Rick Perry Consults With Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Illigal Immigration

Governor Rick Perry may have lost some standing with conservatives for his position on a border fence but this may help him out some…
The popular Texas Governor is consulting with Sheriff Joe Arpaio on illegal immigration.
Townhall discovered this on Arpaio’s Facebook page:

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  • http:/danielmcandew.com Daniel

    Be nicer if he said more of what that conversation was about. Specifically.

  • Hank

    Guest workers in then out. No citizenship, no benefits whatsoever. Like it was mid last century.

    Those wanting to remain go through the process.

    Simple. Clear.

    Politicians seeking votes corrupt.

    Term limits. No post service benefits for politicians. A complete ban on political contiributions so that an office seeker actually states their intentions.

  • Multitude

    I’m sure I’ll set off a Perry fanatic or two with this observation, but it’ll need to be addressed if Perry stands a chance at winning a large base of the middle votes — business professionals, socially tolerant but fiscally conservative, non-religious centered types, etc.

    What seems to be a pattern with Perry is that he sets off in a quirky, ill-advised path (embracing Al Gore, rejecting control of the border, etc.), but then has an epiphany akin almost to being born again of tent revivalism tradition, sees the light, comes to Jesus, and changes his mind (somewhat).

    I’m quite suspicious of people that don’t know how to accurately assess a situation the first time around. When they make a production out of their rebirth, it’s even more suspicious. Is this a ploy to reach out to some radical on the other side of an issue and posture yourself as open minded? Again, even this posturing seems terribly close to the tradition difficult for some of us non-fundamentalists to understand, dressing up for show and making a big production about what a great Christian you are by attending a church masquerading as a Wal-Mart.

    I understand Bachmann and Palin apparently participate in such box-store faiths as well, but it’s not been as much of a public relations spectacle with them as it appears to be for Perry and Huckabee (once he came out of the fundamentalist closet after Iowa and sunk in popularity shortly after).

  • http://carolmsblog.blogspot.com/ Carol-Christian Soldier

    -we in Cal. are about to support the education of illegals’ children-another “Dream Act”–
    you may want to take out the i and put in an e- on the title heading…

  • Old Dude

    Maybe Perry has a cockfighting ring needing busting up using a tank and a Hollywood actor?


  • west1890

    Consulting with Sheriff Joe gives Perry a plus in my book. Joe says what he means and means what he says- and as far as he’s concerned illegals are lawbreakers, not guests. Wish Joe was the sheriff in my Arizona county.

  • MrGoodWench

    As long as Senor Perry keeps saying ” strategic fence ”
    he is being vague about the problem itself .
    BTW , I hope Arpaio has a cot and a pair of pink underoos for Hussein in his tent city ,
    ready to go

  • AuntieMadder

    Perry has, in the past, proven himself to be able and willing to listen and learn. I hope Sheriff Joe learnt him. 😉

    By the way, a friend of mine works security at the fancy-shmancy hotel that Perry stays at when he’s here in Dallas. My buddy’s built like a linebacker, so he’s like a bodyguard as much as hotel security (you should see the lobby cam footage of him running down and then literally tackling a man who was running from the hotel gift shop, where he’d been caught shoplifting by the shop owner). He told me that he meets the VIPs, such as Perry, in the garage, then escorts them through the hotel kitchen, to the meeting/conference/banquet room or, if no meetings are scheduled upon arrival, to the elevator and up to their room. (He escorted Sarah Palin through the hotel on one of her visits to Dallas and was thoroughly smitten by her. He says she’s even prettier in person and is very personable, a very nice lady. He escorted McCain, too, when he came to Dallas during the 2008 campaigns. He said McCain was a friendly enough man, approachable, and likeable enough even if he doesn’t like his politics.) Perry was here a few nights ago, in fact, and my friend escorted him to a conference room and then kept the press out of the hotel lobby, not because Perry didn’t want to talk to them but because he had a meeting scheduled that didn’t leave him time; he arrived at the hotel only minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin in the hotel conference room. He did speak to reporters after the meeting ended.

    Anyway, according to my friend, Perry always remembers him and asks how he’s been doing. Receptive to my friend’s comments and criticisms regarding whatever is going on in Texas legislation, including Perry’s decisions and statements, he also remembers that my friend always has them and isn’t hesitant to voice them. He gave him his two cents worth about the Trans Corridor back when Perry was promoting/supporting it, for example. He said Perry seemed genuinely interested in his POV and listened to what he had to say without growing defensive or copping an attitude.

    He also told me that, away from the press, when it’s just Perry and the people who work for him, he’s just a regular guy, cutting up and BSing or talking about issues and such and how they affect regular guys like my friend.

    Oh, and his hair is always perfect.

    Disclaimer: This does not mean that I’m “in the tank” for Perry. It’s just interesting, at least to me, and definitely relevant at this time, so I’m sharing it with you. Perry’s on my short list but he’s not number one nor is he exempt from becoming number zero. Even my friend, who genuinely likes Rick Perry, ranks Bachman as his first choice for the next POTUS. So, please, relax, read this for whatever it’s worth and don’t read anything into it that’s not there.

  • Craig


    Why Would Rick Perry Call the Sheriff?

    Why a legitimate presidential candidate would seek to align himself with a man like Joe Arpaio is difficult to understand. Nationally known as the man who forces male inmates to wear pink underwear and the creator of Tent City, where inmates are housed in tents out in the Arizona heat to save taxpayers money.

    Sheriff Joe is still popular with a sector of the Republican base. Also, some of Governor Perry’s running mates have already contacted Arpaio, at least according to the sheriff’s recent tweets. He does have the ability to rally a crowd of like-minded individuals, and every candidate can use a little fire.

    Perry, who is portraying himself as the far right candidate, has a more centrist history on immigration issues. Perhaps a connection to Sheriff Joe will make Perry seem tougher on immigration issues without having to actually be a hardliner. Or maybe giving the sheriff a call is a new prerequisite of being a GOP candidate.


  • Dan

    I am sure Perry said all the rights to Arpaio. That is what Perry does. However, when he has power in office to do something, he does the opposite. Go look up the picture of Perry at LA RAZA!

  • allahallahoxenfree

    I wonder if other matters includes Arpaio’s alleged investigation of Obama’s eligibility. Just wondering….

  • Noislamocommie

    Mitt Romney has a stronger history of enforcement by far…mitt north is going to conquer mitt south on this.
    If Palin does not run I will go for Romney on his record of enforcement not just talk.

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  • victoria_29

    Noislamocommi damn i missed it when was mittens the Gov of a border state? Let me assure you he wasn’t, the issues in a state like MA-where by the way he couldn’t win a 2nd term-is much different than in a border state, especially one like Texas. Obviously you don’t grasp that border control & immigration are 2 different issues & until you have one that you can’t have the other.

    As for Mittens-I assume you know that his father is a Mexican citizen, he was BORN in Mexico to parents who had been born & raised in Mexico. And why you ask because Mittens grandpa had 5 or 6 wives & fled the United States to avoid our polygamy laws. All of Mitten’s 1st cousins are Mexican citizens….yeah let’s ask him how many illegal alien relatives he has. Gov Perry was just asked that question & he answered-NONE. At least he knew. I think says a hell of a lot about Mittens & his background that his family LEFT the US to avoid OUR LAWS & practice something most American consider disgusting.

  • lizzy84

    Rick Perry called the Sheriff..yep,more talk.. that’ll do it.
    I want a conservative Republican candidate that will state out loud that illegal is…ILLEGAL and a CiC who will use our Armed Forces to patrol our borders, build fences and walls where applicable and establish a strict zero tolerance for people who’ve entered our country illegally. Is that what I’m reading about Perry’s stance on immigration? NO.
    Talk is cheap and flashy. Actions speak slower, but last.

  • donh

    Romney couldn’t even deport Obama’s Uncle Obango and aunt Zetuni. People are getting killed all over Massachusettes by illegal alien drivers. Romney failed to protect the people from a massive crime wave and looting of welfare services which put Obama’s friend Duval Patrick in office. Now Romney wants to hand Obama another 4 years.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Perry knows he is in trouble over his illegal immigrant amnesty plan. Sheriff Joe would do well to stay away from Tex-O-Bama.

  • mcc

    If – to AuntieMadder’s, Oh, and his hair is always perfect. – one adds this:


    We have quite the dapper fellow. No?

    A bejeweled watch, monogrammed shirt and LoneStar cufflinks…

    Given this, Romney pales! Is he now an Average Joe or, heaven forbid…a Sloppy Joe?!

  • Island Girl

    AuntieMadder – I really do not think it is ok for you to post a person’s job & political opinions on a website.

    If this person wants to share his experiences 7 opinions on this blog let he himself do it.

    You have no right.

  • Rose

    Rick Perry should have been consulting with Sheriff Joe YEARS AGO in his capacity as TEXAS GOV, when we were begging him to take a more assertive role in our Security Measures – BUT HE WAITS til he is running for President, even though he could have done more LONG TERM GOOD as TEXAS GOV throwing his weight fully behind Sheriff Joe!

    THAT makes me MAD! As a South West Texas lady living too close to the Mexico Border!

    YEARS AGO we begged Perry to consult with Joe and HELP JOE by throwing his political weight in favor of Joe, when JOE needed some serious support against the FEDS!

    NOW that PERRY has cut his own nose off – coming out again, bashing the fence without promoting a SERIOUS defense of our borders… NOW he goes to Joe!

    Where was Perry when JOE needed help! AND A FEW OTHER MEN trying to protect our borders as well!

    Makes me very mad!

    I’m going to vote for Sarah! This is the kind of stuff we have gotten from Perry for 11 YEARS!
    I’m tired of the balderdash! I’m tired of the enabling. He’ll do a PR stunt like this – but this won’t translate to POLICY in HIS administration!