated at an A- by S&P. It ranks 42nd in the country in health insurance coverage, despite having a state-sponsored health insurance program. The Golden State also ranks 48th in high school completion. Between 2006 and 2009, California experienced the second worst household value decline, with occupied homes losing an average of nearly 30% percent of their value.


  • bg
  • bg


    Overall Rank: 2009 : Massachusetts #7

    Overall Rank: 2009 : California #31

    Overall Rank: 2009 : Arizona #36

    Overall Rank: 2009 : Texas #46

    re: #249 September 23, 2011 at 11:10 pm bg

    #19 :: Massachusetts :: 2010

    Debt per capita: $14,079 (49th)
    Unemployment rate: 8.8% (26th)
    Home price change (2006-2009): -8.6% (44th)
    Median household income: $64,081 (6th)

    Massachusetts falls in the middle of our rankings, not because it is either high or low in its metrics overall, but because it does very well by some measurements and very poorly by others. It is third in GDP per capita, seventh in poverty level, sixth in median household income, and, at has the smallest percentage of its residents without health care coverage. On the other hand, it is 49th in debt per capita, at $14,079 for each citizen, and it had the sixth-worst decline in home value from 2006 to 2009.


  • bg


    Perry wants “open borders” ergo, the Sate of Texico..

    what happens with illegal immigration if &
    when Perry’s selection comes to fruition??

    [not to mention our judicial system, sharia law, via the CONSTITUTION, perhaps i should say what’s left of the CONSTITUTION after BHO.. :-|]

    [re: sharia law]


  • daryl

    And you said Newt had too much baggage. Wasilla sounds like Harper Valley PTA


    AUDIO Shailey Tripp discusses multiple sexual encounters with Todd Palin


    buxxfeed Shailey Tripp photo


  • daryl

    ergo, escargot, et al, sodom & gommorah *sigh*

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