Radical Islamists chant “US Is a Terrorist State” and burn an American Flag… in London.
Iran Press TV reported:

Radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary led the protest against the United States today in London. He is the spokesman for the group Islam4UK. He has spoken out in support of the 9-11 terrorists.

This was the same radical Islamist group that held a mock Osama Bin Laden funeral at the US Embassy after his death.



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  1. Quietly, a man in native attire makes his way to the approximate center of the gathering. He gently places his slightly oversized satchel on the ground and melts into the crowd. Less than a minute later he punches in a few numbers to the keypad of his smart phone. To paraphrase an popular kids’ song.. “Along came the 6:15, woo woo, peanut butter..” Protest THAT, beyotches.

  2. time to eradicate evry mooslum back to their original place in the desert…

  3. ++

    Bin Laden’s Fatwa 1996

    The following text is a fatwa, or declaration of war, by Osama bin Laden
    first published in Al Quds Al Arabi, a London-based newspaper, in August,
    1996. The fatwa is entitled “Declaration of War against the Americans
    Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places.”

    Al Qaeda’s Fatwa 1998

    The following text is the second fatwa originally published on February
    23, 1998, to declare a holy war, or jihad, against the West and Israel.
    It is signed by Osama bin Laden, head of al Qaeda; Ayman al-Zawahiri,
    head of Jihad Group in Egypt, and several other Islamic terrorist groups.


  4. The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim…F**k Islam and all of its monkeys.

  5. Linked here:
    Londonistan Mohamadeens Burn US Flag, Stab EDL Members

    Two EDL members were stabbed today by those same mohamadeen bastards who burned our flag. And Obama announced (again) that we’re not at war with islam. Allah forbid his muslim brothers get offended.

  6. Greatest hope for the world in the fight against the Muslim takeover? All the rednecks in “flyover country” who are clinging to our God and our guns. When New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc. are given over to Muhammed, and given they will be by the liberal establishment and their political correctness, it will be left to those of us out in the “boondocks” to preserve America. Why did the Japanese not invade us and resort instead to the cowardly Pearl Harbor attacks? Because, in this country, thanks to the 2nd Amendment, there is a gun “behind every blade of grass”. Hey, Anjem; BRING IT!

  7. Thankfully, the British Jack or World Wildlife flags weren’t attacked. These are just some of the good environmental stewards who happen to also practice misogyny, racism, human rights abuses and murder in the name of their supreme deity. Prinz Charles declared the religion of peace is about good environmental stewardship, so stop focusing on all the negatives about jihad, will ya? Green Jihad is good for the environment. Sarc/

  8. Where’s a car bomb when you need one?

  9. This video is terrifying and I thank God to see so many comments from like minded people because it seems everybody is so busy trying to be PC these days and not offend anyone. These bastard want to conquer the world and as an American who practices her second amendment right I’m here to tell you I’ll fight right alongside all the rest of the rednecks and hunters out there to make sure they don’t get America! God Bless you all on this thread for your intelligence and patriotism!

  10. Some day I hope we have a president who is liberal with nukes.

  11. I would like to say these people are not worth the cost of the lead in the bullets we would use to put them down. But they Are! I will gladly pay for gold plated bullets to put these dogs down. And I will gladly be the one to pull the trigger!

  12. Believe it when I say, there are more Americans than might be thought that will stand up and defend our way of life! British citizens who hold true to your nation, we are still you allies if you will reach out to us, we will join hands and together we can continue to stand our ground.

    For this very reason… Americans will NEVER give up their right to bear arms. NEVER! They will have to pry my weapon out of my cold dead fingers to take it away from me.

  13. One more thing.

    Ann Barnhardt is amazing. Read her articles and watch her videos at barnhardt.biz

    She has to be the best anti-islam/anti-muslim speaker I have had the pleasure to listen to and read.

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