Nice. Dem Strategist Bob Beckel Accuses Texans of Scr*wing Sheep (Video)

Democrat Bob Beckel accuses Texans of having sex with sheep.

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  • Mad Hatter

    Why does Fox have this low life Union Thug on their network?


    Libs are going into melt down!

  • Sparky

    Beckel is hilarious! He sure is easier to take than other Liberals like Chris Matthews or Bill Maher.

  • gus

    Beckel bounced a personal check with a HOOKER. He probably knows about buggering sheep.

  • rbosque

    Yup, I’d watch that particular show if they didn’t include him and his nonsense on the show. Now, I appreciate different points of view but his arguments aren’t backed up, all he does is make stupid statements.

  • Jim

    I would strongly suggest that Mr. Beckel not wear a wool suit if he ever has the guts to go to Texas.

  • donh

    Jim I hope you stayed tuned to Gretta. She just had the mother of all melt downs attacking Tucker Carlson for his piece on Mike Tyson’s Palin Profanity and her ambush was a huge fail.

  • donh

    That poor Hooker screwed Twice in one day by Beckel’s insufficient funds.

  • atticcellar

    Straw poll cancelled in Texas.. The elite can not afford to let Ron Paul trounce Governor Perry in their home state. “Ron Paul… 2012”

  • Valerie

    Beckel needed to make a joke, to divert attention from the subject at hand. It worked, too. Instead of talking about the really, truly out-of-control spending of this administration, and its unethical behavior, we are talking about a dirty joke.

  • Swifty

    It’s not just Texas, Bob. All of the South. tic

  • gus

    Beckels jokes are not funny, because he is one of the least sincere people I have ever seen.

    Hannity is extremely naive at times.

  • StrangernFiction

    Now, I appreciate different points of view but his arguments aren’t backed up, all he does is make stupid statements.

    Libturds tend to do that.

  • Fionnagh

    You know how low America has sunk when viewers think this SEWAGE is funny.

  • gus

    OBAMA wants 2 things. He wants more MONEY to spend. And he wants the GIVE RED MEAT, CLASS WARFARE to his libtard constituents.

    Why doesn’t any CONSERVATIVE say this?

  • retire05

    My, my, my, Beckel, who called Tennessee Republicans “racist crackers” in the 2008 campaign season, is now slamming an entire state again. Way to go, Bob, your video is going to be emailed to EVERY Texas Democrat I know, and believe me, I know a ton of them. Let’s see how well they react to you, a solid Democrat, smearing them because you can’t defent the Marxist in the Oval Office.

    Now we know why you were a crack head drunk who didn’t have enough money to pay a hooker in cash so you gave her a hot check. You couldn’t make it as a comedian.

  • kate

    Why does FOX have Beckel on? He is exactly what is wrong with the Democratic Party, especially when it comes to hypocrisy.

  • Old Dude

    It’s not the sheep he needs to worry about. It’s the Democrats who are getting screwed. But not by Texans. Democrats are doing it to themselves when they let people like Beckel open their mouths.

  • Craig

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Perry did it. He has sort of a sexual maniac face. There is something with is face that I can not stand… something really vicious in his eyes and face. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it is there. No doubt on that.

  • donh

    I will bet $10 Beckel’s uncle had a sheep farm bobby visited when he was a young jerk.

  • Craig

    #9 September 19, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Yes they are afraid, very afraid. They know Ron Paul would have won the Texas Straw poll. He wins them all.

  • PhilipJames

    I think Beckel was having flashbacks to his own encounters with the poor creatures… back when he was drinking and couldn’t tell the difference between women, men or the little lambs.

  • retire05

    #19 Craig, go back to Ron Paul’s website and post your trash. I understand the DailyPaul just put out an alert that they are missing an idiot.

  • Liz

    BECKEL is one MONSTER size glass house.

  • MrGoodWench

    Beckel sounds horny.
    FOX is a joke now , it will be over as cable station in the next 2 yrs

  • RickS

    He’s just demonstrating the standard Democrat contempt for ordinary Americans. Democrats hate America and most of the people who live there.

  • Molon Labe

    Beckel ought to know about screwing sheep. He loves black ones.

  • NeoKong

    And they wonder why they lost the Congress.

  • Craig

    retire05 (#23)

    Are you saying that the whole world is crazy? I thought so! Boy, the arrogance, selfishness and ignorance are rambling wild on this alleged “conservative” site.

    You don’t have a clue of what you project to the world with such hateful comments. We see the problem better than you do. We have a wide angle view. You, you are stuck on one tree, you can’t see the forest. Takes some advices, you need them, beleive me.

  • Dan

    Fox News puts this kind of crap on REGULARLY these days. Anyone can see that they have changed.

  • WillofLa

    Beckel is Hannidy’s friend. Hannidy and Beckel are like brothers in that they can fight like cats and dogs, but Beckel would give Hannidy the shirt off his back, they love each other. Hannidy has known Beckel a long time and claims that Beckel is a good Christian who cares for handicapped kids and blah, blah, blah. Hannidy says that Beckel’s political ideology is opposite from his, but Hannidy doesn’t think that a person’s political beliefs are just as personal as their religious beliefs. Hannidy is dumb like that, in that he can’t understand that when Beckel makes fun of him on TV or Hannidy’s radio show, he means it, and is not just kidding. Beckel is a scumbag leftist, and I can’t stand his guts, okay! Beckel has such a condisending attitude towards conservatives and can’t stand that quality in Hannidy, but doesn’t have the grace to keep it to himself when he’s on the air. But that is how this liberal pig is, he doesn’t give a crap who he embarrasses. The only person he embarrasses is himself but he’s to dumb to know it. Hannidy has this problem, and it’s called, he’s a manic low self esteem who lets anyone he likes run all over him. He’s pussy whipped, and lets his kids kick him around and is their slave. He’s a workaholic, and thinks people like Beckel should be on TV because Hannidy is a fool. Hannidy thinks that as long as he has all these liberals for friends, and lets them on his radio show, and on his TV program, if the Socialist ever came back with the “Fairness Doctrine” they would exempt Hannidy. They wouldn’t. They would attack him just like Beckel does all the time. Beckel dosen’t ever cut Hannidy any slack, and neither would the leftist. They are all fascist, and would stand Hannidy up against a wall and blow his brains out just as well as they would mine.

    If Hannidy ever does get a pair of balls, he needs to ask his wife for his back, he might be able to see that Beckel is not his friend. You know how some people are though, they might not like you at all but they tolerate you just to keep you coming around to pump information from you about your goings on. Beckel is a spy from leftist extremeists who are laughing their butts off every time Hannidy lets Beckel on TV. The reason being is, every time Beckel opens his mouth he is brain washing another unsuspecting person who calls themselves a conservative, and is getting that little seed in there even if the person claims he hates the left. Beckel and all other liberals should never be allowed to talk their poison to the public on a show that is supposed to be a show of a conservative.

    Having Beckel on Hannidy’s show is like having Hillary Clinton on Mark Levin’s radio show just so Levin can have “balanced and fair” broadcasting. Fox’s news is neither fair or balanced. It’s just as twisted as CNN, just differently. How many times has Fox of Hannidy attacked George Soros?

  • workingclass artist

    Liberals are getting Perrynoid….yep!

    Gig Em’

    Perry 2012

  • willi

    Beckel is a pig.
    A typical condescending blowhard leftist libtard.
    He is the single reason I can’t bring myself to watch The Five.
    When he’s on Hannity, I shut the tv off and wait till Greta comes on.

  • Jack

    I imagine Obama has made a lot of liberals fall off the wagon. Even if he’s still on the wagon he definitely isn’t sober.

  • gus

    WilloFla. Beckel is not Hannity’s friend. Hannity is Beckels friend. Beckel is not a nice man. Hannity is.
    Beckel is not honest. Hannity is.
    Beckel is a LIBTARD, because he is PAID to be a LIBTARD. Hannity is CONSERVATIVE because he is honest.

  • AuntieMadder

    Aww, hell. Beckel’s just being nasty because even the sheep in Texas snub him.

  • Proud Texan

    I just wrote Sean ( about this sick monster Beckel!!! And I will no longer listen or watch Hannity and will boycott with every Texan I know!!! Unless he corrects this!!!

  • Surfin’ Bird

    Fox is unwatchable.
    Same pundits over and over.
    Very few real people with real views.
    Most of Fox is loaded up with filler.
    Just a bunch of jabbering has-beens collecting their checks.

  • see why I – for the most part- have stopped watching FOX-
    too many Beckel types and too many pro- terrorist muslim types-

  • AuntieMadder

    Bob Beckel has a brother who’s as conservative as Bob is libtarded. They argue politics, like Bob and Hannity argue politics, but “kiss and make up,” so to speak, because they’re brothers. Hannity knows and is a friend of the conservative Beckel brother. I suspect that it’s actually the conservative Beckel brother with whom Hannity shares the strong bond of lifelong friendship and it’s only because Hannity values that friendship that he developed and has maintained a friendship with Bob.

  • Bob Beckel is just a pig. I don’t watch when he’s on.

  • anozira

    on the 5 he said s**t on the air but denied it. now this, hopefully this will be his downfall on fox. i stopped watching the 5 because of him, i just can’t take his spew anymore. when hannity announces he is going to be his show i just change the channel to something else. i am just tired of the homerism for obama and the dems can do no wrong crap.

  • Mike Devx

    All the negative comments I’ve seen about Texas creating jobs treat it as if it were a zero sum game.

    First of all, every state has the opportunity to be friendly to creating jobs. If they’re not friendly, it’s their own damn fault. And the jobs will go elsewhere. Texas did not *steal* any jobs, they just acted friendly towards them. What’s supposed to be wrong with that?

    Second, prosperity is not a zero sum game. Prosperity creates more prosperity. (And as Obama is showing, the converse is true as well.) Texas’ job-friendliness creates even more jobs than you might expect. They’re not just jobs “stolen” from other States.

    Kudos to Texas and the other job-creating states. And since the Executive gets the bulk of the credit or the blame for any current economic situation, kudos to Perry for leading Texas, in one of the few states that are getting it RIGHT.

  • Just Say NO to Perry

    14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President… hairdo not withstanding…

    Supporters of Texas Governor Rick Perry are not going to like this article at all. Right now, Republicans all over the United States are touting Rick Perry as the “Republican messiah” that is going to come charging in to save America from the presidency of Barack Obama. Many believe that if Rick Perry enters the race, he will instantly become the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Perry certainly looks the part and he knows how to give a good speech, but when ordinary Americans all over the country take a hard look at his record, they may not like what they see. The truth is that Rick Perry is a big-time globalist, he has raised taxes and fees in Texas numerous times, he has massively increased the size of government spending and government debt in Texas, he has been trying to ram the Trans-Texas Corridor down the throats of the Texas people and he tried to force young women all over Texas to be injected with the Gardasil vaccine. No, Rick Perry is not going to save America. In fact, he would likely be very, very similar to both Bush and Obama in a lot of ways.

    Right now, Rick Perry is trying to portray himself as a “good conservative” so that if he enters the race he will be accepted by Christian conservatives. If Rick Perry did win the Republican nomination, he would have a great chance of winning the general election because he would very much be an “establishment” candidate.

    But before Republicans get too excited about Rick Perry, there are a whole lot of things that they should know about him.

    The following are 14 reasons why Rick Perry would be a really, really bad president….

    #1 Rick Perry is a “big government” politician. When Rick Perry became the governor of Texas in 2000, the total spending by the Texas state government was approximately $49 billion. Ten years later it was approximately $90 billion. That is not exactly reducing the size of government.

    #2 The total debt of the Texas government has more than doubled since Rick Perry became governor. So what would the U.S. national debt look like after four (or eight) years of Rick Perry?

    #3 Rick Perry has spearheaded the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies, to turn roads that are already free to drive on into toll roads, and to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would be part of the planned NAFTA superhighway system. If you really do deep research on this whole Trans-Texas Corridor nonsense you will see why no American should ever cast a single vote for Rick Perry.

    #4 Rick Perry was once an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton’s efforts to “reform” the health care system. In fact, Perry sent a letter to Clinton in which he made the following statement about “Hillarycare”….

    “I think your efforts in trying to reform the nation’s health care system are most commendable.”

    #5 Rick Perry claims that he has a “track record” of not raising taxes. That is a false claim. Rick Perry has repeatedly raised taxes and fees while he has been governor. Today, Texans are faced with significantly higher taxes and fees than they were before Rick Perry was elected.

    #6 Even with the oil boom in Texas, 23 states have a lower unemployment rate than Texas does.

    #7 Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president. In fact, Rick Perry actually served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in the state of Texas that year.

    #8 Between December 2007 and April 2011, weekly wages in the U.S. increased by about 5 percent. In the state of Texas they increased by just 0.6% over that same time period.

    #9 Texas now has one of the worst education systems in the nation. The following is from an opinion piece that was actually authored by Barbara Bush earlier this year….

    •  We rank 36th in the nation in high school graduation rates. An estimated 3.8 million Texans do not have a high school diploma.

    •  We rank 49th in verbal SAT scores, 47th in literacy and 46th in average math SAT scores.

    •  We rank 33rd in the nation on teacher salaries.

    #10 Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg Group meetings in 2007. Associating himself with that organization should be a red flag for all American voters.

    #11 Texas has the highest percentage of workers making minimum wage out of all 50 states.

    #12 Rick Perry often gives speeches about illegal immigration, but when you look at the facts, he has been incredibly soft on the issue. If Rick Perry does not plan to secure the border, then he should not be president because illegal immigration is absolutely devastating many areas of the southwest United States.

    #13 In 2007, 221,000 residents of Texas were making minimum wage or less. By 2010, that number had risen to 550,000.

    #14 Rick Perry actually issued an executive order in 2007 that would have forced almost every single girl in the state of Texas to receive the Gardasil vaccine before entering the sixth grade. Perry would have put parents in a position where they would have had to fill out an application and beg the government not to inject their child with a highly controversial vaccine. Since then, very serious safety issues regarding this vaccine have come to light. Fortunately, lawmakers in Texas blocked what Perry was trying to do. According to Wikipedia, many were troubled when “apparent financial connections between Merck and Perry were reported by news outlets, such as a $6,000 campaign contribution and Merck’s hiring of former Perry Chief of Staff Mike Toomey to handle its Texas lobbying work.”

    Rick Perry has a record that should make all Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents cringe.

    He is not the “conservative Republican” that he is trying to claim that he is. He is simply another in a long line of “RINOs” (Republicans in name only).

    If Rick Perry becomes president, he will probably be very similar to George W. Bush. He will explode the size of the U.S. government and U.S. government debt, he will find sneaky ways to raise taxes, he will do nothing about the Federal Reserve or corruption in our financial system and he will push the agenda of the globalists at every turn.

    Look, the truth is that another four years of Barack Obama would be a complete and total nightmare.

    But so would four years of Rick Perry.

    America deserves better than the “lesser of two evils”.

    Unfortunately, the American people have been dead asleep and have been sending incompetents, con men and charlatans to Washington D.C. for decades.

    Hopefully things will be different in 2012.

  • Estragon

    Beckel always impressed me as a guy who knew his arguments were specious, but believed in the general liberal cause so resolved to fight the good fight for his side – which paid his wages most of his life – with no holds barred and no prisoners taken in debate, using any trick and turning the opponent’s own arguments askew if necessary. There used to be lots of liberals like that in the ’70s and ’80s – heck, back then some would even acknowledge their arguments had been refuted by their conservative opponents, but that went out with Clinton.

  • BS61

    #5 September 19, 2011 at 9:38 pm
    rbosque commented:
    Yup, I’d watch that particular show if they didn’t include him and his nonsense on the show. Now, I appreciate different points of view but his arguments aren’t backed up, all he does is make stupid statements.

    Yes! I like everyone else on the show except him. I’ve quit watching regular Fox, just watch Fox Business now.

  • Sandy

    Bob Bechel is a moron. He runs his mouth so fast and hopes that no one will notice that nothing he says makes sense.

  • BS61

    #19 September 19, 2011 at 10:17 pm
    Craig commented:
    I wouldn’t be surprised that Perry did it. He has sort of a sexual maniac face. There is something with is face that I can not stand… something really vicious in his eyes and face. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it is there. No doubt on that.

    Seems to be only you – I do however, see the evil in Obama’s eyes!

  • BS61

    #21 September 19, 2011 at 10:24 pm
    Craig commented:
    #9 September 19, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Yes they are afraid, very afraid. They know Ron Paul would have won the Texas Straw poll. He wins them all.

    I agree, Ron Paul can win straw polls like nobody’s business, but he will never win the election!

  • BS61

    #29 September 19, 2011 at 10:52 pm
    Craig commented:
    retire05 (#23)

    You don’t have a clue of what you project to the world with such hateful comments. We see the problem better than you do. We have a wide angle view. You, you are stuck on one tree, you can’t see the forest. Takes some advices, you need them, beleive me.

    Craig, you know better just like Obama knows better than us idiots. Give me a break, RP is a progressive Libertarian!

  • JPeden

    Beckel should keep his “Lone Ranger” fantasies to himself.

    Except, of course, as they apply to Obama’s Master-Slave designs upon the whole remainder of us Americans.

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  • Billy Barty

    Beckel has a tactic he uses ALL THE TIME. If he’s asked about a subject he cannot defend, he says something outrageous, and the panel all says “oh there goes bob again! yay!”, and they then forget what they’re talking about. Happens every day on the five.. which I’ve stopped watching. Horrible show. Nobody wants to listen to people talking over eachother. Good lord

    Fox needs some real conservatives who can argue a point with a bully like Beckel. Many of the ‘conservatives’ on fox now are just paid ‘republicans’ hocking a book like Margaret Hoover (Gays are the future!!) or Dana Perino “Cuban Missile Crisis? never heard of it”

    I’ve noticed fox take a move to the left recently, especially with financial shows, giving a spot to a democrat strategist (whatever that means) who is usually a marxist, or just doesn’t know anything about econ 101 and says the most absurd things.. This is what currently passes on Fox. Its bad. Very bad

  • atticcellar

    #49.. you say he can’t will. That’s what the msm want people to believe as he is the only candidate that offers real change. The banksters own all of the alphabet soup msm networks and will not give Ron Paul equal or fair air time. He poses a threat to their good old boy bankster thieving network. He will end the endless wars whose end goal is the elimination of national sovereignty while globalizing all the worlds economies into a fiat one world system run by them. WAKE UP AMERICA.. TIME IS RUNNING OUT.. End the foreign privately owned federal reserve bank.. End the wars.. Restore honest monetary policies.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • What i would like to know is how many of you regular guys and gals are paid zionist schills(although the foul language gives most of you away)and how many are just vested intrest.come on folks its an easy question.Half of you would know Rick Perry is the zionist annointed candidateand you must know thet Palestine will get there state hood at the U N cunning schills you are just the state of Israel and the state of Palestine so any future war will be nation against nation.Forget the 123 odd resolutions that have been passed against Israel and no action taken,ABBAS Aa schill to.I guess you good old boys just love your country being owned by your great and godless allie ISRAEL,yet they hate all non zionists and are in the process of destroying your country.good luck whith your Anti christ future.

  • ohiochili

    Craig said
    I wouldn’t be surprised that Perry did it. He has sort of a sexual maniac face. There is something with is face that I can not stand… something really vicious in his eyes and face. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it is there. No doubt on that.

    Beckel went to the gutter on Texans because he has no defense against the administration’s destructive policies. You went to the gutter because you are a PaulBot.
    As the left continues to turn people to the right with their attacks, with comments like yours, you only hurt your case for Ron Paul and make us wonder what it is about him that attracts supporters who are one bubble off plumb.

  • The crazies are rampant in this thread. Beckel, the Jew-haters, and the Paulians differ little on the scale of obnoxiousness.

  • JenBee

    Tonight on the Five Eric pointed out to Bob that the top 10% of earners pay upwards of 70% of all federal income taxes, and Bob responded with ‘So what.’ That’s it, that’s his response, his argument, to the fact that those eeevil rich already pay MORE than their ‘fair share’ of taxes. This is how liberals think — numbers, statistics, and facts mean absolutely nothing to them. They HAVE no argument and no defense for their class warfare rhetoric. It’s tiring to try to get them to see the light.

    And btw, the ronpaulians are so lost, they actually think their crazy guy has a shot in hell of winning not only the republican primary, but the presidency as well. Shame they’re all so brainwashed.

  • daryl

    Ron Paul feeds the straw from those polls to his ewes.

  • daryl

    # 44 is either a dimocrat or is really a Paulbot.

  • Rdsesc

    I have not watched Fox regularly in years. Anybody wonder why?

  • Greg

    Actually there are more cows in Texas than sheep and tipping cows is great adolescent sport

  • Jaimo

    Maybe having Beckel on Fox is exactly how they want Democrats to look…..foolish, drunks, spewing nothing but stupidity. That is the image that Fox wants to project to it’s audience. I’m all for it, since it’s been done by the alphabet networks for decades.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, Beckel’s only claim to fame is having helped Mondale lose a presidential election, oh and didn’t he hang around Jimmaah Carter too.

  • olm

    The sheep joke is not funny. I hear it all the time, usually about Aggies, and it is as stupid as Beckel is. No point getting offended. Beckel needed to run interference and he is too stupid to think of anything more cerebral.
    I do not want to have to vote for Perry in 2012. But holy smokes I wish that people would just plan deal with facts. Sheep, his hair all dumb.. Stick to the facts.
    Although, I should take my own advice, I just say Ron Paul is a nut.

  • BS61

    #54 September 20, 2011 at 2:46 am
    atticcellar commented:
    #49.. you say he can’t will. That’s what the msm

    Good morning Anti. I do not listen to the MSM, I pay attention to the last election to say that RP will get about 10%. I disagree with him, I disagree with Alex Jones, and yet RP supporters won’t accept that they could be wrong. I totally agree with him on all things financial and dream of cutting all sorts of govt agencies, and then he talks of his foreign policy, which I cannot support.

  • myohmy

    Bob Beckel is like a cornered PIG. He cannot defend his Messiah anymore. Even libs are fleeing in droves from Obama. So Bob Beckel used bullying tactics to rattle opponents.

    Bob Beckel is a sour loser.

  • KC

    Speaking from experience, maybe???

  • BS61

    #55 September 20, 2011 at 3:38 am
    concerned citizen commented:
    What i would like to know is how many of you regular guys and gals are paid zionist schills

    Wow, you mean I could be getting paid for posting my beliefs?! Thanks Racist!

  • Most cultural jews hate the zionists especially the keepers of the flock.

  • I just noticed something. The headline calls Beckel a Dem strategist. Who on the DNC would pay a guy who thinks it’s a good strategy to insult the entire population of a very large and politically important state?

    Oh, wait… Dems… DNC… not bright people. Ok, got it.

  • retire05

    What is really ironic about all the Ron Paulists is that most of them have never met him. Everytime I ask one if they have met him, had a lengthy converstation with him, or actually campaigned for him as Texans, they either say “no” or they shut up. But they tell me how he is going to cut “pork” and if you ask them how much pork Paul took in 2008, thety don’t have a clue.

    When Paul first ran, he was much like his son, Rand, is now. He stuck to fiscal issues and that was it. But then he ran as a Libertarian, lost, and ran again as a Republican. He refused to just serve two terms, as he had earlier promised, and claims it is because the Congress struck down term limits. Guess Paul is bound by Congress more than his own conscience. Somewhere he jumped the shark on foreign issues. He claims that the Jihadists hate us because of us being in Saudi and Kuwait. I would like to tie Paul to a chair in Allen West’s office and have West give him a history lesson on the Muslim hordes from Charles Martel to the Gates of Vienna.

    Paul’s supporter all stick to the same talking points live Alex Jones’ “14 Reasons” (see post above). Alex Jones is an Austin talk show host that no one ever heard of until he became a 9-11 truther, looking for his 15 minutes of fame. Jones also claims that FDR planned Pearl Harbor with the Japanese. He’s as crazy as Rosie O’Donnell, and just as fat.

    Well, I have campaigned for Paul when he first ran. I was precinct chair for his campaign and I can tell you that somewhere he changed and became a candidate for the Funny Farm. He rides around Lake Jackson on his bicycle, running red lights and expecting everyone to get out of his way. He is no longer the nice guy he used to be, but when to try to discuss something with him on a personal level, he is arrogant and acts like he is the only one how had any intellect. When Texas was redictricted, every one in my county jumped for joy that we no longer had him.

    I am sick of the Paulbots spamming every article that comes out about Perry. I am sick of the way they act. The Paul supporters in Austin are absolutely nuts; grassy knoll, 9-11 truther, Agenda 21 lunatics, everyone of them. And ask them about the racists letters Paul sent out, and his close friendship with Lew Rockwell, and they will deny the truth. Jim needs to delete everyone of their crazy posts.

  • Yeah tired retired thats why they cancelled the straw poll in texas,cant have the kooky unelectable Dr Ron Paul exposing the annointed Perry in his own state,Might wake up the sheep aye good friend of america ?

  • joel

    Beckel is a PIG! My apoligies to the many pigs out there who are offended.

    Fox needs to fire the SOB!

  • I have to admit that I also have a hard time watching the 5 due to Mr. Beckel. He and 0bama seem to have a similar “I’m smarter than you” attitude” which is really grating.


  • Westie

    Beckel is only one of many reasons ‘da Five’ is stinking up the joint. I’ve attempted to watch several times and found it mindbogglingly dull! The rest of Fox has become more and more irrelevant also.

  • lemonaide

    What a come down from the previous occupant of that time slot on Fox — Glenn Beck. We’ve gone from logical, researched and reasoned debates to doses of drivel with Bellowing Bechel–who wouldn’t recognize a documented fact if he choked on it. How is it he seems to dominate the conversation with his crude inanities? I’ve quit tuning in to that segment on Fox in favor of GBTV. Blowhard Bob is too much to take–I’ve got better things to do.

  • Pile of Pooh

    Well, if my choice is a sheep or stinky liberal hippie-chick… Baaaaa!

  • Paddy

    Everyone should know that Texas is cattle country. His joke is sourced in Montana, where men are men and the sheep are nervous.

  • Molon Labe

    Fox has gone progressive with the likes of Beckel, Rove, and the usual CBC members stinking up the place. Don’t bother with it any more.

  • its that famous liberal civility. its great to be morally superior.

  • big L

    O’Reilly has Dick Morris, and Hannity has Bob Beckel. Intereting Huh?
    Hannity can be such a jerk. He needs to stop giving Obama tips for succeeding.
    If Obama staff is lousy, don’t tell him to change them. If obama is too far left. don’t tell him to be like clinton and move right. Let him be and make his mistakes.
    Hannity needs to dump that football.Hannity is no athlete and he looks ricidulous with that football. Grow-up. You are not a sportsman.You are more of a “buffay-man”, Hannity.Throw an empty cassarole bowl….

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  • Mary Irene

    Oh Fox news just hired Beckel to give Conservatives someone to laugh at (get mad at). He’s an overly-dramatic liberal that gives liberals a bad name, making tea-parties feel more justified by watching him. It also gives Fox news the ability to say it is “balanced” by hiring a liberal. Except that it isn’t a representative democrat by any means. It’s like if a Democratic news show hired Limbaugh to demonstrate they are conservatively “balanced” and how adversely right-wing conservative the tea-party is.

  • VerticalSmiIe

    I am just getting tired of this guy’s Boorish behavior. Enough already!