RESIST, WE MUCH!… St. Louis Tea Party to Greet Obama at His Crony Socialist Mega-Fundraiser

Thousands of Tea Party Patriots greeted Obama at his last fundraiser in St. Louis.

We Will Meet Him Again.
Tom Carnahan, brother of Robin and Russ Carnahan, was awarded $107 million of stimulus dollars for his Missouri windfarm. To show his appreciation, Carnahan will host a $25,000-per-person fundraiser for Obama next week.
We’ll be there.

Jim Hoft (The Gateway Pundit) leads St. Louis Tea Party Coalition as it joins Americans for Prosperity, United for Missouri, and other organizations on Tuesday, October 4 to protest Stimulus Waste. Yes, the President will be here.

Date: Tuesday, October 4

Time: 5 p.m. to 6:0 p.m. (or maybe later)

Where: Forest Park along Lindell Blvd, west of the History Museum (see map here)

Theme: Waste and Windmills. Solyndra. The Carnahan Family.

Signs: Please be tasteful, irreverent, and funny.

This is NOT The After Party—this is a good, 2009-era street protest. You know just what to do.

Parking: History Museum, Lagoon Dr. and Grand South of History Museum.

Barack Obama will attend a $25,000-per person fundraiser at the home of Tom Carnahan on Lindell Blvd. St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. We’ll be there to greet him.

For more information and directions go here.

Come join us.
And remember.. Obama’s green agenda is not about saving the planet. It’s about control.

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  • Mike

    Can’t make the party but I send Tommy’s company an email days ago telling him exactly what I think of him and his parasitic family.

  • Mike


  • Ginger

    Is the kenyan fraud going to show up in (OUR PAID FOR) bus?

  • big L

    Times, they are a changin’….better have some 6 ft 6in security of ours there, kind of
    hanging back behind the Tea Partiers. You can bet the SEIUs will drop by and to plan ahead would be good.

  • nano

    The IPCC and Gore can take their glowbull warming junk science and put it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    This is all a method and a way to implement Agenda 21 at any cost.

  • avafromtexas

    THANK YEW!!!
    What a wonderful set of pictures to see of these patriots in St. Louis! I have a dtr and a looney-toon atheist/liberal soon-to-be feckless former s-i-l there…….I hope they/ he gets the drift of how America really stands in regard to the frawd in the WH.


  • Militant Conservative

    Obama, the people cannot wait to vote you out. So much so they will stand in the rain and

    crawl across broken glass to do so.

    powder is dry say goodbye turd.

  • Patty

    Thank you Tea Party and Jim Hoft.

    They take our money for Green, then they lose our Green because of Green. I am beginning to see Little Green People.

    People who have lost Trillions and are just getting away with it.

    Obama can raise money but he just can’t seem to save ours. It is one vicious circle. And I don’t think he will even notice the Tea Party, as he hasn’t before. But You and the tea Party are patriots for trying.

  • Go get ’em!

  • Finncrisp

    Now that we have gotten “Wind” of Solyndra and other schemes to separate us from our money, we need to take the wind out of his sails and send him packing in 2012. You go St. Louis.

    Thugs for rent will probably be there, hoping to create Mayhem.

  • thescribbler

    Is it just me or don’t people need JOBS in order to have the money to contribute to Obama’s campaign? Give money to O or eat? hmmmmmm…..

  • Diamond Girl

    And Mitt Romney is getting bundles of money from Wall Street, and whacks more from the health insurance companies.
    Six of one and half a dozen of the other – you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between the Dems and the GOP. You’re wasting your energies. The whole system needs deletion and a re-boot.

  • Diamond Girl

    The person elected as President of the United States is the person who spends the most on his campaign. Ergo, it’s the person who gets the most money from big corporations and Wall St. The people don’t choose their president. The corporations do. It’s a sad story for a country that claims freedom and democracy over and above any other in the world.

  • What are you trying to accomplish? One side of the organization says there is no point to further protests, it only keeps timid converts at bay. So then turn around and organize a protest…go figure!

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  • Stingy

    It isn’t Republicans vs. Democrats; it’s HAVES vs. Have-Nots.

    No more campaign bribes/donations- use websites with FAQs.

  • Freedom

    And who is the sponsor of Americans for Prosperity but the Koch Brothers. Seems they just got some press from breaking american law, for doing business with Iran.

  • jimfocus

    The Koch Bros. fund most of the Tea Party, and have made billions illegally selling heavy equipment to the Terrorist state of Iran. The Tea Party is funded by illegally gained profits from a terrorist state. Some call that treason.

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