FORMER GITMO DETAINEE & Al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Afghanistan Raid

What a shock. Another Gitmo detainee returns to a life of terror.

NATO troops killed Al-Qaeda leader and former Gitmo detainee in an overnight raid in eastern Afghanistan. Sabar Lal Melma, who was released from Guantanamo in 2007 after five years of detention, had been organizing attacks in eastern Kunar province and funding insurgent operations.
Dawn reported:

Nato forces say they have killed a former Guantanamo detainee who was a ”key affiliate of the al-Qaeda network” in an overnight raid in eastern Afghanistan.

Nato says Sabar Lal Melma organised attacks in eastern Kunar province and helped fund insurgent operations.

The military alliance says he was in contact with senior al-Qaeda members in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Troops surrounded Melma’s house in Jalalabad city on Friday night.

Nato spokesman Capt. Justin Brockhoff says Melma came out of the building holding an AK-47 assault rifle and was killed. Several other people were detained.

Who would have ever imagined that this Islamic terrorist would return to a life of jihad after his stay at Gitmo?

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  • BuddyG

    Old habits die hard

  • Good hope them 20 virgins are treating them well…….

    Here’s hoping they all look like the women of the Democratic party…

  • mg4us

    Who were the idiots and anti-american legislators calling for Gitmo to be shut down and these terrorists to be released?

    Oh those RATs? The DemocRATs?

    Oh and Senator Obama was one of them? Now we know who the good guys are and the bad guys are.

    Let’s get Obama, Holder and other cronies out of Washington. . .

    And if it is found out post 2012 election that Obama was a fraud for not meeting the CONSTITUTIONAL guidelines to be President, then he should be tried for treason )along with his supporters) and set to Gitmo for life!

  • rbosque

    Another reason to execute them.

    They are enemy combatants and dosn’t deserve the good treatment we give them in prison, especially since they tend to execute their prisoners usually in a cruel way. Besides, they never signed the Geneva Conventions agreement and should not be afforded its protection.

  • bg


    ht hungry4food


    bit more of much more here..

    crazy old GREEN everything NWO
    conspiracy theory lady out.. /sarc/


  • young truthteller

    thugs evrey were!

  • paul52

    I guess old Sabar won’t be showing up at the Gitmo reunion in 2025. Hope his virgins all look like Nazi Piglosi.

  • young truthteller

    drugs will make you crazy

  • young truthteller

    drugs are dumb i dont know why people take them lasy people make 0 cash smart people make $$$$$$$ cash

  • BuddyG

    Islam will make you crazier

  • young truthteller

    lazy people never work they just sit and lay around and watch T.V!!!!!!!!!!!!


    and now you know why they should get as much info as possible…then kill the SOB’s

  • Valerie

    Jim, thanks for the list of compiled links. We’ll be needing them shortly.

  • WillofLa

    I have a solution to the problem in Gitmo. Since the anti-war leftists and Obama want the place closed, and we all know we can’t let these terrorists go, or bring them to the States, just begin a systematic program of “the process of elimination” by minigun. Since we wouldn’t want any rifleman to feel bad having to shoot one of these Muslims, because it could happen, just line them up and sweep across the group with a minigun set up with radar or some kind of electronic device that would recognize a human being, and set the system to automatic and have an officer press a button and the gun fires. That way only the person who is responsible would be pushing the button. And then have a bulldozer dig a big hole and get a front in loader and scoop up the bodies and take them over to the hole and dump them in. That way the Muslim traditions are adhered to that they are buried in 24 hours and all that would be done. Haven’t we adhered to all the Islamic crap since these scum bags have been down there? Then they would be executed properly and buried properly.

    And since we wouldn’t want anyone missed and have to suffer, just make sure the minigun is set to full and then everyone would be getting thirty or fourty rounds each and right across the chest to make sure they die instantly. That’s humain isn’t it? We wouldn’t want them treated worse than an animal, even though they are, would we? And a minigun is as undiscremitory as you can get. There woulldn’t be any of this looking down the barrel of rifle and see the person you are about to end their life, then pull the trigger on him, we wouldn’t want any of that would we? Unless we can find some voluteers fresh from the combat zone who would want to shoot these guys, we would be best served by using this device to get rid of these pieces of crap.

    Then once they are all buried, and according to Islamic law you can’t dig them up either, so once they’re in the ground that’s it. Then once they’re all in the ground, lock the place up and don’t forget to turn off the light before you shut the door.

  • greg

    Simply a matter of insufficient water boarding

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Release me, track em, see who they make contact with, kill the bastards and drone attack the contact list.
    I blame Cheney bahahahaha

  • Gideon Reed

    Words to er, live by: Termination DOES prevent recidivism!

  • arnonerik

    Now that you bring it up it would be interesting to know the recidivism rate for former Gitmo detainees .

  • An excellent illustration of why *catch and release* is a VERY BAD thing…

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  • bg
  • squeaky

    how many killers/dangerous people are turned loose on society by the experts who overestimate their ability to separate the the threats to society from the non-threats. just as in everyday life – never mind separating the footsoldier [who joined al qaeda for the pay and benefits] from the ongoing danger to society. sometimes while you’re trying to size up a prisoner as to whether or not he’s a danger – he’s already sized up you and knows what he has to do to fool you. when you think you’ve reached him. thinking that he’s more of what you want him to be rather than what he is.

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